WELCOME TO ninja AND redacted jynx

Found at: 1436.ninja:79/redacted

*           WELCOME TO 1436.ninja AND leveck.us!           *

Login: redacted			Name: jynx
Directory: /home/redacted 	Shell: /bin/bash + tmux

* GOPHER: gopher://1436.ninja
* HTTP: https://leveck.us (mirrors the gopherhole)
* EMAIL: sysop@1436.ninja
* GITLAB: https://gitlab.com/leveck

* I collect PDAs and other older devices. I am into wood carving, bushcraft, reading, D&D, and extreme metal music.
* Politically neither right nor left wing. The current artificial classifications are there to limit your choices. Burn it down.
* I am for a return to tribal society.

* Currently watching western civilization burn.
** I am ready. Are you?