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20230203: London art gallery's viewing terrace deemed a 'nuisance' by U.K. court : NPR

20230126: ADS-B Exchange Acquired by Private Firm JETNET

20230125: Archive for Amateur Radio Grows to 51,000 Items - Internet Archive Blogs

20230119: State Department to phase out Times New Roman font, adopt Calibri - The Washington Post

20230117: The Quest for a Dumber Phone - Cybernaut - Every

20230117: Neighborhood watch, for space: DARPA seeks satellite operators for monitoring data 'service' - Breaking Defense


20230117: Tunnel Ultra: The mind-bending 200-mile ultra-marathon in the dark - BBC Sport

20230116: absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured

20230116: 'Unacceptable': Glenn Youngkin rips Virginia schools 'hiding' awards from students - Washington Times

20230116: Millions of homeowners and tenants to get better access to faster broadband - GOV.UK

20230116: HAARP Thanks Amateur Radio Operators for Help with Latest Experiment


20230116: Gen Z loves the flip phone | CNN Business

20230114: Remembering the triumph and tragedy of the 1986 Paris-Dakar rally - Hagerty Media

20230114: Hunting for Truffles Is a Perilous Pursuit, Especially for the Dogs Who Dig - The New York Times

20230114: Asylum-Seekers Can Now Schedule Entry Appointments in Advance via CBP Mobile App - Nextgov

20230114: Lithuania’s national opera and ballet theatre removes Russian composers from repertoire - LRT

20230114: Aviation leaders call for more funds for the FAA after this week's system failure

20230112: Telex: The computer for everyone that made a video game-superpower out of Hungary

20230112: Radio Free Europe opens office in Vilnius - LRT

20230112: Telex: Utility costs force world famous Győr ballet to rehearse at Audi factory

20230112: Study Shows Fishing Vessels ‘Go Dark’ to Avoid Detection - Africa Defense Forum

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20230112: Inside Chuck E. Cheese's high-tech makeover

20230112: BMW Further Embraces Making Basic Features A Costly Subscription Service | Techdirt

20230112: Classic rock guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck dies at 78 : NPR

20230111: Flight cancellations and delays pile up after an FAA safety system outage

20230111: Virgin Orbit suffers in-flight anomaly during historic first mission from UK | The Hill