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                 Tax resistance primer - How to beat the IRS...
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The words "you" and "your" are used in this article for ease of readability 
You probably don't realize that big government sticks its hand in your pocket 
and takes half of everything it finds there. Every time money change hands, 
A growing doubt.   Across America, more and more citizens are losing confidence 
n their government. Common, decent folk are losing faith - they look around
them and see unresponsive elected officials, national ID cards, gun 
cashless society, a tethered news media. They remember Vickie Weaver. They 
Decent Americans are beginning to see the effects of no-knock warrants, coerced 
nformants, illegal arrests, rigged trials.
At the international level, more and more Americans are troubled by a foreign 
national leadership.
The list goes on and on.
These hard-working, decent Americans no longer believe their government 
moral right to take their hard-earned money.
These patriotic, otherwise law-abiding citizens are rallying to the same cry 
that stirred the heroes and heroines of the American Revolution - no taxation 
How the world really works.  Stop for a moment and consider this scenario. If 
you earn a hundred dollars the government grabs 35% as income tax. That leaves 
you with $65.00 in your pocket. If you wanted to buy $100.00 worth of groceries 
you'd actually need to earn $155.00 just to have $100.00 left in your pocket.
But it doesn't stop there. When you go to pay for your $100.00 groceries, the 
manufacturing taxes, licensing fees, permits, excise, duty, etc. etc. etc. in 
many cases the sales tax exceeds 15%. So now you're paying $115.00 for $100.00 
NOTE - In all fairness, we're playing loose and fast with figures here in order 
to get our point across. Other taxes, rebates, exemptions, licensing fees, 
these factors don't alter the fundamentals of the racket being foisted on us by 
the gangsters... err, we mean the government.
What you'll learn here...
This article teaches you a method of tax resistance that allows both parties in 
a transaction to keep every dollar they earn.
This system is already being successfully used in the USA by individuals and 
they don't know how to stop it. Simply stated, this article shows you how to 
beat the IRS.
s a crime. Don't do it. You shouldn't let your judgment be clouded by the fact
that IRS "inspection agents" routinely carry concealed handguns in direct 
violation of federal and state law. Just because the IRS routinely breaks the 
law doesn't mean you should too. Remember, the material in this article is 
Lesson 1: How to guarantee you'll continue to be fleeced by the government...
Let's consider a simple deal in which I agree to buy an item from you for 
Sales tax.  You must collect the sales tax from me. Let's assume it's 15% 
(federal, state, county, and local all added together). That means I actually 
Government gets the $15.00. As the buyer, I pay the sales tax under threat of 
Forced labor.  You as the seller, meanwhile, are forced to do the government's 
labor, etc.). Let's assume an income tax rate of 30% (it's often higher). When 
you fill out your income tax form next spring you're going to find that you must 
make only $35.00 on a $100.00 transaction. As the seller, you pay your income 
tax under threat of imprisonment.
The bottom line.  In the simple example given here, the government skimmed 
$30.00 off a $100.00 transaction. They took $15.00 from me, the buyer. They took 
another $15.00 from you, the seller.
to earn $155.00 in order to have $100.00 in his/her pocket. If all parties are 
considered, the government skims more than 50% off each and every transaction 
every day in America. All under threat of imprisonment, of course.
Four hundred years ago we had a name for people who did things like this. We 
called them robber barons.
NOTE - Government bureaucrats need an efficient money-raising system like this 
f they're going to keep buying $600.00 hammers and $400.00 screwdrivers for
their departments. If you ever need a good laugh, consider looking through the 
auditors' reports on how these idiots waste our tax dollars. They often spend 
money just for the sake of spending it - in order to ensure their department 
business-as-usual for the government.
Lesson 2: How to pretend you're not being fleeced by the government...
Let's assume you agree to have some electrical work done in your office for 
Suppose the electrician is a tax resister. He might wink at you and say, "If 
you'll pay me cash, I won't charge you any sales tax."
(No nasty email please. We've got nothing against electricians, most of whom are 
You, being somewhat of a rube at the tax resister game, agree to this 
conspiracy. After all, you figure you're saving the 15% sales tax. And you don't 
need a receipt.
Unfortunately, however, things aren't that simple. One of you is still getting 
The buyer's dilemma.  If you're in business, you can't claim what you spent as 
an expense - because you didn't get a receipt. So you're still stuck in the 
course, these calculations are hidden and the stark reality doesn't really 
confront you until next spring when you're filling out your income tax forms.
The seller's situation.  The electrician did okay. Because he issued no receipt 
to you, there is no record of the cash transaction. So he might be tempted not 
to declare the money as revenue. In that case the seller pays no income tax. So 
The seller is a happy camper. But once you figure out what's happened to you, 
you're unlikely to fall for the no-sales-tax ploy a second time. That's because 
the seller is beating the IRS, but it's at the buyer's expense. In other words, 
You're probably asking yourself, "Gee, there must be a better way, where both 
buyer and seller come out ahead of the IRS."
And there is.
Lesson 3: How to beat the tax man...
The key to a successful, audit-proof, tax resistance strategy is the receipt. 
The seller winks and says, "If you'll pay me in cash, Mr. Buyer, I won't charge 
you the sales tax."
The buyer replies, "Sure, I'd be glad to, but I'll still need a receipt for 
ncome tax purposes."
"Of course," says the seller, who proceeds to make out a receipt for the buyer 
under the name of a non-existent firm.
Both parties win. Here's why...
The buyer is happy.  The buyer saves 15% off the top. He doesn't pay any sales 
tax on the transaction. Plus, he gets to claim his purchase as a legitimate 
expense because he's got a receipt to staple to his tax form next spring. So he 
only needs to earn $100.00 in order to be able to spend $100.00.
The seller is happy.  The seller saves 30% income tax on his earnings. It's a 
cash transaction so there's no record of the sale. So he doesn't declare the 
ncome. The preprinted receipt he gave the buyer is under the name of a
non-existent company that cannot be traced to the seller.
Criminal conspiracy.  Let's be frank. What we're describing in this article is 
criminal conspiracy and collusion. The IRS has found that, if both parties keep 
quiet about what they've done, this method of tax resistance is audit-proof, 
SECURITY NOTICE - The "inspection agents" of the IRS will, however, open your 
mail, bug your home or office, and put you under surveillance in their attempts 
to get you. Whistleblowers at the IRS have told Spy & CounterSpy that these 
Thousands of transactions are conducted across America every day using this 
method of tax resistance. Yes, it's illegal. Yes, it's criminal fraud. Yes, it's 
tax evasion.  Don't do it.  Simply put, it would be unlawful for Spy & 
CounterSpy to encourage you to join the thousands of Americans who already 
Summary.  The receipt is what makes this method of tax resistance successful.  
The IRS doesn't want you to know about it because they don't know how to stop 
NOTE - Spy & CounterSpy does not endorse, condone, or encourage any illegal act. 
Tax evasion is a criminal offense. Don't do it. The material in this article is 
The words "you" and "your" are used in this article for ease of readability 
WARNING - Tax evasion is a criminal offense. Don't do it. The material in this 
article is presented for information, research, entertainment, & education 
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