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The FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" program began on March 14, 1950, in
cooperation with the nation's news media.  Of the 366 fugitives apprehended,
Webster said,"The FBI owes a great debt to the media and the public for their
continued cooporation and support of this vital program".

The F.B.I. 10 Most Wanted Fugitives In The United States:

 9........ Victor Manuel Gerena      4......... Lohman Ray Mays
 8........ David Jay Sterling        3......... Leo Joseph Koury
 7........ Michael F. Hammond        2......... Matulu Shakur
 6........ Charles Earl Hammond      1......... *** CHARLES LEE HERRON ***

This issue's FUGITIVE SPOTLIGHT shines on CHARLES LEE HERRON, the number one
fugitive in America (as of 01-January-86).

Charles Lee Herron, being sought for unlawful interstate flight to avoid
FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives."

Herron is wanted in connection with the brutal slaying of a Nashville,
Tennessee, policeman and the critical wounding of another.  On January 16,
killed instantly from a 30-30 bullet in the chest and the other died 60 days

Herron, born April 21, 1937, in Covington, Kentucky, is described as a
build, black hair, brown eyes, and has used the following aliases:  Lee Jones,
Larry Brown, James Larry Butler, D. A. Kimathi, Milo Ramsey, Bennie Leroy
Smith, and "Shorty."

At the time of the Nashville police murder, Herron was a suspected member of a

Herron should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.  Anyone with
nformation concerning Herron should take no action other than to contact the
nearest FBI Office, the number of which may be found on the front page of most
telephone directories.

Remarks:  Usually wears short to medium Afro hair style, sideburns to earlobes
and heavy eyebrows, may have head shaven, be clean shaven or may have straggly
left-handed, generally wears a hat, khakis or blue jean-type clothing, has
exaggerated walk described as a "strut," may even affect a limp, has high
a record of ignored speeding violations.

Social Security Numbers Used:  402-44-7920; 253-70-8270

Caution:  Herron, one of the ten most wanted fugitives, is being sought for
the shooting murders of two police officers wherein high-powered rifles were
used.  He may be accompanied by William Garrin Allen II, FBI identification
order 4640, and Ralph Canady, FBI identification order 4644.  Considered
armed and extremely dangerous.

This has been another FBI TOP 10 FUGITIVE COUNTDOWN brought to you with
nformation provided by the friendly folks at the F.B.I.  We couldn't of

As this issue spins to a close... we leave you with one thought...
"Life really isn't a bitch; If it was, it would be easy."
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