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                       Experience of a Shareware Author

         The following is a message from Frank Bell, author of NEWKEY,
         a shareware keyboard macro program that was awarded "Editor's
         Choice" in a comparative review in PC Magazine against more
         expensive commercial programs.

         Over the years I have tried several different methods to
         encourage user registration and none of them have made any
         substantial difference, so I must admit to feeling that these
         methods probably do not increase sales too much.

         However, I have been using the 5-second delay screen [when
         the user first loads the program] for over a year and have
         received several orders with comments such as "ok, ok, I'll
         register. Send me the version without the delay screen." so I
         do feel that I am getting registrations that I would not have
         gotten otherwise. I have never received any negative feedback
         from someone who has not purchased, but I might have lost
         some sales as a result of the delay too.

         The purpose of the evaluation screen is to make integration
         into daily computer operations annoying, but not so annoying
         as to discourage evaluation. I also feel that it is a strong
         incentive for business and consultants to purchase. I have
         received many next day air orders from consultants and
         businesses who have integrated Newkey into a system they are
         delivering or demoing the next day and don't want the
         evaluation screen coming up. Would these have been purchased
         without the evaluation screen? Some perhaps, but not all.

         I disagree with the statement that "if they're going to steal
         your program, they're going to steal it, and if they're going
         to pay for it, they're going to pay for it." There are lots
         of people who want to do the right thing, but need a little
         encouragement. Since I furnish the full manual and my product
         requires little support, removing the evaluation screen is
         the best practical benefit I can offer. This way the user can
         feel virtuous and still get a practical benefit by