Option For you can become Charter

Found at: 0x1bi.net:70/textfiles/file?law/crimeftr.030

                   M E M B E R S H I P    O P T I O N S

                                 Option 1

For $10.00 you can become a Charter Member of CrimeFighters International,
membership meetings at local CFI lodges.

The card comes with a folded plastic sheet which is used to emboss the card
after you have inserted your picture. When embossed, it can be trimmed to
the size of your driver's license. (Embossing is done with a regular flat
ron. A laminating kit with instructions is included with the I.D. card.)

The actual membership card looks far nicer and more impressive than the
following sample because of the limitations of ASCII text. Also not shown

                *   C  R  I  M  E  F  I  G  H  T  E  R   *
         (large bold type with white letters on black background)
       C r i m e F i g h t e r s   I n t e r n a t i o n a l,  Inc.
                                   certify that

                      is a member of Crimefighters International, Inc. and
                      authorized by Federal law Title 18 USCS 3059 to make
    place             citizen arrests of felony lawbreakers anywhere in the
                      U.S.A., and, under Qui Tam common law, upheld by the
  P H O T O           U.S. Supreme Court, to be the prosecutor of suspects
                      he or she arrests or provides information leading to
    here              their arrest. Law enforcement agencies are requested
                      to provide their assistance when asked.
                               Issued          | Expires
                                         Signature of
                                    Authenticating Official
Card No. 007                         (__________________________)

The back of membership cards has places to indicate relevant information
that may be used for I.D. and emergencies.  You fill in this information
and insert a recent photograph before you laminate your card.



Law officer references, name and phone no.

Lawyer's name and phone number                       Hair color

                                                     Eye color
Medical allergies/restrictions/etc.
                                                     Blood Type

Other information:                                   Race


                                 Option 2

For $14 you get the latest version (2.0+) of CrimeFighters' FloppyBook.
You'll also receive a membership card and Charter Membership status for 12
months in Crimefighters International, Inc.

Use this option to get early delivery of version 2.0+ of CrimeFighters'
book in FloppyBook format directly from CFI. Your membership card will be
made as soon as possible after revisions are made from nationwide feedback.

                                 Option 3

For $22 you get a professionally printed and bound copy of version 2.0 of
CrimeFighters book at a member's discount price of $9. ($22 price includes
$3 shipping costs + $10 for membership.) You'll also get a membership card
and Charter membership status for 12 months.

The First batch of printed books from our printer will be delivered around
December/January '94. The time delay is to obtain feedback and make changes
to version 1.0.  Then the manuscript will be forwarded to our printer who
needs about 30 days to schedule the printing. Delivery will be made as soon
as possible thereafter.  (Advance orders will be appreciated. They provide
funding for printing large orders and makes discount prices possible.)

    The membership application form is on a separate ASCII file called
    APPLIC.DOC.  Use the PRINTAPP.BAT file to print it on your printer.

                        (End of CRMFTR1 FloppyBook)