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                 C R I M E F I G H T E R S'  C A T A L O G
                    of Special Purpose Books and Videos
                    (Where to Get CrimeFighter Training)

                   TABLE OF CONTENTS (and Tutorial, below)

 Chap 0 Table of Contents and Quick Tutorial (below) (2 pgs)
 Chap 1 FloppyBooks info, Copyright/Trademarks (2 pgs)
 Chap 2 Common Sense on Self Defense and the Law (2 pgs)
 Chap 3 CrimeFighters' Book Description of Reward Incentives (3 pgs)
 Chap 4 Private Investigation Training, Skip Tracing (14 pgs)
 Chap 5 Police Science, FBI, DEA, CIA, etc. (11 pgs)
 Chap 6 Military Science, Special Forces Training (8 pgs)
 Chap 7 Action Careers, Bounty Hunters & Bodyguards (4 pgs)
 Chap 8 Handguns for Self-Defense (10 pgs)
 Chap 9 Rifles, Shotguns and Conversions (5 pgs)
 Chap 10 Machine Guns, Improvised Weapons and Special Ammo (7 pgs)
 Chap 11 Fireworks, Explosives and Demolitions (5)
 Chap 12 Street Fighting & Barroom Brawling (8)
 Chap 13 Martial Arts & Ninja Science (11 pgs)
 Chap 14 Knives & Knife Fighting (5 pgs)
 Chap 15 Urban & Wilderness Survival Training (5 pgs)
 Chap 16 New I.D. Where & How to Get it (5 pgs)
 Chap 17 Frauds, Scams & Other Rip-Offs (2 pgs)
 Chap 18 Locks, Lock Picks & Electronic Door Openers (5 pgs)
 Chap 19 Terrorists Tactics & Counter Tactics (8 pgs)
 Chap 20 Credit Card Info (the Good & Bad), and Skip Tracing (2 pgs)
 Chap 21 Business-Related, Do-It-Yourself Kits, and Oddball Info (8 pgs)
 Chap 22 Special (Police Related) Pocketbooks (13 pgs)
 Chap 23 Catalog Sales Refund Policy & General Info. (2 pgs)
 Chap 24 Order form (1 pg)

                 There are about 150 pages in this book.

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                                 Chapter 1

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                                 Chapter 2

          CrimeFighters' Catalog of Controversial Books & Videos

                         Self Defense and the LAW

Warning!  Many self-defense books and videos contain detailed instructions
on how to maim or kill "the enemy". If you're a soldier, that's your duty.
But if you're not a soldier fighting the enemy, you should know there are
common-sense rules and legal restrictions on non-military self-defense.

You can use only the same level of force against an opponent that it
appears to be, or is actually used against you. Lethal force is not always
necessary. (Most barroom brawls are not life-threatening.) Deliberately
killing an unarmed opponent with your hands or other weapons when he tries
to use non-lethal force against you might be considered as second-degree
murder! Everyone has the right, duty and obligation to defend his life or
the lives of innocent parties, but no one has the right to kill when
killing isn't absolutely necessary.

aforethought), kills the other party when they respond with fists or non-
lethal weapons, he or she could be charged with premeditated murder! Self-
attack and use only the SAME level of force needed to protect yourself.

A possible exception is, when you know or strongly suspect your opponent is
ability to defend yourself is doubtful, and his actions or statements
ndicate he intends to maim or kill you with his bare hands or other deadly

back as best you can. That's self-defense. If you opponent shows a knife,
then you MAY have to kill him to save your life. Then it MAY be called

The weasel-words in the above paragraphs are necessary because there are
many variables in prosecution and defense lawyer's arguments, and the
outcome of any case depends on individual circumstances, the State, the

Lethal techniques taught in books and videos in this CrimeFighters' Catalog
you use lethal force and your opponent doesn't survive, be sure you can

                        Book and Video Descriptions

The descriptions of books and videos in this catalog have, for the most
been left "as is" because they contain more accurate descriptions of the
book's contents. Some descriptions may suggest or recommend controversial
actions. Some may broadly hint at or suggest illegal activity!  However,
CrimeFighters International, Inc. does not encourage, suggest, or approve
of any illegal actions or use of illegal equipment. (Just the opposite!)

No subject is taboo! Some readers may worry that the detailed information
n these books and videos can be used for illegal activity. But, knowledge
s a weapon too, like a gun. It can be used by criminals against the law-
abiding, but the same knowledge can also be used by the law-abiding to
learn what criminals know. Then, having the same or better knowledge, they
can counter-attack as CrimeFighters. Or, at least, take preventative
measures to defend themselves.

nformation in them.  Many ex-cons could write their own books on these

Knowing what criminals know will give you insight of what to look for and
enforcement personnel and Crimefighters may encounter all kinds of illegal
equipment: terrorists' explosive devices, arson equipment and homemade
they're used and how to handle them to avoid nasty surprises -- and to have
"probable cause" for a search warrant or an immediate arrest!

Cops learn many things in Police Academies but seldom the down-and-dirty
things they need to know. The material in books and videos in this catalog
are written by experts in their field - whether they're ex-law enforcement,
ex-military, or ex-cons!  The authors have the insider knowledge cops and
CrimeFighters need to survive in today's world. That's why these highly
controversial books and videos are being made available to CrimeFighters.

This is where you can get the essential training you need, whether it's
fighting crime, avoiding becoming a victim of crime, or providing personal
better still, be a Crimefighter AND a survivor!

               (Use common sense - DON'T violate any laws!)

                           (F9 for next chapter)

                                 Chapter 3

                         CrimeFighters' FloppyBook

The following chapters have over 400 hard-to-find books and videos that
contain unusual but useful information for those who decide to fight the
War on Crime. (There's a few books on other subjects too!)

federal rewards and incentives, press F9 now for next chapter.

all about, and how to get a copy.

                                * * * * * *

CRIMEFIGHTERS - The New Breed of Bounty Hunters, by William B. McGhee.
The guts of this unusual book is based on federal rewards currently
available. One such law (Title 18, 3059) pays up to $25,000 for information
leading to the ARREST of "any felon in any state". Another DEA reward law
(Title 18, 886) pays up to $25,000 as a bonus reward if it's drug-related!
These two alone can make you rich when you join in the fight on the war
against drugs. (Do you know any drug dealers in your area?)

applied if the felony was committed for profit, which the majority are.
RICO is a very important CrimeFighter law because it provides for up to 50%
of any fines and forfeitures collected to be paid to CrimeFighters. The 50%
s in addition to specific rewards based on 3059, 886 or based on many
other laws. As you know, there's a federal law for each felony violation -
and a reward to match. This book covers them all!  Choose your field of law
enforcement, go after the perp's, and get paid huge rewards!

RICO law also provides for both civil and criminal suits - either one or
both can be used to lay charges and prosecute. Civil suits are "remedial"
the other - or both!

RICO has provisions to levy appropriate fines and forfeitures on everything
a lawbreaker owns - if they are suspected of being the "fruits of criminal
activity" - and the burden of proof is on the defendant!  Any business that
launders dirty money may also be forfeited! If there's big money involved,
that's almost a certainty. Laundering dirty money via a legitimate business
s the only practical way to legally receive a reportable income.

The crook's valuable possessions may have been purchased from a lifetime of
criminal activity, but if you nail him on a felony charge, you can go after
everything he owns that he can't prove to the court's satisfaction was

Civil vs criminal suits: In civil suits, the evidence need only be a
need to vote "guilty", as opposed to a unanimous verdict from all jurors in
a criminal suit. In criminal suits, maximum fines are set by law according
to the violation. In civil suits, there is no limit: it can be whatever

Civil suits are the easiest to win and should be tried first - when the
lawbreaker is a corporation or has considerable assets to pay large fines,
or has assets used in the violation which can be forfeited (airplane,
boats, vehicles, cash and jewelry, bank accounts, businesses, etc.).

To avoid a state prosecutor's plea bargaining doing you out of a suitable
law to assume the role of state or federal prosecutor -- to protect their
financial interests. Thus, you can become the D.A. for your own cases!

You don't have to be a lawyer. Plea bargaining is simply haggling between
the prosecutor and the lawbreaker's lawyer to reach a compromise, usually
over a cup of coffee. Ninety percent of cases are settled by plea bargain-
ng and won't go to trial. For the first one or two, you can hire a lawyer
to teach you plea bargaining and court sentencing procedure. When you know
use plea bargaining to your advantage - to maximize fines and forfeitures!

Lawbreakers will, if they can, "buy" their way out of jail to avoid a
criminal record if they don't already have one. If the lawbreaker is a
corporation or someone with lots of money, the CrimeFighter (as the D.A.)
can (when legally possible) downgrade the charge to a misdemeanor and
minimize criminal charges if the lawbreaker agrees to pay large fines
and/or forfeitures in a related civil suit. If lawbreakers have few assets
or there is no agreement, a criminal suit can be used as the alternative to
You have a choice - they don't!  In any other situation it would be called
blackmail. But, plea bargaining (deals) are made all the time. It's legal!

When plea bargaining is used in criminal suits and an agreement is reached
t won't go to trial. You get a fast and easy "conviction" and collect your
for a guilty plea, you turn the case over to a federal prosecutor and let
them handle it. If they get a conviction, you still get your negotiated

When the evidence is iron-clad, it may be advantageous to use both a civil
fines and forfeitures (if you missed any on the first round) plus federal

A chapter explains how anyone can make a citizens arrest, and all the
things you need to know to make it stick. But, all rewards are paid for
nformation leading to the arrest and/or conviction. You don't have to
there's no cops handy and you'll lose the reward if they get away. If you
to collect huge rewards. This Catalog tells you where to get the kind of
training you need for your selected crime fighting specialty.

CrimeFighters work only with federal agents (mainly the FBI) and not with
local police. When you have information that provides probable cause for a
federal laws, and almost all rewards are negotiable! Only federal agents
can negotiate and be legally bound to pay federal rewards. The size of the
and value of the bust. (The book provides guidelines for negotiating.)

CrimeFighters are "information providers", undercover citizen CrimeFighters
like Elliot Ness, or stay undercover and be known only to the feds you work

CRIME STOPPERS is one of the many privately-funded organization that pays
Crime Stoppers' small rewards are designed for the amateurs, whereas the
more generous Federal rewards are for the pro's.

The first edition of this book (CRIMFTR1) is available free from computer
BBSs, and may be available from disk dealers for a maximum of $6.

CRIMFTR2, the updated version from feedback, will be available for $20 in a

                            F9 for Next Chapter

                                 Chapter 4

                   Private Investigation & Skip Tracing

(If you think you might want to order a few books and videos, use the BAT
file ORDRFRM.BAT to print the blank order form, and fill it in as you read
the following book and video descriptions. Use the book numbers and codes
that are at the end of the descriptions. Example: (GD.PI)(359). The alpha
abbreviation is a double check against the number, for verification.)

                                * * * * * *

Nowadays a private investigator must know more than just how to use a gun.
He must be familiar with the latest forensic principles, courtroom

This complete guide presents straight facts on these subjects, plus info on
criminal and civil law, interrogation, surveillance, training, undercover
technical training material, lists of information sources and a look at job
opportunities all in one volume.  5.5 X 8.5", 144 pp, $15 (GD.PI)(359)

HOW TO BE YOUR OWN DETECTIVE, A Step-By-Step, No-nonsense Guide to
Conducting Your Own Investigations, by Kevin Sherlock.

Did you ever wonder how news reporters find the dirt on public figures? Or
their subjects?  Now you can easily do it yourself!

Veteran newsman Kevin Sherlock has written a citizen's action handbook,
nstructing you to use easily available records to readily, legally and
ethically dig up info on anyone you want, from your lover to your doctor to
corrupt politicians. And once you've hit paydirt, it show you how to USE
the material to make informed choices or take action against the abusers.
This book, which is hard-hitting enough for the pros but easy enough for
anyone, contains tactics for finding coroner, medical and professional
malpractice records; real estate, zoning and land use records; school
taxing, spending and quality of education records; tracking down white-
collar criminals and sex offenders as well as finding personal and
employment data on anybody. Includes FREE electronic version on IBM
compatible disc.  8.5 X 11, softcover, 244 pp, $29.95  (BYOD)(3030)

uncertain about the special skills required. Well, most private
nvestigators are ordinary citizens just like you - except THEY know how to
locate information and people. And so will you after you read this manual.

unraveling paper trails, interrogations, electronic bugging and
counterbugging, when and how to use pretexts, as well as licensing
arrested or sued!  5.5 X 8.5, illustr., 112 pp, $15  (PIS)(973)

by Joseph Culligan
Here is the most comprehensive reference guide available that gives you ALL
of the information and requirements on how to become a licensed private
nvestigator in all 50 states, every province in Canada, plus Guam and the
Virgin Islands! Compiler Joseph Culligan has worked some of the biggest
cases of the decade, including those involving Rodney King, Jeffrey Dahmer
and Gen. Manual Noriega. He reveals crucial secrets learned from his many
years in the business that will help you land and hold major contracts.
There's no filler material here - just an immediately useful state-by-state
breakdown outlining EXACTLY what's required to become a working

This book is essential for anyone interested in entering this fast growing
and lucrative field, and it is the perfect companion to the "how to"
nvestigation manuals in your library.

A Manual for the Private Investigator. By Kingdon Peter Anderson.
Each year, employee theft and narcotics abuse cost companies billions of
attracting unwanted attention. Learn all about an intriguing, lucrative
line of work in this UNIQUE guide to the corporate undercover world. Covers
nfiltrating the workplace, establishing a cover identity and maintaining
avoid pitfalls such as entrapment and inadmissible evidence.

This manual is recommended especially for POLLUTER TOOTERS who suspect a
firm of polluting and need to get a job with the company and get the
evidence to blow the whistle on them. Besides your wages from employment,
f you're not an active duty law enforcement agent, you can also collect
HUGE rewards plus 50% of the fines and forfeitures! Read CrimeFighters'
FloppyBook for details on federal government rewards.

false I.D. to avoid becoming too well known, and possibly, a marked man.

Watching TV shows and movies dealing with P.I.s can be entertaining, but it
experience requirements, exams, license duration, ID and badges, licensing
and insurance fees, firearms restrictions, and more.

Thousands of detectives were trained by this complete home study text. It
take the same long-taught training course for a fraction of the original
cost. An informative and useful selection, it offers the inside knowledge
and techniques used by the professionals. Covered are such topics as body
four comprehensive tests (also provided) you can quickly prepare to work as
a private detective. 8.5 X 11", illust., 160 pp, $17 (DETECT.PI)(58)

The job of the police interrogator is inherently difficult. How does he
confines of the law? Or, still more compelling, how does he circumvent the
law when legal methods have driven him into a brick wall? This manual, used
by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to train its own interrogators,
all fair, legal and aboveboard tactics have been exhausted.

The contents of this book may offend you and they may shock you, but they
these tricks and the mental anguish they are designed to inflict are based
on nothing less than the brainwashing techniques championed and mastered by
the Chinese Communists and the Soviets. This is must reading for every
American police officer, as well as for every citizen who might one day,
nnocent or guilty, sit across the table from a police interrogator.

DECOY OPS - Fighting Street Crime Undercover, by Capt. Charles Beene, Ret.
With street crime running rampant, courts and prisons overflowing and
convicted criminals being put back on the streets in ever greater numbers,
the safety of citizens - particularly those who APPEAR weak and defenseless
- is seriously threatened. Desperate times call for drastic measures, and
nnovative police departments across the country are heeding that call with
units that go deep undercover in decoy roles, blend in with the street

This book, written by the man who spearheaded the Street Crime Decoy Unit
methods. For those in law enforcement looking to break away from the status
quo, this book is an eye-opening account of how and why decoy units work,
complete with photos of decoy ops in progress. For the average citizen,
t's a valuable lesson in how the criminal mind works and what one can do
to avoid becoming a victim. 5.5 X 8.5, photos, 120 pp, $17. (DECOY)(1030)

SHADOWING AND SURVEILLANCE - A Complete Guidebook, by Burt Rapp
Want to tail an unfaithful lover, business competitor or dishonest employee
you know how to give your tail the slip?

And you don't need expensive gadgets and hardware to keep tabs on somebody.
SHADOWING AND SURVEILLANCE tells you where to get wireless eavesdropping
equipment and for how much, and also covers telephone tapping, techniques
taking, and automobile tailing (including multiple car surveillance).

The most interesting - and lucrative - aspect of private investigations is
to uncover information by tailing a subject and documenting his actions in
a military-trained surveillance specialist with more than 25 years'
experience tracking individuals and uncovering information to show you what
t's like on the streets and what equipment you'll need for each job.

The chapter on outfitting a surveillance vehicle should not be missed by
anyone in the investigation business. Also included are a sample report and

SPYCOM - Covert Communication Techniques of the Underground.
By Lawrence W. Myers.
Mercenaries, renegade spies, drug smugglers, fugitives, guerrillas and
terrorists all operate within the subterranean "underground." society.
SPYCOM is a fascinating look at how these groups exchange information

Learn how CIA trains its agents in clandestine communications at "the
farm." Read the actual KGB instructions for covert document photography.
Study how organized criminals, terrorists groups and rogue CIA agents steal
long distance phone service. Learn how to spot a brush pass, create a
virtually unbreakable one-time code with a home computer and other
operational dirty tricks of the trade.

Nowhere else can you find this information, an authentic behind-the-scenes
look at the real world of DRUG SMUGGLING and the government's efforts to
methods that did not escape the vigilance of narcotics agents.

THE PRETEXT BOOK - "Sweet-talking" - The P.I.s Black Book,
by Roy Slade & James R. Gutzs
Just order THE PRETEXT BOOK, read it and then start pulling out all those
unsolved cases that haunt you. You'll learn dozens of persuasive pretexts
that get people to tell you what you want to know even when they don't want
to. Learn the prime motivational techniques that get people to talk and how
to determine which one to use with each individual. Learn the one word that
access to toll-call records, addresses, doctor's names and records,
nsurance claimants' REAL injuries and more. Find out how a silver tongue
and this P.I.'s black book can help you solve more cases.

This fascinating insider's story of counter-espionage, written by one of
the pioneers of clandestine tradecraft, could be used as an intelligence-

Willis George was the top investigative agent for U.S. Naval Intelligence
techniques for the famed OSS, leading his own lock-picking and safecracking
team in wartime Europe.  5.25 X 7.5", 232 pp, $20 (SURR)(877)

Here are exact, unedited sections of a report written by government experts
on wiretapping and electronic surveillance. The nuts and bolts of
eavesdropping and bugging are presented in this in-depth book. Wireless
microphone transmitters, listen-backs and keep-alives, tracking systems,
audio security countermeasures, miniature and microwave devices, radio-
eavesdropping-device detection and more are covered.

Selected Examples of Possible Approaches.
The U.S. Government spills the beans! This explicit report of the Office of
Telecommunications Policy was almost suppressed, and for good reasons -
communications. Because of its valuable information, this book is being
made available  to CrimeFighters. Specifically covered are details on
monitoring a residential phone and tapping into business communications
and penalties related to interception activities. Don't do it for "fun".

nformation may be just what you need to get the hard evidence to put the
bad guys away (and collect huge government rewards!).

DON'T BUG ME - The Latest High-Tech Spy Methods, by M.L. Shannon.
The author of this book believes that everyone in America has the right to
be left alone by government, business and others who can - and sometimes do
- listen or observe everything you and your family say or do in your home,
office or car. But there are some who don't respect your right to privacy,
and they DON'T want you to have the information in this book!

Law enforcement agents are required to obtain wiretap warrants but in
actual practice some frustrated cops are tempted to "bend" the rules to
nail slippery lawbreakers. While that's understandable, it's still illegal.
But what's more important to INNOCENT parties is, there are others who
aren't law enforcement agents who have a insidious criminal intent in
eavesdropping on private and business conversations - for blackmail,
ndustrial spying, and credit card fraud - to name a few. These are the
themselves and their businesses.

DON'T BUG ME shows you how to protect yourself from electronic eaves-
on innocent citizens who don't have this insider knowledge!  This
comprehensive study discusses every kind of spying device, from inexpensive
transmitters often hidden in potted plants, lamps and stereos to super-
the latest technology that allows the watchers to spy on you from your TV,
VCR, computer, cellular phone, baby monitor and other seemingly innocent

George Orwell's chilling prediction of an all-seeing Big Brother spying on
our lives has become a reality. The law-and-order 1990's will see more
telephone taps, room bugs and other intrusive devices being used to pry
nto our personal and professional lives - UNLESS we learn how to protect
ourselves from this invasion of privacy now!

Let Angus Glas teach you to put today's technology to work ensuring your
know to take effective countermeasures against video and audio intrusion.
Learn how to make simple, inexpensive quick-fixes, or, for the ultimate in

Bugging - how it is done and how to combat this invasion of your privacy -
s explored in this informative handbook. Learn how to detect homing
bug or tap and thwart the listener.

ndustrial espionage, the law and more.

Here's info on spying and wiretapping that the layman can easily understand
and that professional investigators and law-enforcement officers will learn
from. Don't be fooled by the length of this book - it has more data than
books much longer!  Covered are techniques of shadowing and tailing,
eavesdropping techniques and equipment, wiretapping, night surveillance
equipment, telephone bugging and more. Learn how "they" do it.

A must... the companion to LOCKS, PICKS AND CLICKS (in chapter 16). Many of
the techniques taught here were used by CIA and FBI personnel to effect
nclude Dry Openings, Wet Openings, Steam Openings, Re-sealing, Traps and
much more. This expose will be invaluable in determining if YOUR mail has
been tampered with or opened. 5.5 X 8.5", illus, 56 pp, $7 (CIA.FLAPS)(42)

This government publication is a master list of the many, many sources of
nformation available to federal investigators to pry into your secret life
for whatever reason they deem necessary. More than 100 possible ratholes
are critiqued for their potential usefulness, from the obvious (banks, FBI)
to the insidious (informants, motels) to the obscure (drugstores, sidewalk

on lawbreakers and bail bond skips, too!

THE OUTLAW'S BIBLE - How to Evade the System Using Constitutional Law,
by E.X. Boozhie
Someday, somehow, you may need to avoid prosecution. This book contains the
best nonviolent weapon you can arm yourself with - a practical, streetwise
knowledge of the criminal justice system.

This is not a hackneyed rehash of some college civics class. THE OUTLAW'S
BIBLE reveals what you can expect to encounter in real life. Learn about
your rights with regard to search and seizure, detention and interrogation;
techniques used by the police to extend the reach of their investigations;
and how the courts have defined limits to police activities. Lastly, this
nformation is boiled down into ten easy guidelines that you can apply to
your daily life to reduce the risk of a bust.

This book is for all citizens who want to know their constitutional rights.
(It's also MUST reading for CrimeFighters - to know your LIMITATIONS!)

CHECK IT OUT - Everyone's Guide to Investigation, by Edmund J. Pankau
Before you discover you're sleeping with the enemy - or doing business with
from lawyers to lovers, bankers to business partners. Find out which public
to spot the warning signs that tell you to steer clear. Apply the tactics
outlined in this book and you'll avoid being hustled into disastrous
financial loss, personal stress or public humiliation.

To maintain personal privacy, you may have to stay one step ahead of the
faceless corporations, government agencies, prying lawyers and countless
others who want to infringe on your freedom. This info in this book -

Learn how to detect a two-way mirror; legally bind ANYONE to a secret; spot
bad checks; detect a liar through human gestures; get a non-traceable
credit card; note physical marks that determine a person's occupation; read
burned documents; and much, much more.

After reading this book, you will know what peace of mind REALLY is- and

Basic to the CIA agent's mission is the ever-present threat of discovery
and apprehension. In such an emergency, he must have a tool, weapon, or
ntriguing collection of specialized devices designed to go undetected by
airport scanners as well as pass the careful scrutiny of enemy searches.

Now, John Minnery, author of the infamous "How to Kill" series, provides an
exclusive inside look at a sampling of the actual Escape and Evasion
nformation contained herein is considered so classified that CIA adamantly

The contents of this book will mystify, stun and ultimately amaze you. Most
mportantly, the devices described will give you insight into the lives of
those brave souls who live constantly on the edge in an effort to uncover
"the truth that makes us free."

Fool All of the People Some of the Time. Have you ever wanted to pass
through a crowd unrecognized? Transform yourself so completely that not
even your best friend recognizes you? Discover your enemies' secrets without
arousing suspicion? Do this and more using tried-and-true methods divulged

Disguise the mind - AND the body - to create a new personality. Learn to
use your mental powers to blend chameleon-like into your surroundings, or
create any number of characters for a quick change or long-term

Want to walk "unseen" in familiar territory? Need a "new look" to go with
your new ID? METHODS OF DISGUISE shows how you can effect a complete or

Topics include pocket disguises that offer an instant disguise, mail-order
facial and body profiles, cross-dressing, disguises used by criminals, and
more.  5.5 X 8.5", illust., 138 pp, $14.95 (METH)(445)

llegal reasons. This complete guide to taking and interpreting
take useful photos of objects miles away, determine the dimensions of
anywhere, any time and with minimal gear - and much more. It stresses low-
cost, simple methods for taking great pictures.

CODEMASTER - Secrets of Making and Breaking Codes. By Hamilton Nickels.
This book is a practical field manual on the basic mechanics of enciphering
and deciphering communications. The author has used his extensive
experience with secret codes to demystify the field of cryptography. His
uncomplicated instructions rely on neither advanced math nor ethereal
cyphers and state-of-the-art computer-based systems used by the military
and diplomatic corps. Nickels even includes how own "secret" code that

                               SKIP TRACING

Anyone can be the victim of financial swindling and fraud. This manual
outlines the latest investigative techniques used by special agents who
crack fiscal crimes of greed. Topics include getting access to a suspect's
financial records; obtaining federal court orders, search warrants and
considerations; and much more.

Take your PI business into the computer age and watch your profits soar
chapters. In the last five years, more information has become available at
lower costs and lightning speed through on-line computer networks. The PI
business is booming for those who have access to this new investigative
technology - and this book shows you how to get started. Learn about:

* getting information fast and economically
* specialized information services for P.I.s
* government database access, and
* major newspaper and magazine indexes

This guide is a must for the computerized P.I. of the 90's!

Many people have objected to the publication of this hard-core collection
of top investigative secrets. Here it is for you to use as you see fit - an
encyclopedia on the topic of skip tracing. Disclosed here for the first
time are specific methods of access to national networks of information -
both public and private - including credit card records, driver's license
national sweeps for data, design and execute pretexts that work, develop
nformants and more. An excellent companion to HOW TO GET ANYTHING ON
ANYBODY. 8.5 X 11", 62 pp, $20.  (FIND)(444)

YOU, TOO, CAN FIND ANYBODY, by Joseph Culligan
Now, the P.I. who has handled investigations in such high-profile cases as
those involving General Noriega and Jeffrey Dahmer shares the sources and
techniques that police use and that have given him a 100-percent success
can -
* use the Veterans' Administration to assist you in locating any veteran
  free of charge
* access 1,100 addresses of Motor Vehicle Departments (the most up-to-date
  list in print)
* use a service provided Social Security Administration to forward a letter
  to anyone
* use the personal data that colleges that colleges and universities
  release upon request
* use the federal Parent Locator Service to access IRS records
* use the U.S. Postal Service's own policy to give you a street address on
certain P.O. boxes...
and much more, so that you, too, can find anybody.

Now you can get the goods on others like they are getting the goods on you

Called "possibly the most dangerous book ever published" by Peter Laufer,
NBC News, this book tells how to get any information you want about
nto your private info. You won't believe the possibilities! For example,
this 272 page book covers:

* eleven devices for listening through walls
* expert ways to secretly bug any target
* over 100 sources for equipment
* how polygraphs work - and can be tricked
* getting a 50-state credit/license search
* and lots more
Your peace of mind is worth the price of this book!

BOOK II - HOW TO GET ANYTHING ON ANYBODY, The Encyclopedia of Personal
Surveillance, by Lee Lapin.

This long-awaited follow-up to the best-selling original volume (above)
takes you through a gold mine of never-before published tricks and
techniques of intelligence collection culled from the FBI, CIA engineers,
computer hackers, P.I.s, dedicated researchers and others. You'll learn how
to read computer screens at a distance, look or listen through solid walls,
complete dossier on anyone from the comfort of your own living room!!
electronic gear, spy conventions, surveillance schools and MUCH more!

THE OUTLAW REPORTS - Insider Secrets & Tricks of the Trade, by Lee Lapin
A behind-the-scenes report from Lee Lapin (author of "How to Get Anything
on Anybody" and "Spy Game") with help from his friends - active pros in the
field. All the info you need in a concise format. No padding, no photos, no
bullshit. (Formerly "The Lapin Papers".)

Order this book and get the inside story on these hot topics:
* Fake and innovative identities; what works, new wrinkles.
* Stuff your jeweler never told you about rare gems; smuggling, forging,
finding bargains.
* Do people really make money stealing cars? (You bet they do!) Is you car
* Sources for exotic weapons, surveillance gear at a discount and schools
that teach you how to spy, pry and survive damn near everything.
* The REAL story on the best explosives.
Get the inside facts on living with a certain degree of freedom in today's

FINDER'S FEE - The Skip Tracer's Text
Over one third of the United States population has lost track of its money
n banks, insurance benefits or stocks. Missing heirs to fortunes large and
natural parents/natural children, auto repossession, fugitives from the law
- are all potential sources of income as you restore property to its

This book will help you get started in this multimillion-dollar business.
Sample contracts, vehicle appraisal forms and form aids, as well as state-
by-state addresses and telephone numbers for unclaimed-property offices,
adopted/birth-parent search organizations and vital statistics offices will

FIND 'EM FAST - A Private Investigator's Workbook, by John D. McCann
Rarely is so much truly practical info offered in one book! Here are the
to get data on every case, straight from working professional John McCann.
And a forty-three page "source of information section" will be the
ndispensable addition to your files.

Chapter topics include background and pre-employment investigations,
missing persons, surveillance and tailing, civil litigation, interviews and
agency and more. 8.5 X 11", 168 pp, $12 (FAST)(454)

HOW TO FIND MISSING PERSONS - A Handbook for Investigators, by R.G. Eriksen
Track down anyone, anywhere with these professional investigative secrets!
Whether you're looking for a missing spouse, runaway kid, loan skip or
criminal, you'll get all the info you need from this comprehensive book.

Learn how to get at the records of banks, credit bureaus, hospitals,
telephone company or post office, as well as info from unsuspecting
neighbors, friends and relatives. Numerous examples of the ruses you can
use to get the information out of these various sources are provided.

HOW TO FIND CARS AND OWNERS, by Barbara Spear & Mike Brezden
Would you like to be able to locate past owners of your car (or any car)?
Have you ever wondered what happened to that favorite car you sold years
ago? If questions like these have crossed your mind, this book is for you!

This book is a must for car enthusiasts, investigators or anyone with a
all the information you'll need to begin a title or registration search, a
for a car you no longer own and creative resources for locating other

                   VIDEOS (all are VHS, US Format only)

More and more sophisticated data is being stored in on-line data bases -
knowledge banks that YOU can access with a computer and a modem. If you are
a P.I., cop, CrimeFighter, corporate security person or just someone with
the need to dig out the facts on specific people, businesses or topics, you
need the ability to tap into this valuable and growing information source.

This video is shot directly from a computer screen, clearly showing you how
to navigate through both detective and general data bases to acquire credit
files, financial records, newspaper accounts, personal (birth, death, and
marriage) information, forwarding addresses, phone numbers and much more.
This remarkable tape walks you through signing on, provide file and
that will get you in, get the data and get you out in the easiest, most
effective and most inexpensive manner possible.
Color, approx 45 min. $60 (INVEST.COMP.)(2003)

Designed for the professional, this video shows you how to find long-lost
bail skippers. With the step-by-step strategy detailed in this video, you
morgues, on-line data bases, credit reporting agencies, consumer-marketing
firms, motor vehicle departments, educational records and other specialized

answers from unwilling subjects through your improved interviewing and
nterrogation techniques. Find out how to spend as little as fifty cents
for info P.I.'s charge thousands of dollars for. This video lists exact
anyone quicker, cheaper and easier than ever before.
Color, approx. 75 min., $70 (TRACKING)(2004)

EXPERT BODY LANGUAGE The Science of People Reading, with Lee Lapin.
Can you tell if a person is being sincere simply by the way he or she
unconscious movements are providing? Suppose you could use someone else's
thought process to make an important point or convince him/her that you
dea is/was best? Imagine how that could change (or save!) your life from
mistakes you might make, or opportunities lost, in the future.

This video is a step-by-step guide that gives you the advantage in any
able to judge that person's stress levels and other psychological signs and
tell if he or she is being truthful or deceitful. This video reveals the
vital points of the "lie detection" courses taught to the FBI, IRS and
other agencies and then goes a step further, showing how to employ these
techniques to actually manipulate a person's thinking process!

You can buy a stress analyzer machine that has red and green lights to
ndicate the stress level of a person when answering certain key questions.
A polygraph machine does pretty much the same thing. The drawback is, the
equipment is expensive and difficult to conceal. What you learn from this
video course, provides almost the same thing - except you can carry it
around with you ANYWHERE without the other person being aware that you can
READ him or her just like they were "wired" to a polygraph machine!
Color, approx 35 min., $60 (EXPRT.B.L.)(2005)

WHO'S WATCHING YOU? - The surveillance VIDEO
being monitored? Is your every word and action being recorded? Do you KNOW
microbugs are sold each year, and most remain undetected. Some are no
bigger than a dime but can transmit up to 30 miles.

Leading experts in the field of counter-surveillance, Phil Wolvek, Martin
s done and how to protect your yourself, in this fascinating documentary.

SEE real micro-bugs and discover placement methods. WATCH an actual bug-
corporate, marital and vehicle surveillance techniques. LEARN personal and
corporate counter-measures. UNDERSTAND bug detectors, night-vision systems,
fax scramblers, hostage tracking-systems, camera binoculars, shock
briefcase, vehicle surveillance, marital surveillance, pinhole lens
cameras, bulletproof high tech vehicles, trained dog attack and much more.

Countersurveillance experts show how eavesdropping is done and how to
alarms, micro cameras and transmitters. Find out how to tell if you're
being followed - or how to follow someone!
Color, 31 min, VHS, $20 (WATCHING.U.)(3003)

Nationally heralded private investigator, Fred Wolfson, hosts this
fascinating look into the super-secret world of federal law enforcement.
Being a law enforcement veteran, Wolfson walks us step-by-step through
actual surveillance situations. He shows you exactly how commonplace
objects in the home can leak information to the FBI, CIA, OSI, IRS, OCB,
Secret Service, foreign governments and, even more disturbingly, private

As we walk through the front door, Wolfson literally takes us on a detailed
tour through a home under surveillance. Everything looks normal, but you'll
find it's just the opposite. From a child's toy to moulding around a door,
you'll discover the realistic and frightening truth about "Super-Tech"

Completely scored with chilling music by Capitol Recording Artists Ryan
Gilbo, Michael Healea and Darin Gere, this tour through seldom seen reality
s indeed, disturbing. Scenes range from a federal bust as seen from a
exhibition of more than 30 actual room "bugs". The tiny listening devices
bugs and even a BIC lighter. Wolfson clearly demonstrates the incredible
technology and cunning strategies federal law enforcement uses to watch

SPYCRAFT (VIDEO) - Inside Secrets of Espionage and Surveillance.
A hands-on course in espionage written and co-directed by a man who spent
allowed to name, this video is packed with inside secrets and action,
ncluding: tailing anybody anywhere; brush passes, dead drops, marks and
tricks; applying phone taps; bumper beepers, starlight scopes, parabolic
mikes, and more.

Covering all aspects of surveillance, SPYCRAFT guides you through the real
"information broker". VHS (U.S. format only) color, over 50 minutes. $60

Low-Cost Electronic Countermeasures to Defeat Taps and Bugs.
This is the first electronic countersurveillance videotape that teaches you
nstructions show how to protect your home, office, and personal life by
taking you through REAL scenarios where actual units are uncovered.

Follow the advice of intelligence professionals and learn to use common
electronic equipment that is just as good as (or better than) the trendy,
from inexpensive scanners and receivers to top-end professional gear you
can borrow or rent. Color, approx 90 minutes. $69.95 (KIS)(909)

How They're Done, How to Defeat Them.
A leading countersurveillance expert examines telephone taps in detail,
exposes the major fallacies of tap detection devices and reveals the only
RELIABLE methods for detecting taps and safeguarding your communications.
Learn what the main features of common taps are and find out how cellular
and portable phones and even fax machines can be tapped. Discover the ins
and outs of various types of room bugs and see how they can be disguised as
common items. Finally, you'll get the inside word on the most effective
countermeasures. VHS (U.S. format only) color, over 50 minutes. $50

                            F9 for Next Chapter

                                 Chapter 5

                     Police Science, FBI, DEA, and CIA


about the law. It would also be beneficial to understand the various kinds
of police organizations and what they do. You'll also need to understand
the criminal justice system and the basics of criminal law.

Most colleges have courses on Criminal Justice as well as tort law
(lawsuits). I suggest that you check them out and enroll in a semester or
two. In the meantime, or if you don't have the time to attend classes,

                             Criminal Justice

THE POLICE IN AMERICA, an Introduction, by Samuel Walker, Copyright 1992
This 411-page book is a detailed look at all aspects of police work, what
cops do: the good, the bad, and the ugly (police corruption). The book is
not about how to be a cop, or how to make arrests or be a detective. It's
mainly about what police work is all about. It starts with the history of
various police organizations and their role in maintaining law and order in
America. It analyzes the wide scope of responsibility, authority and
and women in the "new" police force, and discusses their performance and
acceptance on the force as well as in the streets.

The book analyzes the image and reality of police work. "The crime-fighter
mage is not an accurate description of what the police do. Only about one-
third of a patrol officer's activities are devoted to criminal law enforce-
ment. The typical officer rarely makes a felony arrest. Rather, most police

your mind, the information in this book will be helpful. If you think a
cop's life is full of action and glory, think again. The book gives you an
overview of police work in general, promotion criteria, office politics,
and what to expect from police organizations as an officer and citizen.
When you finish the book you'll have a better idea of a cop's job, and the

The book is a second edition. It's recommended reading in criminal justice
courses taught at UNLV. I recommend it too, for all CrimeFighters. $29

CRIMINAL JUSTICE, by James A. Inciardi, Fourth Edition, copyright 1993
This is a BIG book in physical size, contents, scope, and weight -- and
charts and photos to break the monotony and ease the burden of reading 760
nteresting, enlightening, and even fascinating if you're a prospective
CrimeFighter with no experience or basic knowledge of the justice system.

The contents are a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the criminal
cover (very little, if anything) than what it does cover. The following
table of contents will give you a hint at what it includes:

Chapter 1. The Rediscovery of Criminal Justice in America.
Chapter 2. Crime and the Nature of Law.
Chapter 3. Legal and Behavioral Aspects of Crime.
Chapter 4. Criminal Statistics and the Extent of Crime.
Chapter 5. The Process of Justice: and Overview.
Chapter 6. Law Enforcement in the United States: History and Structure.
Chapter 7. Enforcing the Law and Keeping the Peace:
           The Nature and Scope of Police Work.
Chapter 8. The Law of Arrest, Search and Seizure:
           Police and the Constitution.
Chapter 9. Beyond the Limits of the Law:
           Police Crime, Corruption, and Brutality.
Chapter 10 This is the House That Justice Built:
           The Structure of American Courts.
Chapter 11 Judges, Prosecutors, and Other Performers at the Bar of Justice
Chapter 12 The Business of the Court: From First Appearance Through Trial
Chapter 13 Sentencing, Appeal, and the Judgment of Death
Chapter 14 From Walnut Street to Alcatraz: The American Prison Experience
Chapter 15 Penitentiaries, Prisons, and Other Correctional Institutions:
           A Look Inside the Inmate World.
Chapter 16 Prison Conditions and Inmate Rights
Chapter 17 Probation, Parole, and Community-Based Correction
Chapter 18 The Juvenile Justice System
Chapter 19 The Changing Face of Criminal Justice in America

This book has been popular for many years and recommended textbook for many
college courses of Police Science and Criminal Justice. This one, is the
most comprehensive book on this subject. If you can afford only one book,

CRIMINAL LAW, by Joel Samaha, Fourth Edition, Copyright 1993, 560 pages
This book delves deeply into all aspects and nuances of Criminal Law.

Chapter 1. The Nature and Origins of Criminal law
Chapter 2. The General principles of Criminal Law
Chapter 3. The General principles of Criminal Liability
Chapter 4. Parties to Crime: The Doctrine of Complicity
Chapter 5. Uncompleted Crimes: Attempt, Solicitation, and Conspiracy
Chapter 6. Defenses to Criminal Liability: Justification
Chapter 7. Defenses to Criminal Liability: Excuses
Chapter 8. Crimes Against Persons I: Criminal Homicide
Chapter 9. Crimes Against Persons II: Criminal Sexual Conduct, and Others
Chapter 10 Crimes Against Habitation: Burglary and Arson
Chapter 11 Crimes Against property
Chapter 12 Crime Against Public Order and Morals.

Each chapter explains, analyzes and discusses the law topic by a unique
method of student participation: It uses a thorough analysis of recent case
law, asks questions and provides answers before disclosing the final
verdict. The courts' decisions are explained in detail to illustrate the
legal concept and interpretation of the law as it has been applied and
tested through appeals. This method teaches by analysis of actual cases,
not by just reading the text in lawbooks. Many people have memorized the
law but don't understand the reasoning behind judicial interpretations.
This book will teach you both. Highly recommended for CrimeFighters. $49.95
                                * * * * * *

The above three books are a CrimeFighter "course" by themselves. The first
one teaches everything you wanted to know about police organizations and
the cop on the beat. The second one teaches you all about the Criminal
Justice System. The third one teaches all about Criminal Law. Put them all
together, and you have full coverage. Get them all, if you can afford it.

                         Lawsuits and Prosecution

QUI TAM law and CIVIL SUITS are tools of the trade for CrimeFighters. There
s no "textbook" available on Qui Tam law, but that subject is explained in
the game is played lawyer-style, "The Litigation Explosion" book provides
an overview as well as a few dirty tricks by lawyers. Here's some info:

                                * * * * * *

THE LITIGATION EXPLOSION, What Happened When America Unleashed the Lawsuit,
by Walter K. Olson (1991) (An 8.5 X 5.5  softcover book, not a pocketbook)

The author of this book makes a good case to restrict lawsuits and to rein
n the legal fraternity. But he also provides the information and incentive
for citizens to personally sue lawbreakers. Crimefighters can go a step
further and make them pay for the Crimefighters' time and costs of the
nvestigation leading to their arrest!

Example: You must be the person suffering a loss to sue for "damages". When
you read this book you'll realize anyone can sue lawbreaker for the adverse
effect the crime rate has on our basic freedoms - like freedom from fear
to be.

These and other "injuries" are inflicted on us by lawbreakers. The problem
s, most lawbreakers don't have enough assets to make a lawsuit practical.
But, some do!  The solution is to use a do-it-yourself litigation Kit that
cuts your costs to about $125 to initiate a lawsuit -- which is later paid
back to you by the defendant as part of your legal "costs".

CrimeFighters can sue those they catch for appropriate amounts -- from
$1,000 to $10,000 -- as a substitute for or in addition to federal rewards.
an hour for your time and effort, plus all related investigative expenses.

Each lawbreaker is only a small part of the problem, but each is a part of
the problem. A guilty plea (or jury verdict) provides conclusive evidence
of their liability. The civil suit will hardly ever go to trial. In most
cases, it will be settled out of court when plea bargaining the criminal
charges, or by asking the court for summary judgment based on a conviction.

When a lawbreaker has any assets, you can sue them for a small part of your
million-dollar compensation. Thus, CrimeFighters can use lawsuits to
collect an alternate reward from lawbreakers -- even for misdemeanors!

"The Litigation Explosion" book tells you all about civil suits, and all
the dirty tricks lawyers use to win and make millions of dollars. If you
use Qui Tam law to prosecute criminals you catch, report, or arrest, you
can sue them via civil suits and be 99% guaranteed of collecting a $1,000
to $10,000 award -- when the guilty party has sufficient assets to pay.

Read this book to learn all about civil suits and how you can use them to
collect "awards" as well as rewards, and how to win virtually every lawsuit
you initiate on your own -- without the assistance of a lawyer.

WITH JUSTICE FOR NONE,by Gerry Spence (1989), 8.5 X 5.5" softcover book.

"A scathing indictment of how law is taught, practiced, and administered in
this country... One of the best books ever written on the law." - The
Denver Post.

This book, like The Litigation Explosion, is a critical examination of the
law and corporate lawyers in particular. The writer, a well-know lawyer
from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, knows what he writes about and he does it well.
The book is entertaining because of the author's style of writing and home-
facts of HOW the law is being abused in the name of "justice", with justice
for none.

The contents of his book explains all the evils of the law as it now stands
n civil litigation - the "unfairness" of tort law (lawsuits). It also
mentions a lot of insider information on prosecutors and judges. If you
time to read it. You'll learn from it. (JUSTICE.F.N.)(3025) $10

                     Security Guards and CrimeFighters

This book is a unique training Manual for Security Guards and CrimeFighters
As the book explains, a security guard has no more police authority than a
civilian. Accordingly, everything in the book that's directed at security

The book includes (among other things): The Law of Arrest, Search and
of security personnel; The enforcement of laws and interpretation of
evidence; Public and private law enforcement.

made for CrimeFighters. Every CrimeFighter needs to know all they can learn
about citizens arrests and the inherent dangers if they don't know WHAT to

may not get a big reward, but you are eligible to apply under Title 18,
USCS 3059. If the reward isn't as much as you think it's worth, and there
may be some fines and forfeitures involved, consider prosecuting the case
yourself via Qui Tam law. You can also consider a lawsuit against the
lawbreaker to get paid a $1,000+ award.

The pay for a security guard is minimal. But, being a rent-a-cop puts you
n a position to look for lawbreakers; make citizen arrests; be eligible
for rewards; use Qui Tam law to be the prosecutor; and sue the perp's (if
they have any assets). A security guard's job might be considered as basic
training to get experience in a CrimeFighter role - doing all of the above.
This college-level textbook is recommended reading for all security guards
and serious CrimeFighters. $26  (P.SECURITY)(3028)

                      Investigation & Police Science

DEEP COVER, Police Intelligence Operations, by Burt Rapp.
The police undercover officer moves in a shadowy world of informers, drug
traffickers, corrupt officials and petty hoodlums. By gathering and
together a network of sources and compiles a database that can assist
officers throughout the force.

This up-to-date guide covers setting up, staffing and securing an
ntelligence unit; building trust and interagency cooperation; informants,
nformers and other sources; civil rights issues; and occupational hazards
corruption.   5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 136 pp, $14 (DEEP)(796)

How to conduct an investigation, evaluating evidence, rendering courtroom
testimony, surveillance methods - this reprint of U.S. Army FM 19-2-
explains everything-you-want-to-know about law enforcement investigations.
While law enforcement is virtually the same everywhere, this manual

An exact reprint of the same manual used by the Drug Enforcement
Administration to train its narcotics investigators, this extremely hard-
to-find volume details every possible angle involved with drug law
enforcement. Learn all about interviews and interrogations, case
undercover operations, entrapment, penetration techniques, search
operations, raids, clandestine laboratories, raid and surveillance
equipment and a whole lot more. The sections on
 use of informants and preparation for court testimony are especially
enlightening, making this book a very important addition to any lawman's
legal library.

STREETWORK, The Way to Police Officer Safety and Survival, by Steve
margin for error is measured by your life, so your on-the-job training
never ends. Steve Albrecht's practical approach to police sharing tips and
techniques learned on the streets - where it counts - by him and other

Find out how cops handle outlaw bikers, vicious dog attacks, suspects under
the influence of alcohol or drugs, cross-fire scenes, freeway stops,
crimes, skinheads and other high-risk situations, as well as how to avoid
the TEN MOST COMMON TACTICAL ERRORS of "Hollywood cops." This book was
of the size of their cities or counties or their length of service. But it
sn't just for cops! It is a must for ANYONE interested in learning the

Outlaw motorcycle gangs have long been a major problem for police. This
law-enforcement manual provides an inside look at who they are, how they
operate and how they see the world. Revealing information on gang members,
colors, motorcycles, basic philosophies, criminal activities, runs,
clubhouses and a lot more gives you a glimpse into the hard world of bad-
ass bikers that few people know.

HOT CARS!, An Inside Look at the Auto Theft Industry, by Marcus Wayne
This timely book gives an inside look into the minds and methods of
multi-million-dollar industry he knows so well - car theft. A reformed car
thief, Ratledge tells private buyers, dealers, insurance claims adjusters
and law officers what thieves know and DON'T know about legitimizing fake
even airplanes. Photos show what to look for in detecting whether or not a
vehicle's serial number has been altered. Don't be left holding the loan

ARSON, The Complete Investigator's Manual.
Arson is another of America's fastest growing crime. Here is a complete
these faceless criminals to justice. It's all here: the initial procedures
at the scene; interviewing checklists for fire fighters, witnesses, owners
and occupants; ferreting out telltale insurance and financial "red flags"
that indicate arson-for-profit; exhaustive sources of information from
city, county, state and federal sources; and a lot more. This is a
valuable, unique manual of arson investigation for police, private
nsurance investigators, or anyone with an interest in solid detective

THE B & E BOOK, Burglary Techniques and Investigation, by Burt Rapp.
Chances are, even if you haven't been burglarized recently, someone you
know has. Millions of burglaries occur each year in the U.S., and the vast
majority are never solved. The B & E BOOK is an investigative guide and
everything you need to know to thoroughly investigate break-ins by using
the T-T-T approach: Tasks, Tactics Tools. Learn what the professionals know
about burglars and their habits, and dramatically DECREASE your odds of
being a victim of burglars - or catching them in the act!

Carl L. Cunningham.
A spot of blood, shards of glass, fragments of cloth and footprints in the
This manual spells out accepted legal and scientific standards on how to

Lifting fingerprints; collecting body fluid samples, fibers, hair and
fingernail scrapings; identifying drug and chemical residues; inspecting
and more are discussed in this book. Cases involving fires, explosions,

Based on the famed FBI system, here are simple methods and easily obtained
materials to help you identify any thief. Covers equipment, classification,
nterpretation and identification. Sections include improvising items for
nk and recording surfaces, proper procedure for taking a suspect's prints
and overcoming the four major problems when taking prints. If the FBI can

MUG SHOTS, A Police Artist's Guide to Remembering Faces, by Doug P. Hinkle.
For anyone with a need to identify persons who may wish to remain
unrecognized, this book provides precise instructions in the techniques of
dentifying faces, as well as a fascinating glimpse into the criminal mind.
Written by a veteran police artist, this entertaining and instructive
manual is the only one of its kind that teaches police officers, private
observe faces, commit them to memory and later describe their features to
others, as well as how to obtain the same information about faces from
others. Learn what physical features can be changed easily and cheaply;
changed at all!

THEY WRITE THEIR OWN SENTENCES, The FBI Handwriting Analysis Manual.
An endorsement on a check, a scrawled note on a memo pad - everything you
analyzed and reconstructed, revealing evidence unseen by the naked eye.

FBI labs specializes in the study of handwriting, typewriting, rubber
elusive paper trail, drawing on actual cases in the FBI files.
Sophisticated methods of physical and chemical analysis are described in
crimes.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, 56 pp, $8 (FBI)(684)

HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION, A Practical Handbook, by Burt Rapp.
There are a few things worse than an innocent person dying at the hands of
a murderer. One of them is when the murderer gets off on some illegal
technicality - and free to claim another victim. Here is a complete,
comprehensive manual on the techniques of homicide investigation that will
teach investigators how to catch murderers and avoid the mistakes that
allow them to go free. Topics include: 7 goals of a homicide investigation;
the first things to do at a murder scene; vital precautions when handling

GET 'EM OUT ALIVE, Hostage Negotiation Teams.
When lives hang in the balance, crack U.S. police and military units count
on the procedures they learned from this manual to help them contain the
crisis, open communications with the hostage-takers and get the victims out
alive. Learn how the pros know when to take evasive action and when to
them and how this determines the course of action taken. Learn what NEVER
to say to hostage-takers, as well as what messages calm and reassure them.
Find out what types of victims are killed most often by their abductors and

THE S.W.A.T. TEAM MANUAL, by Capt. Robert Cappel.
Formerly restricted to police use only, this manual - the first S.W.A.T
team manual ever published - covers the theories, tactics and training
techniques as practiced by a first-rate S.W.A.T team. Topics include
choosing team members, equipment selection, training regimens, principles
of counter-guerrilla operations, countersniping ops, ambush and
counterambush techniques, hostage negotiations and a lot more. Over 100
llustrations outline S.W.A.T. tactics in detail.

S.W.A.T. TACTICS, by Jeffrie Jacobs.
Barricaded suspects, snipers and hostage takers who require special
tactical handling are now frequent occurrences in both urban and rural
areas. Yet police departments typically work with limited manpower, low
budgets and few training facilities. This excellent manual (and others in
this catalog) will help to alleviate those problems by providing the
theoretical training and guidelines. Illustrated with diagrams and 130
fitness, climbing and rappelling, tactical training and a lot more.

S.W.A.T. teams were born from the need to protect citizens from domestic
terrorism. When the U.S. Army wanted to get into the action, it formed the
Special Operations Units. Steven Matoon, involved with the army's program
tactical units always need to improve their tactical and technical skills.

With this manual, any unit can perfect its mission to serve and protect.
Topics include personnel selection, training facilities, methods of forced
entry, concealment, multistory-building operations, communications, hostage
t all.  8.5 X 11, softcover, illustr., 152 pp, $14 (T&E)(672)

Those who ought to know are well aware that S.W.A.T. team members have the
most dangerous job in law enforcement. This book, a complete guide to
S.W.A.T. operations, helps to make it safer. This manual of operation
covers every aspect of training, tactics and tools. Find out how S.W.A.T.
teams handle snipers and barricaded gunmen, hijackers and hostage takers,
loss of life. 8.5 X 11, softcover, photos, illus., 160 pp, $17 (TO)(934)

THE POLICE SNIPER GUIDE, A Complete Handbook, by Burt Rapp.
Reprinted or reworked military texts don't give the police sniper a
nclude Military Firefights vs Civilian Armed Encounters, The Urban
Setting, Barricaded Suspect Types, and SWAT Team Make-Up.

This book is an all-new work that covers this specialized topic unlike any
book has before. Law enforcement professionals, military personnel and
crime fighters of all kinds will find it very informative.

KILL OR GET KILLED, by Col. Rex Applegate.
A classic text describing in complete and explicit detail, methods of self-
techniques in riot situations, recently adopted by the United States Marine
Corp.  Col. Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close
combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by

                       CIA and OSS Gadgets & Gizmos

THE SPOOK BOOK - A Strange and Dangerous Look at Forbidden Technology,
by Mick Tyner
Some books merely peer in on the subterranean realm of spooklore. THE SPOOK
BOOK dives in headfirst in an outrageous expose of tough, genuinely useful
nformation. Follow step-by-step instructions for such activities as long-
and photos highlights the technical info, including how to jam police
as well as inside info on super-secure data encryption, the etiquette of

SURVEILLANCE AUDIO AMPLIFIERS - The Cult of Electronic Super-Hearing
by Mick Tyner
This book takes up where the underground espionage classic, THE SPOOK BOOK,
left off. It delves into the audio amplifiers tailored to the sometimes
audio, or if you're a PI or cop with limited knowledge of electronics but
are required to deal with surveillance audio amplifiers and ancillary gear
n your job, this book is ESSENTIAL to your job.

SPYGAME - Winning Through Super Technology, by Scot French & Lee Lapin.
From exotic poisons and shooting knives to fiber optics, infrared
monitoring and the legalities of surveillance; from the rocket pistol and
the Super Rifle to climbing sheer walls and reading minds... this is
SPYGAME (formerly Ninja 1990). This updated softcover edition includes all
the information previously compiled by an unbelievable writing team. With
SPYGAME, you can see in the dark - build your own starlight scope or IR
viewer; make your own bulletproof vest; access hidden data banks to

And that's not all! Want to see more? Order SPYGAME today - all the info in
NINJA 1990 (plus updates) in a high quality softcover edition at a lower

THE SPY'S WORKSHOP - America's Clandestine Weapons, by Don McLean
Spy, Plumber, Agent, Operative. Call him what you will, this shadowy figure
s a master of intrigue. THE SPY'S WORKSHOP reveals the most fascinating
but least known aspect of the modern spy; his legendary black bag of secret

The development of modern American spy hardware began in World War II, when
an elite corps of scientists created a special arsenal for America's
use today. This heavily illustrated volume details the men and the
ngenious weapons they devised - AUNT JEMIMA (a high explosive mixture
camouflaged as pancake flour), ZEPHYR (a silencer for outboard motors used
n covert landing operations) and a lot more.

THE SPY'S WORKSHOP will delight World War II buffs, spook enthusiasts and
those curious about the gadgets, gizmos and gimmicks of all types.

                            Polygraph Training

to use some of these books (or the information in them) to refute any
"innocent" claims based on such tests.

                                * * * * * *

DECEPTION DETECTION - Winning the Polygraph Game, by Charles Clifton
Each year in the U.S., up to 4 million people submit to polygraph tests.
Even more shocking is that 40 to 50 percent are erroneously branded liars!
Government studies have found polygraph accuracy to be as low as 50.6

But since fear is the polygraph's most powerful weapon, you can defend
yourself! The ammo is all here: a description of the machine and the tests
countermeasures, plus clever tricks you can use to stack the cards in your
favor; and practice tests so you can gauge your progress and ability. Use
these proven tactics for rendering the polygrapher impotent in his efforts
to intimidate and manipulate, and you'll beat the box hands down!

NEVER SAY LIE - How to Beat the Machines, the Interviews, the Chemical
Tests, by Scott French and Paul Van Houten, Phd.D.
Do your unconscious body movements call you a liar? Can you tell when
and shows how screening tests can be influenced by mechanical tricks,

The FBI, IRS, CIA, job-screening firms, detectives and others use the old-
fashioned polygraph, graphology, drug-screening tests, and kinesic
nterviewing. Do these techniques really work? Will you lose a job, get
fined or even go to jail because of a false positive on a shaky system?
Learn how these systems work and how to manipulate the tests and testers to
mislead anyone, anything, anytime - and get away with it.

BE YOUR OWN EQUALIZER - How to Fight the System and Win, by Victor Santoro.
Are the people who prosper in America any smarter than you? No, they just
know more about working the angles and creating their own opportunities. BE
YOUR OWN EQUALIZER will show you how to make the system more equitable.

By following Santoro's no-nonsense, step-by-step instructions, you'll be
able to stand up for your rights without being swatted down by rich and

* Make yourself more employable by knowing what to put in a resume and what
to leave out.

* Pass polygraphs with flying colors regardless of what you have to hide.

* Hold on to what's rightfully yours in the face of IRS audits, divorce and

These and other guerrilla tactics revealed in this book will help you take
more rewarding. 5.5 X 8.5", 104 pp, $10 (EQUAL)(860)

                      VHS VIDEOS (U.S. format only.)

S.W.A.T. teams are the weapon of choice when dealing with drug busts,
film to go all the way inside America's shock force in the war on crime.

Sneak inside a S.W.A.T. armory in Florida for a inside look at the state-
of-the-art weapons and gear used by Tactical Intervention Units. Learn
firsthand the trade secrets of S.W.A.T. snipers. Travel to a S.W.A.T..
training school and see how teams combine force and stealth to infiltrate
nside crime scenes, take care of business and then get out. Find out how
essential skills for these elite crime stoppers.

One look at this non-stop video will convince you that it is a must for
anyone with a serious interest in modern police science.
Color, approx. 50 min., $30   (INSIDE SWAT)(2007)

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                                 Chapter 6

                Military Science - Special Forces Training

"Rangers" - the name has struck fear in the hearts of America's foes for
centuries. From Roger's Rangers in the French and Indian War through the
long-range patrols behind enemy lines in Korea, the Ranger tradition of
bravery and endurance is unmatched. Compiled by the Ranger Department, Ft.
Benning, Georgia, this handbook draws from bloody lessons learned from two
centuries of special operations combat. Crammed with info on demolitions,
booby traps, rappelling, communications and more than thirty other topics.

THE SCOUT, by Ion L. Idriess
This Australian guerrilla manual presents a rare insight into one of the
most vital functions of small-unit combat intelligence - scouting. Despite
commander must still rely heavily on the eyes, ears and stealth of his
U.S. Army and Marine Corp scouting texts, are detailed in this book.

LONG RANGE PATROL OPERATIONS - Reconnaissance, Combat, and Special
Operations, by James W. England
The long range recon patrol must infiltrate deep into enemy territory to
obtain intelligence, commit sabotage and carry out special missions. This
nvaluable resource is the most comprehensive text on LRP anywhere!. It
covers all aspects of the deep penetration nature of LRP ops in today's
combat environment.

training; communications; climate and terrain; weapons and equipment; air,
naval and artillery fire support; tracking; camouflage; and end-of-mission
briefings are just some of the topics detailed in this exceptional book.

As a primary source of human intelligence, the long-range surveillance unit
s a fundamental element of war. LRSUs are not intended to carry out direct
action; their mission of limited reconnaissance and stationary surveillance
s quite different from that of Special Forces and Rangers, but is,
nonetheless, indispensable. (Like CrimeFighters vs cops, maybe?)

This manual provides doctrine for the tactical employment of LRSUs and is a
each stage of the process, from organization and mission development to
execution, extraction and recovery. Find out how these teams are organized,
trained and equipped to surreptitiously enter enemy areas and then observe
and report enemy dispositions, movements, activities and battlefield
conditions for the benefit of the tactical commander.

The U.S. Navy SEAL Combat Manual provides the most up-to-date info
currently available on the equipment, weapons and tactics employed by this
elite undersea fighting force. Special emphasis is given to underwater

SEALs - UDT/SEAL Operations in Vietnam, by T.L. Bosiljevac.
The Vietcong feared them above all American troops. U.S. Navy SEALs staged
ambushes, gathered intelligence, raided VC strongholds, captured prisoners
and supplies and created havoc in the enemy's rear areas. This book tell
the dramatic and heroic story of these highly trained commandos in
Southeast Asia, from the early coast reconnaissance missions to the

Describing scores of combat missions, author and active-duty SEAL, T.L.
Bosiljevac, recounts incredible acts of skill and valor by SEAL troops
under fire. Sixteen pages of never-before-published photos show SEALs in
training, on patrol in VC territory and moving up canals in the Mekong
Delta. Appendices list SEAL award recipients (including Medal of Honor

This is a detailed, fully descriptive book on this elite unit's role in the
Vietnam War. 5.5 X 8.5, hardcover, photos, 272 pp, $27 (SEAL))(859)

This is the real thing, a reprint of the A Detachment Handbook that was
ssued to all Special Forces A-Teams during the Vietnam War.

The A-Team, trained to develop indigenous soldiers for combat, represented
the fighting heart of the U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam. This manual
covers A-Team training, operations, communications, logistics and more.
This is information that was actually used by SF personnel in the field,
ncluding such topics as camp construction, combat and recon patrols,
nterrogation procedures and psyops. This manual features a foreword by the
Special Forces commanding officer in Vietnam and a preface by noted Vietnam
author and SF veteran Shelby Stanton. A unique book for collectors of
military and Vietnam memorabilia.

Unconventional warfare may require entering or leaving an area through
methods for specific environment. Appendices include tips on water-proofing
and rigging gear, hand signals, diving strategies, planning checklists,
conditioning and special equipment.

this is an exact reprint of the famous Army Field Manual 31-20. All
llustrations and every one of the 536 pages of vital info are included.
Whether you're involved in nonnuclear or nuclear warfare, unconventional
communication, logistics, survival, infiltration, Special Forces field
maneuvers, demolition, raids and ambushes, amphibious air ops, and a whole
lot more are covered in this unusual field manual.

U.S. Army Special Forces units have mastered nighttime air missions in
Characterized by deep penetration flights into hostile or politically
operational personnel working with indigenous troops in the jungles and
mountains of the world's hot spots.

This manual covers pre-mission preparation, organizing reception committees
on the ground, setting up drop and landing zones, calculating moon phases,

From Vietnam and Laos to Central America and Africa, the U.S. Army Special
Forces has rightfully won a respectful reputation for its expertise in
this type - covers, among other things, guerrilla tactics and missions;
communications and survival skills.

The men of MACV-SOG; they were the elite combat troops of the U.S. Army
Special Forces, carrying out the most dangerous missions of the Vietnam
War. Secretly inserted by Huey helicopters deep into Laos, Cambodia and
North Vietnam, SOG recon patrols moved silently through enemy sanctuaries
to fight their way to the nearest clearing against overwhelming odds,
contact, continue mission."

compound south of Kontum. In what Special Forces vets have called
"extraordinary," "haunting" and "one of the best" accounts of special
operations in the Vietnam War, Harris describes the faith, fear and
friendship that bound the men of SOG, and with stark and brutal honesty
unveils the meaning behind the unit's motto: "YOU HAVE NEVER LIVED UNTIL

While this is a fictionalized version of what it was all about, it's also
based on the author's personal and actual experience in this unique outfit.
Absolutely fascinating reading, especially for Vietnam vet's.

This manual lists some of the most practical combat advice anywhere,
ncluding tips on leading a recon patrol, caring for the M16 in the bush,
breaking out of encirclement, POW snatches, radios, packs and a lot more.
This information is the product of hundreds of LRRP operations into enemy
territory.  8.5 X 11, softcover, photos, illust., 40 pp, $8 (DELTA)(852)

Sniping is a specialized skill that requires a specialized rifle. Noted
Weapons expert Duncan Long describes the .22 LR, single shot, bolt-action,
and other models are evaluated on the basis of their features, accuracy,
compares the best scopes, ammunition and accessories.

Whether you're a serviceman, lawman, or hunter who wants to fine tune his

This sniper training manual - used by the Marksmanship Training Unit of the
Marine Corps Development and Education Command in Quantico, Virginia - is

Valuable to the instructor and student alike, this volume outlines lessons
on sniping, care and cleaning of the M40A1 sniper rifle and equipment,
target detection and selection, offensive and defensive employment,
construction and occupation of hides, mental conditioning and more. Sample

This official USMC Scout/Sniper Training Manual is an excellent training
manual for lawmen who may be called upon to use these skills in hostage
taking situations. It's also an excellent training manual for serious

This essential sniping guide shows why U.S. Marines have always been the
best-trained and most successful snipers in the world. This is the LATEST
EDITION of the Marine Corp's sniping manual, covering considerably more
nformation than what previously has been available. Now you can learn what
only the most carefully screened, tested and trained soldiers know about
this deadly art.

training, planning and preparing a sniper mission, effects of weather,
camouflage, moving through difficult terrain, selecting a sniper post,
quick-kill methods and a whole lot more.

Even the U.S. Army sends its instructors to the USMC sniping school. After

- sniping a sniper! While the information can be used by military personnel
too, it's written expressly for lawman - to learn how to take out a
terrorist sniper who is threatening or killing innocent people. It contains
everything the countersniper needs to know about ammunition, rifles,
only with a specific topic - countersniping! (or game poachers?)

With the help of this sniper's bible, TC23-14, the famed U.S. Army snipers
killed 1,187 Vietcong in one five-month period. Only 1.37 rounds were
expended per kill at an average of 450 meters (about 500 yards!). This
field manual is an excellent source of specialized information for hunting,
target or sniping work. It covers camouflage, shooting techniques and
the field. 8.5 X 11, softcover, 100 illus, 196 pp, $20 (USA.SNIP.TR)(217)

FORGOTTEN LEGIONS - Obscure Combat Formations of the Waffen-SS,
by Antonio J. Munoz
This book has all the elements of a war novel: ambushes, glider assaults
behind enemy lines, eleventh-hour rescues, courage, betrayal, and death.
Jump into Partisan-occupied Yugoslavia with elite SS commandos, barely
missing Tito himself. Accompany Hitler's commando extraordinaire Col. Otto
Skorzeny on other daring missions, including rescuing Mussolini from a
mountain-top resort and snatching the Hungarian President's son to prevent
Hungary's defection to the Allies.

World War II buffs and serious scholars alike will want to read this
Moslem, Albanian-SS Mountain, Croatian-SS and Fortress Regiment Besslein
units. The author has compiled an enormous amount of information, maps,
charts, photos and first-hand accounts from war diaries and survivors
themselves - much of which has never appeared anywhere else.

THE IRAQI ARMY - Organization and Tactics
This up-to-date tactical handbook on every aspect of the Iraqi army
Storm takes you inside Saddam Husseins's elite Republican Guard Units, SCUD
missile brigades and every infantry, armor, air and artillery corps that
took part in the invasion and occupation of Kuwait. This book provides
considerable insight into the U.S. military's doctrine of quick and violent
attack that will shape the tactics of modern warfare into the next century.

This thorough guide to Soviet/Warsaw Pact weaponry was written for Special
Forces, reconnaissance units and guerrilla groups. Learn to identify,
technical data, illustrations and glossaries, this handbook is one of the
most complete we've seen on Soviet weapons.

by Lawrence W. Myers.
Radio jamming is one of the great equalizers in unconventional warfare. By

This book covers the three phases of electronic guerrilla warfare: target
nterception, target acquisition and target jamming. Chapters include The
Covert Listening Post, Intercept Operations, and Jamming Equipment

This is not a jargon-filled technical manual. It is a practical field guide
for unconventional warfare operatives that clearly outlines improvised and
field-expedient methods to identify, intercept, analyze and defeat enemy

Electronic warfare - the use of radio to support combat missions by
electronic warfare. Included are advanced details of electronic warfare
amphibious units, jamming, deception, and more, are explained in detail to
mprove your chances for battlefield success.

FIGHTING IN THE STREETS - A Manual of Guerrilla Warfare, by Urbano
This is a serious how-to-do-it manual for armed resistance in today's
urbanized cement jungles. It explains proven methods of street combat
tested in countless armed struggles worldwide. Chapter include Principles
of Guerrilla Warfare, The Urban Base of Operations, Ambushes, Counter
nsurgency Operations, and a lot more. Also covered are improved explosives
and weapons and field-expedient communications security.

Ambushing has recently become the most commonly used insurgent technique in
the Communist revolutionary warfare. Drawing on the hard-learned lessons of
covers an all-important subject - how to strike back at ambushers!

Here is all the info you need to carry out the successful night operation:
the physical and psychological factors that affect night operations; night
movement and positions; signaling; navigation, including map and terrain
analysis; illumination techniques; and the training techniques that will
ensure successful nighttime operations.

Security missions and law enforcement depend on military police working
against unauthorized penetration; patrolling, pursuing, and attacking
anyone trying to evade arrest.

Used for training and maintenance by the best U.S. Military Police working
they can expedite mission accomplishment. This field manual includes step-
by-step procedures and many things to consider when working with dogs, a
conditions and searching buildings and other areas.

                       VHS VIDEOS (U.S. Format only)

EAGLES OVER THE GULF - Desert Storm: The Original Air Footage.
This videotape is a collection of the most startling color aviation
accompanied by original air footage of the world's most powerful aircraft
n action. You'll witness Air Force, Navy and Marine jets in the greatest
"...you don't know how close you've come to capturing the whole
experience." Color, approx. 30 minutes, $25 EAGLE)(3009)

SEALs IN VIETNAM - An Inside Look
the Vietcong. Highly trained ambushers, snatch artists and assassins, SEALs
moved like shadows through VC territory, causing a ripple of hysteria
throughout enemy sanctuaries as villagers awoke to find proof of their

This is the most complete, detailed video on this elite unit's role in the
Vietnam War. It's loaded with rare footage of SEALs in action. You'll see
SEALs in grueling training, grim-faced warriors in full night cammo
nterrogation. Voice-overs of SEAL vets will tell you in their own words
and the skills it took to get back alive. From their special weapons to
their ruthless tactics, find out why SEALs were the most feared animals in
the jungles of Vietnam. Color, approx. 30 minutes, $30 (VIET)(898)

AMBUSH! - Navy SEALs in Deadly Action
The most devastating terror tactic of U.S. Navy SEALs in Vietnam was the
ambush. SEALs were experts at delivering themselves silently to ambush
enemy could escape. Occasional survivors returned to their villages with
chilling tales of the "men with green faces" appearing out of nowhere,
bringing sudden, violent death.

This video features all-new, never-before-seen footage from the personal
archives of SEAL veterans. This is not a rehash of SEAL history - rather,
t is an instructional video on the art of the ambush as told by the men
"wham and scram" operations, the differences between planned vs. hasty
ambushes, unconventional methods used only by SEAL teams, the vital
mportance of the elements of surprise and all the explicit details of
Museum, AMBUSH! is the ultimate video on how America's deadliest warriors
carried out their deadliest missions.
Color, approx. 60 minutes, $30 (AMBUSH)(999)

U.S. NAVY SEALs - WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Middle East, Grenada and Panama.
Elite warriors of stealth, sabotage and surreptitious missions of death,
U.S. Navy SEALs have been the U.S. Military's shock force in 50 years of
conflicts around the world. SEAL counter-insurgency operations rank among
the most successful and devastating in the history of unconventional

World War II to today's "dirty little wars." See UDT (Underwater Demolition
Teams) clearing the beaches prior to landing at Guam, Normandy and Inchon;
SEALs waging a deadly guerrilla war against the Vietcong in the canals and
Middle East and spearheading the invasion of Panama. Much of this material
Color, approx. 35 minutes, $30 (USNS)(893)

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                                 Chapter 7

                        A c t i o n   C a r e e r s

BOUNTY HUNTER - by Bob Burton.
"No body, no booty" is the motto of the modern bountyman. Like his Wild
West counterpart, he tracks the bail fugitive, arrests him in the name of

Learn how to talk your way into a bondsman's confidence, acquire the
necessary tools, track and subdue the fugitive, and a whole lot more. And,
compiled for the first time, here is a state-by-state list of the laws of
bounty hunting. With an estimated six million bail jumpers walking the

                                * * * * * *

Note: CrimeFighters are bounty hunters too, but the name "bounty hunters"
Bounty Hunters is widely used and recognized by law enforcement agencies as
being related mainly with bail bond activity. Even though CrimeFighters are
more like the original bounty hunters (in the Wild West tradition, like
Clint Eastwood in "Hang 'em High"), we'll use our own unique name to create
our own identity with law enforcement people.  While you can be both a
CrimeFighter and a bounty hunter, the name "CrimeFighters" indicates the

                                * * * * * *

BAIL ENFORCER - The Advanced Bounty Hunter, by Bob Burton.
No prey is as wily and dangerous as a hunted man. It takes a special breed,
equally cunning and determined, to track the fugitive down, capture him and
bring him to justice. It takes professional bounty hunter.

Bob Burton is one of the most successful and feared bounty hunters in
America.  As a follow-up to his best-selling book, BOUNTY HUNTER, Burton
the streets, down alleys and into drug dens could know. You'll get the
nside story on obtaining an arrest contract, the right clothing for a
bust, hunting tricks of the trade, surveillance tips, working with the
to avoid it, and much more.

The text is highlighted with photos and stories from Burton's thousands of
arrests. Appendices include necessary forms and three invaluable, hard-to-
obtain legal studies documenting the precedents of past court decisions


With domestic crime and worldwide terrorism on the rise, the need for good
nside look at the broad concerns the professional bodyguard must face to
keep a "principal" out of harm's way, including threat analysis; safe
travel and stalker awareness; ambushes and accidents; medical emergencies,
fire and disaster; and many more considerations. Find out how the

BODYGUARDING - A Complete Manual, by Burt Rapp.
to-do-it book on bodyguarding - what you really need to know to keep your
client, and yourself, alive. Learn how assassinations are set up and how to
avoid them; choosing weapons - the best types to carry; how to get your
bullet-proof an automobile and even how to bodyguard yourself.

The simple fact is that if there's a violent encounter, the bodyguard's
already failed at his job. Gunplay and car chases are for the movies and
T.V. Within these pages you'll find the art and science of executive

DEAD CLIENTS DON'T PAY - The Bodyguard's Manual, by Leroy Thompson.
Only the bodyguard stands between death and his clients. For their sakes
and his, he had better be a pro! Now you can learn the business of
bodyguarding like it really is - whether you want to work as a bodyguard or

"It's common sense, professional paranoia and extensive training that makes
a good bodyguard," says international bodyguard and instructor Leroy
Thompson. In this book he tells the strategies that prevent trouble from
check for tampering on an auto (where 80 percent of all terrorism occurs),
threats, assess the threat of high- and low-profile assignments, and a lot
more in specific detail.

Learn from an expert about the glamour, the guns, the hard-core nuts-and-
bolts of the unique, well paid but potentially hazardous profession.

KEEP EM ALIVE - The Bodyguard's Trade, by Paul Elhanan.
Live on the edge - and live life to it's fullest. The demands, the dangers
and the rewards can be all yours if you choose to enter this exciting
career field.

Writing in entertaining yet informative style, professional bodyguard
Elhanan describes how to get into the trade: the mental and physical
the trade; and how to stay on the right side of the law and even get it to

                             Other Categories

MANUAL OF THE MERCENARY SOLDIER - A Guide to Mercenary War, Money and
Adventure. By Paul Balor
"The Whores of War." That's the phrase used to describe the modern
mercenary soldier. No longer merely a hired gun, today's mercenary must

Whether you're a retired soldier, a seeker of adventure, or simply one who
everything you need to know. Clients and accounts, assuming the "chameleon
mode," money and survival, psywar ops, shock warfare and classic SOF cities
are just some of the areas covered.

Courting danger, surrounded by political intrigue and always in the thick
of the action, the gunrunner can shape the course of political history. But
merchandise or winding up in jail while plying his trade?

A 30-year veteran of the gunrunning trade, Ragnar Benson, our favorite and
out for. How to make connections, where to buy and sell weapons, how to get
the goods from point A (where they're not worth much) to point B (where
they're worth a lot more) and how to make gunrunning a business are all
covered in this book - the only one of its kind.

Benson tells you how to get out of a hot spot in an emergency, how to get
trafficking. A checklist of do's and dont's is given to help the novice

EXPATRIATE'S EMPLOYMENT HANDBOOK - Seeing the World... and Getting Paid for
Have you ever fantasized about getting away from it all - abandoning a hum
adventure in a foreign land? If your skills and interests lie not with desk
for you - the technician's, construction workers, engineers and service
ndustry personnel - a how-to-do-it manual.

The author has made a living and an adventure out of working overseas. He
You'll learn how to launch an all-out job search: what to look for, what to
consider, how to prepare for it and how to get there.

When you consider things like free housing, free food, liberal vacation and
no-tax status, it won't take long to realize that this book could open the

                  Adventure - Based on Real Life Stories

SABERTOOTH - The Rip-Roaring Adventures of a Legendary Game Warden,
by Terry Hodges.
For nearly fifty years, Game Warden Gene Mercer ("Old Sabertooth")
finest game wardens. This book tells his personal story, and in addition,
Game Warden.  5.5 X 8.5, hardcover, 288 pp, $20 (TOOTH)(700)

UNREPENTANT SINNER - The Autobiography of Colonel Charles Askins.
Colonel Askins is a real adventurer. He has sought out danger as other men
ambush, hunting tiger in Asia or sniping along the Rhine in WW II, Askins

and his career as one of the world's leading big game hunters. More than
three million readers have already enjoyed the tales of one of the
legendary adventurers of the twentieth century. Now you can too.

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                                 Chapter 8

                          Handguns & Self-Defense

HOW TO BECOME A MASTER HANDGUNNER, The Mechanics of X-Count Shooting, by
Charles Stephens

champion and master handgunner Charlie Stephens presents the basic
mechanics of X-count shooting: winning grip, aiming as you press the
trigger, optical focus, controlled movement, stance and total follow-
through. These principles are not entirely new, and some may be considered
unorthodox, but Stephens insists that they are absolutely the key to
becoming a master handgunner, an increasingly rare status among competitive

Master and novice alike can learn something from Stephens' book, and it is
certain to serve as a stepping-stone for the shooter who seeks perfection
n performance.   5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, 64 pp, $10. (2016)

Massad Ayoob.
This book tells you like it is, and prepares you and yours against criminal
violence without being crucified for it in court. Anti-gunners call it "a
Frank McGee, head of firearms training in N.Y. City P.D., says it's "must

A milestone in publishing! The first mass-market paperback that takes a
Bantam Books and written by Massad Ayoob, the man Bantam calls "the world's
leading authority on self protection." This book goes far beyond guns, with
Nearly a quarter of a million streetwise words on preventing crimes and
coping with them if they happen. "The Truth About Self Protection" shatters
the myths and cuts to the deadly reality of surviving crime in a violent

Two books in one: Gun-proof Your Children, and Handgun Primer. Whether you
are pro- or anti-gun, whether your home has 50 firearms or none, this book
s a MUST. Keeping children safe from unauthorized guns in their hands or
those of others is covered with every direction, including gun locks,
methods of storage, and above all, safety training for children and adults
as well. Handgun Primer is a compact introduction to handgun safety, how to

book focuses on tactics and techniques designed to give you the greatest
active counter-measures, handcuffing know-how, use of impact weapon
(baton), short stick techniques, and fighting with a knife, etc. Hardcover,

This book provides an inside look at law enforcement, including information
on the latest police techniques, how to develop your career as a police
officer, an overview of professional and practical skills needed in police

NO SECOND PLACE WINNER, by Bill Jordan, $14.95
The Classic police survival shooting manual by the last of the old Border
Hardcover, 114 pp, illustr. $14.95 (WINNER)(4006)
NO SECOND PLACE WINNER. Same as above in Spanish. $15.95 (WINNER.S)(4006S)

At last! The first volume of Massad Ayoob's long awaited series on "Gun-
fighting for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques." STRESSFIRE is the
conventional shooting techniques under pressure... and how new techniques
actually feed off that pressure to make you perform better under stress!
 $10 (STRESS)(4007)

The second volume in his series on advanced gun-fighting for police. Learn
to control the 12-gauge shotgun in the most rapid fire... pain-free aimed
fire from the shoulder.. speed reloads that don't fail under stress...
ncluding which brands work best... combat shotgun ballistics, including
autopsy photos... accessories that work, and those that don't... use of
other gauges... and how the power of "fight or flight reflex" work for you
to control the most destructive, but toughest-to-handle, of all close-range
anti-personnel weapons. $10  (STRESS2)(4008)

Master gun-fighting tactician John Farnum gives his formula for shootout
cover, movement, mental awareness and preparation, and the TACTICS for

nterest to the armed citizen. (POL.HG.MAN)(4010)

A many-time graduate and former staffer of S&W Academy, Bill updates the
latest doctrines of police combat shotgun work, including long-gun
attend but can't, or want to have a head start when they arrive.

MASTERTIPS, by John Winokur, $11.95
The definitive collection of techniques for shooting, drawing, reloading,
etc., demonstrated and explained by the handgun master who developed them!
Learn the Weaver stance from Jack Weaver himself, etc. A great gift book
for handgun enthusiasts and a vital resource for firearm instructors.

This lavish hardcover edition covers every form of defensive stickfighting
nunchaku (karate sticks) and yawara. Also included are detailed choke-out
techniques, and a guide to the self defense use of the flashlight, plus use
of makeshift striking weapons such as keyrings and belts. (FUND)(4013)

HIT THE WHITE PART, by Massad Ayoob, $9.95
The ultimate guide to bowling pin matches and other kinds of fast "reaction
target" shooting techniques of the champions and professionals. How to win,

Ayoob, $9.95
First quantitative, documented look at ACTUAL POLICE EXPERIENCE with 9mm
and .45 police service autos. No holds barred assessment of technical and
tactical weaknesses of the popular combat auto pistols. For the first time
TRUE advantages of autos, detailed tactical applications of the firepower
advantage. Frank assessment of auto shortcomings and dangers, and STREET
unsubstantiated theory, Proven methods of training and transition,
ncluding the most thorough analysis of double vs single action, safety
catch vs decocking lever, and the effects of service autos on police morale
ever printed. The complete guide to malfunction clearing. A comprehensive
assessment of the combat autoloader's selection and use. (SEMIAUTO)(4015)

CAN DO! During close-quarters combat, when fractions of seconds can mean
the difference between living and dying, you don't want to be doing
anything but pulling the trigger.

armed confrontation - a natural, instinctive reaction. This updated and
expanded version of Chuck Klein's original book will help you hone those
nstincts and reinforce them with learned and accurate pistol control.
You'll learn the key techniques of instinct shooting, including how to
dentify the smallest centralized target, focus your eyes at the correct
nstruction that exchanges luck for skill.... and which would you rather

COMBAT REVOLVERS - The Best (and Worst) Modern Wheelguns, by Duncan Long.
Here is an unbiased look at the combat revolvers available today. The well
known author covers all major foreign and domestic revolvers by Smith &
Wesson, Colt, Ruger, Taurus and others. Will the revolver in your desk
examined. Other chapters discuss essential accessories and offer tips on

AUTOMATICS - Fast Firepower, Tactical Superiority, by Duncan Long.
The pluses and minuses of dozens of automatics are presented by firearms
expert Duncan Long. Many pistols, such as the Ruger P-85, Glock 17, Beretta
manufactured by Charter Arms, Colt, H&K, SIG-Sauer, S&W and others.
.380, 9mm .38 Super, .45 and a few other lesser-known calibers. Field-
about which accessories enhance a handgun's combat effectiveness are

BUSINESS PARTNERS - The Best Pistol/Ammunition Combinations for Personal
Defense. By Peter Alan Kasler.
critique of the wounding capabilities of handguns and ammo designed for
"business" situations - when one's life is on the line.

Debunking dangerous misconceptions that have been perpetuated over the
years, the author reveals the true physiological and psychological factors
of handgun wounding effectiveness. He then takes a hard look at the strong
and weak points of 9mm, 10mm, .40 caliber and .45 ACP ammo, and compares
major-caliber pistols from Colt, S&W, Browning, Glock, SIG-Sauer, Beretta,
combinations - which bullets work best in which guns to get the job done in
a life-and-death situation. 5.5 X 8.5, hardcvr, photos, illus, 200 pp, $23

This operator's manual is an exact reprint of the U.S. Armed Forces
technical manual issued by the government for the 9mm pistol. Operating
nstructions, maintenance, trouble shooting and a chapter on authorized
ammunition pack this illustrated handbook, which is printed in a convenient

THE CZ-75 FAMILY - The Ultimate Combat Handgun, by J.M. Ramos
Touted by arms producers and designers world-wide as the finest combat
J.M. Ramos has compiled what is unquestionably the definitive sourcebook on
this superior family of Czechoslovakian weapons. You'll get the low-down on
the early- and late-models CZ-75s, as well as the newest additions to the
Czech pistol family - the Czech army's newly adopted CZ-82 service pistol
and the current CZ-85. Also included are a sneak preview of the upcoming
CZ-90 line and a look at the exciting lineup of CZ-75 clones, plus an
nvaluable section on importing these weapons into the United States. A
make the book an indispensable reference for competition shooters,

GLOCK - The New Wave in Combat Handguns. By Peter Kasler.
and the "gun that can pass undetected through airport security systems,"
the Glock pistol is actually none of these. Since its debut in 1985, the
Glock has been the subject of considerable controversy. What are the
advantages of Polymer 2, the "space-age" plastic of which many of its parts
are made? How many different Glock models are there, and what calibers are
they offered in? Does the Glock's light weight make it "kick" more than a
ncrease the chance of accidental discharge?

through photos of a special cutaway Glock that clearly display its inner
mechanisms, demystifies the design and operations of what is the most
nnovative handgun to be introduced in some time - and possibly in the

By Duncan Long.
Weapons expert Duncan Long gives shooters an in-depth look at the two most
Hi-Power. The Author explains why the 1911 is considered to be the best
the free world. Part of the proof of each pistol's popularity lies in the
number of spinoffs each has generated, and Long evaluates specimens from
these also, from Springfield Armory's Defender to the Soviet Tokarev.

Combatants, collectors and hunters interested in practical considerations
firing results, maintenance and accessories.

.45 ACP SUPER GUNS - Modified .45 Autos for Competition, Hunting, and
The Colt .45 autoloading pistol - rugged, reliable, it is a masterpiece of
firearms design and the most renowned sidearm in military history. Now,
n the world. This is an exclusive look at the weapons that dominate
today's highly competitive IPSC shooting matches.

Chapters cover North American, European and Asian variants; classic double-
action and full-auto conversions; the latest high capacity enhancements,
accuracy improvements and quality accessories from Pachmayr, King's Gun
Works, Ed Brown, Jim Clark, Austin Behlert, Irving O. Stone and others; and
much more. Packed with exclusive photos and illustrations - from deadly .45
machine pistols used by gangster Baby Face Nelson to ultra-modern, radical
mprovements on John M. Browning's original design. This is the latest
testimonial to the greatest handgun of all time.

Standard/Mark I/Mark II Series, by Duncan Long.
"Ruger's Little Pistol," the .22 auto that started Sturm Ruger on the route
to success, is known for its toughness: this "little" pistol has seen lots
of action in the hands of CIA "spooks" and Special Forces troops, as well
as rugged use by sportsmen. Now here is a definitive book by noted firearms
expert Duncan Long that goes well beyond the owner's manual. Exploded
even detail-strip it down to the last pin and spring. Long also covers
experimental ammunition.

When you want a plinker, survival gun or exotic weapon, this book offers
available for one of the most popular .22 autos ever made.

THE MODERN TECHNIQUE OF THE PISTOL, by Greg B. Morrison & Jeff Cooper
This book offers peace of mind. It teaches the modern pistol technique

You don't have the time to miss in a pistol fight, but too many shooters
believe that all they need to know is marksmanship! Actuality, marksmanship
s just the LAST step in a long list of means to an end. The best marksman
n the world can be defeated if he has not prepared his mind, instilled
correct management skills and given sufficient thought and training time to
mind-set first, gunhandling second, and marksmanship last. This book and
ts information could make the difference between life and death for

(Editor's note: This book's most important lesson is mind-set: psyching
yourself out ahead of time to do what must be done automatically.
Hesitation at critical moments can be deadly. There must be no mental
times - to USE deadly force when necessary. This book will help to prepare
you for deadly confrontations. Tactics is the next important thing to learn
- what to do under various conditions and circumstances. Marksmanship is
critical, of course, but the first two are more important because if you
flunk the first two steps, you may never get a chance to fire your weapon!
"Live" courses taught at Gunsite, Arizona (at Jeff Cooper's A.P.I.) cost
can't afford to attend API, this book and others like it, are inexpensive

SHOOTING TO LIVE, by Capt. W.E. Fairbain and Capt. E.A. Sykes.
The toughest city in the world in the 1930's was Shanghai. In charge of the
Shanghai Municipal Police, Captain  W.E. Fairbanks and his partner W.E.
Sykes, were determined to reclaim the streets for the citizenry.

This book is the product of Fairbain's and Sykes' PRACTICAL experience with
the handgun. Hundreds of incidents provided the basis for the first true
book on life-and-death shootouts with the pistol. SHOOTING TO LIVE teaches
all concepts, considerations and applications of COMBAT pistolcraft.

All aspects of combat handguns and their use are covered in this complete
manual written by well-known small arms expert Chuck Taylor. Hundreds of

LEAD POISONING - 25 True Stories From the Wrong End of a Gun.
By Chris Pfouts.
There are two ways this book can save your life. First, if you've never
been shot, there are vital lessons to be learned from the stories of those
life? How can one person get dropped by a bullet in the arm, while another
found in these real-life accounts. They provide valuable insight into the
violent world of gunplay. This is the gritty reality behind gunshot

because of your occupation or other factors, this extraordinary book will
or psychiatrist could ever hope to. This book contains the real-life
experience of their lives yet lived to talk about it, heal, and go on.

An inside look at the U.S. Army's technique for instinct shooting. Learn
eight times out of ten, and how to simply and instinctively hit any target.
Annie Oakley could do it. So can you - if you take the time to learn how!
An excellent training technique for police, CrimeFighters, and hunters.

HIDDEN THREAT - A Guide to Covert Weapons. By Mark Smith.
A belt buckle that holds a functional black powder revolver, a wicked
little knife concealed in a comb case, a shotgun disguised as a common

fascinating glimpse into the darker side of police work, a world in which
things are not always what they seem to be. HIDDEN THREAT illustrates
objects offered for sale by commercial manufacturers, improvised weapons
and items that have been modified or booby-trapped to create a nasty
covert and improvised weapons and help informed citizens and CrimeFighters
to recognize innocent-looking items that can be used to lethal advantage.

By Evan P. Marshall & Edwin J. Sanow
Dramatic firsthand accounts of the results of handgun rounds fired into
criminals by cops, store owners and a host of others are the heart and soul
of this long-awaited and controversial book by firearms experts Evan
Marshall and Ed Sanow. Their goal is to provide an accurate wound
ballistics and ammunition information that police officers and civilians
can use to survive lethal confrontations on the street.

The use of results of shooting incidents - gathered from such sources as
all others of its kind, leaving no further need for "expert" opinions or
outdated theories. By combining these case studies of actual shootings with
the authors have developed what may be the definitive methodology for
formulas fade in comparison to this detailed data - what REALLY happens

most damage to your adversary, giving you the edge in a life-or-death
combat situation? (Don't jump to conclusions before you read this book.)

This FBI study analyzes the factors involved in handgun wounding and the
force. It is a revealing look at the elements that are vital for maximizing
tissue damage and dropping an individual before he can be of further danger
to you. Includes discussions of the importance on penetrating power, the
limitations of any handgun in stopping a determined opponent and a good
argument for increased magazine capacity.


Owning a weapon is more than a right: it's a responsibility, especially
States, more innocent people are shot by accident than by criminals. If
YOU would be held accountable! It's sound policy to make crisis prevention
an integral part of your self-defense strategy. This video covers the
myths, realities and legalities of personal security, from childproofing
your weapon to securing your home or vehicle to the basics of gun safety.
Color, approx. 30 minutes, $20 (HOUSE)(943)

as the leading authority  on use of deadly weapons by civilians in self
force. Ideal for the instructor or attorney, and vital to the citizen who
keeps or carries a loaded gun. $59.95 (J.D.FORCE)(4017)

MANSTOPPERS - Selecting the Right Double-Action Pistol
misinformation from self-proclaimed "experts" and select the the right
Applegate, Tom Campbell, Wiley Clapp and Chuck Karwan participated in this
unique evaluation.

Discover the most effective calibers, efficient operating systems and
Beretta, Glock, H&K, SIG-Sauer and others, including certain anxiously
awaited pistols not yet seen by the public. Should you go with a 9mm, .40
S&W, 10mm or .45 ACP? What are the advantages of the various safeties? What
about weight, concealability and recoil? Take advantage of the many years
of practical handgun experience these men have acquired, spare yourself
Color, approx 60 min, VHS $35 (MAN)(930)

This video gives you an exclusive, front-row seat to witness the greatest
entertain and instruct anybody who's ever picked up a gun. You'll marvel as
Bill Jordan hits an aspirin tablet from the hip at 10 feet, Herb Parsons
unbelievable rate of 600 rounds per minute! This is only a sampling of the
unsurpassed feats of almost uncanny gun handling you'll witness in this

This 1 1/4 hour video was designed to support a full day of advanced
vertical or horizontal cover with the shotgun, stresspoint index shooting,
 $125 (ADV.C.SHOTGUN)(4018)

The murderous armed robber with the stolen pistol was going to kill the
taxi driver. Instead, the driver - an armed citizen - killed him first.
carry a defensive handgun, intensely re-told by a survivor.  45 min.
$59.95 (YUHR)(4019)

Massad Ayoob's famous lecture updated for the 90's! Better quality than the
old police academy version. An introduction to the causes, effects,
officers who have been involved in violent encounters. Includes prevention
and mitigation of symptoms through advance training (inoculation effect)
and covers police psychologists and clergy.  60 min. $49.95 (TRAUMA)(4020)

A "Best BUY" with $200 worth of material for $59.95! New in 1990, this two-
(Part I (1983) and Part II (1986). Learn the dynamics of tachypsychia,
tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, cognitive dissonance, amaurosis fugax,
fight or shooting. A must for homicide investigators. $59.95 (PHYSIO)(4021)

This program is designed to prepare police officers and civilians to be
able to handle the "cute tricks" that lawyers like to play in the courtroom
to discredit you and your testimony. Police trainer and expert witness
Massad Ayoob reveals some of the techniques lawyers use to sway judges and

Ayoob is known worldwide as an authority on actual street shooting
the knowledge he has acquired in his study of hundreds of gunfights. You
s best; pistol vs shotgun; the psychological aspects of a gunfight and
much more. 70 min. $49.95 (SHOOT.2.LIVE)(4023)

Ayoob takes officers through all phases of shooting, reloading, cover,
concealment and criminal apprehension with pistol and shotgun. This tape
offers an excellent insight into Ayoob's techniques and thought processes
nstructors in America. Dennis Tueller demonstrates "closing the gap."

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                                 Chapter 9

                      Rifles, Conversions & Shotguns

WARNING! Be advised you must obtain a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) to own and use full-auto weapons, silencers and
other "restricted" weapons, and in some states, to make and use explosives
and/or explosive devices. BATF requires a separate licensing application.
BATF guidelines are included in some books that show how to convert or make

Other temporary conversions, may or may not require BATF licensing. If not,
the author usually mentions that fact. If the author fails to mention it,
be warned that it might be illegal if you don't have a permit for it!
check your own state laws for licensing requirements.

Just because the information is legally available in books by virtue of the
First Amendment (Freedom of the Press) doesn't mean it's legal to do it,
make it, or use it!  Publishers of such books usually mention in each
book's description they are for HISTORICAL AND/OR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY.
That lets them off the hook. (You're on your own if you violate any laws!)

                                * * * * * *

Ruger 10/22 owner! Here's a conversion system you can bet your life on! Now
you can transform your Ruger 10/22 into a selective-fire, close-combat gun
you can trust. With simple hand tools, you can build the parts that will
convert your Ruger 1022 into an affordable weapon that fires over 1,000

Machinist's drawings, templates and more than seventy close-up photos
accompany the detailed instructions in this newly-revised edition. Unlike

SELECT FIRE 10/22, by Wayne Thorbrugh
The brainchild of a retired military ordnance man, the designs contained

Having developed the design into a Class II manufacturing business, the
author knows that they work. After more than 100,000 rounds fired, he has
yet to encounter a parts failure in his Ruger conversions.

Two configurations are described and accompanied by detailed illustrations
and step-by-step directions; the front-mounted bolt arrestor and the rear
arrestor. A good drill press is needed to devise either of these two
methods, but reliability in undeniable.

Legendary reliability and classic design are the hallmarks of the Ruger
companion for the .44 Carbine, the 10/22 is considerably cheaper to plink
one of the most popular .22 rifles in the world.

on the many aftermarket accessories available. This wealth of add-ons can
transform the 10/22 into a lightweight camping gun, compact survival rifle
or even a quasi-assault rifle.

The .22 rimfire round has been the most widely used cartridge in the world
for more than a century. Combining the latest ultra high velocity magnum

This heavily illustrated books shows you rimfire assault weapons
nnovations from World War II to the present, including exciting prototypes
and experimental and limited-production models. American designs by John
Browning, Maxwell Atchisson and John P. Foote are detailed here, as well as

THE FIGHTING RIFLE - by Chuck Taylor
Seasoned combat veteran Chuck Taylor tells the difference between assault
and battle rifles, and between automatic and light machine guns. Includes
nfo on weapon selection, modifications, training and competition,
ammunition and night sights. This description is kinda skimpy, but the book
sn't. If you need some expert advice on selecting a combat rifle, this is
an excellent reference book.

AR-7 SUPER SYSTEMS, By Duncan Long.
The lightweight rugged AR-7 has long been a favorite of explorers, hunters,

This book, which goes well beyond the owner's manual, gives you a tough,
no-holds barred assessment of the AR-7's capabilities, reliability,
nstructions, illustrations and photographs show owners how to field strip,

Now the classic AR-7 EXOTIC WEAPONS SYSTEM has been completely re-written
and made even better. By following the step-by-step instructions and all-
new photographs and machinist's drawings, anyone can convert the AR-7
carbine or Explorer II pistol into an advanced selective fire weapon that
operates either in semi-automatic or full-auto mode. The conversion uses a
unique design, has only three moving parts, requires NO machining, and can
be completed for under $20.

This revised manual also shows owners how to make a few simple
mprovements, such as replacing the factory-issue magazine with a superior
Ram-Line unit and adding a silencer.

THE AR-15/M16 - A Practical Guide, by Duncan Long
This rifle is so revered and respected that nations around the globe have
adopted it - or many of its features - for use by their own armies. Now
comes THE definitive book on the rifle that has been the inspiration for so
many modern assault rifle designs.

Should you wish to build your own or convert it to auto fire, the author
advises you of needed parts and tools as well as detailed step-by-step
nstructions. Virtually any accessory for the AR-15 is listed here, plus
exploded diagrams for field-stripping and list of parts suppliers and

launchers, assembly/disassembly, conversion kits and modifications,
troubleshooting, ballistics and ammunition, combat use, testing, cleaning
and lubrication. 8.5 X 11, softcover, photos, illust. 168 pp, $17

AR-15/M16 SUPER SYSTEMS, by Duncan Long.
Taking up where other AR-15 books leave off, the author shows you how to
customize this reliable firearm into a super system suited to YOUR needs.
This book shows you how to modify this firearm to create anything from a
covered here (and not available commercially) are AR-15 pistols; several
types of carbines; super-accurate target, sniper and varmint rifles; double
capacity magazines and belt-fed systems.

The author shows you how to greatly - and legally - increase AR-15
firepower, and takes a hard look at the conventional wisdom about combat
firearms, with conclusions that may surprise you. Whether you want to
modify your AR-15 or just want an inside look at experimental weapons that
may be on tomorrow's rifle range, this is a book for you.

What's the world's most powerful handgun? Forget the .44 Magnum or .45
automatic. Let Duncan show you how to construct an innovative, compact .223
a lot of red tape or expense.

This straightforward book provides the step-by-step procedures for building
a LEGAL AR-15 pistol. With a few simple tools and a minimum of know-how,
you can create your choice of a semiauto, bolt-action or pump version of
the gun. Duncan also discusses a number of options that can be added to the
ncreased firepower and .22 LR conversion kits. All the information you
need to keep your pistol within BATF guidelines is included.

A must for fans of innovative firearms or those who want the ultimate in

MINI-14 SUPER SYSTEMS, by Duncan Long
book picks up where others left off in showing you how to customize this
nexpensive, reliable rifle into a super-system weapon unlike any other.

The author outlines the specifics of modifying the stock and barrel;
creating a super-accurate target, sniper and varmint rifle; building
bullpup versions; and constructing "double" guns. Plus, he reveals cutting-
edge techniques for creating remote-control rifles that can guard areas
from a distance.

Here is the authorative source on how to greatly, and legally, increase the
Mini-14's firepower, giving you a rifle that not only generates a lot of
moments of self-defense. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, illust. 200 pp, $17

THE MINI-14 - The Plinker, Hunter, Assault, and Anything Else Rifle. By
Duncan Long.
The Mini-14 is the most versatile modern rifle - descended from the M1
Garand and M14 though with none of their faults - fitting the needs of
forces equally.

An infinite number of variations of the Mini-14 may be constructed with
accessories such as scopes; magazines; folding, bullpup and pistol-grip

Calling all Mini-14 owners! Convert your Mini into a full-auto, silenced,
SWAT-type weapon that's capable of field-clearing firepower.

Note that this conversion process requires no machining or special tools.
Once completed, it takes just five minutes to drop in the Automatic
Connector (the book's secret!) or remove it as desired.

AK47 - The Complete Kalashnikov Family of Assault Rifles, By Duncan Long.
also spawned a whole generation of spinoffs such as the Egyption Misr, The
Finnish Valmet and the Israeli Galil rifles, and other countries have
available in the U.S., but solid information on them is scarce.

The author takes the mystery out of the many AK47 variants, giving you
essential, hard-to-obtain information, including specifications, field-
the scoop on this international collection of rifles from one of America's
most trusted firearms writers.

COMBAT RIFLES OF THE 21ST CENTURY - Futuristic Firearms for Tomorrow's
Battlefields, by Duncan Long.
Today's assault rifles will soon be made obsolete by a deadly breed of
forces that utilize revolutionary components and fire exotic new ammo.

The well known author reveals the capabilities and shortcomings of the best
futuristic rifles, including internal and external features, field
accessories being developed, from super accurate aiming systems to space-
age helmet shields that display battlefield conditions. Rarely seen photos
and illustrations of prototype and final rifle designs highlight the text.
You won't believe how radically different these futuristic weapons are in
appearance from today's conventional firearms.


STREETSWEEPERS - The Complete Book on Combat Shotguns, By Duncan Long.
Nothing else blasts massive amounts of deadly firepower at close range like
a shotgun, making it the weapon of choice today among special military
forces, anti-terrorist units and how owners who are serious about self-

This "manual" is the newest, most comprehensive book out on combat
on your weapon and information about shotgun models not yet on the market.
Noted gun writer Duncan Long also advises on which ammo to use, accessories
and shotgun tactics. 8.5 X 11, softcover, 63 photos, illust., appendices,

SUPER SHOTGUNS, How to Make Your Shotgun into a Do-Everything Weapon,
by Duncan Long.
The old saying "Beware the one-gun man" rings especially true when it
easy-to-follow instructions, photos and diagrams for transforming it into a
customized one-of-a-kind weapons system that conforms to the owner's body,

By following the author's recommendations about modifications and
accessories, you can capitalize on the shotgun's inherent strength - its
unsurpassed accuracy and lethality within 25 yards while expanding its
about your shotgun being confiscated or outlawed as do owners of handguns
and combat-style rifles.

Law officers and military tacticians agree that one weapon is superior to
all others in close combat situations: the shotgun. Civilians wanting to
learn how to use their shotguns in the most efficient manner can find out

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                                Chapter 10

                     Machine Guns, Improvised Weapons,
                     Special Ammo, and Exotic Weapons

WARNING! Be advised you MUST obtain a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) to own and use full-auto weapons, silencers and
explosive devices. BATF requires a separate licensing application. BATF

Some of the devices may or may not require BATF licensing. If not, the
author usually mentions that fact. If the author fails to mention it, be
check BATF guidelines before you make any explosive devices, full auto, or

Just because the information is legally available in books by virtue of the
First Amendment (Freedom of the Press) doesn't mean it's legal to do it,
make it, or use it!  Publishers of such books usually mention in each
book's description they are for HISTORICAL AND/OR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY.
That lets them off the hook. You're on your own if you violate any laws!

                                * * * * * *

THE TERRIFYING THREE - Uzi, Ingram and Intratec Families. By Duncan Long.
The Uzi, MAC-10 and Tec-9 submachine: are they really the ultimate in
n submachine guns in today's weapons wars.

Discover everything you want to know about submachine guns in general and
the "terrifying three" in particular, including specifications for the
various models and their variants. The author thoroughly  covers
ammunition, care and maintenance, aiming and lighting devices, accessories
and troubleshooting, and even includes a chapter on purchasing used
firearms without getting burned. All this plus lists of weapons and ammo
manufacturers and other publications with SMG info.

by Chuck Taylor
From one of America's top shooting instructors comes an analysis of two
controversial, misunderstood and misemployed small arms: the combat shotgun
and submachine gun. Hundreds of step-by-step photos detail field-testing of
both arms, basic and advanced training drills, tactical rules, gun
accessories and modifications. Techniques for weapons effectiveness include
loading procedure, carrying and fighting positions and malfunction
clearance drills. 8.5 X 11, softcover, photos, 176 pp, $20 (SHOT)(477)

Covering both the domestic and foreign scene, the author gives practical
nfo on how to operate and field-strip modern military, police and civilian
combat weapons. New developments and trends such as the use of fiber
optics, larger capacity magazines, liquid-recoil systems and lessening of
barrel length are covered. Troubleshooting procedures, ballistic tables and
a list of manufacturers and distributors are included.

THE GATLING GUN - 19th Century Machine Gun to 21st Century Vulcan,
by Joseph Berk.
When it was introduced in 1862, the Gatling gun was so far ahead of its
time the U.S. military didn't even know how to make use of such a powerful,
the Gatling is still a force to be reckoned with. After being declared
obsolete in 1911, it staged an impressive comeback as the Vulcan in the
the swift defeat of Iraqi troops in the liberation of Kuwait. With modern
applications ranging from air defense to saturation fire to antitank gun
military role well into the 21st century. Here is the fascinating ongoing
to its current role as a state-of-the-art modern combat weapon.

MACHINE GUNS - A Pictorial, Tactical and Practical History. By J. Thompson.
This is a definitive look at the weapon that ushered in the age of modern
also including contemporary standards, This book gives you the historical
exhaustive advice on ammunition. Author Jim Thompson provides hundreds of
used in the wars of the last century.

Thompson also unravels the maze of rule and regulations governing machine
might stand in your way. From the familiar warhorses to interesting
experiments and rare prototypes, this book has them all.

THE LEWIS GUN, by J. David Truby.
This exhaustive research effort, now in its second edition, shows photos of
the Lewis gun from U.S. and British archives. Combat scenes realistically
the more than 70 photos of aircraft mounted with Lewis guns. Planes such as
the Parnell Panther, Fairey Swordfish, Martin MBZ and Curtis JN4A are shown
n combat configuration. Great book for military veterans, history buffs
and research material on Lewis guns.


COMBAT AMMUNITION - Everything You Need to Know, by Duncan Long.
Going far beyond any reloading manual, this book explains how to create
multiple-projectile rounds, exploding bullets, safety slugs, armor-piercing
bullets and tracers. Also find out which designs DON'T work in combat, what
bullets are best suited for particular situations and weapons, and how to

There has been a tremendous amount of advancement and change in the field
of ammunitions for combat, personal defense and law enforcement since the
NEED TO KNOW. Now, the same author presents his exhaustive evaluation of
the stopping power of modern rifle, pistol, shotgun and machinegun rounds
based on actual case studies of shooting incidents. He looks at the hot new
cartridges that promise to dominate well into the next century - .40 S&W,
make your own exotic tracers, flechette and sabot rounds, caseless ammo and
fragmenting bullets. This is an indispensable guide for anyone who may find

(Editor's note: Using tracer ammo helps improve your instinct-shooting
you're shooting too high or too low. That will help you to develop
automatic aim adjustment for trajectory at different distances. Tracer
bullets aren't usually available at sporting goods stores. They are
available from a few mail-order firms specializing in "trick" ammo - but at
a premium price. With the info in this book, you can make your own exotic
ammo, and save money too.)

You don't need a fancy machine shop or knowledge of chemistry to make the

Learn how to make a 12-gauge shotgun from 3.4" pipe following the detailed
nstructions and close-up photos. Pipe sizes for various other gauges and
calibers, ballistic concepts, simple gunpowder recipes, primer material,
kitchen-sink reloading and designs for a homemade double-barrel shotgun are
ncluded. 5.5 X 8.5 softcvr, photos, illus, diagrams, 190 pp, $15 (HO)(624)

HOMEMADE GRENADE LAUNCHERS - Constructing the Ultimate Hobby Weapon,
By Ragnar Benson.
Here comes Uncle Ragnar with the ultimate in firepower - homemade 40mm
tools and nothing more exotic than pipe, washers, nuts and bolts, you can
friends and onlookers. Ragnar also shows how to reload spent 40mm cases as
the hardware store. *** Complete BATF guidelines are included.

HEAVY FIREPOWER - Turning Junk into Arsenal Weaponry, by Ryan K. Kephart
Heavy firepower. The mere words conjure up visions of a concentrated
barrage of explosive weaponry. Yet such destructive firepower need not come
from crew-manned military ordnance unavailable to civilians. In fact, with
the simplest of tools and common items found around the house or on a junk

This book features more than 20 extremely simple plans for devising bombs,
mines, grenades and even a shotgun mortar that can be used in a guerrilla
as bottles, mousetraps, light bulbs, pipe, gravel and extension cord, a
antivehicle munitions that can be arranged in a most cunning and deadly
explosives and improvised napalm are provided.

ROLLING THUNDER - Turning Junk into Automobile Weaponry, by Ryan Kephart.
travelling in your car. Now, the author shows you how to arm your car down
to its axles with a bevy of wicked surprises good for any self-defense
emergency on the road.

The clear, concise plans in this book range from diversionary and harassing
- blinding lights, smoke screens and tire busters - to more serious self-
control panel. You can also learn how to rig a seat belt to electrically
nside, and build eight more destructive devices guaranteed to take the
tools and the simplest of materials found in any workshop scrap pile.

Note: Due to the extreme danger of these weapons as well as laws forbidding
their construction, this book is intended for information purposes only!

BREATH OF THE DRAGON - Homebuilt Flamethrowers, by Ragnar Benson.
Do you have anything in your arsenal that would hold off tanks or a small
army of heavily armed hostile people? What you need is your own dragon, and
Ragnar is going to show you how to build one.

Flamethrowers are legal, easy to build and operate, and use a fuel that's
cheap and powerful - napalm (Ragnar's family recipe is included, of
course). Using easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations, this non-
technical manual teaches you how to design and build a customized flame-
thrower with common components - many of which you can pick up used at
little or no cost. Plans for both backpack and vehicle-mounted flame-
throwers are included. Give yourself the edge you need over most urban
combat weapons. Build a flame-spitting dragon of your own!

MODERN BALLISTIC ARMOR - Clothing, Bomb Blankets, Shields, Vehicle
Though the "bullet-proof" vest is a mythical beast, modern ballistic armor
s stronger and lighter than ever before since the advent of Kevlar fiber.

This book details the myriad uses to which Kevlar cloth may be put, from
bullet-resistant suits, vests, goggles, gloves and other clothing, to armor
for land vehicles and aircraft, shields for riot police and SWAT teams, and
even bomb-suppression blankets utilized by bomb squads. Complete with a
list of manufacturers, dealers and distributors, this book is the only

by J. David Truby and John Minnery
With antigun activists continuing to chip away at the Second Amendment, the
need to revive this long-out-of-print classic could no longer be ignored.

Through vivid descriptions and extraordinary, rare photos, the authors
firearms are denied. You'll get the lowdown on improvised firearms straight
from the pros the Vietcong, the Mafia, CIA, street gangs, Special Forces,
on their own ingenuity in devising homemade pistols and shotguns.

FINGERTIP FIREPOWER - Pen Guns, Knives, and Bombs, by John Minnery.
The common pen has been used for decades as a housing for concealed guns,
knives and bombs. Compiled by the author of the infamous HOW TO KILL

This book is loaded with information, anecdotes, photos and illustrations
that will give you the inside story on these most esoteric of weapons.
Balisong pen knives, hypodermic needle pens, "blow" pens that shoot poison
the many types of pen guns that have been developed over the years. A
espionage and terrorist organizations. ALL law enforcement personnel (and
CrimeFighters) need to learn about them too - not to make and use them, but
to recognize them and prevent their use against you.

Compiled from actual handbooks of various paramilitary organizations, this
manual includes original articles on how to make nitroglycerin, plastic
explosives, silencers and homemade machine guns. Removable plans are
ncluded. 8.2 X 11, softcover, illust., 20 pp, $10 (IMP.WEAP.OF.AU)(104)

by Bill Holmes.
You can construct a handgun in the privacy of your own home workshop using
a minimum of simple tools and various methods and materials. Two complete
firearm designs are offered: a semi- or full-auto pistol or a single shot,
falling-block handgun. The author has written a clear and simple guide to
tips. Holmes explains how each part and section of the gun is made and

For the modern anarchist, this book contains all you need to know to
construct an impressive selection of improvised weapons. Sometime in the
near future, the info contained in this book could spell the difference
between life and death. Stack the deck in your favor with this concise

For each weapon, the author supplies a list of materials easily acquired
from drug or hardware stores, supermarkets or even junk piles; step-by-step

This all-new, fully illustrated collection explains in everyday language
nexpensive items found in supermarkets or hardware stores. Plans include
assemble a self-igniting firebomb, and quite a bit more.

RAGNAR'S BIG BOOK OF HOMEMADE WEAPONS - Building and Keeping Your Arsenal
Secure, by Ragnar Benson
Finally, under one cover, all the information you need to build, maintain
and deploy your own heavy weapons and explosives, as well as the skills to
mantrapping, weapons caching and gunrunning, plus ALL-NEW chapters on hand
and rifle grenades, claymore mines and mortars.

Many of these devices are now illegal, but just a few years ago, they
build your own using the easy-to-follow instructions, photographs and
llustrations contained in this highly controversial book. From one of
America's foremost authorities on improvised weapons and survival, this
collection of dangerous devices is designed as "emergency equipment" for
the dangerous times ahead - when riots and anarchy prevails. When police
can no longer provide personal protection, when guns are outlawed and only
outlaws have guns, the information in this book may come in handy.

MODERN WEAPONS CACHING, A Down-to-Earth Approach to Beating the Government
Gun Grab, by Ragnor Benson.
Never in America? Think again. In New Jersey, it has already happened. Like
of semiautomatic weapons to give them up. The forces that would snatch away
our Second Amendment freedoms are gaining momentum, and the time to prepare
s now. Firearm owners must literally take their weapons underground - bury
them - or be prepared to have them confiscated. Ragnor Benson has spent
years refining weapons-caching strategy down to a science. Now, with the
need for such drastic measures looming ever larger on the horizon, he tells
you how to construct a foolproof cache guaranteed to weather the elements
for years, and where to place it in order to outwit the authorities and
beat their high-tech metal detectors. In the race against the firearms
the future both with mistrust and a will to prevail.

HOW TO HIDE ANYTHING, by Michael Connor.
With little effort and expense, you can hide cash, armament and even family
members right in your own home away from the menacing eyes of burglars,
terrorists or anyone. The world is a dangerous place, always has been and
always essential. This book tells you how to construct dozens of hiding
to turn ordinary items into extraordinary hiding places.

A secret whiskey still, automatic weapons, valuables - we've all got

This isn't just another book on "how to construct secret hiding places".
This is one of the biggest books on concealment of physical objects ever
you know how to get around their techniques.

How much work is involved? Is there a sure way to foil search dogs? What
kind of tools do I need? Answers to these questions and more are packed in
these pages. 8.5 X 11, softcover, photos, illus., 136 pp, $15 (BIG)(706)

Got something to hide? Then this book is for you! It provides an insight
nto the mind of the searcher and shows the futility of hiding your
own body provide hundreds of ingenious locations to stash items both large
and small. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illus., 48 pp, $10 (STASH)(712)

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                                Chapter 11

                    Fireworks, Explosives & Demolitions

occasions to want to make their own explosives. Dynamite is the usual
ngredient but it may be hard to come by in remote areas, or to keep safely
on hand in hot weather and for indefinite time periods. The books in this
chapter teach you how to make your own explosives by using simple household
chemicals, and keep the ingredients in safe, separate containers until you
need them.

book and video listed in this catalog, ALL books and videos in this
Crimefighters' Catalog are FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY.

BEFORE you blast off, check with local law enforcement agents if fireworks
and explosives are permitted in your area, and what you need to do to avoid
legal problems if you make them and use them.

                                * * * * * *


Don't let the increasingly high prices of commercial fireworks put a damper
on your patriotic enthusiasm. Fireworks are an American tradition, and you
can make your own with the help of this step-by-step guide. Instructions
for six types of exploding fireworks are provided: kraft salutes or "cherry
bombs," super kraft salutes, miniature salutes, stick salutes, thunderbolt

THE FIRECRACKER COOKBOOK - A Manual for the Safe Construction and Use of
Homemade Pyrotechnics. By Edwin Lough
Exploding fireworks - how to make, test and use them safely - are covered
n this informative pamphlet. Triangle firecrackers, delayed ignition

This one is a comprehensive working manual on making fireworks, ideal for
the beginner AND the professional pyrotechnist. The ingredients for making
s small, but the book isn't.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illustr., 244 pp, $10


Who else but uncle Ragnar could write this down-home guide? Ice fishing
family was never the same after Ragnar discovered the fun to be had with

and as a consultant all over the world. How to obtain commercial high
explosives, safely storing and transporting them, detonation techniques,
mprovised explosives and more are woven in with the tales of Ragnar's
outrageous adventures.

These techniques are still incredibly useful today. With them, a single
ndividual can easily dig a dry well, redirect creeks, blow up bad guys and
mankind. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illust. 120 pp, $12 (RAG)(731)

EXPLOSIVE PRINCIPLES - An Essential Guide to Understanding Explosives and
Detonations. By Robert A. Sickler.
Don't be mislead by the technical title of this book - EXPLOSIVE PRINCIPLES
s a readable, easy-to-understand primer on the nature of detonations, as
explosives to get any job done right. The author uses clear illustrations
and nontechnical words to explain the importance of detonation, velocity
and strength, brilliance, sensitivity, flammability, water resistance,
charge shape and more. Also covered are the optimum methods for initiating

A must for demolition personnel, amateur "powder monkeys" or anybody
nterested in things that go bang. 5.5 X 8.5, softcvr, illus. 64 pp, $10

Using common tools, you can construct a simple but effective device out of
a handful of aluminum or steel tin cans that will launch tennis balls and
other makeshift, nonlethal ammunition across great distances! Fueling and
gnition procedures, common design, problems and operation tips are
ncluded. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illust. 56 pp, $8 (MORT)(785)

DEADLY BREW - Advanced Improvised Explosives, by Seymour Lecker.
(like riots and wars), next time be prepared with a deadly brew of your
own! Though home-made explosives may be dangerous to the manufacturer as to
the target, this book will tell you how to make relatively safe explosives.

Seymour Lecker covers how to construct explosive devices which provide
a reference guide to other books. 5.5 X 8.5, illus, 64 pp, $8 (BREW)(628)

EXPLOSIVE DUSTS - Advanced Improvised Explosives, by Seymour Lecker
of the dusts produced by industrial chemicals and agricultural products.

Now, Seymour Lecker reveals their little-known but deadly nature, providing
vital facts for more than 40 explosive dusts, all of which have been deemed
SEVERE explosive hazards by the U.S. Bureau of Mines. Also given are clear
explosive properties of these unstable dusts.

HOMEMADE C-4 - A Recipe for Survival, by Ragnar Benson.
Serious survivors know that the day may come when they need something more
blowing bridges, shattering steel and derailing tanks, they need C-4. But,
as with many of the goodies survivors hunger for, C-4 is not legally
available to civilians and is hard to come by on the black market.

  Ragnar's recipe for homemade C-4 calls for just three ingredients, all
 legal, common and inexpensive. It requires no special utensils, reference
 books or training. The step-by-step directions will show you how to make
   your own C-4 - and survive! 5.5 X 8.5, photos, 56 pp, $12 (C-4)(875)

HOMEMADE SEMTEX - C-4's Ugly Sister, by Seymour Lecker
Semtex is the plastique most widely used by terrorists around the world. In
the first book to focus solely on Semtex, demolitions expert Seymour Lecker
tells you what it will do and won't do, its strengths and its limitations,
and how it compares with its U.S. counterpart, C-4. Find out about how to
manufacture, store and use Semtex BEFORE you're confronted with a situation

THE BIG BANG - Improvised PETN and Mercury Fulminate. By John Galt.
Used in plastic explosives, PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) is one of
the most powerful conventional explosives ever developed. It can be made by
ncluded is a section on making mercury fulminate, an initiating agent for

Originally developed by the Frankford Arsenal for the CIA and Special
Forces, these books, formerly known as "The Improvised Munitions Handbook,"
are the most COMPREHENSIVE works ever on improvised weapons. For years they
military. After extensive research and reprinting, they are now available
to the public. The originals were small and loose-leaf bound due to the
limited quantity printed. These reprints are professionally-bound manuals.
Vol 1, 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illustr. 160 pp, $12, (BB.1)(17)
Vol 2, 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illustr. 142 pp, $12  (BB.2)(18)

Until recently, the information in this volume was known only to a handful
of people in the intelligence community. This encyclopedia on improvised
explosives, weapons, incendiaries and detonators is now also available to
the public "for information purposes only".

BLACK BOOK COMPANION - State-of-the-Art Improvised Munitions
The BLACK BOOKS. Manuals of mayhem and sabotage for use by CIA and Special
Forces personnel, they are among the most controversial publications ever

This book is a further study into the dark art of improvised explosives and
munitions first explored in the original volumes. Lists of materials and
canister and smoke grenades, shotshell antipersonnel mines and many more
are a glossary of chemical terms, a list of optimal primary and secondary
explosives and amendments to selected formulas in the original BLACK BOOKS.

WARNING: The procedures in this manual and the inherent toxicity of the
material are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. This volume is for reference only, not
experimentation.  5.5 X 8.5, illust., 128 pp, $13 (BBBC)(906)

This book is a guide to explosives currently used by the U.S. military and
a reference on modern demolition methods. Because soldiers know that
explosives are only one part of a well-planned operation, this Field Manual
emphasizes all aspects of planning a demo mission, from selection,
charges. Knowing how and when to use demolitions can save time, money,
manpower - maybe even lives!  5.5 X 8.5 softcover, illus. $8 (ADT)(894)

A rare find for the ordnance expert or advanced pyrotechnist, supplying
nfo on the modes of behavior of explosive substances and the phenomena,
both chemical and physical, which they exhibit. Chapters include Properties
of Explosives, Black Powder, Smokeless Powder, Dynamite and Other High
Explosives, Nitromines, Primary Explosives, Detonators and Primers. This
one is the "whole works" on explosives.

This is FM 5-25, the standard text used by the U.S. Army, which covers
firing systems, placement of charges and types of demolition projects. The
emphasis in the book is not on what explosives are and what they can do: it
teaches how to USE explosives - mainly for military tactics - but the same
nformation can be used to free up log and ice jams, blow up stumps, rocks,
barricades, and whatever else needs explosive, brute force to remove.

The preparation of explosives from the most common and easily accessible
tems is covered in detail. For example, included are complete step-by-step
fret at the small size of the book. It contains highly unusual contents
making it a worthy addition to your explosives library.

                      VIDEOS (VHS U.S. format only.)

DEADLY EXPLOSIVES - How and Why They Work
everything you ever wanted to know. That's what awaits you in this video.
Not only is it a blast to watch, you'll come away with more practical
knowledge than most licensed explosive experts!

Can C-4 cut steel? What happens if you double the size of a high explosive
charge? Triple it? How does Napalm differ from gasoline? All of these
questions are answered during explosive comparisons of C-4, dynamite, TNT,

This videotape was shot on location using sophisticated equipment and high-
Color, approx 60 min.  $59.95 (DEADLY)(818)

HOMEMADE C-4, A Closer Look
C-4 is by far the most desirable explosive, as those who've read Ragnar
Benson's best-selling book HOMEMADE C-4: A RECIPE FOR SURVIVAL know. More
and other weapons, C-4 quickly penetrates steel or armor, yet is extremely

Making improvised C-4 requires only three common, relatively inexpensive,
legal ingredients, and no special tools, equipment or training. This video
takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know to assemble,
blowing up cars and steel plate you can judge for yourself its awesome
explosive power. VHS, color, about 25 minutes, $25  (C4V)(977)

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                                Chapter 12

                    Street Fighting & Barroom Brawling

FISTS, WITS, AND A WICKED RIGHT, Surviving on the Wild Side of the Street,
by Marc "Animal" MacYoung.
One thing this author doesn't pretend to be is a traditionalist. As he puts
t in this companion to his other very popular books, "It's awareness, or
fighting form."

The author focuses on the fine points and brutal technicalities of blows
and targeting - not just how to hit but WHERE to hit. Because the fact is,
the key to winning a fight is not necessarily to hit faster, or even
the flip side, once you know what hurts, you'll know how to protect your
most vulnerable areas with a little more gusto. These are the critical
facts that will keep you alive and intact on the wild side of the street.

Streetfighting and Survival, by Marc "Animal" MacYoung.
Scrapes, jams, combat, blood, mud, grease, bullets and beer. Streetfighting
s a down-and-dirty subject, and this is a down-and-dirty look at the above
topics, and a lot more.

The author is a survivor of countless streetfights, barroom brawls,
aspects of fighting, attitude and awareness that will keep you alive in
this mean world.

Can your recognize when someone's about to nail you with a sucker punch?
When you're being set up for a mugging? When a psuedo-tough guy is giving
you hard looks? It's all here (and how to handle these situations), as well
as advice on bullies, weapons, punches and kicks, friends, martial arts vs.
entertain you as well as teach how the fine art of streetfighting.

Weapons for Self-Defense, by Marc "Animal" MacYoung.
Would you admit to getting your ass kicked with a hairbrush? Animal would,
because he knows it can happen. In fact, any tool that aids and abets
knocking someone into next week can be considered a weapon - not just the
lethal stuff like guns and knives. This book will broaden your definition
of what constitutes a weapon to include rope, beer bottles, pens, pool
cues, cats, tables and chairs, keys, gin and tonics and a whole lot more.

Your martial arts training is not likely to protect you from a guy coming
at you with a tire iron or baseball bat, so you'd better know how to wing
t with whatever's close at hand. Here, Animal tells you how the basic
categories of weapons look, feel and act so you can keep from getting
creamed when somebody tries to use any object, in any way, to waste you.
Equipped with a new understanding of "weapons" and how they work, you'll be
able to pick up damn near ANYTHING and use it to survive.

VIOLENCE, BLUNDERS, AND FRACTURED JAWS - Advanced Awareness Techniques and
Street Etiquette, by Marc "Animal" MacYoung.
This self-defense book in UNLIKE any you've ever read. It won't tell you
you how to NOT to be the featured guest at an aggravated assault by
learning how to avoid violence - without becoming a victim or statistic.

When you walk into a place you have to be able to instantly identify the
fighters, hustlers, workers, spectators and, of course, the trouble-makers.
The key to surviving on the streets or anywhere else is AWARENESS, and your
first lesson is learning the nine rules of the street. Find out what Animal
and other professionals who deal with violence on a daily basis have
learned from many years of experience as bouncers, corrections facility

author and professional sneak Kurt Kraven will show you how to take
advantage of that fact. This guide, "The Way of The Sucker Punch" takes you
through 101 different techniques that are sometimes amusing but always
even the Three Stooges!

The great thing about these moves is that you only need one! Set you sucker
up with these simple strategies outlined here, and put him out before
anyone even knows anything WAS happening - especially the sucker!  Hit him
Face-Against-Table Attack. And don't let the funny names fool you - these
are tried-and-true, seriously effective moves used by the FBI, bouncers and

A BOUNCER'S GUIDE TO BARROOM BRAWLING, Dealing with the Sucker Puncher,
Streetfighter, and Ambusher, by Peyton Quinn.
As a bouncer in a biker bar, having been attacked by fists, boots, pool
cues and knives, Peyton Quinn has learned a thing or two about what goes
training is useful, but is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE. Here is his unique
and very violent.

Quinn reveals the psychology, strengths and weaknesses of a sucker puncher,
the characteristics of a real fight (you might be surprised); and tips for
that can be applied to almost every attack, effective counterstrikes that
the most popular martial arts in the U.S.A.

STREET LETHAL, Unarmed Urban Combat, by Sammy Franco.
To survive a real streetfight, forget about those fancy leaping kicks and
n a real-life encounter. STREET LETHAL confronts this problem by both
outlining the principles for a realistic self-defense system and taking a
controversial look at the current state of martial arts in America.

Sammy Franco argues that traditional martial arts are locked into ancient
and ends it quickly. This book is a thought-provoking manual on unarmed
combat that every serious martial artist should read.

KILLER INSTINCT, Unarmed Urban Combat for Street Survival, by Sammy Franco.
On the streets of America (and elsewhere) there is no bushido, the
be prepared to neutralize vicious animals by being totally unrestricted by
the ring, not in back alleys. Ditto for traditional martial arts taught for
tournaments: they need to be modified for streetfighters.

The author's attitude and concept of being street lethal is, when success
and failure can mean the difference between life and death, traditional
tools, stances, techniques and training methods must be MODIFIED to conform
to reality. In this book, Franco describes the mental, spiritual and
unarmed combat teaches you a brutal, efficient arsenal of techniques from a
variety of fighting forms. It equips you with the animal instinct necessary
to survive in a nation where drug wars, brutal homicides, assaults and rape
are tragic realities of everyday life.

FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! The Secrets of Street Fighting, by Dr. Ted
What makes the common thug a better fighter than you? He may be no bigger
or stronger. And you can be just as mean as he is, especially if your life
s on the line. The vital DIFFERENCE is that he knows the secrets of
learned are practical strategies that are designed to surprise and beat
ncluded, only hard-hitting kicks, tricks, blows and throws designed to
nstantly cripple an opponent before he has a chance to react. Chapters
nclude Fighting Techniques, Knife and Club Defenses, Defenses for Women
and Multiple Attacks.

NO SECOND CHANCE! Disarming the Armed Assailant, by Bradley J. Steiner.
When you're unarmed and staring down the barrel of a gun, you won't have a
expert, teaches you the psychological and physical skills you need to save
your own life and possibly the lives of others.

Detailed descriptions and 135 photos graphically demonstrate the types of
assailants and weapons - the handgun, knife, club, long guns and improvised

THE DEATH DEALERS'S MANUAL, by Bradley J. Steiner.
Killers-for-hire walk the streets around us every day. They may be Mob hit
men, refugees for "The Farm", KGB executioners or other government or
freelance specialists. This book tells the TRUE story  of how these

Bradley Steiner, one of America's top martial art combat writers, was able
to penetrate the inner sanctum of the world's busiest assassination bureaus
n compiling this terrifying guide to death-for-sale. Contents include
vital points, edged weapons, handguns, unarmed killing techniques,
mprovised weapon kills, use of the garrote and crossbow, poisons, Dim Mak
and attributes of the professional assassin. If you should happen to be a
target of an assassin, because of your profession or where you live and/or
travel, you need to know what they know - plus a little bit more!

This revised edition of Jeff Cooper's classic on personal defense has many
new illustrations and a new preface while retaining the timeless theory of
ndividual defensive behavior presented in the original book. It is the
best study of the GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF SURVIVAL in the face of unprovoked
violence by human assailants. Cooper, the nation's foremost instructor of
conditions. This is an unusual and UNIQUE book on mental conditioning.

As Cooper states here, it is safe to say that a decisive majority of the
victims of recent horrific murders would still be alive if they had read
this short work AND HEEDED WHAT THEY READ!

GET TOUGH, by Capt. W.E. Fairbairn.
Form the father of modern hand-to-hand combat, the author wrote this
classic manual on unarmed combat. The Captain taught the famed British
Commandos from this long-out-of-print textbook. Know for his "get tough"
attitude, Fairbairn designed these practical methods after years of
training troops and watching ruffians, thugs, bandits and bullies. Now you
can learn from his experience with this down-to-earth, no-nonsense book.

This is not a treatise on the gentlemanly art of self-defense. It is a how-
to training course for the G.I., peace officer or individual who may find
an armed opponent whether you are armed with weapons or not. For the deadly
arena where second place is a cold and lonely grave, this reprint of Army
Field Manual FM 21-150 contains the most complete training course in toe-
to-toe combat ever published.  8.5 X 11, softcover, photos, 156 pp, $16

Use your body as a powerful and effective weapon in combat situations by
using the fighting techniques taught in this book. The chokes, strangles,
breakaways, releases, locks, throws, sweeps, blocks and counters in this
extensively illustrated how-to manual includes Oriental fighting arts and
Western combat schools of self-defense.

Having taught unarmed combat, karate and related fighting techniques in the
Middle East, Wilson and Evans present a realistic approach to combat

DANGER ZONES, Defending Yourself against Surprise Attack, by Master Hei
To survive street-gang warfare, you have to learn how to THINK like a
mportant, you have to learn how to control YOUR danger zones - those areas
that make you vulnerable to an attacker - and exploit HIS danger zones.

This book teaches you how to beat surprise attackers at their own game by
mastering stationary defenses, centering, blocking, precision stepping and
much more. The KEY to defeating a surprise attack is understanding the
mysteries of the body - yours and your attacker's. DANGER ZONES reveals
these to you.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illustr., 128 pp, $14 (ZONE)(926)

                      VIDEOS (VHS, U.S. Format only.)

BARROOM BRAWLING, The Art of Staying Alive in Beer Joints, Biker's Bars,
and Other Fun Places.
You've read their books, now get their video by two of the most popular
lifetime, that's almost bound to happen) their books and this video will
make you a whole lot smarter. It may keep you out of trouble, or if push
comes to shove, what to do and NOT do in unpleasant confrontations.

Opening with a bone-breaking, bottle-busting barroom brawl, Animal and
obvious) that were demonstrated in the fight, as well as how some things
truth about why barroom fights occur, saloon ambushes, people "getting in
your face," squaring off and how critical it is to be aware of what is
Color, about 35 minutes, $30 (BAR)(987)

From the author of the best-selling book A BOUNCERS GUIDE TO BARROOM
BRAWLING (Peyton Quinn) comes a third instructive VIDEO covering self-
to win fights in biker bars. Highlights include favorite techniques from
the bouncer trade, using the environment as a weapon and such advanced
concepts as stopping the enemy's mind. Demonstrations of real-life
applications of basic fighting tenets - common angles of attack as seen by
a beer bottle snatched off a bar, for example - set this tape apart from
all others.  Color, approx 60 minutes, $40 (ADVANCE)(3016)

fighting techniques, Peyton Quinn, the well known author of related books
and videos, teaches you the self-defense techniques he has used dozens of
times as a bouncer in a biker bar. In TWO HOURS OF INSTRUCTION, you will
learn how the sucker puncher operates, as well as his strong points and
basic weaknesses. If you've read Quinn's books, here's a chance to actually
SEE the methods he uses against fists, boots, pool cues and knives in the
violent world of biker bars. Color, approx 120 minutes, $30 (SELF)(3017)

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                                Chapter 13

                               Martial Arts

WARRIOR SECRETS, A Handbook of the Martial Arts, by Keith Yates.
Masters and champions of such popular American martial arts as karate, tai
chi chuan, ninjutsu, akido, kenpro, jeet kune do, hapkido, wushu, judo,
taikwan do, jujutsu and kung fu share their secrets with you. The
traditions, development, and physical and mental training of ALL of these
arts are covered in this guide, as are the techniques against street
attacks. If you're new on the scene, learn the differences and which one
might be best for you, and also learn what to look for in choosing quality
nstruction. As a martial artist, you'll learn things you never knew about
the other arts you may not have studied.

Jerry Beasley, Ed.D.
Experience the power of Bruce Lee's jeet kune do, the explosive martial art
enthusiasts can now see in print a definition of jeet kune do that would
nterviews with top masters who worked closely with Lee - Dan Inosanto,
Larry Hartsell and Joe Lewis - along with a dynamic presentation of

Jerry Beasley, college professor AND martial artist, has written what many
feel is the most authoritative and innovative story of jeet kune do ever
told. Photos of top artists and current practioners in action, combined
techniques, make this an exceptional book on this subject. This highly
enlightening documentation clearly explains what jeet kune do is, and what
t can do 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, 208 pp, $16 (JEET)(811)

THE WAY OF NO WAY, Solving the Jeet Kune Do Riddle, by Jerry Beasley, Ed.D.
"What the Hell is JKD?" The editor who posed this question was probably not
the first - nor the last - to do so. How do you pin down an art whose
founder, Bruce Lee, said had "no boundaries" and referred to as the "way of
no way"? When Bruce Lee died, he left behind a legacy, but he also left
mysteries, riddles and puzzles.

that JKD is not simply a matter of joining a JKD organization, or studying
the art with a JKD instructor. It is the freedom to react, the knowledge to
emerging art and practice of Jeet Kune Do.

THAI BOXING DYNAMITE, The Explosive Art of Muay Thai, by Zoran Rebac.
Muay Thai is the hottest style of kick boxing to hit the sports world this
century. Unlike conventional kickboxing, wherein the opponents get in their
three token kick and then duke it out with fists, Thai boxers integrate the
use of their legs and fists so that all four limbs are utilized in one
fluid, savage, yet clean style. Only real men survive bouts of Thai
kickboxing, and only you can decide if you're tough enough to learn a rough

Hakkoryu jujutsu will give you the fluid strength to smoothly and deftly

These are the secret nidan techniques of Hakkoryu jujutsu, the techniques
associated with the second black-belt level. Master the disabling pressure
locks. Discover the eight nidan walking-exercise sets designed for defense
against kicks, attacks from the rear and surprise attacks to the upper
body.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 173 photos, 136 pp, $12 (NIDAN)(701)

THE SECRETS OF HAKKORYU JUJUTSU: Shodan Tactics, by Dennis G. Palumbo.
Do you get picked on, bullied or expect to be mugged? If you're a woman,
and worried about rapists, this one is especially for you. The secrets of
Hakkoryu jujutsu will show you the key to total control - how to create
assailant will be squirming in the dust, begging you to stop the pressure.

Learn how to escape from the tightest grip of the strongest fist, how to
take your opponent by the hand and force him into submission, and how to
teach yourself mastery of this subtle art.

GUGE GONGJI, Seven Primary Targets to Take Anyone Out of a Fight, by Master
Hei Long.
Structurally disabling an opponent is like removing the bullets from a gun.
or elbow, and his ability to advance is substantially inhibited by a busted
knee or ankle. That's the principle of guge gongji: stopping an attacker by
breaking his instruments of danger. In unarmed combat, that means his
ability to move or strike.

Guge gongji is an alternative to killing, a second-to-last resort that
neffective. Master Hei Long's precise instructions and illustrations show
you how to use your opponent's body as YOUR weapon! Learn the seven primary
targets guaranteed to take ANYONE out of a fight.

GOUZAO GONGJI, Seven Neurological Attacks for Inflicting Serious Damage,
by Master Hei Long.
Gongji, a (really) no-holds barred system of self-defense consisting of
effectively cripple an assailant's nervous system. The Master pinpoints
these primary targets and reveals how a properly delivered blow can bring
about the desired effect, be it disrupted balance, acute pain,
unconsciousness or a temporarily paralyzed limb. Then he outlines which
critical - but not every confrontation calls for such severe action or
a comfortable middle-ground option, arming you with tools to inflict damage
n his tracks. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illust., 168 pp, $16 (GOUZAO)(2010)

DRAGONS TOUCH, Weaknesses of the Human Body, by Master Hei Long.
Drop your opponent in an instant with the deadly moves of the Dragons
Touch! Learn how you can immobilize or destroy your foe with high-impact
blows to his most vulnerable areas. Master Hei Long explains which pressure
explicitly illustrated, and 165 photographs show you how to attack each

The body's weaknesses and physiological reactions can work in your favor in
a combat situation. Sufficient force to specific target areas can cause
movements can ensure that you are in control. Be the survivor - not a
victim.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, illustr., 184 pp, $10 (DRAG)(398)

MASTER'S DEATH TOUCH, Unarmed Killing Techniques, by Master Hei Long.
There are times when a man is forced to kill or be killed. Such a physical
confrontation is the most fearsome form of unarmed combat he will ever
face. To survive, he must know how to properly execute LETHAL martial art
techniques that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

This book gets down to the devastating fundamentals of the DEADLIER side of
and points out how to recognize various physical characteristics that would
limit the lethal effectiveness of certain techniques. He then outlines the
merciless use of the hands, feet, elbows and knees to overcome any
assailant who is trying to kill you.

Whether fighting on the battlefield, in an elevator, back alley or on the

As a scream rends the air, the punch and scissors kick shatter three

Bones or boards, you want to shatter your targets without maiming yourself.
Only mastering the iron hand will give you the strength, precision and
confidence. The most deadly weapons of the hand - the punch, suto, backhand
and palm strikes - as well as those of the feet  the front kick, hook kick
and side kick - are explained by Master Hei Long. Break through the
mystique surrounding the power of breaking skills and put that awesome
force into YOUR hands and feet. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illus., 112 pp, $12

Assassination using manual weapons rather than firearms is a deadly skill
that few possess. The assassin must locate his target, get close enough to
neutralize him with a single stroke, and escape without being captured. To
be successful, the job has to be done quickly and silently, attracting as
little attention as possible while guaranteeing the death of the target.

This highly controversial and informative book outlines methods used by
trained assassins to execute their victims with cold efficiency. The spike,
knife and nunchaku are used to impale or strangle victims in a minimum
amount of time with a maximum chance for lethal results. These are ruthless
methods used in the shadowy world of criminal activity and international
espionage. This book holds nothing back! (In fact, the illustrations in
this book are so gruesome the regular printer refused to handle the job!)

The techniques in this book are not self-defense maneuvers, nor is it a
training manual. What you can LEARN from it is what to look out for, and
assassins! If you're a lawman or CrimeFighter involved in fighting
terrorists, you NEED to know what assassins know - and a little bit more!

MASTER'S GUIDE TO BASIC SELF-DEFENSE, Progressive Retraining of the
Reflexive Response, by Master Hei Long.
At least once in his life, every man will stand face-to-face with an
aggressor. In that moment of truth, he must be prepared to defend himself -
to the death is necessary. Despite common self-defense myths, there is no

The CORE of any system of self-defense is the RESPONSE to an attack. But
certain natural responses (such as ducking and blinking) often leave you
exposed and defenseless for just a moment or two - which is all the time
needed to finish you off. In an unexpected attack, none of your martial
arts training is going to help you if these reflexes are allowed to take

Master Hei Long's training program focuses on DECONDITIONING such
counterproductive responses to an assault. Through a structured learning
of the central nervous system, you will learn how to instinctively avoid
efficiency and ferocity to deftly and swiftly defeat your attackers.

ANYTHING GOES, Practical Karate for the Streets, by Loren W. Christensen.
As a military policeman in one of the toughest cities in the world -
Saigon, Vietnam - Loren learned the hard way that real fights are far more
explosive and violent than karate sparring matches. This book teaches the
and training in order to survive the real thing.

The author exposes the weaknesses of popular hand techniques and kicks used
n sparring matches and shows what WILL work to stop a determined opponent.
He covers areas of self-defense that go beyond unrealistic tournament
environment as a weapon. Also taught are training tips and sparring drills
that will sharpen the skills necessary to come out on top of any physical
confrontation.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, 176 pp, $16 (GOES)(888)

THE 100 DEADLIEST KARATE MOVES, by Dr. Ted Gambordella.
Discover the 100 most lethal kicks, shutos and blows perfected by the
than 100 dramatic photos show exactly which vital points to attack to
cripple or kill your opponent.

This book is not for dojo ballerinas. It is for men who take their fighting
art seriously. Just a sample of the deadly moves covered are snap kicks,

Defend yourself! And learn how to do it right with the knowledge taught in
this book. This volume contains action photos that show the proper usage
for seven lethal karate weapons: nunchaku, yawara sticks, sai, fighting
knife, tonfa, staff and bo. You will never need to buy another book on the
fighting techniques of KARATE WEAPONS - this one is actually seven complete
books at one affordable price. And best of all, there is no better karate
Black Belt U.S. Open Karate Champion. Instructors, martial artists and

SUDDEN VIOLENCE, The Art of San Soo, by Master Greg Jones.
There is one big difference between street fighting and tournament fighting
- in a street fight, if you miss with a dramatic whirling kick, a referee
martial art bypasses formal dojo techniques and gets down to the bone-
breaking, eye-gouging, rib-crushing basics that will keep you alive on the
violence-prone city streets.

This manual teaches simple but unique self-defense principles that you can
learn to use to stop an attack BEFORE IT'S BEGUN. Through the "five
families" of this little-known style of kung fu, you will learn how to
every time. Your opponent may be tough, but as a san soo martial artist,

Updated information, including the addition of the 3rd degree black belt
level form, kae-beck, and 42 new photos, highlights the BRAND-NEW EDITION
of Keith yates taekwon do reference manual.

Yates, now a 7th degree black belt, has updated his classic book to include
new developments in the world of taekwon do, the powerful Korean martial
art. But the basics are still here, including white belt fundamentals -
from stances to kicks and blocks - and in-depth analyses of FOURTEEN FORMS,
n a comprehensive, easy-to-read format and a classy new package.

Seeing you unarmed, an attacker might single you out as an easy, vulnerable
target. But little does he know: your body is a collection of deadly
body are vulnerable to attack, so you must know where and how to strike.
Learn target areas to protect and which ones to go for on your opponent.
Learn to use a combination of techniques, and how to stop everything an
attacker might throw at you.

THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, The Violent Side, by Loren Christensen.
The warrior spirit - it is within everyone, ready to be called upon when
you can rely on no one and nothing than your own strength. The author has
karate sparring matches to brutal barroom brawls as a military policeman in
Saigon, Vietnam.

and contests that he's been involved in, and how his warrior spirit helped
violence. This is not a book of New Age mysticism or esoteric philosophy.
explanation of one man's experiences in a violent world, how they led him

Roman gladiators, American Indians and Japanese Samurai, to name a few, all
knew the Way of the Warrior. Modern man, sheltered by police and military
essential ingredient for those who must fight for survival like a warrior!

THE WAY AND THE POWER, Secrets of Japanese Strategy, By F. J. Lovret.
Strategy, the backbone of every battle in your life, can be the difference
between winning and losing. Japanese strategy has become an exact science,
and this book discloses two sides of this ancient knowledge. An expert
nstructor of kenjutsu and aikijutsu, the author explains the most
fought differently had the generals known the secrets this book contains.

Learn the strategies that have worked for generations of winners. Whether
entering battle against a military foe, business competitor or kenjutsu
master, be prepared to conquer with a master strategy!

KAMIKAZE FIGHTING The Self-Defense of Last Resort, by Mike Vassolo.
When it comes down to an all-or-nothing streetfight, you need the FIGHTING
SPIRIT of the kamikaze warrior. This book will teach you how to develop
unbeatable fighting moves and give you unshakable confidence. Learn how to
nstantly react to common attacks with precise, effective strikes, kicks
and other defenses. Equally important, you will develop a COMBAT MIND-SET
that gives you the all-important CONFIDENCE to face a threatening encounter
and overpower the assailant. This hard-hitting training program offers
nsightful comments on the realities of streetfighting, clearly teaches
to give you the upper hand in any violent situation.

BLACK MEDICINE I, The Dark Art of Death, by N. Mashiro, Ph.D.
The most thorough and intriguing discussion of the human body's vital
maximum impact on a person's ability to fight. The study of these vital
encounter. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, illus, 96 pp, $10 (BLK.MED.1)(26)

BLACK MEDICINE II, Weapons at Hand, by N. Mashiro, Ph.D.
Here is the sequel to N. Mashiro's infamous Black Medicine I, The Dark Art
of Death. That book reveals the 150 parts of the human body most vulnerable
n hand-to-hand combat. This book, Weapons at hand, takes the opposite
approach, presenting 112 parts of the body that are natural weapons,
largely because they are very injury-resistant. Following this is a section
than 180 deadly makeshift weapons that can save your life. The weapons are
all improvised from common items. And 50 action photos show exactly how to
use the "black medicine" techniques discussed in "Weapons at Hand." This
volume is especially suited to the needs of bodyguards, security personnel
and martial artists, and anyone else who feels they have a need to defend
themselves or targets of deadly, unprovoked attacks.

BLACK MEDICINE III, Low Blows, by N. Mashiro, Ph.D.
Long awaited by self-defense specialists around the world, this book is the
third volume in the author's infamous "Black Medicine" series. In LOW BLOWS
Mashiro presents his favorite techniques for bringing the body's natural
areas. He teaches devastating responses to wrist holds, punches, chokes,
attackers. Especially noteworthy is a chapter on fighting a standing
opponent from the ground! If you get into fights, sooner or later you'll be
on the ground. (You can bet on it.) Learning and using this trick alone may
turn the tables - and quite possibly save your life!

Over one hundred dramatic photos illustrate the holds and moves in LOW
BLOWS, making it substantially longer than previous volumes in this series.
An excellent self-study guide for beginners and an eye-opening reference
for readers with weak stomachs.

THE WAY ALONE, Your Path to Excellence in the Martial Arts, by Loren
You're working out at the dojo, putting everything you've got into your
classes, sure that you're doing all you can to excel in the martial arts.
But if you could find a way to further develop your strength, speed,
explosiveness and timing, would you go for it?

Here is the way - THE WAY ALONE. This is a book about solo training and how
to develop a workout that focuses on YOUR specific needs. The author
credits much of his success to his many hours spent training solo, and
offers detailed plans for weight training, practicing reps and kata, bag
even dreamed of by those who train only to the commanding voices of their
nstructors.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 57 photos, 128 pp, $10 (ALONE)(639)

WINNING WITH AMERICAN KATA, The New Breed of Competitors, by Loren W.
Kata competition is more popular than ever. One reason for this is the
emergence of a new style of kata, what author Loren Christensen calls
"American kata." Its dynamic look generates greater excitement among
competitors and audiences alike. Now, with this guide, you can develop an
American kata of your own.

Learn how to combine karate's hard punches, kung fu's fluid style and the
form. Christensen, a champion himself, also offers great training
techniques and advice on how to judge kata competition, plus a section on

More often than not these days, kata champions are performing American
kata. Be a part of this new breed of competitors - and improve your chances
of winning! 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, photos, 136 pp, $14 (WINNING)(793)

                           Martial Arts Weapons

CHINESE RING DAGGERS, The Ultimate Close-Quarter Weapons, by Ricky Pickins.
A rare, exotic weapon, the Chinese ring dagger has a ring situated where a
finger hooked through the ring, to swing the weapon around and use it on
the ring side as an iron fist - adding the strength of cold steel to your
your slashing power.

Hundreds of photos illustrate the stances, moves and kata that make this
advantage of this first-ever revealing book of this ancient Chinese art
that uses the ultimate close-quarter weapon.

You don't have to live in the Philippines to use this very practical and
efficient self-defense system of using a stick and dagger. Why use both the
used to block and thrust THROUGH your attacker's defenses; the dagger is
used once you have bypassed his defenses. If your assailant has only a
thrust with either the stick or dagger.

Visualize yourself going for a peaceful walk in the park or lonely streets.
You always take with you a walking stick (perhaps a sword cane, or if it's
trusty hunting knife which is easily accessible. Suddenly, you're
confronted with a robber who shows a knife as a threat. Imagine the thugs
or sharp umbrella), attack him! If you know how to use a stout stick and
- where you can send him if need be. This book, with its 188 photos, can
teach you HOW to use both the stick and dagger with deadly efficiency.

the only legal way to carry self-defense weapons. If you own a hunting
knife (and you should) and take a walking stick with you when you go for

BALISONG, The Lethal Art of Filipino Knife Fighting, by Sid Campbell, Sonny
Umpad, and Gary Cagaanan.
The blinding blur of the deadly balisong in motion - its whirlwind
lethality can be yours when you follow the path of the Filipino knife
fighter. Three experts, having combined their knowledge of the balisong,
martial arts and self-defense, show you the basics of concealing, drawing,
flipping and gripping the balisong; checking and rolling; and the four main
course of 400 years, but only recently available in the U.S.

SWORD OF THE SAMURAI, The Classical Art of Japanese Swordsmanship, by
George R. Parulski, Jr.
Here is your opportunity to enter the world of Japanese swords and attain a
true swordsmanship perfection, a perfection based on spirituality AND
Japanese samurai combat techniques.

Going beyond the simple, how-to approach, the author presents the colorful
the Zen tradition of swordsmanship. Covered are the samurai uniforms and
and traditional etiquette. Photos and text reveal the kihon - prearranged
attacks and defenses - and the kata of drawing one or two swords, with
applications to actual attacks. This is an extensive reference volume of
the famous swords of samurai warriors.


Read this book and you'll discover why this revered sect of silent stalkers
ancient assassins are revealed here. Learn how you, too, can enter rooms
unseen, climb vertical walls and stealthily scout unknown territory.

Now the power is yours to achieve mastery over your own mind. The true

Master Ninja Ashida Kim reveals here the meditations, breathing exercises
and "kuji-kiri" hand forms that enable you to cultivate and direct your CHI
for mind reading, subtle manipulations, hypnosis and suggestion.

No technique the ninja uses is more devastating than the Dance of The
Deadly Hands. Composed of 27 of the most vicious and lethal ninja moves,
these hand strikes are guaranteed to kill or maim any attacker. Using the
five elements of combat, an unarmed fighter can skillfully throw the enemy
(Earth), direct an attack against a specific target (Fire), envelop the
enemy (Water), disappear in full view (Air) and take the enemy by

The black and terrifying world of the ninja, history's most diabolical
assassins, is explored here. Certain ninjutsu ryu specialized in the Death
Touch, the ultimate perversion of the beneficial Chinese art of
acupuncture, this unique book reveals the principles of this unholy
nterruption and manipulation of the body's nervous system, circulatory
terminating ANY human life. Acupuncture is now recognized as a medical
killing, not healing.

Walk unobserved, penetrate forbidden areas unseen, and depart at will
The secrets of ninja invisibility can be part of your self-defense bag of
tricks. Master Ninja Ashida Kim teaches you how to vanish from your
opponent's sight and make instinctive reactions work for you.

TAIJUTSU TACTICS, Ninja Close-Quarter Grappling, by Omoto Saiji.
With crashing kicks and well-placed punches, the ninja devastates at will
by dominating in close-quarter grappling. Utilizing the GODAI, Omoto Saiji
teaches grappling moves for escapes from any situation.

the tiger scroll contained the detailed instructions of one of Japan's most
contents of the Koga Ninja's once-secret handbook.

                      VIDEOS (VHS, U.S. Format only.)

This tape shows you the street-lethal applications of the ultimate martial
art, NINJUTSU. A hard-and-fast video seminar. KILLSHOTS features the bone-
breaking, muscle-tearing and flesh-ripping techniques of Togakure-ryu

Dave Koss, a leading Ninja authority, leads you through more than 90
minutes of brutal but realistic methods of self-defense. The bruises and
techniques will be the best you can use, whether you're a police officer,
martial artist or anyone else.   Color, 90 minutes, $50 (SHOTS)(688)

BLACK MEDICINE: THE VIDEO, Vital Targets, Maximum Punishment.
Here's a graphic video demonstration of how to exploit the vulnerable
black belts in a variety of martial arts and have worked as bouncers in

This video focuses on the strikes that these men KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE will
best against specific targets on the human body. It explicitly shows not
only where to strike but also how to create an opening for the blow and how
to achieve enough power to break an opponent's bones, shut off the blood to

For the first time on film, here is a remarkable look at the combat
Grasso, a master in the combat application of TKD forms, demonstrates 14

This unique video shows you what you need to know to harness the awesome
bones in a street fight. As you watch the action, the full-power
combat applications of moves "within" the forms that are so often
misunderstood or missed altogether by many TKD students. This complete
nstructional video will open your eyes to the necessity of practicing TKD
forms if you want to maximize your real-life self-defense training.
VHS, color, approx 45 minutes, $30 (TAEKWON.DO)(2011)

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                                Chapter 14

                          Knives & Knife Fighting

by Don Pentecost.
You may think you know knife fighting theory through books, magazines and
martial arts training, but unless you've actually been assaulted with a
knife, it's ALL theory.

The knife fighting techniques in this book were developed in one of the
most violent environments on Earth - inside Folsom Prison. These techniques

Learn the difference between knife fighting fantasy and knife fighting
n the movies, as well as the absurd (and even dangerous) methods taught by
martial arts instructors. He then outlines REALISTIC aspects of knife

You never know when you can be the subject of a knife attack. Maximize your
chances of survival in one of the deadliest encounters you may eventually
face.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 50 photos, 64 pp, $8 (PUT)(754)

BLOODY IRON, by Jenks and Brown.
This book was written by ex-cons who learned their edged-weapons techniques
n prison and on the streets. It begins with an informal discussion of the
blades and fighting methods used by history's greatest knife fighters, from
King David's son Absalom to Jim Bowie and others. It then goes on to
explain in detail proper stance, style, choice of weapons and unarmed

Fight - by Marc "Animal" MacYoung.
Finding yourself in the middle of a knife fight is no time to discover that
you don't know what you're doing. You can forget the useless crap you've

Let Marc "Animal" MacYoung show you the down and dirty reality of knife
fighting. How do you avoid a knife fight? How do you deal with someone
When does a knife fight escalate into full combat? The author covers these
and related topics in explicit detail. Learn how to choose a good fighting
knife; the best (and worst) grips, draws and stances; dealing with the
your kidney; and a lot more.

knowledge in order to survive. This book shows you just how serious and
complicated knife fighting can be and will provide you with the necessary

COLD STEEL, by John Styers; text by Karl Schuon.
A classic, originally published by LEATHERNECK magazine, this is a reprint
of what was the Marine "bible" of unarmed combat. Emphasizing the practice
aspect of bayonet, knife and stick fighting, COLD STEEL also provides short
courses in unarmed combat and knife throwing. This rare volume is a
valuable addition to any personal-defense, knife-fighter's library.

SWITCHBLADE - The Ace of Blades, by Ragnar Benson.
SNAP. For most people the click of a switchblade knife is an ominous sound.
Once considered the symbol of black-jacketed street hoodlums, switchblades
outlawed by misguided federal and local laws. Yet the switchblade is
experiencing renewed interest from sportsmen, adventurers and others who
know the value of a good one-handed knife.

Because of their unfortunate reputation, solid information on switchblades
s hard to come by. This book tells you everything you need to know: types
of switchblades and their operating mechanisms; how to use a switchblade,
butterfly and gravity knives; unusual collector's models; assembling a
knife from a kit; federal and state laws; and care and maintenance.
Discover what Ragnar Benson already knows: once you have come to rely on a

FIELD KNIFE EVALUATIONS - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Hard-Use
Knives, by Jerry Younkins.
How does that blade you've had your eye on measure up when put to the test?
Finally, here's a source that will tell you BEFORE you part with your hard-
earned cash. If you haven't recently priced top quality combat knives,
you'll be shocked by how much they cost. It's even more of a shock when you
find it doesn't hold up to combat use! Spending a few bucks to become as
knowledgeable as you can before you buy, makes sense and saves dollars.

available knives based on materials, design, appearance, availability and
to how it sliced, cut, chopped and chiseled in the field, where performance
counts the most. Also highlighted are technical specifications, including
blade shape, Rockwell rating, edge grind, length, weight and more.

This book is an introduction to some of the better knife designs and a
valuable reference for outdoorsmen and collectors alike. Read and compare -
the good, the bad and the ugly of some of the finest examples of modern

MODERN COMBAT BLADES - The Best in Edged Weaponry, by Duncan Long.
Attend any knife show or visit any cutlery shop and you'll be faced with a
bewildering number of choices regarding knives and other bladed weapons
maze with this practical analysis of the myriad of edged weapons available
to the modern soldier and civilian alike.

Besides the most popular fighting knives crafted by today's leading makers,
Long discusses the pros and cons of bowies, bayonets, commando daggers,
KUKRIS, switchblades, butterfly knives, machetes, samurai swords, battle
axes, razors, screwdrivers, meat cleavers, belt-buckle blades, and many
more. Find out which are best suited for home defense, concealment,
battlefield conditions and other self defense scenarios. Also learn the
best fighting techniques, the worst fighting myths, and the all-important
but little-discussed legalities of knives and their use. This book can save
you time and money - and perhaps even your life.

From the combat-tested, slash-and-thrust blade to the no-nonsense, general-
your needs.

Having taught hand-to-hand combat to various special operations units, the
author knows from experience which knives are of good quality and design -
and which perform well when you need them. For the man who really uses his
knife, the author covers utility blades, hollow-handled survival knives,

Knife fighting is one of the most feared forms of combat known. In this
book, the author guides you through the lethal business of a knife attack
and defense. Covered in this book: choosing the best fighting knife, how to
ncrease your chances of surviving a knife fight tenfold, six knife attack
more. La Tourette shares the secrets and skills that will transform you
from a man with a good fighting knife to a good fighter with a knife.
There's a world of difference!

A knife fight is a deadly serious situation - you either win or die. This
book will hone your fighting and survival skills to a razor's edge. It will
ncrease the odds in your favor.

SLASH AND THRUST, by John Sanchez.
Until this book, there weren't any complete, totally practical knife
fighter's training program. This book tells the novice knife fighter how to
train himself to be an EXPERT!

The author also presents many little-known sophisticated techniques.
Covered are such topics as choosing the martial knife, slashing and
thrusting, quick-kill strikes, footwork, deceptive movements, and much
more. SLASH AND THRUST also tells how to use exotic edged weapons you might
encounter, such as the shuriken, shaken, Irish dart, chakram, Chinese cloth

BLADE MASTER - Advanced Survival Skills for the Knife Fighter,
by John Sanchez.
The fighting secrets of knife masters the world over can now be yours.
Learn the Samurai art of iaijutsu, the knife combat style of the ancient
Chinese, solo training techniques and how to become a knife master to be
knife-shifting techniques for gaining the fighting edge over your opponent.

                           FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERS

THE COMPLETE BLADESMITH - Forging Your Way to Perfection, by Jim Hrisoulas.
This book will show you how to take a bar of steel and forge it into the
blade of your dreams.

Novice as well as experienced bladesmiths will benefit from this
comprehensive guide to smithing world-class blades. Build your own forge,
equip your workshop, choose your materials and get to work. You'll jump at
the chance to heat the steel, bending, twisting, folding, cutting and
your own scrimshaw decoration, fit the softest, hardest or more exotic wood
to the grip, and slip you blade into your handmade sheath.

Whether you want a survival blade, commando dagger, medieval broadsword or

THE MASTER BLADESMITH - Advanced Studies in Steel, by Jim Hrisoulas.
Most of the information about blade making being written today is for the
novice bladesmith. Little is intended for the advanced student of the
forge. In answer to this need, the author has written a sequel to his

for centuries have been protected by trade guilds. Never-before-seen
nstructions, diagrams and photos explain the tricks behind using Japanese
mokume gane, differential heat treating, power hammers and other previously
unrevealed techniques to make Ghurka KUKRIS, Viking broadswords, wavy
blades, and Damascus steel that will take your breath away and much, much
more. Find out the simple steps you can take to eliminate virtually all
cracking, breaking and warping.

With this book leading you step-to-step, you too can learn how to adapt
ancient secrets with modern technology so your blades will bear the mark of
the master.  8.5 X 11, hardcover, photos, illus, 296 pp, $45 (MB)(938)

                    VIDEOS (VHS and U.S. format only.)

THE LOVELESS LEGEND - How to Make Custom Knives, by R.W. Loveless and Jim
Finally, the inside secrets and tips of the knife trade, as they've evolved
n the shop of R.W. Loveless, are revealed for the first time in this

Loveless, considered the father of custom knife-making in America, has
His design for the Dropped Hunter has been copied by virtually every knife
maker in the world. Here, he walks you, the viewer, through the process of
creating a benchmade knife using the stock-removal method. Each step,
ncluding preparing the steel, scribing a pattern, rough grinding, hollow

Here is your opportunity to learn the rare art form of custom knifemaking
from the true master as he shares his expertise and talks in-depth about
knife possible.  Color, approx. 95 min., $60 (LOVEL)(1013)

FORGING DAMASCUS - How to Create Pattern-Welded Blades, with Jim Hrisoulas.
from both of his best-selling books. Step by step, the author of "The
Complete Bladesmith" and "The Master Bladesmith", takes you through the

By following his hands-on guidance, you can learn things that simply cannot
be taught in books, including how to:
* Recognize problems when they arise and correct them on the spot
* See when a heat is blue-white or red-orange
* Recognize a proper welding heat
* Design one-of-a-kind patterns
* Fit tangs the way it's been done for centuries by artisans and

This is the only tape on the market that guarantees that ANYONE with basic
forging skills, access to inexpensive materials, common smithing tools,
beauty and legendary strength and cutting ability.
Color, over 3 hours, two-tape set $80 (FORG)(1033)

When a video on knife defense opens up with the narrator showing his scars
from knife attacks, you KNOW the information in it comes from firsthand
experience. And the narrator - Peyton Quinn, author of the tremendously
too. Unlike the majority of self-defense instructors, Quinn has actually
been assaulted with knives, yet he successfully defended himself each time.
explicitly shows how he prevailed. Quinn says, "If I had to rely on my dojo
training alone, I'd likely be dead now."
Color, approx. 60 min., $30 (DEF)(3019)

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                                Chapter 15

                        City & Wilderness Survival

STREET-SMART SURVIVAL, A Nineties Guide to Staying Alive and Living Well,
by Victor Santoro.
With the Cold War behind us, the old survivalist formula of "grab the
your life may threaten your lifestyle. In telling you how to cope with
today's problems, Victor Santoro identifies the high-grade threats such as
low-grade threats such as economic recessions, service strikes, lawsuits,
medical malpractice and various invasions of privacy. Then he takes a look
at real-life scenarios and presents down-to-earth solutions. Included are
checklists, exercises and calculations designed to prepare you for any kind
of a threatening situation. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 168 pp, $15 (SSS)(992)

SURVIVAL - A Manual That Could Save Your Life, by Chris and Gretchen
This is one of the best guides we've seen. Lifesaving first-aid and
between life and death! Every year people die needlessly because of
know how to survive on his or her own in the wilderness.

This unique book details the L.I.F.E. system - your secret formula in an
emergency to change what could be a tragedy into a triumph of living -
becoming one with nature instead of fighting it. The authors live by this

This is the finest military medical handbook available. This quick
to stay alive and well in the field under adverse living conditions.

This compact book has it all: 608 pages of comprehensive text on disease
and preventative medicine. Special sections cover wartime emergencies (burn
and blast injuries; nuclear, biological and chemical warfare; and emergency

- to give you the knowledge that makes the Special Forces medic so valuable
n the field.

Everyone, especially those who like to camp in remote or isolated areas,
be just as valuable in time of civil unrest and other times when doctors

Used for years to train soldiers in dispensing first aid on the battlefield
or in other emergency situations, this handy pocket reference is now
available to the general public. POCKET MEDIC covers all the bases, from
lifesaving measures to restore pulse or breathing, stop bleeding and
to treatment for common emergencies such as choking, drowning, electric
more. Thorough, but concise, its compact size makes it ideal for the glove
compartment, backpack or purse. Besides the first aid kit you should have,
this book will provide the instructions to make it a complete kit.

Our inside sources believe this is the same manual used to instruct Great
Britain's elite Special Air Service (SAS) on physical and combat survival
tactics and techniques. These specialists in secret warfare were
embassy in London.

This book illustrates combat and survival training and tactical methods
useful in similar operations, as well as general survival conditions such
as: Improvisation and Escape Kit, Contacting Agents, Edible Wild Foods,
Animal Traps and Snares, Water Survival Still and Primitive Medicine. Also
found in the book is rare information on evading and silencing guard dogs,
and a lot more. Included are more than 100 detailed drawings and charts.

You may be stranded in the wilderness by a disabled car or a downed
airplane. You may enjoy trips into the open country and wilderness areas,
Or you may be on the run from enemy forces, forced to live by your wits.
Whether you are out in the wilds by design or accident, this book can give
you the edge you need to survive.

The author details techniques that will help you meet basic survival needs
(food, fire, shelter), and presents improvised amenities designed to make
your wilderness experience more enjoyable. This innovative book describes
ngenious contraptions made from scrounged materials, survival devices to
make at home before your excursion into the woods, and primitive weapons,
traps and alarms designed to slow down an aggressor. In addition, the
author presents a way of thinking about obstacles that will show you how to
find solutions using whatever material may be at hand.

THE TRAPPER'S BIBLE - Traps, Snares and Pathguards, by Dale Martin
Meat in the freezer and money in the bank. Trapping can be a rewarding and
lucrative hobby - even more so when you have the satisfaction of making and
traps, snares and pathguards detailed in this book can be made out of the
most basic materials, keeping your expenses down and your net profits and
enjoyment up. Needless to say, these are wilderness skills that could save
you life if you were stranded, by injury or the enemy, in remote areas.

The book includes pest snares, large animal snares and transplant traps for
moving animals from one area to another, plus camp alarms that alert you to
ntruders, man or beast, and deadly pathguards that could save your life.

As demonstrated by their recent overwhelming success against the Iraqi army
n the Kuwaiti desert, the United States Marine Corps knows a few things
about desert warfare and survival. This handbook - issued to the 27th
Marines, 7th Amphibious Brigade - reveals their trade secrets. Learn about
the military aspects of deserts; how to prevent sand and dust from
and much more. Whether you work or play in the desert or if you are just
nterested in unconventional military tactics, this manual is ideal.

NEVER SAY DIE - The Canadian Air Force Survival Manual
This manual contains a lot of useful information and explains what to do if
you find yourself in a survive-or-die situation. Techniques and tips on how
to survive in almost any terrain from scorching desert to frozen arctic
tundra are taught. But unlike other survival manuals, these techniques
nclude valuable explanations on how to combat fear, pain and PANIC - and
nformation on finding potable water, medical instruction, edible plants
(with drawings), improved shelters and tools and equipment.

This comprehensive U.S. Army field manual provides the basis for survival,
evasion and escape training for all army personnel. It is based on the
experiences of hundreds of servicemen isolated during combat in World War
the battlefield, and this manual teaches specific skills and knowledge to
keep soldiers - or civilians - alive and out of enemy hands. Includes cold-
acquiring food and water, natural medicines, indoctrination techniques and
escape from P.O.W. camps.    5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illust., 432 pp, $14

                              BENSON'S BOOKS

A gold mine of native American lore about curing hides, preserving meats
and vegetables, foraging and trapping the Indian way. This unique book
fuel storage, diesel generators, creating and living in a retreat, raising
livestock and vegetables/grains. Benson also provides plans for building
your own A-frame cabin, just like his, from local timber in one summer -

This complete guide to surviving in style is, of course, written in
Benson's lively, down-home manner and is a delight to read. It's heavily
llustrated with more than 200 photos. Anyone looking for a more self-

THE SURVIVAL RETREAT - A Total Plan for Retreat Defense, by Ragnar Benson.
A fresh approach to retreat defense - the concealed, low-profile survival

Survivalist Benson is noted for his practical perspective; here he tells
you how to harden the city or country refuge against the perils of nuclear
attack. (In spite of the end of the Cold War, there's still thousands of
nukes around the world, some in the hands of dictators!) If no nuke attack,
there's plenty of close-to-home dangers, as well as just plain economic
collapse. In any event, survivalists should plan ahead, locate a retreat
area and keep it hidden as much as possible. This is not another grab-a-

"A retreat is a place you go to live, not to die. Setting up a retreat is,
for the most part, practicing the art of the possible. It's a matter of
orchestrate events so that confrontation is absolutely the remedy of last

Chapters include: Why Retreat?, Retreat Location, Who is the Enemy?, The
Making it Difficult.

Gives practical information on collecting large or small numbers of wild
Benson are known only to one Indian tribe and a few old-timers. Benson's
uncle and teacher was a member of this tribe; Benson is an old-timer now
a deer any time you go hunting for one and how to live off the land,
effective traps, snares and deadfalls; plans for permanent, concealed traps
for small game and fish; lessons on woodcraft and scouting; information on
equipment, firearms selection, ammo choices, and lots more.

RAGNAR'S TEN BEST TRAPS - And a Few Others that are Damn Good, Too.
By Ragnar Benson
Catch even the craftiest critters with the trap lore perfected over
traps that are easy to build and use, easy to maintain and guaranteed to
WORK! With these little-known traps, you'll consistently nab every
maginable fish, fowl and beast, including bobcat, fox, coyote, deer, mink,
coon, quail, duck, and the craftiest of all - man.

Detailed illustrations show you how to build a floating duck snare, den
trap, "board against-a-chicken-house" set, live-mouse set, campfire set and
fish trap, to name just a few. With Ragnar's expertise and coaching, you
can avoid the baits and sets that don't work and never have. Learn to use
the ones that do work and always will!

Whether you want to make money selling pelts, like to eat cheap and well,
the challenge of nature, you won't be disappointed in this book.

MANTRAPPING, by Ragnar Benson
This is the first book ever published to explain how to capture the most
Benson's own personal mantrapping experience while on special assignments
n Asia, Africa, North and South America and Cuba.

You have to see this one to believe it! Illustrated with detailed line
Trap, the Sheepeater's Rock Fall, and the Cuba Water Trap are covered. As
Benson says: "To know how to trap your enemy is to know how to avoid being
trapped yourself." Each trap is constructed with primitive materials and
tools. Includes a special chapter on the philosophy of mantrapping.

THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME - Advanced Mantrapping Techniques
by Ragnar Benson
Man - the most dangerous and deadly game of all - is without a doubt
challenging prey. In response to requests for more on trapping this elusive
easily rig more ingenious traps without explosives and other accoutrements
of war and still catch your quarry.

The do's and don'ts for a surefire mantrap are outlined in a checklist, and
urban traps designed to make your victim's life undeniably miserable are
ncluded. Bridge and snake traps, wilderness traps, helicopter and heavy
military-equipment traps, and many more are detailed in this book.

Here's a truly practical guide about using specialized medicines in a world
covers pneumonia, VD, plague and diarrhea - which are killers without
modern drugs, but they can be beat with a little preparation and know-how.

From his years helping Third World natives with vet medicines, survivalist
author Ragnar Benson brings you this handbook for doctoring humans with
dentical to those M.D.s recommend, but at a fraction of the cost. They can
be bought WITHOUT prescriptions and safely stored until an emergency

Tetanus, typhoid, and gun wound infections will never again strike fear in
the hearts of survivalists who have this book. With this well illustrated
needles and sutures, you'll be able to protect anyone from the illnesses
that would otherwise prove fatal without modern medicine.


Every time you are behind the wheel of your car you must make hundreds of
or a disastrous accident. This video will teach you expert driving
maneuvers used by police and ambulance drivers to deal with life threaten-
ng emergencies on the road.

This fast-paced video explores the critical fine line between vehicle
affect driver control, common steering mistakes and how to correct them,
braking tricks, the three aspects of an emergency lane change, how to
attention to this video and you'll soon be able to drive like a pro.
Color, approx 40 minutes, $40 (INV)(3020)

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                                Chapter 16

                     New I.D. - Where & How to Get it
                    (What a Skip Tracer Needs to Know)

Law enforcement agents working undercover have their false I.D. supplied by
the government. CrimeFighters working undercover may also find a need to
learn the tricks of the trade of recognizing, making, and using false I.D.

                                * * * * * *

There's magic in the thought of cutting all ties, of getting away from it
all, of changing names and jobs and living happily ever after in a tropical

This book will help you realize your dreams. It gives practical info on
author also reveals who will start looking for you and the methods they
new identity.  5.5 X 8.5, 120 pp, $12.95 (DISAP)(843)

The expanded second edition of the original book, is a master guide to the
ntricacies of creating a new identity that will withstand scrutiny. It is
the single best book on new identities available, with twice as much
material as the best-selling first edition. It surveys all the literature
n the field and lets you know which methods will work and which don't, and
t fills the gaps, showing you how to build a new identity from the ground
up without revealing any information about your former self.

Now with 50 percent more material than the best-selling first edition, this
book is the best book available on obtaining a new Canadian identity. Once
you understand how to penetrate its system, Canada offers many
opportunities for someone seeking a new identity. This book gives step-by-
your past.  5.5 x 8.5", 96 pp. $15. (BORN.C)(881)

REBORN OVERSEAS - Identity Building in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
by Trent Sands.
As the walls between nations crumble, rare opportunities are opening up for
those who need a new identity. The formation of the European Common Market
you can live, work and travel in all twelve, and the connections between
Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. multiply the possibilities. Here's how
to penetrate the European system and build a complete paper identity

Did you know that you can evade taxes, regulation and supervision - plus
the papers bureaucrats use to identify you? Now, in the most detailed look
at these documents (birth certificates, driver's licenses, Social Security
cards, passports, etc.) ever made public, John Q. Newman reveals, among
other things:

* an easy, legal way around the requirements for a Social Security number
to prove you're eligible to work in the U.S.

* the one document almost all bureaucrats will accept in lieu of a birth

* a way to travel worldwide without passport agents - or the IRS - knowing
about it

manipulated, this is an essential reference.

NEW I.D. IN AMERICA - by Anonymous
Do you ever wish you had just one more chance at life - the proverbial
"clean slate?" Do you want to shake free from those alimony payments and
your lousy credit record? With this book, you can trade in your old
mistakes for a brand new start.

An anonymous private investigator, the author specializes in helping
clients "get lost" - permanently - and locating person who thought they'd
never be found. Now his expertise can be yours. You can create a totally
new person with a bona fide birth certificate, passport, driver's license,
credit cards, Social Security number - all you need to break with your

You can have the reputation of being a successful, influential businessman
caught.  5.5 X 8.5", illust., 122 pp, $15 (NEW.ID)(378)

THE PAPER TRIP I & II, by Barry Reid
Changing your identity is made simple with the help of these two updated
these books because the identity-changing techniques are nearly fool-proof.

THE PAPER TRIP I , a newly revised version of the original PAPER TRIP,
tells about obtaining alternative forms of I.D., such as a birth
certificate, driver's license, Social Security and credit cards. Learn how
to change citizenship, avoid creditors, cover bad credit and arrest

THE PAPER TRIP II divulges codes used to key official state and national
laws governing I.D. changes, and more.

Australia, and New Zealand. by Tony Newborn
You've had more than your share of bad luck, and your debts outweigh your
ncome. You've got to do something - and do it fast! How can you start with
a clean slate and prove that you are who you say you are?

Written especially for use in Britain and the Commonwealth nations -
ncluding Canada (for which little info on new ID is generally available) -
this book show how to obtain the legal documents you need to support an ID
change. Formerly "Paper Tripping Overseas", this info-packed volume
ncludes examples of application forms (passport, motor-vehicle
(questionnaire) and documents (birth and death certificates, medical card,
unemployment benefit info).  8.5 X 11", 120 pp, $18 (CHANGE)(834)

VANISH! Disappearance Through Id acquisition, by Johnny Yount.
Are you at wit's end, dodging creditors, en ex-wife or Uncle Sam? Want a

VANISH! Get the facts on disappearance through ID acquisition in this
available info, VANISH!  tells all about the mail drop, the untraceable
Learn how to "die" through advertisement - how to do it fast, and make it
last. Die and live. VANISH!  5.5 X 8.5", 96 pp, $15 (VAN)(606)

life and death, freedom or incarceration, or any number of other possible

This book walks you through the various stages of creating and living under
a new identity - building a "transitional" cover, moving into a permanent
new life, "bonding" with your new identity, how to deal with with mental
on old techniques are revealed, and valuable case studies illustrate common
mistakes that have led to the fingering and capture of the "missing"
laws. 5.5 X 8.5", 72 pp, $10.95 (HEAVY)(946)

Want a new I.D. - no questions asked? This book tells you where to shop!
This guide lists the name and address of every mail-order I.D. company.
Find out how to obtain: Photo I.D. that resembles a driver's license or
badges and I.D., Canadian I.D. and various organization membership cards;
mail-order I.D.; and makers of I.D. producing machines.

With this info, you can also start a new business! Private ID business
(with the help of sources like I.D. BY MAIL) now you can compete with the
dentity books.  8.5 X 11, 56 pp, $19.95 (BY)(827)

Big Brother and his underlings have nearly succeeded in completely
undermining our constitutional rights to lead private lives. But PRIVACY
tells how to secure and maintain a private world of your own, much to the
chagrin of the taxman, mailman, lawman and collection man. This special
knowledge will allow you to keep secret your bank records, address and
telephone number, tax information, credit background, education and
employment records, even your true identity. The author knows what he's
talking about - even his best friends aren't sure who he is or where he
lives!  8.5 X 11, illust., 128 pp, $18.95 (PRIVACY)(153)

foundation of a person's identity on paper, but this all-important document
s also susceptible to falsification.

Birth certificate fraud takes many forms: stealing, transferring or selling
valid certificates; counterfeiting, selling or using bogus or altered
owner. This report, from the Inspector General of Health and Human
Services, examines the weaknesses of issuing procedures, the effects of the
falsification, the value of protective measures such as matching birth and
combat fraud. Find out how the government intends to crack down on the

obtaining the birth certificate of a person who died as an infant, you
because that person no longer exists. And he left behind no criminal record
that might trip you up later, either. You will, in fact, inherit very
little from him aside from his name and a clean slate.

With the aid of this lively personal account, you can authentic birth
certificate, just as the author did, but with this advantage: You'll learn
from his mistakes and will, no doubt, get the papers needed to supplement
your new identity far more quickly.

How do you start? What do you do? Here are the considerations and pitfalls
you need to keep in mind to start fresh! 5.5 X 8.5", 28 pp, $8 (REAL)(670)

See how easy making fake ID can be! This book, written by a professional in
the printing trade, provides step-by-step instructions for making authentic
looking documents, including driver's licenses, photo ID cards, birth
certificates and much more. Find out how to get the necessary supplies and
master the tools and techniques for making great-looking ID that will pass
even the most careful scrutiny.

A confidential mailing address is invaluable for achieving personal and
financial privacy. This comprehensive updated directory lists more than 850
companies all over the world who will rent you an unlisted address for
telephone answering and much more. "The singularly most comprehensive
listing of confidential mail drops," says one reviewer.


NEW I.D. (VHS) How to Create a Complete New Identity.
born gain. No, not by seeking the Truth, which MAY set you free, but by
telling the right lies, which will keep you out of trouble - and jail - in
the first place.

By watching NEW I.D. and following its simple directions, you can start
over with a clean slate and cover up past credit, employment, health,
marital or legal problems. This video shows you how to travel overseas more
to get alternate ID, now SEE how it's done. Color, about 35 min. VHS $39.95
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                                Chapter 17

                         Frauds, Scams & Rip-Offs

MONEY FOR NOTHING - Rip-Offs, Cons and Swindles, by M. Allen Henderson
A silver tongue, a goldbricker's heart and the brass to carry a scam
through to the end are qualities found in every successful con man. And
advance his schemes, the professional swindler can thrive today as never
before. If you haven't been a victim yet, it's only a matter of time --
unless you know what to look out for!

Besieged as we are by the rip-off artist, how can we hope to avoid his so-
called deals? This book tells you how. By reading the stories in this book
-- some shocking, some amusing -- find out the COMMON THREADS that run
through every con game. Taken from the news media, these cons -- some so
low-down that it's hard to believe anyone could have the heart, or lack of
t, to pull them off - have happened to someone. Now you can see to it that
they don't happen to you. 5.5 X 8.5, hardcover, 200 pp, $17 (MONEY)(594)

FLIMFLAM MAN - How Con Games Work, by M. Allen Henderson
There's a sucker born every minute - or so you've heard. But showman P.T.
Barnum's cynical appraisal of man's gullibility couldn't possibly apply to
you. Or could it?

Learn how to spot the con man and his tricks before he can relieve you of
your cash! Three-car monte, handkerchief switch, obituary hustle and door-
to-door home-repair scams have been around for ages, and this book explores
them in detail, as well as spiritual bunco, mail-order sex and beauty-
enhancers, electrical gadgets, investment scams and more.

FREE STUFF, How Others Get Free Money, Booze, Gasoline, and Everything! By
John Green.
Do you want to find out how other people are soliciting, scrounging or
otherwise scamming everything from cars and clothes to medical care and
money FOR FREE?  If you do, get this book and you'll discover the many ways
John Green and other clever con artists skate through life with a minimum
of expense and a maximum of satisfaction knowing they don't part with their

You can use these schemes - some simple, some sophisticated - to score free
transportation, movie tickets, electricity, haircuts, postage, food, Xrays,
nsurance and much, much more. Many of the techniques are perfectly legal,

t's a lucrative business. These nonviolent tricksters make a killing

and shows you every scam in the book, from bouncing a bad check at the
corner store to big-time embezzlement, as well as dozens of ruses used to
This book will aid police in conducting fraud investigations, help bankers
beef up their defenses and show merchants how to recognize the warning

Credit card fraud is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States
because cards are easy to steal and use. Did you know that someone can
SECRET CODE?  Or that clever criminals can get a full month's use from a

This practical manual from Burt Rapp is for policemen, merchants, bankers
and credit card holders, all of whom have a vested interest in preventing
or detecting credit card fraud. It reveals all the scams, from forged bank
cards to telemarketing rip-offs, and shows you how NOT to become a victim.

nonviolent criminal to hit the streets. That faceless person behind you at
the Automatic Teller Machine could actually be seeking clues to gain access
to YOUR money. Or that pleasant bank employee could be hatching a computer-
zed plot to transfer thousands of your dollars to his account for a quick

This manual is the first in-depth look at this growing crime wave. The
nature and extent of electronic banking fraud is examined, including scores
of actual incidents involving lost or stolen ATM cards and wire transfer
fraud initiated by sharp financial swindlers. Learn the facts BEFORE your
checks start bouncing! 8.5 X 11", 128 pp, $15 (FUND)(787)

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                                Chapter 18

                   Locksmiths, Lock Picks & Safecracking

After you've read this chapter (and especially some of these books) you'll
find your faith evaporating in so-called "burglar-proof" locks. You can
believe the burglars who (in some cases wrote a few of these books) know
teach you how to take additional security measures - to keep your goodies
and family a lot safer than you have been. The purpose of this chapter is
to tell you what they know, so you can be aware of the existing problem.

The burglar alarm you've installed will protect your property, family and
valuables, right? Guess again. A majority of alarms can be defeated by
amateur crooks using the least sophisticated methods. And many systems will
malfunction within months, leaving you with a collection of useless

This book will help you find and fix the weaknesses in your current system
or select and install a new one that will make your home or business truly
circuit alarms and provide you with countermeasures to defeat any attempt
to bypass your system.

Whether you own an apartment, liquor store or mansion, this book will help
keep your property and loved ones safe. 8.5 X 11, softcvr, illus, 96pp $15

Revealed here are all the known methods that thieves use to steal cars.
Originally written for auto repossessors, police and locksmiths, this
unique guide enables the reader to open and start your locked, keyless car
n just a few minutes!  This edition covers all American cars up to 1979.
Subjects explained are pin tumbler systems, side bar systems, impressioning
and lock picking, recovery methods, door lock removal, cutting keys by

One of the most precise, detailed books ever, this illustrated manual is
open all kinds of locks, plus how to THWART tampering with your locks - to
only LEGAL entry, buy you'll gain confidence knowing that you can get in
(or out!) of any door without a key.

Don't be locked out by the high prices of professional locksmiths! Learn
and no lock will deny you entry. Lockpicking pro Eddie the Wire brings you
complete directions for making lock tools better than store-bought tools
for less money. Materials are available from hardware stores - at dirt
cheap prices - and are readily made into professional tools with a minimum
of shop equipment and skill. Detailed drawings and directions will show you
for tubular locks and a lot more. This is a COURSE of locksmithing!

Eddie is at it again!  This all-new book reveals additional hot techniques
on the cutting edge of the locksmith's trade.

Get the facts on cutting stock in just the right shapes, heat treating and
magnetizing picks, which kind of picks you'll need and how to make multiple
you another step towards being a professional locksmith.

Let no lock bar your way. Master locksmith Steven Hampton discloses all the
tricks and tools of the trade for bypassing keyed and combination locks
from pin tumbler locks to tubular cylinder locks, magnetic locks, door
locks, padlocks and automobile locks. Learn the secret of "seeing" into
every lock, discovering its simplicity. This is a perfect handbook for
locksmiths, or anyone on the outside trying to get in - after they've lost
their keys.    5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illus, 72 pp, $15 (LOCK)(643)

ADVANCED LOCK PICKING, by Stephen Hampton.
What are the qualities of the master lock picker? You must have confidence
that you have the skills and knowledge to open that lock, the ability to
mprovise with or without proper tools, and caution when it comes to
breaching the security of unknown situations. Advance to the master level

Taking up where his first book SECRETS OF LOCK PICKING leaves off, master
locksmith Stephen Hampton describes the inner workings of the new high-
on the commercial market. Schematic diagrams for portable electronic picks
to open magnetic key and card locks bring locksmithing into the electronic
age. Tips on enhancing finger sensitivity, increasing concentration, making
that will enable you to enter virtually ANY locked door, car, or safe.

No safe is completely safe because locksmiths must be able to rescue goods
f the lock breaks, or the combination knob is broken off by amateur
time and determination. This book discloses every known method for breaking
nto safes, vaults and safety-deposit boxes. It begins with simple ways to
and explosives to get at your goodies. For the policeman, private eye,

LOCKS AND LOCKPICKING - A Basic Guide for Law Enforcement, Security, and
Military, by J.D. James.
of how locks work and how to pick them is a valuable asset for any law
enforcement or security professional. This book takes this complex subject
and explains it in a concise, nontechnical manner.

From the simplest of warded locks to chain bolts, dead bolts, pin tumbler
locks, combination locks and even car door locks, this fully illustrated
manual will show you how they work, how to pick them and the proper tools
to use. This guide is an excellent introduction to the world of locks and
lockpicking. 5 3/8 X 8.5, softcover, illustr., 24 pp, $10 (LLP)(729)

Lock picking requires knowledge and lots of practice, but you will be well
on your way to mastering this little-known art with the help of this
manual. Inside you'll find descriptive sections covering all kinds of
techniques and every necessary tool you need. A fine self-teaching manual
for beginners.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illust., 20 pp, $7 (LP.SIM)(121)

Let no lock dictate your life. Pick through any situation with this manual
used by OSS operatives behind enemy lines during WWII. Still used by the
CIA Technical Services Division personnel - with which Watergate
conspirators were associated - this book's revelations will be of interest
to historians, collectors and spy buffs.

The ability to open locks without keys is no longer monopolized by
locksmiths who jealously guard their secrets. The pick gun has taken the
art of lock picking away from a select few and facilitated the ability for
ANYONE to open locks by mechanical means. Pick guns are openly sold to the

This book gives an overview of the mechanical principles of pick guns - how
they work and how to use them - and traces the development of the pick gun
from its early stages to its final state-of-the-art. Included are the
original patents by Epstein, Segal, Moore, Cook and others, as well as info
on pick guns used by the FBI and intelligence agencies. Photos show
mprovised devices made out of coat hangers and clothespins.

This manual on lock pick design was (or still?) used by government agencies
to assist in surreptitious entry. Learn how the pros do their stuff, and
maybe learn how to frustrate them too. This is a small booklet, but well

How does the CIA agent get behind locked doors? One way is by casting a
few seconds longer, and it's more than embarrassing if someone sees you
"picking" a lock. When you can obtain a key, it's a lot easier and makes it
appear you have the legal right to entry. This manual tells you how to make
a duplicate when you can keep the original for just a short period of time.

(That's why you should remove all keys except the car key when leaving a
vehicle with a parking-lot attendant or garage!  Inside your car is the
vehicle registration or other papers with your address. With a key to your
front door or office, it's like an open invitation to burglars.)

This step-by-step, self-checking guide takes you through the process of
model, using a standard-issue or improvised clay-filled casting mold, low-
melting point casting metal and other readily available materials.

This straightforward text and clear instructions of this updated manual
off-limits areas without special equipment.

SECURITY SYSTEMS SIMPLIFIED - Protecting Your Home, Business, and Car with
State-of-the Art Burglar Systems, by Stephen Hampton.
Learn professional secrets of protecting your valuables and family with the
critical analysis of modern intruder alarms. Master locksmith and security
* the difference between amateur and experienced burglars and the best way
to thwart both
* little-known tricks to improve the security of the locks on your doors
and windows
* how to create a car security system that will foil any thief
* the pros and cons of infrared detectors, perimeter systems, microwave
alarms, ultrasonic devices, proximity detectors and much more.
Avoid becoming a victim by discovering what security system is best for
your individual needs.

                       VIDEOS (VHS U.S. format only)

HIGH SPEED ENTRY - Instant Opening Techniques
After watching this video you'll have no problem going right through high-
brick walls or steel bars. If you're a locksmith, private detective, cop,
nstant-entry technicians get into, out of, around or through ANYTHING in
the blink of an eye. Let the experts show you how to use the new tools of
the trade: the Rabbit Tool and Hydra-force door openers, the Omni Force jam
minutes, $40 (HIGH)(897)

EXPERT LOCK PICKING - State-of-the-Art Lock Picking Secrets.
Some things simply can't be taught as effectively through books, and lock
California Locksmiths Association lock-picking championship, is one of the
best in the business. He'll show you how hand picks, rakes, snap guns and
electronic picks exploit the tolerances and weaknesses of common locks.
Observe the fastest ways to pick all kinds of locks, from the simplest
Color, approx. 50 min., $60 (EX)(900)

B & E: A TO Z - How to Get in Anywhere, Anytime.
Are you truly safe behind locked doors? How quickly can your locks be

Nearly two full hours of step-by-step instruction detail the use of
computer-generated curve picks, rockers, magnetic lock picking, lockaid
beating the most popular locks in the U.S.; and opening safes via drilling,
burning bars, thermite and the European explosive method.

Whether you're a locksmith, a law enforcement officer, private detective or
Color, 120 minutes, $60 (B&E)(686)

Diamond pick, snake pick, lifter, tension wrench - these are the tools of
the lock-picking trade. But getting picks from commercial suppliers can be
complete tool set, including picks, tension wrench and protective case.
Discussions of equipment, stock, grinding, filing and finishing makes this
an unusual and valuable instruction videotape.
Color, about 72 minutes, $30  (PICKS)(752)

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                                Chapter 19

                   Terrorist Tactics & Counter Tactics,
             and Bombs, Ambushes and Other Terrorists' Weapons

TERRORISM, Its Goals, Its Targets, Its Methods, by Michael Connor.
What makes a terrorist behave as he does? Why does he pick the targets he

Anti-terrorist consultant Michael Connor provides the answers to these
questions and others, and gives you insight into the ideologies of dozens
of terrorist groups around the world.

a target are also detailed in this book. Should all else fail and you are
at a terrorist's mercy, Connor tells you what to do if you're on a hijacked
aircraft or receive a mail bomb, as well as actions you SHOULD and should
NOT take in a hostage situation.

YOU'RE THE TARGET, Coping with Terror and Crime, by Theodore G. Shackles,
Robert L. Oatman, and Richard A. Finney.
Here's what the experts on terrorism and crime are saying about this book:
"... its is, flat out, the best and most concise discussion of terrorism,
crime and the specifics of personal and corporate security I've ever run
across. The lessons outlined in this book are as applicable to the urban
crime problem as they are to terrorism. It should be part of every law
enforcement library."   5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 172 pp, $10 (TARGET)(2012)

LIVING IN TROUBLED LANDS, Beating the Terrorist Threat Overseas, by Patrick
Americans living and travelling overseas have once again become prime
targets of random violence. This guide to staying out of danger and
and implemented security programs for Americans stationed abroad. The
tactics he presents have been tested and proven effective in some of the
most dangerous areas in the world. Find out how to create a very simple,
but practical and straightforward personal security program that is easy to
mplement and does not entail huge investments.

GETAWAY, Driving Techniques for Escape and Evasion, by Ronald G. Eriksen.
The majority of terrorist attacks, other than bombing and hijacking
aircraft, are often in the form of vehicle ambushes in lonely places -
especially if they want to take prisoners. In such an unpleasant situation,
you need to know what to do and how to do it very fast and efficiently.
This book, written by a veteran high-performance driver, teaches everything
you need to know about escape and evasion techniques with vehicles. This
book covers cornering, right-angle turns, S-turns, the "bootlegger's" turn,
the "moonshiner's" turn and others. Ramming procedures and tactics for
to detect surveillance and how to elude a tail. If you live or travel in
muslim territory, especially in or around the far-East trouble spots, this
nformation may be more important than your passport! (It may come in handy
at other times too, depending on what you do for a living.)

SPECIAL REACTION TEAMS, Selecting, Training, and Equipping Elite Counter-
terrorist Units.
Special Reaction Teams are the U.S. Army's front-line strike force against
terrorism, sniper incidents, hostage situations and other special threats.
Little information has been made public on this military unit until now.
Learn what they are required to do, and how they do it. This book has the
complete details of their dangerous job, including the difference between
terrain as a team, and a lot more.

THE RESCUERS, The World's Top Anti-Terrorist Units, by Leroy Thompson.
Back by popular demand, THE RESCUERS is an inside look at the training,
operations, weapons and equipment of the units of more than 50 countries.
The author covers such crack units as West Germany's GSG-9, Britain's SAS,
France's GIGN and the U.S. Delta Force, as well as the lesser-known units
of other nations. Five classic examples of actual rescues bring to life a
unit's anti-terrorist tactics and planning. Also included is an unbiased
comprehensive analysis of all HRU's worldwide. If you plan on joining or
forming such a unit, this is an excellent reference manual.

BY WAY OF DECEPTION, by Victor Ostrovsky & Clair Hoy
This book describes the shocking scope and depth of the Mossad's influence,
are armed and trained by the organizations in secret "self defense" units,
and how Mossad agents facilitate the drug trade in order to pay the
enormous costs of its far-flung, clandestine operation. And it portrays a
network that has grown dangerously out of control, as internal squabbles
completely at odds with the interests of the State of Israel.

critical knowledge of a planned suicide mission in Beirut, leading to the
tracked Yasser Arafat by recruiting his driver and bodyguard; how they
U.N. negotiations led to the sudden resignation of Ambassador Andrew Young
and the downfall of his career.

This book is the explosive chronicle of the author's experiences in the
Mossad, and of two decades of their frightening and often ruthless covert
activities around the world. Penetrating far deeper than "Every Spy a

Victor Ostrovsky became disenchanted with the Mossad and resigned. This
book tells you why; about the Mossad's greed for power, lust, and total
lack of respect for human life. It also tells about the Mossad's
assassination teams, how they operate, the weapons and tactics they use. If
you wanted the real facts and details of the Mossad, this book tells all.
Softcover, about 350 pages, $6 (MOSSAD)(4999)


Law enforcement personnel should learn all of the nasty tricks of the
terrorists's trade for their own safety, as well as to become more
knowledgeable on these topics: Knowing how to make explosive devices can
also provide the knowledge to recognize, handle, safely defuse or detonate
them. That's why I decided to include ALL of the controversial books and
videos in this catalog. Here's your chance to learn what chemicals and
nvestigation or a bust of a known or suspected terrorist.

                                * * * * * *

MARIJUANA FIELD BOOBY TRAPS, The Police Guide to Lethal Explosive Devices.
Drug dealers are notorious for their ruthlessness and greed, and this
manual forcefully demonstrates the deadly length they will go to protect
their illegal drug labs and marijuana fields. Scores of clear illustrations
enforcement officers during raids and busts. See how military-style firing
booby traps have been rigged along trails and behind doors to harm unwanted
ntruders. 8.5 X 11, illust., 48 pp, $10. (MARI)(1036)

BOMB SQUAD - Defining and Defusing Terrorists Explosives.
This book teaches you how terrorists assassinate by explosives. The author
as hands-on experience in Lebanon, Israel and Turkey and with INTERPOL.
Learn how to spot disguised flashlights, books, posters, cassette players
and even cigarettes that are rigged to blow up on command. Find out how to
dentify the 35 most common explosives in the Middle East, including the
latest car and mailbox bombs, improvised mortars and more.

ROBOT WARRIORS, The Mechanics of Boobytrapping, by Lyle Whitney.
This book will teach you how the pros construct, install, use and DETECT
all types of booby traps, from sophisticated models to easily constructed

Fire has a long history of use by terrorists and saboteurs. Here, Seymour
Lecker details the employment of widely used, relatively inexpensive
ndustrial chemicals that burn with intense heat.

From a former top explosives expert with the Israel Army, an all-new
contribution to the literature - a how-to manual that goes right to the
and mines. Learn how to obtain or make all the necessary chemicals or
acceptable substitutes.

Various fuses, detonators and chemical and electrical timers are covered,
as are pipe bombs, plastic bottle bombs, jerry can bombs and tamper-proof
bombs. With ease, you can construct such devices as a package bomb, booby-
trapped door, auto trap, sound-detonated bomb or pressure mine, to name

DEATHTRAP! Improvised Booby-Trap Devices. By Jo Jo Gonzales.
Creating effective booby traps is part art, part science, requiring a
Jo Jo Gonzales  presents an arsenal of devices that can be created from
commonly available materials, each modified to contain a nasty surprise.

Learn how to rig a booby-trapped alarm clock, flashlight, door latch, sink,
telephone, tape deck and more. A concise treatment of principles and
applications, clear descriptions or more than sixty devices, and detailed
llustrations and schematic diagrams make this an invaluable collection for
Special Forces personnel, security professionals, and CrimeFighters.

DEATH BY DECEPTION, Advanced Improvised Booby Traps, by Jo Jo Gonzales.
frightening new array of improvised booby-trap designs. Detailed
nstructions and schematic diagrams show how these death-dealing devices
can be constructed from such outwardly innocent objects as computer modems,
bears and traffic cones, and how they typically deployed.

Contract military personnel and Special Forces team members will find this
to be a invaluable resource. And so will the potential civilian target who
mprovised explosive devices may be found might, someday, save his life.

This book is a shocking, provocative how-to book written in an era when
"turn on, burn down, blow up" were revolutionary slogans of the day. The
author considers this a SURVIVAL guide and gives detailed advice concerning
electronics, sabotage and surveillance, with data on everything from bugs
to scramblers. He also provides explicit information on the uses and
effects of drugs, ranging from pot to heroin!

One comprehensive chapter covers natural, non-lethal and lethal weapons,
from cattle prods to submachine guns. The section on explosives and booby
traps gives complete information on everything from TNT to whistle traps.
More than one hundred drawings supplement the recipes in THE ANARCHIST
HANDBOOK. 8.5 X 11", illus, 160 pp  $22 (A.CB)(3022)

THE ANARCHIST ARSENAL - Improvised Incendiary and Explosive Techniques
By David Harber.
This book offers a fresh approach to explosives books, taking up where most
manuals leave off. The author, a former military explosives specialist, has

Many of the innovative devices and techniques in this book have never been
construction and installation of advanced and improvised explosives,
ncluding Semtex, C-4, land mines, FAES, syringe fuses, car bombs, contact
explosives and many more. And you'll get an inside look  at the deadly

THE ADVANCED ANARCHIST ARSENAL - Recipes for Improvised Incendiaries and
Explosives. By David Harber.
Military explosives expert David Harber takes up where he left off with THE
ANARCHIST ARSENAL with a bumper crop of on new and unusual improvised
ncendiaries and explosives. Here are diagrams and recipes for high
explosives such as gelled nitromethane, ANFO+, nipolit and one so new it

You'll get the goods on exotic weapons such as the baby-bottle bomb, the
Rhodesian knock-knock, the IRA truck mortar used in the 1991 assassination
attempt on the British PM and one of the most advanced forms of fuel-air
explosives, the mothball bomb. Plus you'll get in-depth in-depth
nformation on military mining, structural demolitions and in-the-field
explosives recycling. 5.5 X 8.5, illustr. 96 pp, $15 (AAA)(974)

by David Harber
From the best-selling author of the ANARCHIST ARSENAL series comes this
comprehensive study of land mines. It includes instructions and
llustrations for dozens of antitank and antipersonnel mines, from the tiny
DH-3 used by the Vietcong to the massive Soviet MON-22. Find out how to
make and deploy claymores, fragmentation mines, flying mines, horizontal
and vertical-penetration mines, artillery-shell mines, shaped charges and
more. Harber's easy-to-follow directions take you through fuzing systems,
gniters, explosive fillers and mine-laying techniques, as well as how to

COUNTERBOMB - Protecting Yourself against Car, Mail, and Area-emplaced
Bombs, by Lawrence W. Myers.
Here is a highly effective approach to addressing the three most common
methods of assassination. Drawing on his experience as a counterterrorism
Service and U.S Defense Department, Myers  proposes a merciless,
controversial tactic: the use of specially rigged security devices that

Myers stresses other deterrents that, while not as extreme, are also highly
effective. He reveals canny countersurveillance techniques that will plant
a seed of doubt in the minds of terrorists and criminals as to whether THEY
criminal bombers provide a complete picture of this lethal threat.

SMART BOMBS - Improvised Sensory Detonation Techniques and Advanced Weapons
Systems, by Lawrence W. Myers.
SMART BOMBS describes in detail the techniques of some of the most
notorious and sophisticated explosives experts in the terrorist world.
Written in nontechnical, easy-to-understand terms, this practical field
for building powerful and effective explosive devices, it also presents
advanced design criteria that will significantly reduce the chances of

SMART BOMBS will equip intelligence and security professionals and Special
Forces personnel to deal with the unpredictable scenario of the 1990's and
the elusive enemy to be faced in the next century.

Radio-controlled detonation of strategically placed explosives is a great
operatives often only have the most common items to work with in their area
of operations. How to still be devastatingly effective with the simplest of
tools? This manual outlines how the following common consumer electronic

* cordless electronic Touch Tone phones
* citizens band radio transceivers
* children's toy walkie-talkies
* radio paging systems
* cellular mobile telephones

Construction and deployment of radio-controlled detonation equipment

FEDERAL BOMB INTELLIGENCE - U.S. Government Guide to Terrorist Explosives.
This book reveals 35 of the most notorious explosive devices that have
actually been built and/or used by international terrorists. These
bulletins have been circulated to EOD specialists tasked with preventing
the use of bombs against the U.S. government and its citizens and property.

Detailed, nontechnical information and schematics show package bombs
Rico and elsewhere; the super sophisticated Lake Tahoe bomb (with its 34
nformation has never been seen outside of restricted circles!

This is Kurt Saxon's classic and notorious work on improvised mayhem! Get
your hands on practical paramilitary information as developed and used by
various dissident and radical groups. Homemade poisons, explosives and
mprovised firearms are covered.

Also included are reprints of the following books: Arson by Electronics;
Fireworks and Explosives Like Granddad Used to Make; Pyrotechny; and
Explosives, Matches and Fireworks. A truly informative book by one of
America's most infamous authors. (Banned in Canada!)

This authoritative insider's manual is used by a federal law-enforcement
agency to train its agents in the recognition, composition and handling of
mprovised explosive devices and the various fuzes used to set them off.
Learn how criminals and terrorists set up ingenious devices from such
common materials as clothespins, hacksaw blades and ice cubes, mousetraps
and surgical tubing. Get the details on light-sensitive devices, radio-
controlled explosives, timers, "poor man's C-4," improvised incendiary
mixtures and more.

This manual also provides examples of actual explosive devices that have
been discovered and disarmed by EOD personnel, schematic drawings and class
notes from a student who took the course.

Almost anyone can no master the art of constructing an effective hand
easily understood instructions that describe the equipment and methods
needed to make two optimum models: the fragmentation and incendiary

Make grenades as safe and effective as those now used by military forces
around the world. Types of delays, explosive charges, detonators and more
are detailed.  8.5 X 11, illust., appendices, 72 pp, $12 (GREN)(470)

A treasure trove of info for the professional soldier or police demolition
and Korean booby-trap methods, materials, devices and ammunition items. The
finest non-classified handbook in print on this subject.

                      VIDEOS (VHS U.S. format only.)

Demonstrations of the latest cutting-edge weapons employed in hot terrorist
Lethality Anti-Terrorist) munitions. This video details tactical
effective use of these devices. Dramatic filming of on-site, real-time
Starflash rounds, you'll experience it all!
Color, approx 60 min. $59.95 (SPLLAT)(816)

There is no better (and safer) way to learn about improvised explosive
booby traps used by international terrorists than to watch live, on-camera
video is a chilling seminar is just that - how terrorists modify innocent
everyday items to conceal insidious explosive booby traps designed for
maximum shock and lethality.

This tape shows ingeniously disguised devices made out of books, music
cassettes, mugs, portable tape players, foot powder cans, alarm clocks,
videocassettes, mousetraps and more, all triggered by simple electrical,
chemical or mechanical means.

entering a recently liberated contested area or a security specialist who
may save your life!  Color, approx. 35 minutes, $30 (DTV)(1021)

A fascinating glimpse into the gruesome world of international terrorism,
this is the ACTUAL tape used by a federal agency to train its agents on
automatic weapons and explosives favored by terrorists worldwide. The first
and Third World automatic rifles and machine pistols, featuring side-by-
construction and detonation of high-explosive devices used by terrorists,
ncluding Molotov cocktails, homemade Claymore mines, pipe bombs and letter
bombs. Nonstop action from start to finish. Color, 45 minutes, $30

ARRIVE ALIVE, Tony Scotti's Complete Counterambush-Antiterrorism Driving
This action-packed video is a crash course (no pun intended) in recognizing
and escaping ambushes, assassination attempts and other problem situations
on the road before they become deadly emergencies. The instruction is the
best: with clients in 23 countries on five continents, Tony Scotti's School
of Defensive Driving is recognized as the world's top high-speed evasive

Dramatic footage shot from perspectives outside and within the vehicle
clearly demonstrates how to perform the J-turn, the bootlegger's turn, hard
braking, and single- and multiple-car ramming. Actual assassinations of the
exploited weaknesses in security. Learn from their mistakes. A valuable
training tool for police, bodyguards, chauffeurs or anyone who wants to

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                                Chapter 20

                    Credit Cards - The Insiders' Guide

CREDIT - The Cutting Edge, by Scott French
the financial kind. Scott French has compiled information on every
maginable aspect of credit: this is a hard-and-fast course in professional
credit counselling, with step-by-step instructions on how to legally repair

Read about the 70 least-known credit facts, how to get cards with no credit
check, how to deal with collection agencies and the top credit card crimes
- why they're rarely prosecuted and almost never solved.

Use this information for your own needs or to set up shop as a credit
counselor. Not just another rehashed mishmash, this book reveals the

CREDIT SECRETS - How to Erase Bad Credit, by Bob Hammond
Solve your financial and credit problems once and for all! This book is a
nstructions on how to eliminate your debts and remove negative items from
your credit files - regardless of your past or present financial situation.

This book will save you thousands of dollars in fees, finance charges and
nterest payments as you learn the latest techniques in creative financing
- proven methods of becoming debt-free and establishing good credit.
Discover the inside info used by lawyers and credit counselors, including:

* how to become debt-free without borrowing or bankruptcy.
* dynamic strategies for negotiating with creditors
* secrets of file segregation - the ONLY completely legal method for
  erasing bad credit overnight!

Don't miss this opportunity to get yourself on solid financial ground.

HOW TO BEAT THE CREDIT BUREAUS - The Insider's Guide to Consumer Credit
by Bob Hammond
naccurate, misleading or obsolete piece of info in your credit files. Such
tems can cause you to be turned down for credit cards, loans or even
employment. In this sequel to Hammond's best seller, CREDIT SECRETS, you'll
life and financial standing and then profit from retaining as much negative
- explained in plain language - and cases where the bureaus have violated
t, and finally, how you can take legal action on grounds of defamation,
nvasion or privacy or neglect.

By revealing the inside information used by attorneys and professional
financial consultants, this book will save you thousands of dollars and

CREDIT MECHANIC, The Poor Man's Guide to Credit Repair, by J. Arlene White.
virtual "nonperson". You may have committed no crime greater than being
unable to pay your bills during tough times. And it's an safe bet that
time during their life. If you're caught in a tangled bureaucratic web,
unable to rent an apartment, open a bank account, obtain insurance or even

This unusual book is a step-by-step guide to repairing your credit
yourself, WITHOUT the assistance of expensive "clinics". Read this book and
you'll learn how to get a copy of your credit report AND DECIPHER IT;
year to do it;) write a dispute letter that is more likely to be acted
upon; and develop a new, CLEAN credit file while your old one is under
your favor and wipe the slate clean for good.

                      VIDEOS (VHS, U.S. format only)

Taking a beating on the financial playing field? You need some more
coaching in the mechanics of developing - and defending - your credit
and stomped you in the ground long enough!  Watch the credit game in action
and find out how even the little guys can play to win. You'll get the low-
can protect you from abusive credit reporting practices. You'll discover
exactly how the bureaus keep stats on your credit - whether accurate or not
- and how to interpret your file. Bone up on winning strategies you can use
to wipe out the black marks against you and stack the odds more favorably
n your favor. And when all else fails, take heart: just as in any other
you don't have to either. Color, about 40 min. $39.95 (CRED)(954)

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                                Chapter 21

          Computers, Business-Related, & Oddball Information, and
                Do-It-Yourself Legal Kits for All Occasions

Besides business-related books there's a few that didn't fit the other
categories. I'll call them "Oddball Info". They're unusual books and videos
that aren't found in regular book stores. They may include something you've
been looking for but didn't know existed. Browse, and be surprised.

                       Computers and High-Tech Stuff

COMPUTERS - Crimes, Clues and Controls
Every business that relies on computers is vulnerable to industrial
espionage, breaches of security and employee waste and fraud. This report

Computer crime has become a fast-growing area of criminal activity, causing
nformation sources. This book is designed to heighten your information
electronic information systems. 8.5 X 11, illus, 48 pp $10 (COMP)(2014)

Covens of witches, electronic sex screens, credit card criminals, bizarre
be found lurking on the electronic underground of computer Bulletin Board

This book takes you inside the fascinating world of the hottest new topic
n computers, where people transact business and trade fantasies. Because
computer networks are anonymous and subject to few restraints, they have
become the medium of choice for those who seek unlimited freedom of
expression. 5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 96 pp. $8.95 (BBS)(933)

The author presents a lively, informative approach to solving a common,
embarrassing problem: the speeding ticket. The mechanics of speed control
are explained in detail and in easily understood, concise language. You'll
learn how police determine speed violations through radar and other means
and how you can effectively prevent Smokey from making you his next victim.
An important chapter, Your Day in Court, tells how to successfully defend
yourself in traffic court - without a high-priced lawyer!

Unless you've been busted for drunk driving lately, you probably don't know
make you a drunk driver. For commercial drivers (ANYONE required to drive
as part of the job: truckers, cab drivers, delivery people, sales reps),
one beer will cost you your license and your job.

So if you ever drink at all, you'd better find out how the system works. A
lawyer before taking a breath test, how to challenge Breatholizer results
n court, what to do if there's been an accident, how much your lawyer
Canadian) guide to laws.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, 168 pp, $15. (DUI)(2018)

(Note: If you plan on working the DDT Patrol, these two books may help you
too!  Learn the weak points in the law (how to get off the hook). Prepare
your DDT Patrol strategy to meet the challenge of DUI drivers who may have

                         Money-Making/Saving Ideas

A humorous yet practical look at the lucrative art of landlording by a born
cynic and former gag writer. Realtor Andy Kane tells how to keep wily
tenants in their place - paying rent to make the landlord rich.

Landlording is one profession that requires no qualifications, yet it pays
off twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year. In
this book, Kane tells property owners how to collect rents, train tenants
to pay promptly and make minor repairs, fill vacancies, outsmart do-gooder
addition to rent.  5.5 X 8.5, softcover, illus, 120 pp, $10 (TENANTS)(200)

TENANT'S REVENGE, How to Tame Your Landlord, by Andy Kane.
Now Andy Kane evens the score in the battle of tenants vs landlords. When
Kane wrote "Care and Feeding of Tenants", he loaded the gun against
tenants. The landlords had all the advantages. But this scrooge DOES have a

cockroaches; and order repairs and redecorations at the landlord's expense.

Tenants need this book to get what they have paid for; landlords MUST read
t to keep from losing all. And EVERYONE should read it for a good laugh!

...AND THIS IS THE BATHROOM! How to Really Sell Real Estate, by Andy Kane.
learn how to make a lot of money, this book is for you. Real estate pro
Andy Kane offers the brash, unrelentingly effective guerrilla sales tricks
that he has used over the years to make himself a wealthy man.

You don't have to be in real estate to learn something from this book. In
your company on the front page of the papers at will, plus business card
tricks, negotiating tips, and much more. Scores of hilarious stories from
Kane's twenty years in the field round out this must-read for wheelers and

Andy Kane's way of doing business may be unusual and even controversial,
but the information in this book WILL increase your business, leads and
ncome! 5.5 X 8.5, photos, illust., 208 pp, $16 (BATH)(826)

Have you ever REALLY had good booze? Not that commercial stuff, mass-
comparison. The personal attention and quality ingredients makes this
"shine" one of the smoothest drinks you've ever tasted. It's easy to make,
and costs considerably less because there's no exorbitant taxes to pay!

Author Jim Krohn has been making booze for years, and he lays it all out
for you: how to set up a still, the equipment you'll need, the time
nvolved and the techniques to produce your own clear sugar alky. This is
the stuff you can flavor and then "cut" to create whatever potion you
liqueurs. Krohn includes a helpful appendix of equipment and supplies and
offers advice on how to mix great drinks with your good booze.
(The "cooking" part in the title is in the distillation of the alky.)

Money may not buy happiness, but it sure beats being broke. Not many
millionaires sing the blues. You too, can leave the rat race behind and
take the fast track to top money. THE ARMCHAIR MILLIONAIRE is fact, not
fiction, written by an ex-corporate banker who relinquished both salary and

Whether you seek some extra pocket money or a major makeover in purchasing
endless.  5.5 X 8.5", 120 pp $10. (ARMCHAIR)(9)

THE ECONOMIC GUERRILLA, A Golden Opportunity Handbook, by Mark T. Johnson.
Are you suffering from a devastating lack of money? Do you have debts up to
your ears? Don't know where to turn? You know the problem - this is the

the real world of making a living, will show you how to get out of your
financial hole and STAY out. An Economic Guerrilla is his own man, striving
to ensure his independence from the system and unshackle his assets.

Master the arts of thrift, selfishness, self-knowledge, scavenging and
ncome diversification. No schemes, gimmicks or fantasies. Just you and the

This book is for people who need to live on a lot less money. If you have
been fired, demoted, retired, divorced, widowed, bankrupted or swindled -
or you just want to quit your job and remain financially self-reliant -
this book is for you. In it are hundreds of tips, secrets and necessary
$30,000 a Year (by not spending it); Some Ways to Live on No Money at All;
A Day of Cheap Living; A New Career or Business for You; Protecting Your
entertainment, health care and more.

The author left the "system" in 1969 and has worked for himself ever since.
Let him show you how you, too, can live happily, comfortably and with
complete financial freedom.

FINANCIAL INVESTMENT EXPERTISE, The Complete Guide to Terms, Definitions,
and Winning Strategies, by Deane Kogelschatz.
Does the thought of investing your hard-earned cash make you nervous? Read
this book and learn its lessons and you won't be. This investment manual
funds. Learn what a stock really is, how to read the financial pages in
newspapers, and a lot more. Most important, learn how your money can make
MORE money.

Bank interest, after you pay taxes on it, is often LESS than the annual
cost-of-living increase! Keeping money in a savings account, drawing piddly
nterest, is a sure way to LOSE the purchasing power of your money. The
best way to MAKE money on your money is to invest it in a growth industry
by owning stocks and bonds that pay two, three or four times current bank
nterest. Investment portfolios can be diversified to provide both safety
and growth potential. Want to know more? This book tells you all about this
complex subject.  5.5 X 8.5, hardcover, illus, 168 pp, $22 (FIN)(714)

Written expressly for the adventurous at heart as well as those who simply
most isolated real estate on Earth. As you explore more than 180 exotic
slands, the author serves as your tour guide, providing not only the
climate, vegetation, animal life, water supply, and a lot more you'll want
to know about if you have the desire to take a look for yourself. Precise
maps pinpoint the exact locations of these uninhabited, deserted and
abandoned islands. Whether you're searching for an adventure, a quiet and
kind of a vacation, this book is an excellent source of vital information.

Once the exclusive tool of government, satellite technology is now
available to anybody. This book will show you where to buy satellite
mages, how to enhance and interpret them and how to hide from the "eye in
the sky". Exploring for oil and gold, investing in commodities, assessing
for taxes, mapping, building and zoning are only some of the areas that can
be explored creatively via satellite photos. Get ahead of the others by

                         Almost Free Legal Advice
                       and Do-It-Yourself Legal Kits

Anyone who can read this CrimeFighter catalog can prepare standard-form
legal documents when they take the time to read the simple, but detailed,
forms. That's the idea of do-it-yourself Kits. There are "dozens" of such
Kits -- for all kinds of common, everyday legal documents. Incorporation
Kits are the most popular, but there are many others also available.
Ten such Kits are mentioned below for your thoughtful consideration.

You realize, I'm sure, lawyers don't do the clerical work. They have their
multitude of forms they have in their data bank. What you are really paying
for is a lawyer's legal advice. That may be worth $100 to $200, if you feel
you need legal advice.

A smarter option is to get your legal advice separately -- for $10 to $20!
Then get a do-it-yourself Kit for about $30. Fill in your own name and
addresses on standard-wording forms that are used by legal secretaries and
                 Almost Free Legal Advice - If you Need it

Local Bar Associations in every city in North America (Canada included),
fee of just $10 to $20. The charge is minimal to discourage free-loading,
but affordable to encourage you to make appointments. The cost varies from
city to city and depends on the local economy and affluence of the region.

The deal is an introductory offer. It's to encourage you to talk to a
lawyer to discuss your problem; to evaluate the lawyer before you commit
yourself to (perhaps) thousands of dollars of work; and for the lawyer to
assess your problem and suggest a solution and his fee for same. If you're
t will cost and can start the work by paying a retainer up front.

On the other hand, you aren't committed if you decide to talk to another
lawyer for another opinion and price. That lets you shop for a lawyer you
feel comfortable with in regards to personality, attitude, rates, etc. As a
business person, that's always a smart idea: to shop for the best deal.

For most common legal documents, the lawyer provides routine information
called "advice": and the secretary does the work! You usually don't need a
forms. In fact, paralegals in most states do the same thing at a fraction
of the cost of a lawyer-prepared documents. However, in some states and

The bottom line is, if all you have is a simple question or two, and the
answers are a yes or no, or standard information relevant to the documents,
all it costs is $10 or $20 maximum.  There's no need to visit a lawyer at

Use the Bar Association referral service. It's listed in the Yellow Pages
of your phone directory under LAWYERS or ATTORNEYS. Call them, get the name
of a lawyer who specializes or has experience in the services you need.

Call the lawyer, tell him the Bar Association gave you his name. (That puts
time in answering questions. It does not include any work that entails
legal advice about your problem, and to quote a fee for doing the work.

The best deal for intelligent people is to obtain legal advice separately
via this special deal from Bar Associations (when you feel you need it).
Use a well-prepared Kit and do your own work and save hundreds of dollars.

Said Kits have samples of filled-in forms; preprinted forms with blank
advice and will cost you about $200; and a set of preprinted forms with
blank spaces where you fill in the blanks with your own names, addresses,

users. Besides being the most complete Kits I've seen (and I've used dozens
of such Kits during the last 30 years) the author provides a TOLL FREE HELP
LINE which can be used to ask any question regarding any of the Kits he has

The Kits are designed for legal use in all 50 States. The instruction
manual that comes with with each Kit mentions any difference in law and the

bonus, you'll learn about the law and how to do-it-yourself from then on,
for the rest of your life. That can save you thousands of dollars.

                                 The Kits

(1) The Non-Profit Corporation Kit provides all of the Forms required to
ncorporate a Non-Profit Organization as either a Membership or Non-
Membership Corporation, or as a private Foundation.

A booklet that comes with it contains an Instruction Guide plus samples of
filled-in forms. A separate package in the Kit contains preprinted forms
for all occasions with blank spaces for names and addresses etc.
(Recommended for incorporating CrimeFighters lodges.)
Kit # 1, Non-Profit Kit, $29.95

(2) The Corporation Kit is prepared for American small business
corporations. (Recommended for a Crimefighters' Private Investigation
business to limit liability from lawsuits, bankruptcy, and to provide many
fringe benefits of being an "employee" of your corporation.
Kit # 2, Business Incorp. $26.95

(3) The Living Trust Kit is a low-cost option to the many lawyer sponsored
Living Trust and sell their services at $1,000 or more to do it for you.
By comparison, the booklet takes the place of the seminars (and is printed
for future reference). The preprinted forms and samples takes the place of
a lawyer's secretary. With this Kit, you can do it yourself for just $15!

The Kit includes a Will for the many things that may not be included in the
list of assets. (A lawsuit award for wrongful death from an accident (for
negligence), for example, paid to your estate after your death is not in
the living trust.)

The A-B Trust (Above and Below ground) is a revocable trust while you are
alive and in charge, and automatically legally transfers title of your
assets to the person(s) named in the trust when you die.

The main purpose of a Trust is to avoid Probate fees and inheritance taxes,
but it also provides a guaranteed legal disposal of your assets to the
over Wills by disgruntled heirs. Greedy lawyers often milk an estate dry
before they "settle" the estate. Living Trusts can avoid that problem.

Living Trust is essential.  If you have no Will or Trust, disposition of
your estate is in the hands of the court. In most cases, your estate will
be passed to your legal spouse, not the person whom you may want to have
t. If you have just a Will, it will be probated in court. First, lawyers
to ignore the wishes of the deceased and give certain assets to whom he
believes deserves it. If you were alive you might disagree. When you're

Beat them to the draw! A living trust lets you control your assets while
alive, and positively transfers ownership to the persons named in the
trust when you die. You, not lawyers or judges, are in Control when you

(4) A Living Will Kit is the companion to a Living Trust. A Living Will is
needed when you are permanently injured and can't care for yourself. It
allows you to designate someone to take care of you and your assets when
you can no longer make the decisions or pay the bills. The Kit has forms
yourself and loved ones.  Kit # 4, Living Will  $7.95.

(5) A Regular Will Kit. If you don't need or want a Living Trust (that
ncludes a Will) this Kit is a no-frills do-it-yourself Will Kit. The
booklet with detailed explanations is worth $13.
Kit # 5, Simple Will  $12.95

(6) Partnership Agreements for a business that isn't incorporated. In a few
cases, a legal partnership may provide some advantages over a corporate
entity. The smaller cost (no state incorporating fees or annual reporting
fees) is a consideration, but a minor one. There are also many drawbacks to
a legal business partnership, be sure to compare the pros and cons of each
type of business organization. If you decide a legal partnership is the
best for you, here's a Kit that can save you a few hundred dollars in legal
fees.  Kit # 6, Business Partnership  $19.95

(7) Pre-Marriage Agreements are standard fare for rich people. If you're a
are lots of people who marry for money only. You may be a target. This may
be O.K. if you're aware of it, but it could be a disaster if your spouse
of a few months were to sue for divorce and then ask for a huge alimony or
cash settlement far out of proportion to the benefits of a short honeymoon.
That's where pre-marriage agreements come in. They avoid that problem.

each spouse before marriage belongs to the original owners after divorce
(or death) and are not "joint property" because of marriage as it might be
considered in many states. Having such an agreement may save your marriage
as well as your money. With pre-marriage agreements, gold-diggers aren't
nterested, or are diverted to suckers who don't insist on such agreements.
Kit # 7, Pre-Marriage Agreement  $12.95

(8) Bankruptcy Kits are the last resort in a financial crisis. Bankruptcy
s when your debts exceed your assets and ability to pay all your debtors.
may decide to declare bankruptcy to get your debtors off your back; to

There are many books on bankruptcy that provide detailed instructions and
often out of date and include obsolete forms and other information.

The Bankruptcy Kits by this legal publisher have the same information as
yourself. Just fill in the blank spaces with personal information and file
the papers yourself. That can save you about $200 in legal fees.

Kit # 8 Bankruptcy under Chapter 7  (Wipes out personal debts)  $27.95

Kit # 9 Bankruptcy under Chapter 13 has a monthly payment plan to stop
foreclosures, garnishments, repossession and trustee sales with a court-
approved monthly payment schedule  $27.95

(10) A Do-It-Yourself Litigation Kit.  This one is under development by
CFI. It should be ready for delivery by Jan '94. Details are in CRIMFTR1
FloppyBook. Prepublication price is $20. After publication price will be
$29.95. Order now, and save $10.

Kit # 10 Litigation Kit  $20 if ordered before January 1st, 1994.
($29.95 after Jan 1, 1994)

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                                Chapter 22

                           P o c k e t b o o k s

tremendous amount of insider information. Reading these books will help to
bridge the gap between novice CrimeFighters and experienced cops.

Of course, no matter how many books you read it won't make you the equal of
an experienced cop!  But, these books (among others in this catalog) will
- to understand cops, what they do, and how they go about it. If you're
need to know all you can what it's like being "on the job". And even if you
a few of these books to learn what a cop's job is like.

These specially selected books reveal an enormous amount of regular and
rregular police procedure. They contain TRUE stories of hundreds of
nvestigations. By reading them you can learn a few things - like what to
language, ghetto slang, and narcotics terminology. Besides being exciting
and fascinating reading, they are excellent Crimefighters' educational
material. If you plan on being an active Crimefighter, read all of them.

An important thing you'll learn is that cops are ordinary human beings, not
emotions that the public seldom sees. You'll learn that they can cry, and
are scared at times, just like anyone else. But they're trained to do their
- except for the training and dedication. You too, can do police work. Not
everyone can qualify to be a cop, but everyone can be a CrimeFighter!

                                * * * * * *

                          Books - on Cops by Cops

COPS, Their Lives in Their Own Words, by Mark Baker (author of NAM and

"From the beat to vice to homicide - the unforgettable true story of
America's police."

From the back cover:

"What they can't say on television, what they won't write in novels, cops

From the idealistic rookie to the burnt-out veteran, here are the
unforgetable voices of over 100 police men and women across the country...
cops who shoot and are shot at, who pick up the pieces of shattered bodies
and shattered lives, who face danger, the fear, and the depravity... who
live every day in the frightening, hard world of COPS."

"Here is courage, despair, hope, sacrifice, sex gone crazy, and the most
violent kind of brutality... in COPS, Mark Baker has given us the most
- Harry Crews

"Vividly told in the earthy, hard-hitting language of the streets... a
fascinating insider's view of what it's like to be a cop." - ALA Booklist.

"The stories race, sirens screaming and blue lights flashing, from the

"Colored by a black humor that suggests the true cost and benefits of being
a cop... occasionally cynical, tender... fearsome." - People

"Sometimes shocking, sometimes shockingly funny, always accurate. A delight
to read." - Robert Daley, author of "Prince of the City".

"A compelling tour of the badlands... BIZARRE... TERRIFYING." - The New
York Times.   (COPS)(5022) $6

                                * * * * * *

WHAT COPS KNOW, by Connie Fletcher, by Pocketbooks (1990).

From the back cover:


Cops know how innocent kids get killed by gangs because of an accidental
than any other day of the year. They know how professional thieves crack
like without its head or arms.

"There is no bottom. There is no low. You never know what you're going to

Here in their own words, American policemen and women describe their life
and work among misfits, junkies, prostitutes, killers, psychopaths, and
victims in luxury neighborhoods and on the meanest turf. From law enforce-
ment to the laws of the streets, these undercover and uniformed cops talk
about sex crimes, child abuse, drug dealing, con schemes - the incredible
things they see and deal with every day of the year, every year on the job.

"For anybody who ever wondered what it's like behind a badge, this is the
book. "WHAT COPS KNOW" pulls no punches." San Francisco Chronicle.
(KNOW)(5001) $5.50
                                * * * * * *

From vice to bomb squad, from broken bodies to shattered dreams - America's

To be a pure cop means knowing that sixty percent of street walkers are
car crashes do the worst things imaginable to human bodies. Pure cops know
t, they live it, and now, they tell what it's like.

This is not TV, this is the real thing: in their own words, inside their
minds, into the action, here are the fears and the unrelenting violence
cops have to deal with every day. They will change the way you think about

Chicago special-unit cops talk shop is a sure-footed sequel to WHAT COPS
KNOW ... enthralling dispatches from behind the shield: a true-crime
treat." Kirkus Reviews

"A Raw dose of cop talk, as cops tell it like it is - crude and colorful,
bloody and bold." - Booklist

"The most colorful and concrete book I've ever read on police work" -
Andrew M. Greely.

(PURE)(5002) $5
                                * * * * * *

THE MAKING OF A COP, by Harvey Rachlin, (1991)

From the back cover:

"The making of a Cop is an accurate account of the rigorous discipline and
ntensive instruction in the police academy and of how that teaching
changes the lives of the young men and women who will soon be out there on
the streets."  Mark Baker, author of Cops.

Who are the men and women of the New York City Police Academy? What does it
take to survive this unforgiving urban boot camp and emerge a rookie, ready
for a beat on some of the meanest streets in the nation?

To find out, journalist Harvey Rachlin followed four raw recruits from the
Academy to the streets. His dramatic day by day account, THE MAKING OF A
COP, thrusts us into a world of age-old traditions and sudden-death

From the intricacies of criminal law to the blazing of .38's on the firing
eyes to a new and perilous world of perpetrators, lowlifes, search and
crack-crazed mugger, battling the legal machinery to preserve a "good"
bust. We see them absorb the knowledge which may one day save our lives -
or their own.

Taking us through the rigors, the grueling decisions and gut wrenching
fear, THE MAKING OF A COP is a compelling portrait of a group of men and

"A sympathetic chronicle.. THE MAKING OF A COP presents a realistic look at
a supremely difficult job" - Publishers Weekly.     (MAKING)(5003) $5

                                * * * * * *

BLACK FRIDAY COMING DOWN, by David Hunter, (1990)

Both books by the same author tell true stories of moments of panic, fear,
The first book THE MOON IS ALWAYS FULL talks about the nut cases who "come
out of hiding when the moon is full". To a cop, the moon is ALWAYS full.
BLACK FRIDAY COMING DOWN is the sequel. The name of this book relates to
Friday nights, when week-end action starts -- and all Hell breaks loose.

Both books tell short stories of actual cases and provides an inside look
nto the trials and tribulations of a cop. Both books contain surprises,
like - in snapshot stories. Walk a beat with David Hunter, and learn what
t's like to be a cop.

From the back cover:


Every day, cops encounter a world more bizarre, more dangerous, and more
outrageous than most people ever imagine. In BLACK FRIDAY COMING DOWN,
David Hunter blasts away at the stereotypes - and exposes the REAL
experience of being a cop... as only a real cop could tell it.

Here are the true stories - the action, the comedy, the tragedy... an
unforgettable portrait of life behind a badge.

When you're a cop, you wind up with a one-of-a-kind view of the world.
BLACK FRIDAY COMING DOWN will throw you into the thick of it..."

"Brings the reader directly into the inner world of the street policeman"
- Midwest Book Review.

"A glimpse of Police work second only to duty in uniform." Birmingham News.

(F.MOON)(5004) $5
(FRIDAY)(5005) $5
                               * * * * * *

TRUE BLUE, by Ed Nowicki, 1992

"The book that's become an underground legend among cops. True stories
about real cops. No punches pulled. No apologies made. Ed Nowicki has
captured the heart and soul of Police work." Lt. Ernest A Spiotto, Chicago

Cops dare to tell it like it is...
"Stan approached the driver's door with his ever-present, friendly smile.
The smile was promptly destroyed by a shot fired from a .357 magnum
'10-1, officer shot. Officer needs help.' Mixed emotions of frustration,
anger, hatred, sorrow, and pity overwhelmed him as he helplessly watched

They risk it all on streets that have become war zones...
"Ken ran into the street to help the screaming boy who was trapped under
the left side of the Chevy van that was balanced on the curb. It was
teetering slightly, and could come down on the boy at any moment. He had
almost reached the boy when he heard the sound of an engine, and the Chevy
began to rock."

Where a split-second decision can make the difference between an official
commendation and a hero's funeral...
"Two shots rang out and Ted felt something hit the back of his left
ammo wallet, the Camero began taking off down the road again at a high rate
of speed. Ted carefully took aim and fired the last round from his Chief's

This is law enforcement as you've never seen it... and cops as they rarely

(TRUE BLUE)(5025) $4.99

                * * * * * *

VICE COP, by Bill McCarthy and Mike Mallowe, (1991)

From the book covers:


The authentic, intensely personal story of twenty-year veteran Bill
McCarthy and his one-man war against crime as former head of the toughest,
Division - New York Vice!

An insider's gritty portrait of life on streets in the Big Apple. From the
filthiest drug dens and sex shops to the highest level of organized crime
and government corruption, McCarthy has seen it all and tells it straight.
About the dirty cops who deal drugs and kill for hire; the pornographers
city and the public officials who let them. It's all here. And it's all

"Raw, steamy, vivid and colorfully written" - Anthony Bouza, former
Assistant Chief, NYPD.

"A savage, savvy walk on the wild side of New York Vice ... a must read for
anyone who really wants to know what goes on after dark." - Chris Borgen,
CBS News.

"The most explosive expose of life on the New York City Police Department
ever published!

"Well-written, witty and kinky... teeming with information!" - Kirkus

(VICE)(5006) $6
                                * * * * * *

                                DRUG WARS!

THE COCAINE WARS, Paul Eddy with Hugo Sabogal and Sara Walden, (1988)

From the back cover:


Ford Motor Company. It is cocaine, and a single, ruthless, savagely
a half years, the authors lived on the front lines of this story, and they
operators: the millionaires and enforcers, the smugglers and informers.

THE COCAINE WARS takes us from the jungles of South America where the coca
s grown to the streets of Miami where drug money has corrupted at least
one in every ten cops. With unlimited wealth and power at stake, whole

THE COCAINE WARS is investigative reporting that reads like a crime
thriller but has the shocking impact of today's headlines. For the first
time, here is the full story of the traffic in cocaine, the story of the

(COCAINE)(5007) $5
                                * * * * * *

DEEP COVER, by Michael Levine, (1990)

From the back cover:


TOP undercover cop. A man with a proven record of arrests - personally
accounting for more than 3,000 criminals serving 15,000 years in jail. A
man who now calls America's war on drugs "the biggest, costliest, most

                        IN THIS BOOK, HE PROVES IT.

He takes us with him on one of the most dramatic, ambitious cases ever
mounted - an operation in which the drug kingpins of three countries were
caught red-handed... and tells us why they were never brought to justice.
The result is THE explosive expose of why we're losing the war on drugs -
told in the words of an American who devoted his life to winning it."

(DEEP)(5008) $6
                                * * * * * *

UNDERCOVER, by Michael Levine, (1988)

From the back cover:


For twenty-three years DEA agent Michael Levine has waged war against the
to use his cunning, his karate, and savage street smarts to bring to trial
over 3,000 criminals while posing as a Mafia soldier, a Puerto Rican
middleman, a Colombian dope dealer and a priest.

This is the stunning true story of Levine's legendary career, an account of
the drug underworld that is as compelling and personal as it is contro-
versial. From crack houses and street corner deals to Manhattan penthouses
and Beverly Hills mansions, this extraordinary book shows us the daring,
the deceptions, and the triumphs of the unsung hero of our times.

A spine-tingling book that reads more like fiction than non-fiction...
(Michael Levine is) a real-life Clint Eastwood." Inside Books.

Wild, wooly, and as gritty as the mean streets down which Levine hunts his

(UNDERCOVER)(5009) $5
                                * * * * * *

UNDERCOVER is a NARC CrimeFighter Training Manual. In it, Levine mentions
enforcement agencies, and to PTA's on how to REALLY fight the war on drugs.

How?  Hound, harry and harrass "recreational" drug users. Make them suffer.
Take away all the pleasure they get from drugs. Find them, prosecute them,
and personally SUE them for all they've got. When there's few drug users
there'll be fewer dealers. Hitting them from the top down doesn't work.
Like Levine says, it's time we tried new tactics: Hit them from the bottom
up, and eradicate the base that supports the dealers. This book tells us
                                * * * * * *

DRUG AGENT U.S.A., by Richard F. Radford and Jack Crowley, (1989)

From the back cover:

                                 FROM THE

"The battlefields stretch from dark city streets to shady suburban lanes.
His pursuit of the enemy is fearless. And no other enemy is as violent, as
unsung heroes.

During his eighteen years in the vanguard of the DEA's war on drugs, agent
Jack Crowley has seen it all, having directed some of the most significant
and successful busts in the land. Now he takes you on a rare, first-hand
tour through a gritty world of deception, greed, and complex plans for
battle that can put an enemy behind bars... or explode in a barrage of

These are one man's stories. And every one is true."    Unquote.

(AGENT)(5010) $5
                               * * * * * * *

Comment: Jack Crowley fights on a different front than Michael Levine, and
you're really interested in being an undercover NARC agent, get it.

                                * * * * * *

A.K.A. NARC, by Ray "Tex" Brown & Raymond Angus, (1991)

This one is a rousing tale of a trucker accidentally turned bounty hunter,
and later recruited to focus his attention on the war on drugs. Fascinating

From the back cover:

"The drug pushers and smugglers agree: there ought to be a law against Tex
Brown. Just call him Tex -- the good ol' boy with a .25 automatic in his

From a contract to kill in Houston to bloody drug battles in Mexico, from
cocaine smugglers to crooked Customs Agents to white slavers, Tex Brown has

One of the most effective undercover men in the Southwest, Tex is a long
cruises the West in his Mack truck, running cargo and contraband, looking
for criminals and building cases in the war against drugs. This is his true
Going where no ordinary lawman could go -- for he carries no badge -- Tex
Brown has stood face to face with the most dangerous law breakers in the
West, and used a fast gun and amazing courage to bring them to justice."
(AKA)(5011) $5
                                * * * * * *

L.A. SECRET POLICE, (Inside the LAPD Elite Spy Network), by Mike Rothmiller
and Ivan G. Goldman

From the book covers:

"They were ruthless and corrupt, ruined lives and reputations, and
nflicted mindless brutality. The S.S.? The K.G.B.? Guess again...
t's the L.A.P.D.!

One night in Orange County, a helmeted figure on a motorcycle pulled
alongside an unmarked LAPD car and emptied a machine pistol at the cop
nside. Elite OCID Detective Mike Rothmiller lived to tell the story. Now,
of America's most prominent citizens in its iron grip:

The OCID (Organized Crime Intelligence Division), a secretive unit within
the Los Angeles Police Department, used an elaborate spy network and
llegal surveillance devices to spy on everyone from Robert Redford and
Jerry Brown to Connie Chung and Mohammed Ali. No crime was necessary. Any

OCID wanted to know who was straight, gay, left, right, friend, foe.
Sometimes it shredded its own files - but the most sensitive files were
untraceable, out of reach of ACLU pests and court orders...

OCID planted a mole in Mayor Tom Bradley's staff and collected dirt on City
Council members...

Supposedly privilege information from banks, airlines, credit card
companies and the IRS was readily available to, and used by, the OCID..."
(LASP)(5012) $6
                                * * * * * *

EXTREME JUSTICE, The Secret Squad of the L.A.P.D. That Fights Violence with Violence,  by Frank Sacks. Based on the screenplay by Frank Sacks and Robert Boris.

"The official book tie-in to the film EXTREME JUSTICE... The TRIMARK
Chelsea Field.             From the back cover:

These Cops are more likely to read criminals their last rites!

The L.A.P.D.'s Special Investigation Section (S.I.S.) is so "special" that
even the mayor of L.A. did not acknowledge the existence, assignments and
tactics of this secret squad under the command of men like Daryl Gates (the

The assignment of the S.I.S. is to stop dangerous repeat offenders. And
until a violent crime was actually in progress. Assured of the perpetra-
tor's criminal intent and guilt, the squad often "executed" justice on the

A federal jury found members of the S.I.S. guilty of violating civil rights
laws and of using excessive force in March, 1992. The special unit contin-
ues to operate despite ongoing investigations by the F.B.I.

Whether you are thrilled or disgusted by these criminal tactics aganst
"Extreme Justice."

(EXTREME JUSTICE)(5026) $5.99
                                * * * * * *

WISEGUY: Life in a Mafia Family, by Nicholas Pileggi, (1985)

From the back cover:


"At the age of twelve my ambition was to become a gangster. To be a wiseguy
to own the world." - Henry Hill

WISEGUY is Nicholas Pileggi's remarkable bestseller, the most intimate
account of life inside the deadly world of high-stakes world of what some
brutal detail, the never-before-revealed day-to-day life of a working
mobster - his violence, his wild spending sprees, his wife, his mistress,

Henry Hill knows where a lot of bodies are buried, and he turned Federal
more compelling than any novel.

"WISEGUY goes nonstop... absolutely engrossing." The New York Times Book
Review."  (WISEGUY)(5013) $6

                                * * * * * *

THE INSIDER, by Donald Goddard (1992)

From the book covers:


"He's an ex-cop. An Ex-con. And one of the best undercover operatives in
the history of the FBI... His story reads like a thriller" - Dallas Morning

After twenty-five years undercover with the mobs, Billy Breen surfaced to
tell the harrowing true story of how he burrowed into the living heart of
organized crime - and how the FBI lost it's nerve!  A charismatic con man,
ment agencies, Billy Breen:

* opened the way to the biggest cocaine bust in history

* played a key role in solving the murder of Federal District Judge John H.
Wood and the related attempt on the life of a government prosecutor - the
FBI's biggest case since the Kennedy assassination

* unraveled the mob's national network for handling stolen goods

* emerged from deep cover to fire the opening shots in U.S. Attorney
Rudolph Giuliani's crusade against the New York City mobs.

A lesser man might have jumped for cover into the Federal Witness
on crime.  As his old friend and partner, FBI agent Vincent Wincelowicz,
once said, "I wouldn't want to have to start Bill's car every morning."

"Few men or women have been as adept at undercover work as William Clifford
"Billy" Breen.  Goddard writes with tense detail about the high-wire acts
Breen had to balance ...(and) captures a rare insider's view of the war
against organized crime and drug dealing. - Boston Sunday Herald."
(INSIDER)(5015) $6
                                * * * * * *

(Comment: Read this book and you'll find out about how the FBI never paid
Billy Breen's reward money they promised him -- not once, or twice, but
many, many times!  (Lesson to be learned: Always get it in writing! Verbal

                                * * * * * *

                         Other (True) Cop Stories

LINES AND SHADOWS, by Joseph Wambaugh, by Bantam Books, (1984)

From the back cover:

"The true story only Wambaugh could tell. A band of California cops set
loose in no-man's land to come home heroes, or come home dead.

Not since Joseph Wambaughs's bestselling THE ONION FIELD has there been a
true police story as fascinating, as totally gripping as ... LINES AND
SHADOWS. The media hailed them as heroes. Others denounced them as lawless
commando team sent to patrol the snake-infested no-man's-land south of San
Diego. Not to apprehend the thousands of illegal aliens slipping into the
U.S., but to stop the ruthless bandits who preyed on them nightly -

The task force plan was simple. They would disguise themselves as illegal
aliens. They would confront the murderous shadows at night. Yet each time
they walked into the violent blackness along the border, they came closer
to another boundary line - a fragile line within each man. And crossing it
meant destroying their sanity and their lives.

With each book, it seems, Mr Wambaugh's skill as a writer increases. In
LINES AND SHADOWS he gives an off-trail, action-packed true account of
best book yet." Elmore Leonard, The New York Times Book Review.

A saga of courage, craziness, brutality and humor...one of his best books,
comparable to THE ONION FIELD for storytelling and revelatory power."
Chicago Sun-Times.  Unquote.   (LINES)(5014) $6

                                * * * * * *

TRUE DETECTIVES, by William Parkhurst (1992 edition)


"Parkhurst leads his readers into the seedy world of the private eye and
exposes the raw edges of that world ..." - William J. Caunitz

From the back cover:

"VINNY PARCO pulls a .22 from his desk, guns down a rat sneaking across his
office floor, and tells a guy on the phone he'll put a tail on his wife...

BARRY SILVERS munches on a steady diet of donuts as he figures out how to
nab a con man preying on America's rich and brainless...

JO-ANN KUNDA dons a tight minidress to go undercover among New York's drug

They crack the cases the cops can't handle. Now, William Parkhurst takes
you beyond the files and into the field with real P.I.'s. He reveals their
best-kept secrets... and shows how they find out about yours.

"Fascinating reading! - The Atlanta Constitution

(TRUE.D)(5016) $6

(Good info on skip tracers and how they work - "CrimeFighters" in action.)

                                * * * * * *

THE COFFEY FILES, by Joseph Coffey & Jerry Schmetterer  (1991)


"A real-life view of what the good guys think of the wiseguys." - Nicholas

From the Back cover:

                   Wiseguys, tough guys, and killers...

They terrorized anyone who got in their way... until they came up against
Joe Coffey, the cop with the guts and the street smarts to bring them down.

For more than twenty years, Joe Coffey was on the job and on the backs of
of some of the country's most notorious criminals. Now, New York's most
celebrated detective opens the book on the harrowing cases that made his
official departmental commendations - and unofficial resentment.

Dramatic. Intense. Compelling. This is police work at its very best.

"When the mob tried to assassinate Joe Coffey's father, it made an enemy
for life... A rare, intimate look at a remarkable career." - William J.
Caunitz, author of ONE POLICE PLAZA.

"Fascinating reading. Detectives like him make the wheel of Justice turn."
Vincent Bugliosi, bestselling author of AND THE SEA WILL TELL and HELTER
SKELTER.      (COFFEY)(5017) $5

(Also reveals how petty police politics screw up good police work, and deny

                                * * * * * *


ROUGH JUSTICE, Days and Nights of a Young D.A., by David Heilbroner

From the back cover:

"A fine achievement... what a big-city prosecutor's life is really like...
an eloquent, low-key account of the horrors, tumult, and constant


South American pickpocket-training school), prostitutes working the Holland
Tunnel, a machete-wielding cabbie, and a woman who took a bath in her
children's blood... they're all about to teach him about life in the Big
City and our criminal justice system.

From his bumbling rookie days to trying cases as a seasoned A.D.A.,
Heilbroner portrays this dark, alluring world only as one who's been there
can. His job was to apply the law: his passion was to offer justice. His
bitter-sweet, sometimes hilarious, often shocking story is a timely and
moving tale of crime and punishment today."

"Riveting... more interesting than PEOPLE'S COURT, and more realistic than
L.A. LAW... A must read." - Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, Harvard Law
School.       (ROUGH.J)(5018) $5

(This is a must-read if you plan on prosecuting those you catch. It will
lower courts where 90% of criminal cases are processed. After reading this
book (and maybe a few others like it) you'll realize anyone with a semester
or two on legal procedures and prosecution can do the same job.  With Qui
Tam law, you too, can be an official prosecutor!  This book tells you all
about it, and then some. Entertaining and VERY enlightening.)

                                * * * * * *

                               F I C T I O N

The following pocketbooks are mainly fiction, but the difference is,
they're written by cops or ex-cops. While the events and characters are
fictionalized, police procedure and methodology in their books are what
they've learned and lived with during many years of police work. You can
learn about police procedure, their work and their life, from their books.

                                * * * * * *

CLOSE PURSUIT, by Carsten Stroud, (bestselling author of Sniper's moon)

From the back cover:

"Another night falls on New York City. A victim screams. A siren wails.
Eddie Kennedy is on his beat. He's a gold shield homicide detective, and
electrifying rite of passage into the heart of what it takes to be a cop.
From hookers to rapists to murderers, from street-wise muggers to
takes on a killing city - and takes the reader on a rare ride into a
frightening hidden world."

"Like New York City itself, CLOSE PURSUIT is an assault on the senses. And
t shines a pitiless light on the street cop's perceived enemies - from the
the ambitious "suits" roaming the halls of justice, THIS REMARKABLE BOOK IS
STREETS. AN EXTRAORDINARY WORK.  Nothing I have read throws you into the
crucible of big-city police work the way this book does. It is a gritty and
of fiction." - Nicholas Proffitt, author of The Embassy House.

The Zurich Numbers.

"The action is breathtaking and the book is a spellbinding view of a world
like no other." - Detroit News.

(C.PURSUIT)(5019) $6
                                * * * * * *

SNIPER'S MOON, by Carsten Stroud (author of Close Pursuit).

From the Back cover:

"Detective Frank Keogh has a rare gift - for killing. He picked it up in
the jungles of Viet Nam and perfected it on New York's mean streets. It's a
talent that comes in handy when you're a sniper for the NYPD. But over the
years his calling has produced a numbness that has his partner worried: Is
Frank finding it too easy to pull the trigger? Then, when two savagely
mutilated bodies are found with a connection to him, Frank finds himself a
fugitive, dodging cops and meeting violence on a cross-country chase to
find the man who framed him."

"A powerful police procedural by a man who knows the force." - Los Angeles
Times Book Review.

"An epic police thriller... crackling with narrative energy.. and a deep-

(SNIPER)(5020) $6
                                * * * * * *

BLACK SAND, by William J. Caunitz (bestselling author of One Police Plaza)

From the back cover:
"A brutal machine-gun massacre at a seaside resort kicks off a deadly hunt
for a priceless ancient artifact, with two hardened street detectives
thrown together as unlikely partners. Detective Lieutenant Teddy Lucas is
the brooding head of a foul-mouthed squad of New York City detectives, and
Major Andreas Vassos is a veteran Greek cop motivated by justice and a
the toughest case of their careers could get them slammed into a New York
City sidewalk."

"Gritty, authentic... there's enough suspense, action, murder, and mayhem
to keep any reader turning the pages long into the night." - Detroit News

"An expert police procedural." Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Intricate, savvy, and whipcord tense." - San Francisco Examiner

(B.SAND)(5021) $6
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 bottom of the chapter.

 MOUSE    - Point and Shoot
 Use the mouse to make a selection.
 Place cursor on any function that you
 wish and press the left mouse button.
+* There is NO mouse support while the help   windows are active.
 This bar indicates your current position
 within a chapter or in the help file.
 You can use the mouse on the VERTICAL
 scroll bar to scroll down a page in the
&* This function is NOT available with  the help windows.
 SCROLL BAR Bar Left/Right
 This bar will indicate your current
 position on a given line within any window.

SHORT-CUT KEYS    Alt-F  C  - Select a Chapter
   Alt-F  P  - Previous Chapter
   Alt-F  N  - Next Chapter
   Alt-W  Z  - Zoom Window
   Alt-W  R  - Resize/Move Window
   Alt-W  S  - Switch Active Windows
   Alt-P  B  - Print Entire Book
   Alt-P  C  - Print a Chapter in Book
   Alt-U  S  - Save Book Mark
   Alt-U  D  - Delete Book Mark
   Alt-U  M  - Mouse Setting
   Alt-U  C  - Screen Colors
   Alt-U  O  - Drop to DOS
   Alt-U     - View Copyright Notice
   ESC       - Exits (or cancels) any Menu
 Alt-F    - Select the Files Menu
 Pressing Alt-F key sequence places you
 in the Files Menu to select a chapter.
     Select a Chapter    F7 
     Previous Chapter    F8 
     Next Chapter        F9 
     Exit Program     Alt-X 

 Alt-W    - Select the Window Menu
 Pressing Alt-W key sequence places you
 in the Window Menu to manipulate window
 sizes as well as their location on-screen.
     Zoom Current Window      F3 
     Resize/Move Window  Ctrl-F5 
     Switch Active Windows    F6 
)* Zoom Windows has limited use in Crime- R  Fighters book and CRIMCAT, but may be
  useful in other books by other authors.
 Version 1.0 of this program limits viewing
 to Chapter .000 (Book Directory) and the
 current chapter only.

 Alt-P    - Select the Print Menu
 By pressing Alt-P key sequence you will be
 placed in the Print Menu which allows you
 to select your print options.
)* Not available in READ/ONLY FloppyBooks h    Ŀ
     Print Book     F4 
     Print Chapter  F5 
 Alt-U     - Select the Utilities Menu
 By pressing Alt-U key sequence you will be
 able to access utilities such as saving or 
 deleting a book mark, information about the
 copyright notice, and your computer system.
     Save Book Mark    F2     
     Delete Book Mark  Alt-F2 
     Mouse Setting     Alt-M  
     Screen Colors     Alt-C  
     Drop to Dos       Alt-O  
     Copyright Notice         
    End of General Information
    (Use ESC to exit any window)
'< Select a Book to READ Menu 

 This pull-down menu will enable you to
 select the book that you wish to read. It
 will then present you with the Table of
 Contents of the book and a brief description
 of each chapter in the book.
** Use when two or more FloppyBooks are in   the same directory.
'< Load Previous Chapter  F8 
 This function will automatically load the
 previous chapter into a window for viewing.
* You can't "back up" to Chapter .000 I  Use F6 to view the Table of Contents
  or, use F7 to load Chapter .000
'4 Load Next Chapter  F9 
 This function will automatically load the
 next chapter.
'8 Exit the Program  Alt-X 
 This Exit command lets you quit the
 FloppyBook Reader and return to DOS.
'& Print Book  F4 
 This function prints any READ/PRINT book
 but is not available for READ/ONLY books.
 It will start by printing the table of
 contents and then all chapters in the book
 in sequence.
* Restarting the print cycle for each )  chapter restarts the numbering from 1.
', Print Chapter  F5 
 This function will print any chapter of a
 READ/PRINT book, but is not available
 for READ/ONLY books.
 You will be prompted for the chapter number
 you want:
   Enter Chapter:         1    
   To enter a Chapter Number:
   Mouse:  Put the cursor on the chapter
   prompt box for the chapter number and
   press the left mouse button.

 Next enter the chapter number you want
 printed and then put the cursor on the OK
 Box and press the left mouse button again.

   Keyboard:  Use the Tab Key to select
   the chapter prompt box and then enter
   the chapter number to be printed and
   hit the  Key.
'A Help with Menu 
 F1 Help displays this Menu.
 Use arrow keys, or PgUp/PgDn to scroll the
 Help Window Text Up/Down, left or right.
 F8 Prev Chap
 Will close the current chapter
 and loads the previous chapter.
 F9 Next Chap
 Will close the current chapter
 and will load the next chapter.
 F10 Menu
 Will select the Menu Bar on the
 top left hand corner of the screen.

 Use Left or Right arrow keys to select
 a feature from the menu selection, and
 use the up and down arrow keys to move
 within each menu selection.
 When you have highlighted your selection,
 press the  key to activate it.
 Alt-X Exit
 This function will exit the book Reader
 program and return to DOS.
'H Help with the Print Menu  Alt-P 
     Print Book     F4 
     Print Chapter  F5 
 This menu is used to select the type of
 printing function you want to perform.
** Not available in READ/ONLY FloppyBooks. -
 Print Book
 Used to print the entire book.

 Print Chapter
 Used to print any chapter in the book.
 You will be able to select the chapter by
 entering the chapter number in the box.
,* Use the TAB key to position the cursor in   the number box, then enter the number.
   Enter Chapter:         1    
' Help with Utilities Menu  Alt-U 
 This menu tells you how to save or delete
 a book mark, the program copyright notice
 and your system video and DOS version.
' Help on Copyright Notice 
ͼ w
 This menu displays copyright information
 on The FloppyBook reader as well as some
 information about your computer.
'	F Help with the File Menu  Alt-F 

 The File Menu will tell you the options
 available when moving around in the book.
 You can go sequentially from chapter to
 chapter by using F8 and F9 keys.
     Select a Chapter      F7 
     Previous Chapter      F8 
     Next Chapter          F9 
     Change Drive/Dir Ctrl-F7 
     Exit Program      Alt-X  
 You can also select a chapter anywhere in
 the book by using F7 key and entering the
 chapter number in the prompt box.
** Use the TAB key to move the cursor into   the prompt box.
   Enter Chapter:         1    
 Load Previous Chapter
 Load the previous chapter of the book.
 Load Next Chapter
 Loads the next chapter of the book.
 Used to exit The FloppyBook Reader.
'> Zoom a Window  F3 
 This function will allow you to change the
 active window's size.  An active window is
 one with double border around it.  You can
 choose this command to restore the screen to
 its original size only if its size had been
 previously changed by using the Resize
* Zoom and Resize Windows features have very h  limited use in CrimeFighters book and
  CRIMCAT, but may be useful in other books
  by other authors.
 Version 1.0 of this program limits viewing to
 Chapter .000 (Book Directory) and the current
 chapter only.
' Switch Active Windows  F6 
 This function allows you to toggle between
 the table of contents and the current chapter.
 The active window will be indicated by the
 double border.

 This is a handy Windows feature - to scan
 the book directory at any time and possibly
 use the F7 key (jump to chapter) feature.
' Switch Windows  F6 
 This function allows you to toggle between
 the table of contents and the last chapter
 loaded.  It switches the active window.
' Select a Chapter  F7 
ͼ  You can manually select a chapter other
 than the next one in sequence by pressing F7
 and entering the chapter number in the box
 provided and pressing  key or clicking
 on the OK box with the mouse cursor.
* Use the TAB key to position the cursor in   the prompt box, and enter the number.
   Enter Chapter:         1    
'% Save Book Mark  F2 
 This function saves your current place
 within the book. The bookmarked chapter
 and page will automatically be loaded when
 you restart the program.  Saves time and
 aggravation of having to scroll through a
 chapter to find where you left off.
 You may change the book mark during your
 reading session, but only the last book
 mark will be saved and reloaded.
 (There is only one page mark available. It
 is a small file that's replaced by the next
 book mark.)
' Delete Book Mark  Alt-F2 
 This function allows you to clear the book
 mark you had previously set. The next time
 the program is run, it will open the book at
 Chapter.000 instead of the bookmarked place.
' Help with Window Menu  Alt-W 
 This function will allow you to change both
 the window size and its location on the
 screen.  For more information, HIGHLIGHT
 the function you want more details on
 and press F1.
     Zoom Current Window      F3 
     Resize/Move Window  Ctrl-F5 
     Switch Active Windows    F6 
* This Windows feature has limited use in #  CrimeFighters' book and CRIMCAT.
' Mouse Setting  Alt-U M 
 This function will allow you to change
 the current setting of your mouse.
' Screen Colors  Alt-U O 
  This function will allow you to change
  the current screen colors of the program
  automatically set by the FloppyBook Reader.

  On a few computers, you may not be able to
  read text or see the highlights on menus.
  It may be you made an error in entering
  your computer configuration in START2.
  Exit the program and retype the parameters.

  If that's not the problem, it may be your
  computer colors set for standard use may
  not be good for viewing FloppyBooks' colors.
  Try changing screen colors to correct the
' Drop to Dos  Alt-U P 
 This function will allow you to Shell
 to DOS.  Type EXIT  to return to
 the FloppyBook Reader.
'	 Change Directory or Drive  Ctrl-F7 
 This function will allow you to change
 the Disk Drive or Directory.

 If you have a hard drive, floppy swapping
 won't be necessary, and files are loaded
 faster. Use a hard drive if you have one.
  Floppy # 1 with the book reader software
  must be in drive A at all times. The 2nd
  floppy (if any) must be in drive B.

  When a chapter isn't on line, an error
  message says "chapter can't be found."
  It means the next file is on another
  floppy and/or not in drive A.

  If the computer is reading drive A, and
  the next file is drive B or a different
  floppy, insert the required floppy in
  drive B and/or tell the computer to read
  from drive B for the rest of the book.

  (If you're reading files at random, and
  you want to read a file that's on drive A
  when you're on drive B, use Ctl-F7 to
  change control back to drive A.)

 Use ESC to exit the error message.
 Use Ctl-F7 to open a window to change
 Use the DOS format to enter the drive (B:)
 (Don't forget the colon.)

 If the files are in a directory, set the
 Path to locate the files. (Crimftr1 and
 CRIMCAT FloppyBooks have no directories.)
'8 Resize a Window  Ctr-F5 
 This will allow the user to change the
 size of the window and move the window's
 location on the screen.
* This Windows feature has very limited use &  in CrimeFighters' book and CRIMCAT.

 RESIZE a Window
 To enable the Resize mode press and hold
 the Shift key and use the arrow keys to
 create the window size you want.
 MOVE a Window
 To move the location of the window that is
 currently active, use the arrow keys to
 change its location.
 To complete the ReSize/Move mode press
 the  key.
!,p!"U#')D++<.M0D1q33\66;CrimeFighters' Catalog of Books/Videos  Vers 1.0                        Free

Author: William B. McGhee

A book-reader program makes the 150 page, 24 chapter book easy to read.

This is a book/catalog of descriptions on 400+ CrimeFighter books and
videos of law enforcement related subjects. Many are highly controversial
and won't be found in book stores. Highly recommended for CrimeFighters.

Law enforcement officers too, can upgrade their technical knowledge in many
areas that aren't taught in Police Academies. And everyone who is concerned
about crime and fighting crime need to know what the crooks know as a form
of self-defense against the perps who now take advantage of them.

                 C R I M E F I G H T E R S'  C A T A L O G
                    of Special Purpose Books and Videos
                    (Where to Get CrimeFighter Training)

 Chap 0 Table of Contents and Quick Tutorial (below) (2 pgs)
 Chap 1 FloppyBooks info, Copyright/Trademarks (2 pgs)
 Chap 2 Common Sense on Self Defense and the Law (2 pgs)
 Chap 3 CrimeFighters' Book Description of Reward Incentives (3 pgs)
 Chap 4 Private Investigation Training, Skip Tracing (14 pgs)
 Chap 5 Police Science, FBI, DEA, CIA, etc. (11 pgs)
 Chap 6 Military Science, Special Forces Training (8 pgs)
 Chap 7 Action Careers, Bounty Hunters & Bodyguards (4 pgs)
 Chap 8 Handguns for Self-Defense (10 pgs)
 Chap 9 Rifles, Shotguns and Conversions (5 pgs)
 Chap 10 Machine Guns, Improvised Weapons and Special Ammo (7 pgs)
 Chap 11 Fireworks, Explosives and Demolitions (5)
 Chap 12 Street Fighting & Barroom Brawling (8)
 Chap 13 Martial Arts & Ninja Science (11 pgs)
 Chap 14 Knives & Knife Fighting (5 pgs)
 Chap 15 Urban & Wilderness Survival Training (5 pgs)
 Chap 16 New I.D. Where & How to Get it (5 pgs)
 Chap 17 Frauds, Scams & Other Rip-Offs (2 pgs)
 Chap 18 Locks, Lock Picks & Electronic Door Openers (5 pgs)
 Chap 19 Terrorists Tactics & Counter Tactics (8 pgs)
 Chap 20 Credit Card Info (the Good & Bad), and Skip Tracing (2 pgs)
 Chap 21 Business-Related, Do-It-Yourself Kits, and Oddball Info (8 pgs)
 Chap 22 Special (Police Related) Pocketbooks (13 pgs)
 Chap 23 Catalog Sales Refund Policy & General Info. (2 pgs)
 Chap 24 Order form (1 pg)

Hardware requirements: IBM compatible, MS-DOS 3.0+, PC XT's and up. 640K
RAM. Color or monochrome. Dual floppy systems O.K. (hard disk recommended).

          [ .SDA Format is (c)Copyright 1993 The SDN Project ]
          [  SDN Authors-Only Info Line is 203-634-0370 USA  ]