Wide Information Systems CWIS list

Found at: 0x1bi.net:70/textfiles/file?internet/cwis.txt

Campus-Wide Information Systems - CWIS list

The following is information from the listserver
CWIS-L@WUVMD.BITNET, prepared by Judy Hallman
(hallman@unc.bitnet), UNC-Chapel Hill, 4/7/92.

You can pick up this list by anonymous FTP to ftp.oit.unc.edu; it
is in pub/docs/cwis-l.

The Extended Bulletin Board (EBB), offered by UNC-CH, can connect
you to many of the information systems in this list. You may
access the EBB through Telnet, using bbs.oit.unc.edu as the
connection. For "username" type 'bbs'.  When you get the EBB's
menu, select item 9., "On-line Information Systems."
Campus-Wide Information Systems (CWIS)
Appalachian State University
conrad.appstate.edu (
Login as info.
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: Ernest Jones 

Arizona State University PEGASUS and ASEDD
asuvm.inre.asu.edu (
login as helloasu
Use tn3270.
Hardware/Software: Running PNN News Network Software under
(with Profs and FOCUS).
Contact: Joy Kramer 

Contains two databases: PErsonal Guide to ASU Stuff (PEGASUS) and
Arizona State Economic Development Database (ASEDD).

California State University
caticsuf.csufresno.edu (
Login as public
Emulate a VT100

Clemson University
eureka.clemson.edu (
Login as public.
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: Amy Slankard 

Contains: Weather for SC, NC, and GA; economics; plants; animals;
engineering; food; home, health, family and youth.

Clemson University
clemson.clemson.edu (
No login (Press ENTER at the signon screen).
Hardware/software: HDS/BRS Search
Use TN3270
Select   F (DORIS) from the menu
Contact: Ches Martin 

Contains organizational minutes, faculty/staff/student
directory, stores catalog, job postings, computer resources.

Columbia University
columbianet.columbia.edu ( and also .158)
No login required.
Emulate nothing in particular (any termcap entry).
Hardware/software: Sun (Unix), homegrown cwis software, Oliver
Laumann's "screen" for simultaneous viewing of several services,
and Don Libes "expect" for automatic logins.
Contact: David Millman 

Contains: events calendar, course schedule, staff directory, weather,
office hours, schedules, policies, regulations, deadlines
NEW: library catalogs, personnel job postings, faculty handbook,
committee reports, gateway to departmental timesharing
SOON COMING: two-way gopher gateway & more full-text searching

Some services require authentication.  Some are location-based (i.e.
you can't get them from there), and some others require an account
password.  But most of the information is publicly available.

Cornell CUINFO
Connect to port 300.
Use telnet or tn3270.  Different versions of telnet or
tn3270 have different syntax for defining the port.  The
following are the commonest:
TELNET cuinfo.cornell.edu 300
TELNET cuinfo.cornell.edu::300
or  TELNET cuinfo.cornell.edu..300
Hardware/software: VM/CMS; IBM S/370 assembler; locally written
Contact: Steve Worona 

CUINFO of interest to non-Cornell community members:

Uncle Ezra           - The Electronic Counselor - First program of
                       its kind - A must see.
Directories          - Student and Staff directories - Includes
                       staff electronic addresses
Ski Reports          - Up to the minute Upstate New York Ski
                       Reports (Seasonal)
Jobs                 - Listings and Descriptions of jobs at
Computing            - Extensive on-line information regarding
                       computing at Cornell
Patents              - Descriptions of current patents held by
Various Newsletters  - Newsletters from numerous campus groups
Weather              - Up to the minute local weather forecast

Lafayette Integrated, Networked Campus - LINC
lafibm.lafayette.edu  (
Use telnet or tn3270.  When you see the LINC logo, ignore the
ALT-L advice and clear the logo by pressing Enter.  On next
screen, instead of logging on, type DIAL MUSIC (case does not
matter).  On login screen that appears, use GUEST as ID, and
GUEST as password.
Hardware/software: IBM 9375 running MUSIC/SP
Contact: Patrick Ciriello  

ibm1.cc.lehigh.edu (
Use tn3270.
At the VM prompt, type DIAL MUSIC, and at the /ID prompt,
type LUNA.
Hardware/software: IBM 4381 running MUSIC.
Planning to move to AIX on RS/6000s.
Contact: Timothy J. Foley 

Mississippi State University (MSUinfo)
isis.msstate.edu (
Login: msuinfo
Terminal type: enter yours, most supported
Hardware/software: SUN 4/490; UNIX/TechInfo
Contact: Bennet George (George_Bennet@admin.msstate.edu)

Contains: announcements, campus events, community events,
continuing education offerings, jobs, recent press releases,
research funding opportunities, fact book, faculty expertise
list, etc.

Contains: announcements, campus events, community events,
continuing education offerings, jobs, recent press releases,
research funding opportunities, etc.

MIT TechInfo (
Accessible either via telnet, or via a native Macintosh
application that uses the MacTCP drivers to access the

TechInfo server. MacPlus with 1 Meg memory or better
required, System 6.0.3 or better, and licensed MacTCP

Source code available freely to other schools looking to get
started quickly...contact folks listed below.

For telnet access:
telnet techinfo.mit.edu (
No username/password is required.
Once you're in, you can use upper or lower case commands.
To exit the system, use the QUIT command.

For native Macintosh access:
anonymous ftp to net-dist.mit.edu,
look in the /pub/techinfo directory, fetch techinfo.hqx
Binhex4 (public domain tool) required to decode the binary.

Human contact: Tim McGovern , (617) 253-0505
Bugs: bug-techinfo@mit.edu
Comments: comment-techinfo@mit.edu
Administration: admin-techinfo@mit.edu

New Mexico State University NMSU/INFO
info.nmsu.edu (
Login as info.
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact:  D. Brian Ormand 

North Carolina State University Happenings!
ccvax1.cc.ncsu.edu (
Login as info.
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact:  Harry Nicholos 
- The University Datebook; a listing of all campus activities by
          date or keyword.
- The University Infobook; information about the University's
          colleges/schools/departments/admin units, as well as
          the University Bulletin, NCSU Wellness Program, Faculty &
          Students Senate Meeting Minutes
- Faculty/Staff and Student Telephone Directories
- Class/Course listing for both the current semester and the
          upcoming one.
- Staff Full-Time & Transfer Opportunities, Student Jobs
- Computing Information, including Computing Center User Memos,
          Newsletters, and other important information
- NCSU Libraries Information
- Today's weather; supplied by the NCSU Meteorology Seniors
- University Dining Menus
- Newsletters and Journals

Northwestern University
nuacvm.acns.nwu.edu (
Command: dial vtam
Application ID: nuinfo
Emulate a VT100, other options are also available.
Hardware/software: IBM 4381 using PNN.
Contact Person: Tamara Iversen 

Calendars & Entertainment: Contains calendars of on and off campus
events, a Chicago Guide, an Evanston Guide, and a Restaurant

Academics:  For people interested in the University, this holds
our entire university catalog, our Course and Teacher Evaluation
Catalog (CTEC), and  other academic information of interest to
prospective students

NU Calendar of Events:  This summarizes many of the events that
take place on campus during the year.

Notre Dame NDInfo
Use tn3270.
On the "Command ==>" line, type NDInfo.

Contact: ndinfo-l@vma.cc.nd.edu (ndinfo-l is an open listserver,
you are welcome to join and send comments.

info.nyu.edu (information.nyu.edu) (
Emulating a VT100 or better enables some additional suboptions
Contact: Stephen Tihor 

Pennsylvania State University
psuvm.psu.edu (
Login as info
Emulate a tn3270

Pennsylvania State University: PENpages
College of Agriculture
Internet address: psupen.psu.edu
Login as: pnotpa
No password is required
Emulation: VT100
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: support@psupen.psu.edu

Contents and Contributors:

PENpages is a full-text information service containing thousands of
research-based fact sheets, news articles, newsletters, and reports.
Information is entered by faculty and staff of the Pennsylvania State
University, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the United
Department of Agriculture, the Center for Rural Elderly, and many
cooperators nationwide.

Information is agricultural-based and consumer-oriented.  Topics
4-H and youth development, agricultural education, agronomy; Dairy
animal science, engineering, entomology, family life and resource
management, food safety, forest resources, gerontology, horticulture,
nutrition, pesticide education, plant pathology, poultry science, rural
development, veterinary science, water quality, and many others.

PENpages is the home of a collection of national databases including:
MAPP-the Family and Economic Well-Being National Database which
children-at-risk, youth-at-risk, family disrupt dislocation, family
financial instability, and dependent elderly information. (2) Senior
National Database contains gerontology information. (3) International
and Nutrition Database contains information on disease prevention,
safety, health promotion, nutritional requirements, and eating

Pima Community College
pimacc.pima.edu (
Login as pimainfo.
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: Terry Loftus 
or Al Camberos 

Princeton News Network PNN
pucc.princeton.edu (
Use telnet or tn3270.  When you see the VM 370 logo, clear
it, and instead of logging on, enter pnn (case does not
matter).  Clear the information screen that appears.
Hardware/software: VM/CMS -- locally written. A UNIX version and

Mac HyperCard version are up, running, and available. All versions
(CMS, UNIX, HyperCard) are available to universities at no cost.
Contact: Rita Saltz 
System and Development: Howard Strauss 

Rutgers University
info.rutgers.edu 98
No password required
Can be accessed from any microcomputer or terminal
Hardware/software: written in lush (a public domain program), runs
on any SUN workstation
Contact: Leny Struminger  

Contains: university wide activities, graduate courses catalogs,
Faculty/Staff phone directory, computer services, libraries online
catalog, weather, news, bus schedules, etc.

San Diego State University
wintermute.sdsu.edu (
Login as sdsuinfo
Emulate a VT100
Hardware/software: pnn & nmm; Sun SPARCstation 1 running
Contact: Richard Caasi 

Syracuse University PRISM
acsnet.syr.edu (
Login as suvm
At USERID ===> suinfo
Type suinfo once more

University of Arkansas
uafsysb.uark.edu (
Login as info
Hardware/software: IBM 4381-14, VM/HPO 6.0, Cornell's CUINFO
Contact: Susan Adkins 

Contains: Calendar of events, campus e-mail directory, and hours
and services.

University of Colorado at Boulder
culine.colorado.edu 852 ( 852)
or culine.colorado.edu, then login as culine
Hardware/software: modified version of PNN running on both
VMS and Unix
Emulate a VT100
Contact: Donna Pattee 

University of Denver
du.edu (
Login as atdu
Contact: Bob Stocker 

University of Maryland
Emulate a VT100
Contact: Janet McLeod 

University of Michigan
cts.merit.edu (
Which Host: help
Emulate a VT100
Contact: info@merit.edu

University of Minnesota at Duluth
ub.d.umn.edu (
Login as info
Emulate a vt100.
Contact: Frank Simmons 

System contains over 700 documents ranging from athletic schedules
to micro-computer prices to art gallery showing schedules. All
commands are displayed at the bottom of each screen and separate
on-line help is available. Keyword searching is available,
although at this time only words in the titles of documents are

University of New Hampshire's VideoTex
unhvtx.unh.edu (
USERNAME:  student (no password required)
Control-z to log off
VT100/VT200 terminal emulation
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: Robin Tuttle (r_tuttle1@unhh.unh.edu)

Contains: phone directories, campus calendar, job listings,
off-campus housing list, undergraduate catalog, class schedules,
newsletters, services and programs, rights and rules of conduct,
athletics and recreation information, activities and workshops.

University of New Mexico UNM_INFO
unminfo.unm.edu (
Login as unminfo
Contact:  Art St. George 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill INFO
info.oit.unc.edu (
Login as info.
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: Judy Hallman 

Contains: Library-related events, including international meetings
and conferences, as well as local events; the campus directory;
job openings; "The Independent Study" catalog (courses people can
take by correspondence); the undergraduate catalog; continuing
education classes; and several newsletters, including the campus
information technology newsletter and the Institute for Academic
Computing newsletter.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro MINERVA
steffi.acc.uncg.edu (
Login as info or MINERVA
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: Norman Hill 

University of North Carolina at Wilmington SEABOARD
vxc.uncwil.edu (
Log in as info
Emulate a VT100.
Hardware/software: DEC/VTX
Contact: Eddy Cavenaugh 

Contains: class schedule listings, institutional
statistics, library services, faculty & staff publications,
current university news releases, phone directories,
facilities schedules

University of Northern Iowa
infosys.uni.edu (
Log in as public; password is not required
Will ask for terminal type; press RETURN if using a vtxxx.
(If you are using a vtxxx or any other terminal that the
system recognizes, it will page; otherwise it will scroll)
Hardware/software: AT&T 3b2/500; System V UNIX; local CWIS
Contact: Mike Yohe 

Contains: telephone directories; closed class lists;
information about computing services, library, residence
system, theater, public safety, and other aspects of
university life; suggestion box and postings of questions and
answers.  Additional information under development.

University of Pennsylvania -- PennInfo
(no login id is needed)
Emulate a VT100
Hardware/software: MIT's Techinfo; type HELP for directions
or Al D'Souza 
Comments: penninfo-comments@dccs.upenn.edu
Bugs: penninfo-bugs@dccs.upenn.edu

PennInfo can be accessed via MIT's TechInfo MAC client program as
well.  We've modified the MAC client slightly because we have
different contact information at Penn than MIT does.

* Facts about the University of Pennsylvania.

*  Information about Programs in Residence and Academic Support
programs for students; tutoring services; scholars programs; grants,
fellowships, and research resources; the entire Penn course register,
course timetable, and final examination schedule; and the latest
academic calendar.

*  Various calendars with topics ranging from academic events to
cultural events to computer-related conferences and training.

*  Articles from campus publications.

*  Computing topics, including recent computer hardware/software
ergonomics issues, computing facilities on campus, information on
computing-related subjects, directories of dial-in modem services
pool phone numbers and electronic mail addresses, Internet and
information (including bibliographies and references), site licenses,
and information on the new University Data Center.

*  On-campus directories.

*  Faculty and staff information, including book and computer
and such services as mailing, child care, transportation and parking,
and human resources policies.

* Penn's 14 libraries, including library hours, phone numbers and
locations, as well as special library services.

*  Official policies and procedures for such topics as financial
policies, human resources policies, operating procedures, and health
safety procedures.

*  Schools information, including general advising, faculty directories,
the entire course register, graduation procedures, bylaws, and
programs and awards.

*  Listings of student organizations and support facilities and groups,
including student services such as housing, activities and events,
financial services, student computing facilities, and the University
Police crime listing.

*  Academic support services, including the honors programs, alcohol
drug education, fraternities and sororities, international programs,
ROTC, student health, university counselling services, and Penn's
radio service.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine - MEDINFO
penninfo.upenn.edu 9010
(no login required - goes directly to MEDINFO Main Menu)
Contact: king@mscf.upenn.edu

University of Texas at Austin
utaus.cc.utexas.edu (
Login as UTCAT
Emulate a VT100

Washington University
Login as services
Emulate a VT100
Contact: services@wugate.wustl.edu

Yale E N T E R P R I S E
Connect to port 300.
Use telnet or tn3270.  Different versions of telnet or
tn3270 have different syntax for defining the port.  The
following are the commonest:
TELNET yalevm.ycc.yale.edu 300
TELNET yalevm.ycc.yale.edu::300
or  TELNET yalevm.ycc.yale.edu..300
Hardware/software: IBM 3090 using the CUInfo software developed
Contact: Jan Eveleth 

Contains: weather, campus activities & student newspaper,
course listings, syllabi, tutoring programs, job listings, staff
reports, and administrative service descriptions.

International CWISs
If you want information on CWIS sites in Australia and the United
Kingdom, you will find it the the latest version of HYTELNET,
available by anonymous FTP from vaxb.acs.unt.edu in the library
subdirectory. It is listed as HYTELN40.ZIP.



McGill University, Montreal Canada, InfoMcGill Campus-Wide Info
vm1.mcgill.ca (
Use telnet or tn3270.
When you see the VM logo, hit enter to clear it, enter PF3 (or type
"INFO") as the screen will prompt you.
No userid/password is required.

Hardware/Software: IBM 4381. Uses MUSIC/SP software running
under VM.
(MUSIC/SP is available from IBM under program number 5750-ACF.
It provides the software for the CWIS including hierarchical
menu support, full text word searching, the ability of data
providers to directly update their own CWIS data, and the ability
to get e-mail feedback directly from the viewers of their data.)

Contact: Roy Miller           (Bitnet)

Contains: Administrative policies, video tape rental library,
staff phone book and e-mail addresses, employment opportunities,
library information, computing newsletters, computer store price
lists, enrollment numbers, student society handbook, coming
events, etc.

University of New Brunswick, Canada, INFO
unbmvs1.csd.unb.ca (
Login with application id INFO
There is no password required.
INFO is a full-screen CICS application running under MVS.
tn3270 emulation.
Contact: Bonita Mockler 

Contains: University Calendar, class timetable,
phone/fax numbers for faculty/staff/students, faculty and
staff email ids, seminar schedules, minutes, newsletter, etc.

Universite de Montreal (Quebec, Canada) UDEMATIK
udematik.umontreal.ca (

Supports a wide variety of Ascii terminals (VT100, VT220,
televideo, X, etc.) as well as videotex emulation (NAPLPS).
Use telnet, no password required.
Also, free X.25 access (Datapac) on request
or Joelle stemp  
or Sebastien roy 
Language: French

Contains the following databases: staff phone/e-mail directory,
catalog of courses (7,000), University's complete catalog, program
comparing and course matching application. And also information on
the following topics: programs, admission (undergraduate, graduate,
continuing education), and information about University computing


Tilburg University, Netherlands, KUBgids
kublib.kub.nl (
Login as KUBGIDS
There is no password required.
Emulate a VT200.
Hardware/software: Digital Standard Mumps, DEC/VTX, Topic,
Ingres, Sybase, and locally written.
Contact: Thomas Place (place@kub.nl)

Contains: the library's online public access catalogue, four
databases containing bibliographic references to information
carriers in several areas of computer science, two databases
for current awareness services, a database on grey literature
in the field of economics and business science, a database
covering information on the province of Brabant and a campus
wide information system. Under development is a module for
navigation through the subject fields of the various databases.
Some of the services are not available to anonymous users of
KUBgids from outside the campus.



Universitaet Osnabrueck, Osnabrueck, Germany.
(An experimental CWIS.)
jupiter.rz.uni-osnabrueck.de (
Emulate a VT100
userid:   rzinfo
password: rzinfo.
Hardware/software:  PNN software under VM/CMS and AIX/370.
Contains: Information from the computer centre,
the library, and a telephone list, and it is steadily growing.
Contact: Ivo Duentsch 



Rechenzentrum Universitaet Zuerich
rzucms.unizh.ch (
Command: info
Emulate a tn3270


To access universities in the UK, it is necessary to first login
into JANET, the Joint Academic Network.  Access to JANET follows:

Access: telnet sun.nsf.ac.uk
Login: janet
Hostname: type out the address of the University you would like to
connect to
Birmingham University
Emulate a vt100

Imperial College
Emulate a vt100

Newcastle University
Emulate a vt100

Nottingham University
Emulate a vt100

University of Bristol
Emulate a VT100

University of Cambridge
Emulate a VT100

University of Hull
Emulate a VT100

University of Leicester
Emulate a vt100

University of Oxford
Emulate a VT100

University of York
Emulate a VT100

Public Information Networks
Cleveland Freenet, Case Western Reserve University
cwns10.ins.cwru.edu ( or or
Software: FreePort
Contact: Dennis Risen 

Heartland Freenet
heartland.bradley.edu (
login as bbguest
Software: FreePort (see Cleveland Freenet
Contact: Karen S. Eggert 

Heartland Free-net, Inc., is a community owned and operated not
for profit bulletin board system.  We are an independent company
from Bradley University although we can be accessed via Internet
address at Bradley University.  We are modeled after
public television and public radio.

The secret to the wide range of information available on HFN
is the time and expertise contributed by the community.
Organizations all over Illinois contribute information which
is difficult or impossible to obtain from any other resources.
Information on the network covers a large variety of topics;
the listing of the complete menu is in the Administration
Building area of the network and is 25 typed pages long.
Topics covered include 108 areas of social services; a
complete year long community calendar; the American Red Cross;
the Boy Scouts; business help resources and statistical
information; extensive Senior information and resources; local
government information, including addresses of all elected
officials; legal data; medicine including chemical dependency,
mental, and hospital health services; tax; primary, secondary,
and post secondary educational opportunities; home and garden
subjects; historical documents and a library supported
reference desk; aviation; environment and recycling; personal
computer, religion and ethics; and travel information.  Users
also have access to personal electronic mail and editorial

One of the most popular areas of the Free-net is presented by
Illinois Job Service which provides current listings of about
100 jobs.  In addition, experts in all fields from law to
chemical dependency to the Red Cross to gardening contribute
their time and expertise to respond to questions asked
anonymously by the public.  Specifically, the following
organizations are currently contributing information and
expertise to the Heartland Free-net:

Mental Health Assn. American Red Cross Chamber of Commerce
Peoria County Government Peoria City Government Congressman
Robert H. Michel Peoria Park District Economic Development
Council, Peoria Small Business Development Center, Peoria
Illinois Department of Employment Security Social Security
Administration Internal Revenue Service Heyl, Royster,
Voelker, and Allen, P.C. Leson, Steinberg, and Downs, C.P.A.
Peoria Visitors and Convention Bureau Proctor First Care
Proctor Hospital Proctor Hospital Chemical Dependency Center
Illinois Eye Center County Extension Service Bradley
University Eureka College Illinois Central College Peoria High
School Father Sweeney School District 150 - Washington School
National Weather Service Illinois Valley Library System and
member libraries Beachler's Amoco Staat's Appliance Service
Reliable Pest Control Quality Travel League of Women Voters
Audubon Society Pimiteoui Trail, Assn. Sierra Club Boy Scouts
of America HAM Radio of Central Illinois Goodwill Industries
of Central Illinois United States Weather Service

The amount and type of information available through HFN is
limited only by the imagination.  The skill of HFN lies in its
ability to seek out pertinent information from credible
resources and to present that information in such a way as to
not inconvenience or burden the Information Provider while
making information easy to find and comprehend for the user.
All data is kept updated by the combined resources of the
Information Provider and Free-net staff.

Tri-State Online (Cincinnati) and login as visitor
Software: CIX
Contact: Steven S. Shoemaker 

Youngstown Freenet (
login as visitor
Software: CIX (see TriState Online)
Contact: Lou Anschuetz 

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