All you ever wanted to know

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                 All you ever wanted to know about Usenet

                             Fourth Edition

                       Initial Release, 08-26-1990

   This list of Usenet Files was compiled in order that you can get the
best out of Usenet while at the same time following the basic Network
Rules.  Many a times there have been complaints from the Usenet Community
about the new users not following the proper Nettiquette or are unaware of
the documentation available on the subject.  This is an attempt to

   In the previous releases, I tried to keep the contents of this ZIP simple
but believe that it wouldn't hurt to add some documents of a more technical
nature.  RFC822 and RFC1153 attempt to show some more technical aspects of

   I also upload the latest Canadian and World UUCP maps to CRS.  Look for
UCAN0791.ZIP and UMAP9107.ZIP.  These are July 91 Canadian and World Usenet

   You can find me on Canada Remote Systems in Toronto, in Usenet
Conference 8, where I am one of the Conference Coordinators.  If you have
any further questions contact me at one of the following email addresses:


                                    Jack Lupic
                                    Ontario, Canada
                                    Sat  07-27-1991  18:03 EDT

 NOTICE: These compilations are the property of Jack Lupic and are copyrighted.
 They may be used for personal purposes only.  They may not be incorporated in
 other disk listings, nor altered  in any manner.  This notice must remain a
 part of any use of these listings.

Contents of USNT9107.ZIP:

A Introduction to news.announce 
B Rules for posting to Usenet
C Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 
D A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
E Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
F Hints on writing style for Usenet 
G How to Create a New Newsgroup
H USENET Software: History and Sources 
J List of Active Newsgroups
K List of Moderators
L Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
M How to Get Information about Networks 
N List of Periodic Informational Postings
O Regional Newsgroup Hierarchies
Q A Guide to Social Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
R What is Usenet?
S How to Construct the Mailpaths File

Additional Usenet Files

ADDRESS         Brief Description on how to send Mail
CONTENTS        This file you are reading ***
GATEWAYS        Inter Network Mail Guide, Gateways to Internet
README          How to Register Your Site in Usenet Maps 
RFC822          Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messages
RFC0976         UUCP Mail Interchange Format Standard
RFC1036         Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages
RFC1178         Choosing a Name for Your Computer
SMILEY          The Smiley Dictionary
TIMEZONE TXT    Timezone Abbreviations
USEBOOKS        Usenet Book Sources
USENET.TXT      How to Use USENET Effectively, Supplement to files A - S