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A List of Reachable Major MsDos Authors of Files at FTP Archives

MsDos PD & SW utility authors please see the appendix at the end of
this file for more information and a convenient fill-in sheet. This
list covers MsDos utility PD & SW authors reachable by email on
FidoNet. Solely Windows, games or fully commercial authors are not

This same list is also available without the version number as

Moderating at garbo.uwasa.fi anonymous FTP archives
Faculty of Accounting & Industrial Management; University of Vaasa


Key:        Ahlgren, Joe
Author:     Joe Ahlgren
Company:    GEOCLOCK
Email:      70461.2340@compuserve.com
Address:    2218 N Tuckahoe St, Arlington VA 22205   USA
Voice:      703-241-2661
BBS:        703-241-7980/7981
Fax:        703-241-2661 (not automatic)
Other Info:

Key:        Aitchison, Mark
Author:     Mark Aitchison
Company:    Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Canterbury
Email:      M.Aitchison@csc.canterbury.ac.nz
Address:    Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand
Voice:      (0643) 667-001
BBS:        -
Fax:        (0643) 642-999
Other info: Phone numbers from August 1992: change "3" to "33"

Key:        Augustine, Davis
Author:     Davis Augustine
Email:      72230.3053@compuserve.com
Address:    P.O.Box 390178 Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Other info:

Key:        Babcock, Robert
Author:     Robert W. Babcock
Company:    WSS Division of DDC
Email:      babcock@cfaamp.harvard.edu, babcock@cfa, rbabcock on BIX
Address:    4 Reeves Road, Bedford, MA  01730, USA
Voice:      617-275-1183 or 9104
Other info: Association of Shareware professionals member

Key:        Beauchaine, Robert
Author:     Robert (Bob) Beauchaine
Company:    Tektronix, Inc.
Email:      bobb@vice.ICO.TEK.COM
Address:    P.O. Box 500, M.S. 59-323, Beaverton, OR 97077, USA
Voice:      (503) 627-6086
Fax:        (503) 627-5560
Other info:

Key:        Berry, Bob
Author:     Bob Berry 
Company:    Canyon State Systems and Software
Email:      76555.167@compuserve.com
Address:    Post Office Box 86, Sedona, AZ. 86336, USA
Voice:      (602) 282-5070
Other info:

Key:        Bixler, Roy
Author:     Roy Bixler
Company:    -
Email:      as327@cleveland.freenet.edu
Address:    19 Acorn Dr., Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047, USA
Voice:      (708) 438-9361
BBS:        -
Fax:        -
Other info: There are also Atari ST versions of above utils.

Key:        Bodoh, Daniel
Author:     Daniel Bodoh
Company:    University of Wisconsin, ECE grad student
Email:      bodoh@xraylith.wisc.edu
Address:    1402 Regent #417, Madison WI USA 53711-2244
Voice:      (608) 255-3574
Other info: Edits DESQview FAQ list, avail. on SIMTEL as DVFAQx.ZIP

Key:        Branson, Don
Author:     Don Branson
Company:    Simian Id Software
Email:      BITNET: C08922DB@WUVMD
Address:    P.O. Box 430011, St. Louis, Mo. 63143
Voice:      (314) 781-8709
Other info: TSR version for registered users.

Key:        Breuer, Richard
Author:     Richard (Ricki) Breuer
Company:    Technical University Aachen
Email:      ricki@rwthi3.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Address:    Brunssumstrasse 6, 5100 Aachen, Germany
Voice:      +241 85605
Other info:

Key:        Bridges, John
Author:     John Bridges
Email:      75300.2137@compuserve.com
Address:    2810 Serang Place, Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626, USA
Other info: is the author of GRASP published by Paul Mace Software

Key:        Brown, David
Author:     David Brown
Company:    St.Mary's University, Math/Comp.Sci. Dept.
Email:      dbrown@husky1.stmarys.ca, dbrown@shark.stmarys.ca
Address:    Halifax, NS, Canada  B3H 3C3
Voice:      (902)420-5893
BBS:         -
Fax:        (902)420-5266
Other info:

Key:        Brown, Ralf
Author:     Ralf Brown
Email:      Ralf.Brown@B.GP.CS.CMU.EDU
Address:    813 Copeland Way Suite 26, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA
Other info: also distributes a number of DESQview-aware programs

Key:        Bruce, Robert
Author:     Robert (Bob) Bruce
Company:    Walnut Creek CDROM
Email:      rab@sprite.Berkeley.EDU (
Address:    1547 Palos Verdes Mall, Suite 260, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA
Voice:      +1 510 947-5996 / +1 800 786-9907 Toll Free (US/Can only)
Fax:        +1 510 947-1644
Other info: Many CDROM titles available.  Phone/Fax/email for free catalog.

Key:        Brzezinski, Andrzej
Author:     Andrzej Brzezinski
Company:    University of Manitoba
Email:      umbrzez0@silver.cs.umanitoba.ca
Address:    308-70 Garry St., Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3J9, CANADA
Voice:      (204) 943-4020
BBS:        -
Fax:        -
Other info:

Key:        Buerg, Vernon
Author:     Vernon D. Buerg
Email:      70007.1212@compuserve.com
Address:    139 White Oak Circle, Petaluma, CA 94952, USA
BBS:        (707) 778-8944, (707) 778-8841, (415) 994-2944
Fax:        (707) 778-8728 For orders only
Other info:

Key:        Camp, David
Author:     David J. Camp
Email:      david%campfire@wupost.wustl.edu
Address:    6103 Charlotte Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63120-1201
Voice:      +1 314 382 0584
Other info: last release is called xxinstal.bat

Key:        Chinook Software
Author:     Chinook Software
Company:    Chinook Software
Email:      mschwart@nyx.cs.du.edu
Address:    P. O. Box 24536, Denver, Colorado 80224, USA
Other info: Email contact: Michael Schwartz

Key:        Clarke, Daryl
Author:     Daryl Clarke
Company:    Memorial Univ. of Nfld., Dept. of Earth Sciences
Email:      daryl@garfield.cs.mun.ca
Address:    St.John's, NF, A1B 3X5, Canada
Voice:      (709) 737 8346 or 737 8142
Fax:        (709) 737 2589
Other info: FTP site - sparky2.esd.mun.ca (

Key:        Collins, Adrian
Author:     Adrian (Ade) Collins
Company:    -
Email:      ade@mcc.ac.uk
Address:    70 Broad Oak Lane, Didsbury, Manchester M20 0GG, UK
Voice:      (daytime) +44 61-275-6009  (home) +44 61-434-3484
Fax:        +44 61-275-6040
Other info: -

Key:        Corbier, Daniel
Author:     Daniel Corbier
Email:      corbier@andrews.edu
Address:    571 NE 110th Terrace, Miami, Fl. 33161
Other info: Finger corbier@andrews.edu for up-to-date info on Ucalc

Key:        Dell, Thomas
Author:     Thomas E Dell
Company:    Darkside International
Email:      dell@vox.darkside.com
Address:    PO Box 4436, Mountain View CA 94040 USA
BBS:        1-(408) 245-SPAM
Other info:

Key:        Derbyshire, Andrew
Author:     Andrew H. Derbyshire
Company:    Kendra Electronic Wonderworks
Email:      help@kew.com
Address:    P.O. Box 132, Arlington, MA 02174-0002 USA
Voice:      617-641-3739
BBS:        617-641-4817 (anonymous UUCP; send mail to help@kew.com)
Fax:        -
Other info: Prime internet archive is ftp.clarkson.edu

Key:        Derr, James
Author:     James (Jim) Derr
Company:    California Software Design
Email:      76266.2634@compuserve.com
Address:    P.O. Box 15248, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95402, USA
Voice:      (707) 575-9868
BBS:        (707) 538-8710
Other info:

Key:        Dhesi, Rahul
Author:     Rahul Dhesi 
Email:      dhesi@cirrus.com
Other info:

Key:        DiVecchio, Mark
Author:     Mark DiVecchio
Company:    Athena Systems Development Group
Email:      markd@silogic.uucp
Address:    9888 Carroll Center Road Suite 113, San Diego, CA 92126 USA
Voice:      (619) 549-9841
BBS:        (619) 549-3927
Fax:        (619) 549-9833
Other info: Also the Author of LPTx, A Line Printer Capture Program

Key:        Dobb's, Journal
Email:      76704.50@CompuServe.COM
BBS:        Dr. Dobb's BBS
Other info:

Key:        Doupnik, Joe
Author:     Prof. Joe R. Doupnik of Utah State University
Company:    Kermit Distribution, Columbia University Center for
            Computing Activities, New York, USA
Email:      jrd@cc.usu.edu
Other info:

Key:        Efros, Alexei A.
Author:     Alexei (Alyosha) Efros, Jr.
Email:      AEfros@cc.utah.edu
Address:    4544 S. Brockbank Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84124, USA
Voice:      (801) 272-5948
Other info: Published by Shareable Software Int.

Key:        Elber, Gershon
Author:     Gershon Elber
Email:      gershon@gr.cs.utah.edu
Address:    #918 university village, S.L.C., UT 84108, USA
Voice:      (801) 582-1807
Other info:

Key:        Forsberg, Chuck
Author:     Chuck Forsberg
Company:    Omen Technology Inc
Email:      omen!caf@reed.edu, 70007.2304@compuserve.com
Address:    Post Office Box 4681, Portland OR  97208-4681, U.S.A.
Fax:        503-621-3735
Other info: Slower, more reliable email caf%omen.UUCP@uunet.uu.net

Key:        Frandsen, Jesper
Author:     Jesper Frandsen
Email:      jesperf@daimi.aau.dk
Address:    c/o B. Frandsen, Duedalen 1, 5492 Vissenbjerg, DENMARK.
Voice:      009-45-86195460
Other info:

Key:        Freiss, Martin
Author:     Martin Freiss
Company:    private
Email:      freiss.pad@sni.de
Address:    Muehlenfloessstr. 60, D-W4792 Bad Lippspringe, Germany
Other info:

Key:        Fubar Systems
Author:     Christopher J. Ambler
Company:    Fubar Systems
Email:      cambler@zeus.calpoly.edu, chris@fubarsys.com
Address:    1344 Madonna Road, Suite 242, San Luis Obispo, Ca, 93405 USA
Voice:      (805) 542-0336
BBS:        (805) 53-FUBAR (543-8227)
Other info:

Key:        Gallias, Michael
Author:     Michael Gallias
Company:    Pure Power Software
Email:      gallias@ph.und.ac.za
Address:    P O Box 22106, Glenashley, 4022, RSA
Voice:      (031) 52-2781
BBS:        -
Fax:        -
Other info: -

Key:        Geiser, Wayne
Author:     Wayne Geiser
Company:    The Software Construction Co.
Email:      geiser@pictel.com   70313.3615@compuserve.com
Address:    P.O. Box 160, North Billerica, MA 01862-0160, USA
Other info: [ASP] also authored Diamond Data (baseball stats)

Key:        Gillett, Dave
Author:     Dave Gillett
Company:    Reuters, and privately
Email:      dgil@ipsaint.ipsa.reuter.com OR dgil@pa.reuter.com
Address:    3790 El Camino Real #231, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Voice:      (415)327-1700
BBS:        -------------
Fax:        (415)327-0146
Other info: C++ and TP5

Key:        Greenberg, Ross
Author:     Ross Greenberg
Company:    Microcom, Inc.
Email:      72461.3212@compuserve.com
BBS:        (919) 419-1602 v.32bis
Other info:

Key:        Gresseth, Reidar
Author:     Reidar Gresseth, Chris Hook
Company:    Hook and Gresseth Software
Email:      gresseth@ucs.ubc.ca
Address:    P.O. Box 3013, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 3X5, Canada
Voice:      (604) 277-8914 or (604) 738-0045
BBS:        -
Fax:        -
Other info: -

Key:        Gutmann, Peter
Author:     Peter Gutmann
Company:    -
Email:      pgut1@cs.aukuni.ac.nz
Address:    24 Durness Place, Orewa, North Auckland, New Zealand
Voice:      +64 9 426-5097
BBS:        -
Fax:        -
Other info: -

Key:        Hakim, Andy
Author:     Andy Hakim
Company:    none
Email:      ahakim@uh.edu
Address:    P.O. Box 70392, Houston, TX 77270, USA
Voice:      (713) 880-3059
BBS:        (713) 961-1604 (Sands PCB)
Other info:

Key:        Harris, Mark
Author:     Mark Harris
Company:    Granny's Old-Fashioned Software
Email:      mh@cs.appstate.edu
Address:    Rt 4, Box 216, Boone, NC 28607 USA
Voice:      (704) 264-6906
Fax:        (704) 264-4634
Other info:

Key:        Hart, Michael
Author:     Michael S. Hart
Company:    Illinois Benedictine College (USA)
Email:      hart@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu  or  hart@uiucvmd
Address:    IBC, 5700 College Road, Lisle, IL 60532-0900 USA
Voice:      (217) 344-0367
BBS:        (503) 620-0307 or (408) 378-5108
Other info: email listserv@uiucvmd or listserv@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu
            to receive newsletters.  Send "sub gutnberg your name"

Key:        Hilbig, Erhard
Author:     Erhard Hilbig
Company:    Universitaet-Gesamthochschule Paderborn
Email:	    zahilb@pbhrzt.uni-paderborn.de
Address:    Uni Paderborn, Postfach 1621, 4790 Paderborn, Germany
Voice:	    05251/60-2433
Fax:	    05251/60-3207
Other info:

Key:        Hogstrom, Jonas
Author:     Jonas Hogstrom
Company:    JH SoftService
Email:      c91jonho@und.ida.liu.se
Address:    Kunsbergsgatan 8c, S-582 53  Linkoping, Sweden
Voice:      +46-13-122636
BBS:        FidoNet 2:204/408.3
Fax:        +46-21-350524
Other info:

Key:        Huang, Weiguang
Author:     Dr Weiguang Huang
Company:    University of New South Wales
Email:      sc9300078@cumulus.csd.unsw.edu.au, w.huang@unsw.edu.au,
Address:    Dept. of Analytical Chemistry, University of New South Wales,
            Kensington, NSW 2033, Australia
Voice:      61-2-697-4643
Fax:        61-2-662-2835
Other info:

Key:        Hulst, Frank
Author:     Frank van der Hulst
Company:    Tech-soft Systems
Email:      frank@whare.cavebbs.gen.nz
Address:    101 Epuni St, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.
Voice:      (0064) 4 5693-481
Other info:

Key:        Info-ZIP
Author:     Greg Roelofs, Mark Adler, Jean-loup Gailly (et al)
Email:      zip-bugs@wkuvx1.bitnet
Other info: Info-ZIP Group, a mailing list moderated by Hunter
            Goatley. Send the line HELP to listserv@wkuvx1.bitnet
            for information on subscription to the info-zip mailing

Key:        Jackson, Lee
Author:     Lee Jackson
Company:    -
Email:      ljackson@mdf.fidonet.org
Address:    130 Dove Lane, Kyle, TX 78640, USA
Voice:      (512) 295-3923
BBS:        -
Fax:        -
Other info: -

Key:        JP Software Inc.
Author:     JP Software Inc.
Company:    JP Software Inc.
Email:      75300.210@compuserve.com, 75300.1215@compuserve.com
Address:    P.O. Box 1470, East Arlington, MA 02174, USA
Voice:      (617) 646-3975
Fax:        (617) 646-0904
Other info:

Key:        Jung, Robert
Author:     Robert K Jung 
Email:      robjung@world.std.com, 72077.445@compuserve.com
Address:    2606 Village Road West, Norwood, Mass. 02062, USA
BBS:        (617) 354-8873; Fidonet 1:16/390.7
Other info:

Key:        Johnson, Thomas C.
Author:     Thomas C. Johnson
Company:    Acme Workshops
Email:      71371.1257@compuserve.com
Address:    9920 S. Palmer Rd., New Carlisle, Oh. 45344, USA
Voice:      (513) 878-9174
Other info: Also Author of Master Chef: Recipe, Diet & Sched Tool

Key:        Kim, Eugene
Author:     Eugene Kim
Company:    Harvard University
Email:      eekim@husc.harvard.edu
Other info: Snailmail address and phone numbers changes constantly.

Key:        Kirsch, Dave
Author:     Dave Kirsch
Company:    None
Email:      Zoid@mindlink.bc.ca
Address:    #801-9835 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC.  Canada  V3T 5H6
Voice:      (604) 585-8844
BBS:        (604) 576-1214
Fax:        (604) 534-7473
Other info: Freeware mouse routines (w/src).

Key:        Kovach, Warren L.
Author:     Dr. Warren L. Kovach
Company:    Kovach Computing Services
Email:      warrenk@cix.compulink.co.uk, 100016.2265@compuserve.com
Address:    85 Nant-Y-Felin, Pentraeth, Anglesey, Wales LL75 8UY UK
Voice:      +44 (0248) 450414
Other info:

Key:        Koziol, Quincey
Author:     Quincey Koziol
Company:    National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Email:      koziol@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Address:    605 E. Springfield Ave., Champaign, Ill., 61820, USA
Voice:      (217) 244-0705
Fax:        (217) 244-1987
Other info:

Key:        Lazarus, Ross
Author:     Dr Ross Lazarus
Email:      ross@westmead.health.su.oz.au
Address:    29 Francis St. Bondi, NSW 2026, Australia
Voice:      +61 2 633 7946
Other info:

Key:        Ledbetter, Keith
Author:     Keith Ledbetter
Email:      72240.1221@compuserve.com
Address:    4240 Ketcham Drive, Chesterfield, VA  23832, USA
Voice:      (804) 674-0780 (6pm - 10pm Eastern Time)
Other info:

Key:        Lee, Patrick
Author:     Patrick Lee
Company:    -
Email:      patlee@panix.com
Address:    60-06 79th Street, Elmhurst, NY  11373-5314, USA
Voice:      (718) 639-6696
BBS:        (212) 496-8324
Fax:        (718) 639-6696 not automatic
Other info: -

Key:        Lewis, Dan
Author:     Dan Lewis
Company:    Key Software Products
Email:      dan.lewis@ksp.com
Address:    440 Ninth Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
Voice:      (415) 364-9847
Other info:

Key:        Mace, Donald
Author:     Donald (D.L.) Mace
Company:    DLM Consulting
Email:      71171.500@compuserve.com
Address:    P. O. Box 867452  Plano, TX 75086  USA
BBS:        214-596-5121
Other info:

Key:        Marks, Richard
Author:     Richard Marks 
Company:    Unisys (work)
Email:      rmarks@MDC.unisys.COM (might change)
Address:    931 Sulgrave Lane, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA
Voice:      work (215) 993-7358, home (215) 525-8993
Other info:

Key:        Marson, Hamish
Author:     Hamish Marson
Company:    University of Waikato
Email:      h.marson@waikato.ac.nz
Address:    Private Bag, Hamilton, New Zealand
Voice:      0064 7 8562889
Fax:        0064 7 8384066
Other info:

Key:        McAfee Associates
Author:     McAfee Associates
Company:    McAfee Associates
Email:      mcafee@netcom.COM
Address:    3350 Scott Boulevard, Building 14, Santa Clara,
            California, 95054-3701, USA
Voice:      +1 (408) 988-3832 (M-F 7:30AM - 5:30PM GMT-7)
BBS:        +1 (408) 988-4004 (US Robotics DS HST/v32/v42bis)
Fax:        +1 (408) 970-9727 (Group III compatible)
Other info: Email contact person: Aryeh Goretsky
            CompuServe address:   76702,1714
            CompuServe Forum:     VIRUSFORUM

Key:        Murdoch, Duncan
Author:     Duncan Murdoch
Email:      dmurdoch@mast.QueensU.CA
Address:    337 Willingdon Ave., Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 4J3
BBS:        Fidonet 1:249/99.5
Other info: Edits Borland/Turbo Pascal unofficial bug list

Key:        Nelson, Russell
Author:     Russell Nelson
Company:    Crynwr Software
Email:      info@crynwr.com
Address:    11 Grant St.,Potsdam, NY 13676
Voice:      (315) 268-1925
Fax:        (315) 268-9201
Other info:

Key:        Nguyen, Hoa
Author:     Hoa Gia Nguyen
Company:    VIETech
Email:      VIETech@haydn.stanford.edu, nguyenh@nosc.mil 
Address:    P.O. Box 3834, La Mesa, CA 91944, USA
Other info:

Key:        Ni, Hongbo
Author:     Hongbo Ni
Company:    Hongbo Data Systems
Email:      hongbo@csd.unsw.oz.au
Address:    10/21 Waratah Ave, Randwick NSW 2031, AUSTRALIA
Voice:      +61-2-399-9876
BBS:        (none)
Fax:        (none)
Other info: NJSTAR supports HP Deskjet,Laserjet &Postscript Printers

Key:        Ozeran, James
Author:     James Daniel (Dan) Ozeran
            Rate Equations
Company:    University of Chicago, Department of Biochemistry
Email:      dan-ozeran@uchicago.edu`
Address:    5841 S. Maryland Ave, MC5058, Chicago, IL 60637 USA
Voice:      (312) 702-9355
Fax:        (312) 702-9234
Other info:

Key:        Pardun, Gary
Author:     Gary Pardun
Company:    Gary Pardun Consulting
Email:      cpardun@matt.ksu.ksu.edu
Address:    1540 Waterford Place, #3, Manhattan, KS  66502-0417, USA
Voice:      (913)539-5355
BBS:        (upon request)
Fax:        (upon request)
Other info:

Key:        PCMAG
Author:     PC Magazine
Company:    Ziff Communications Company
Email:      72241.104@compuserve.com
Address:    One Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA
Fax:        212-503-5799
Other info:

Key:        Patri-Soft
Author:     Norm Patriquin
Company:    Patri-Soft
Email:      76347.2477@compuserve.com
Address:    5225 Canyon Crest Drive Suite 71-358,
            Riverside, CA 92507, USA
Voice:      714-352-2820
BBS:        714-352-2825
Fax:        714-352-1527
Other info:

Key:        PKWare Inc.
Author:     PKWare Inc. (Phil Katz)
Company:    PKWare Inc.
Email:      PKWARE.Inc@mixcom.com
Address:    9025 N. Deerwood Drive, Brown Deer, WI 53223 USA
Voice:      414-354-8699
BBS:        414-354-8670
Fax:        414-354-8559
Other info: Email contact person Mark Gresbach

Key:        Pluimers, Jeroen
Author:     Jeroen W. Pluimers
Company:    P.S.O. (Pluimers Software Ontwikkeling)
Email:      jeroenp@rulfc1.LeidenUniv.nl
Address:    P.O. Box 266, 2170 AG  Sassenheim, THE NETHERLANDS
Voice:      +31-2522-20908
BBS:        +31-2522-20050 (HST/DS, 24 hrs a day)
Fax:        none
Other info:

Key:        Podnos, Vladimir
Author:     Vladimir Podnos & team
Company:    TOR Co-operative Enterprise
Email:      podnos@tor.spb.su
Address:    6, Uglovoj per., St.Petersburg, 198052, Russia
Voice:      (812) 292-1965
Fax:        (812) 110-1334
Other info: analyzes 2D Electro-Magnet, Stress/Strain, Thermal Fields

Key:        Pollet, Patrick
Author:     Patrick Pollet
Company:    INSA Villeurbanne France
Email:      ppollet@cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr
Address:    INSA Bat 110 , 20 Av. Einstein 69621 Villeurbanne Fr
Voice:      72 43 83 80
BBS:        -
Fax:        72 43 85 33
Other info: -

Key:        Pritchett, Ron
Author:     Ron Pritchett
Company:    Realm Software
Email:      pritchet@ash.cs.scarolina.edu
Address:    1208 Bush River Rd #H4
            Columbia, SC 29210
Voice:      1-(803)-772-8205
BBS:        1-(803)-731-2510
Other info:

Key:        QuickWare
Author:     Bill Alexander, Bill Brinson
Company:    QuickWare
Email:      70750,2147@compuserve.com
Address:    P.O. Box 684652, Austin, Texas 78768
Voice:      (512) 280-1452
BBS:        none
Fax:        (713) 961-4438 (orders only)
Other info: Runs all AutoCADs without a 387/487, speeds up others.

Key:        Reilley, Peter
Author:     Peter Reilley
Email:      pvr@wang.com
Address:    19 Heritage Cir., Hudson, N.H. 03051
Other info:

Key:        Risku, Kai
Author:     Kai Risku
Company:    -
Email:      Kai.Risku@hut.fi
Address:    Kronvik, 65410 Sundom, Finland
Voice:      +358-61-3571343
BBS:        -
Fax:        -
Other info: -

Key:        Rossmann, Andrew
Author:     Andrew Rossmann
Email:      andyross@infopls.chi.il.us
BBS:        (708) 537-0247
Other info:

Key:        Rowe, Eddie
Author:     Eddie Rowe
Email:      931ROWE@MERLIN.NLU.EDU
Address:    Northeast La Univ., NLU Box 5052, Monroe, La. 71212, USA
Voice:      (318) 251-3799
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Key:        Salmi, Timo
Author:     Prof. Timo Salmi
Company:    University of Vaasa
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Key:        Schikore, Daniel
Author:     Daniel (Dan) Schikore
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Key:        Schipper, Jeroen
Author:     Jeroen Schipper
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Key:        Schulz, Russell
Author:     Russell Schulz
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Key:        Scott, Peter
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Key:        SemWare Inc.
Author:     SemWare
Company:    SemWare
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Key:        Shippony, Zvi
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Key:        Singh, Manjit
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Key:        Vallevand, Martin
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Key:        Vandenberg, Rick
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Key:        Vyncke, Eric
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Key:        Walsh, Norm
Author:     Norman (norm) Walsh
Company:    Small Planet Software
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Key:        Weatherley, Rhys
Author:     Rhys Weatherley
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Key:        Zitterkopf, John D.
Author:     John D. Zitterkopf
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Other info: Additional Address: zitt@aol.com

Key:        Appendix to garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/pd2/author*.zip
Author:     Prof. Timo Salmi
Subject:    How to submit your information to the author list


What is garbo.uwasa.fi
s a brief outline. University of Vaasa, Finland, Sun IPX
SPARCstation garbo.uwasa.fi has a large collection of PD and
example in 1991 the total number of downloads from our archives was
a little over 1,000,000. The number of different MsDos files was
about 2800 at the end of 1991. The Garbo archives are also available
on a CD-ROM.

The downloads are made worldwide by users from InterNet sites in
Europe, North America and Australia. There are some 2000
universities connected to InterNet, and there is also a great number
of business enterprises which have an access. The UseNet newsgroup
announced was subscribed by about 70000 readers at the end of 1991.

General information to the authors

ncluded on this list you are most welcome email me with the full
nformation. Please note that your program(s) should be reasonably
this list.

You must have a sufficiently stable email address that is reachable
on or from InterNet. For example authors without an InterNet address
but with a Compuserve address are reachable from InterNet. You can

Your program should preferably fall within the eligible
the addresses of the authors of (solely) recreational games are not

We naturally hope that you will keep us up to date about the updates
of your program if it is on garbo.uwasa.fi archives. This is not,

The file garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/UPLOAD.INF has information on uploading
to our MsDos FTP archives. If you wish to have it and you do not
know how to go about getting it, you are most welcome to email me
for further, prerecorded information.

from this list, please just let me know then.

On the information to be entered

 - Please fill in.  That way the possibility of me making errors
   is diminished.
 - This is above all an address list.  Therefore the "Program:" line
   should have your major or preferred product including a suitable
   description in a manner that does not exceed column 68 on the
   single line reserved for this purpose.  (Thus only one line).
 - Yet, if possible, be specific about your product.  Rather than
   just stating e.g.
    Program: GISMO
   you might want to state
    Program: GISMO Global International Simulator MOdelling utilities
 - When you kindly fill this in for me, please do not use tabs, and
   start from column 13 as the ruler indicates.
 - Fill in just one "sheet". Do not send in several. If you have
   many products, please choose.
 - If you are correcting or changing an entry I already have, please
   be sure to fill in all the items, nevertheless.  Not just the
   changed one.
 - I have to retain full rights to choose and edit the submitted

--------------------- please cut here ------------------------------
            3456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 12345678
Other info:
--------------------- please cut here ------------------------------

An example
Key:        Derr, James                (The key is just for sorting)
Author:     James (Jim) Derr
Company:    California Software Design
Email:      76266.2634@compuserve.com
Address:    P.O. Box 15248, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95402, USA
Voice:      (707) 575-9868
BBS:        (707) 538-8710
Fax:        -
Other info: -

The "Key" is for indexing and should usually contain the author's
last name, first name just like in the example above.