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From: news@GTS.ORG (UseNet News)
Subject: Another listing of newsgroups in the "alt" hierarchy, Part 1 of 3
Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 19:17:13 GMT

Archive-name: alt-newsgroups/part1
Last-modified: 6 May 1994 by news@gts.org

Here's another listing of newsgroups in the "alt" news hierarchy,
as it appears from one site.  Note that this listing may well be
quite different if prepared on your system.  No attempt to make any
recommendations is implied by this list; it is for informational
purposes only.

There are 1684 groups shown, as well as 571 aliases (indicated
by "=" beginning the text field).  The count of articles received
here so far is in the second field, if the line describes an actual
"active" file entry.

Where the text field is merely ".", no description is known
(creative suggestions are welcomed).

If there are actual "alt" newsgroups on your system but not in
this list, email to that effect would be appreciated - please
send to "news@gts.org".

Now there is also a list of email addresses of some of the
moderators of moderated "alt" newsgroups, followed by a list of
email addresses of moderated groups for your "mailpaths" file.
These lists are appended after the end of the newsgroups
description list below.

Thanks to all who have sent updates, suggestions and comments -
your help is appreciated.

WARNING: not to be taken internally, contents may have settled
during shipment, etc. etc.

Bruce Becker	News Administration	Toronto, Ont.
Internet: news@gts.org			UUCP: ...!web!gts!news
"We have the technology" - Pere Ubu

 --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< ---------

.cabal				=alt.cabal
alt				=alt.test
alt.				=alt.test
alt.0000.test			=alt.test
alt.0d			0000000	Discussion of zero dimensional objects.
alt.1d			0003016	One-dimensional imaging, & the thinking behind it.
alt.2600		0002492	Do it 'til it hertz.
alt.2d			0000023	Collect them all!
alt.3d			0003473	Discussions of 3 dimensional imaging.
alt.59.79.99		0000049	.
alt.Cajun.info		0000014	.
alt.HUGE.SAUSAGE!	0000000	...doesn't look all that big to me...
alt.abian		0000001	A controversial scientist.
alt.abortion			=talk.abortion
alt.abortion.inequity	0011292	Sexism comes in many guises.
alt.abuse-recovery	0000001	Helping victims of sexual abuse to recover. (Moderated)
alt.abuse.offender.recovery	\
			0000020	Helping abuse-offenders to recover & heal.
alt.abuse.recovery	0000212	Helping victims of abuse to recover.
alt.activism		0046809	Activities for activists.
alt.activism.d		0009022	A place to discuss issues in alt.activism.
alt.activism.death-penalty	\
			0000932	How to deal with environmental criminals.
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb	\
			0000088	Conanical template for the beknighted.
alt.adoption		0002498	For those involved with or contemplating adoption.
alt.ads			0000000	Advertising.
alt.aeffle.und.pferdle	0000208	German TV cartoon characters.
alt.agriculture.fruit	0000068	Hey, nice melons!
alt.agriculture.misc	0000330	General discussions of agriculture, farming, etc.
alt.al				=alt.education.disabled
alt.aldus			=alt.aldus.misc
alt.aldus.freehand	0000074	Discuss Aldus Freehand.
alt.aldus.misc		0000049	Discuss other Aldus products.
alt.aldus.pagemaker	0000768	Don't use expensive user support, come here instead.
alt.algebra.help	0000000	Get help in algebra here.
alt.alien			=alt.alien.visitors
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk	\
			0000252	simoN.
alt.alien.visitors	0017625	Space creatures ate my modem.
alt.aliens.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk	\
alt.allsysop			=comp.bbs.misc
alt.als				=alt.education.disabled
alt.alt			0000676	Recursive fun.
alt.alt.alt		0000000	Recursive recursive fun.
alt.alt.alt.alt.alt	0000000	When the ants go marching five by five.
alt.amateur-comp	0001660	Discussion and input for Amateur Computerist Newsletter.
alt.amazon-women.admirers	\
			0000166	Pecs like bread loaves.
alt.america.online		=alt.online-service.america-online
alt.american.automobile.breakdown.breakdown.break	\
alt.american.automobile.breakdown.breakdown.breakdown	\
			0000060	"...then the steering wheel came off in my hands".
alt.amiga			=comp.sys.amiga.misc
alt.amiga.demo			=alt.sys.amiga.demos
alt.amiga.demos			=alt.sys.amiga.demos
alt.amiga.slip		0000013	TCP/IP over serial links for the Amiga.
alt.amino.acid		0000000	Designer genes.
alt.anagrams		0000083	As granma would say, "Be careful out there"...
alt.anarchism		0004701	%SYSTEM-F-ANARCHISM, the operating system is overthrown.
alt.andy.whine.whine.whine	\
			0000000	.
alt.angst		0009485	Anxiety in the modern world.
alt.angst.shut.the.fuck.up.pinkboy	\
			0000003	What it says.
alt.angst.xibo.sex	0000335	Tightening the screws of your existence.
alt.animals.badgers	0000004	Badgers (meles meles and others).
alt.animals.foxes	0000003	Everything you ever wanted to know about vulpines.
alt.animals.lampreys		=alt.silly-group.lampreys
alt.animals.paul-hendry	0000017	He gets people mad by being right all the time.
alt.animation.warner-bros	\
			0000676	What's up, doc?
alt.anonymous		0000053	Encrypted messages to unknown recipients.
alt.answers		0002325	As if anyone on alt has the answers. (Moderated)
alt.anybody		0000180	You talking to me?
alt.appalachian		0001501	Discussion of culture and legends of Appalachia.
alt.appalachian.literature	=alt.appalachian
alt.aquaria			=sci.aquaria
alt.archery		0001663	Robin Hood had the right idea.
alt.architecture	0001130	Building design/construction and related topics.
alt.architecture.alternative	\
			0000158	Non-traditional building designs.
alt.architecture.int-design	\
			0000001	Interior design and decorating.
alt.art.photo		0000000	.
alt.artcom		0001352	Artistic Community, arts & communication.
alt.artifical			=alt.artificial
alt.artificial		0000000	Discussion of all things artificial.
alt.arts.nomad		0000093	A stoned art student gathers no roles.
alt.ascii-art		0002768	@ a snail, etc.
alt.ascii-art.animation	0000063	.
alt.asian-movies	0001835	Movies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.
alt.astrology		0008162	Twinkle, twinkle, little planet.
alt.atari-jaguar.discussion	\
			0000115	A computer.
alt.atari.2600		0000304	A computer.
alt.atheism		0061916	Godless heathens.
alt.atheism.moderated	0001590	Godless heathens, but be nice this time. (Moderated)
alt.atheism.satire	0000087	Atheism-related humour and satire.
alt.ato			0000069	.
alt.authorware		0000093	Discussions on the use of the Authorware package.
alt.auto.antique		=rec.autos.antique
alt.autos			=rec.autos.misc
alt.autos.antique		=rec.autos.antique
alt.autos.camaro.firebird	\
			0000037	A couple of American "sports cars".
alt.autos.karting	0000060	.
alt.autos.rod-n-custom		=rec.autos.rod-n-custom
alt.bacchus		0000214	The non-profit "BACCHUS" organization.
alt.backrubs		0001855	Lower...to the right...aaaah!
alt.bad.clams		0000159	Bad clams sneak up behind you and pounce. Bad clams kill.
alt.badgers.rose.rose.rose	\
			0000076	U. of Wisconsin stuff.
alt.baldspot		0000148	Discussions for the hairing impaired.
alt.banjo		0000086	Care & feeding, history, etc.
alt.barney.die.die.die		=alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney.die.die.die
alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die	=alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney.die.die.die
alt.basement.graveyard	0000230	Another side of the do-it-yourself movement.
alt.bass			=rec.music.makers.bass
alt.bbs				=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.ads			=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.allsysop		=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.allsysops		=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.allsysup		=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.amiga.excelsior	0000000	.
alt.bbs.cnet		0000003	.
alt.bbs.doors		0000107	Bulletin board system add-on executables, or "doors".
alt.bbs.first-class	0000528	So they say...
alt.bbs.gigo-gateway	0000004	Garbage in, garbage out --- alt.* in a nutshell.
alt.bbs.internet		=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.internet.access.wanted	=alt.internet.access.wanted
alt.bbs.lists			=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.lists.d			=comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.majorbbs	0000150	Another bbs system.
alt.bbs.metal		0000307	The METAL Telecommunications Enviornment.
alt.bbs.pcboard		0000652	Technical support for the PCBoard BBS.
alt.bbs.pcbuucp		0000557	The commercial PCBoard gateway, PCB-UUCP.
alt.bbs.qmodempro	0000000	QmodemPro communications software.
alt.bbs.searchlight	0000046	Searchlight BBS system discussions.
alt.bbs.unixbbs		0000519	Bulletin Board Systems under Uniclones.
alt.bbs.unixbbs.uniboard	\
			0000089	Discussions about the Uniboard BBS.
alt.bbs.uupcb		0000801	PCB? I used to do that in the Sixties, man ...
alt.bbs.waffle			=comp.bbs.waffle
alt.bbs.waffle.houston		=comp.bbs.waffle
alt.bbs.watergate	0000013	The scandal continues.
alt.bbs.wildcat		0000781	WILDCAT! BBS from Mustang Software, Inc.
alt.beadworld		0000054	We must appease the Bead Gods.
alt.beadwrld			=alt.beadworld
alt.beer			=rec.food.drink.beer
alt.beer.like-molson-eh	0000073	Not the best Canadian beermaker - so take off, eh.
alt.beneficent.daemons.bless.curse.bless	\
			0000044	He maketh me lie down in still crontabs.
alt.best			=alt.best.of.internet
alt.best.of.internet	0002227	Sort of an oxymoron.
alt.best_of_theo_sequiera	\
			0000000	For discussion of the prose of Theo.
alt.bestiality			=alt.sex.bestiality
alt.bi.papal-bull	0000000	"Carstairs, drop that prong!", shouted the pope.
alt.biff			=alt.fan.BIFF
alt.biff.biff.bork.bork.bork	=alt.fan.BIFF
alt.bigfoot		0006232	Yeti another newsgroup.
alt.binaries			=alt.binaries.misc
alt.binaries.clip-art	0000018	Save bandwidth - just send the ISBN & page numbers.
alt.binaries.doom	0000031	.
alt.binaries.erotica		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.binaries.erotica.d		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.d
alt.binaries.graphics.pixutils	=alt.graphics.pixutils
alt.binaries.misc	0000101	Miscellaneous non-text postings.
alt.binaries.movies.erotica	\
			0000000	Binary erotic animation files.
alt.binaries.movies.erotica.d	\
			0000000	Discussion group for alt.binaries.movies.erotica.d.
alt.binaries.multimedia	0000538	Sound, text and graphics data rolled in one.
alt.binaries.pictures		=alt.binaries.pictures.misc
alt.binaries.pictures.anime	\
			0000000	Japanese-style animations.
alt.binaries.pictures.ascii	=alt.ascii-art
alt.binaries.pictures.cartoons	=alt.binaries.pictures.comics
alt.binaries.pictures.comics	\
			0000110	.
alt.binaries.pictures.d	0002177	Discussions about picture postings.
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica	\
			0007122	For those who need to be shown how.
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bestiality	\
			0000000	Pictures of petting.
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.blond	\
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.blondes	\
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage	\
			0000000	Pictures about dominance/submission.
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.cartoons	\
			0000001	..drooling animation fandom..
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.children	\
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.d	\
			0003079	For those who need to talk about being shown how.
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.female	\
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.male	\
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.orientals	\
alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.d	\
			0000130	Discussion of the fine-art binaries. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.digitized	\
			0000016	Distribution of your work. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.graphics	\
			0000016	Art created on computers. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.pictures.fractals	\
			0000284	Cheaper just to send the program parameters.
alt.binaries.pictures.furniture	=alt.binaries.pictures.misc
alt.binaries.pictures.furry	=alt.binaries.pictures.misc
alt.binaries.pictures.misc	\
			0003735	Have we saturated the network yet?
alt.binaries.pictures.misc.d	=alt.binaries.pictures.d
alt.binaries.pictures.raytrace	\
			0000000	.
alt.binaries.pictures.supermodels	\
			0000920	Yet more copyright violations.
alt.binaries.pictures.tasteless	\
			0000572	"Eccchh, that last one was *sick*..."
alt.binaries.pictures.tv	\
			0000000	Framegrabbers club.
alt.binaries.pictures.utilities	\
			0001515	Posting of pictures-related utilities.
alt.binaries.sound		=alt.binaries.sounds.misc
alt.binaries.sounds		=alt.binaries.sounds.misc
alt.binaries.sounds-armpit.noises	\
			0000003	SPPPPlllPHHHHtttt.
alt.binaries.sounds.d	0000740	Sounding off.
alt.binaries.sounds.erotica	\
			0000092	Ngghhh! MMMMMMM! uuuhhhnnnnnOOOOOHHHhhhhh...
alt.binaries.sounds.midi	\
			0000055	MIDI binaries.
alt.binaries.sounds.misc	\
			0001944	Digitized audio adventures.
alt.binaries.sounds.misc.d	=alt.binaries.sounds.d
alt.binaries.sounds.mods	\
			0000143	MODs and related sound formats.
alt.binaries.sounds.movies	\
			0000012	Sounds from copyrighted movies.
alt.binaries.sounds.music	\
			0000099	Postings of binary music files.
alt.binaries.sounds.roland	\
			0000000	.
alt.binaries.sounds.tv	0000033	Sounds from copyrighted television shows.
alt.binaries.sounds.utilities	\
			0000020	Posting of sound-related utilities.
alt.binaries.supermodels	=alt.binaries.pictures.supermodels
alt.binaries.utilities		=alt.binaries.pictures.utilities
alt.bio.hackers		0000000	More designer genes.
alt.birthright		0000694	Birthright Party propaganda.
alt.bitch.pork		0000672	Flames in a particular vein.
alt.bite.my.butt	0000015	One newsgroup under god, with tyranny & malice for all.
alt.bitterness		0002288	No matter what it's for, you know how it'll turn out.
alt.bizarre		0000041	Too weird for the weirdos.
alt.blahblah		0000001	Iggy? is that you?
alt.bob-packwood.tongue.tongue.tongue	\
			0000005	Amourous adventures of the U.S. Senator.
alt.bogus.group		0000723	Nothing is too good for you, is it.
alt.bogus.newsgroup		=alt.bogus.group
alt.bondage			=alt.sex.bondage
alt.bonehead.dave-clayton	\
			0000001	Testing group for Dacman stat program.
alt.bonehead.dave-potts	0000010	Due to popular demand...
alt.bonehead.david-delaney	\
			0000000	Can he post thousands of times per day? Yes!
alt.bonehead.joel-furr		=alt.fan.joel-furr
alt.bonehead.paul-hendry	\
			0000000	Some say Paul Hendry is an idiot!!
alt.bonehead.steve-chaney	\
			0000003	.
alt.bonehead.tim-pierce		=alt.fan.tim-pierce.control.control.control
alt.bonsai			=rec.arts.bonsai
alt.book.technical		=misc.books.technical
alt.books			=rec.arts.books
alt.books.anne-rice	0001500	Vampyres are us.
alt.books.dernyi		=alt.books.deryni
alt.books.deryni	0000356	Katherine Kurtz's books, especially the Deryni series.
alt.books.isaac-asimov	0000621	About the many works of author Isaac Asimov.
alt.books.m-lackey	0000007	Discussion of author Mercedes Lackey and her books.
alt.books.reviews	0001735	"If you want to know how it turns out, read it!"
alt.books.technical		=misc.books.technical
alt.books.toffler	0000025	The ideas of Alvin & Heidi.
alt.boomerang		0000496	Technology and use of the boomerang.
alt.boostagogo		0000042	.
alt.borg.wesley.now		=alt.ensign.wesley.die.die.die
alt.brain			=alt.human-brain
alt.british.comedy		=alt.comedy.british
alt.brother-jed		0001414	The born-again minister touring US campuses.
alt.bruce.it.was.just.an.accident	\
			0000000	.
alt.bubba-love.el-caminoville	\
			0000000	Fun times at the Missouri-Rolla computer center.
alt.buddha.short.fat.guy	\
			0002089	Religion. And not religion. Both. Neither.
alt.business			=alt.business.misc
alt.business.misc	0000662	All aspects of commerce.
alt.business.multi-level	\
			0003275	Multi-Level Marketing is NOT Pyramid Sales, honest!...
alt.business.multi-level.scam.scam.scam	\
			0000043	Hey, look! Mikey likes it!
alt.business.seminars	0000000	.
alt.butt-keg.marmalade	0000133	Typical yanqui analytic humor.
alt.butt.harp		0000449	The ultimate hum job.
alt.buttered.scones	0000016	You bring the tea.
alt.cabal		0000007	Ah, the good ole days....
alt.cable-tv.re-regulate	\
			0000687	This probably wouldn't fix the content problem.
alt.cad			0001141	Computer Aided Design.
alt.cad.autocad		0003716	CAD as practiced by customers of Autodesk.
alt.calc-reform		0000001	Making hardened calcium a productive member of society.
alt.california		0005347	The state and the state of mind.
alt.callahans		0037762	Callahan's bar for puns and fellowship.
alt.cancel.armenian.garbage	\
			0000000	.
alt.cancel.bots		0000000	.
alt.captain.sarcastic	0000340	For the captain's minions.
alt.cars.ford-probe	0000000	Ford Probe Discussion.
alt.cascade		0005289	Art or litter, you decide. Part for fitter, glue inside.
alt.cascades			=alt.cascade
alt.ccds		0000027	.
alt.cd-rom		0013694	Discussions of optical storage media.
alt.cd-rom.reviews	0000079	Reviews of various published things available on CD-ROM.
alt.cdrom			=alt.cd-rom
alt.celebrities		0000075	We can never be as amazing as they are.
alt.cell-phone.tech	0000001	.
alt.cellular		0000000	. (Moderated)
alt.cellular-phone-tech		=alt.cell-phone.tech
alt.censorship		0018430	Discussions about restricting speech/press.
alt.centreville-3207	0000023	Modern dieting, or a cow between the eyes? You decide...
alt.cereal			=alt.food.sugar-cereals
alt.cesium		0000740	Your life is ticking away in very precise increments...
alt.chess			=rec.games.chess
alt.chess.bdg		0000054	The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
alt.chess.ics		0000082	The Internet Chess Server @valkyries.andrew.cmu.edu.
alt.child-molester.dogbowl	\
			0000000	More flames.
alt.child-support	0007953	Raising children in a split family.
alt.chinchilla		0000158	The nature of chinchilla farming in America Today.
alt.chinese.computing	0000111	.
alt.chinese.text	0026979	Postings in Chinese; Chinese language software.
alt.chinese.text.big5		=alt.chinese.text
alt.chiranjeevi.nudity	0000000	Discussion of his soft-porn flicks.
alt.choad		0000002	Dissin' you.
alt.christnet		0008080	Equal time.
alt.christnet.atheism		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.bible		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.bible-thumpers.convert.convert.convert	\
alt.christnet.christianlife	=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.christnews	=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.comp.dcom.telecom	=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.crybaby.mine.mine.mine	\
alt.christnet.dinosaur		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.dinosaur.barney	=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.ethics		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.eucharist.eat-me.eat-me.eat-me	\
alt.christnet.evangelical	=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.games		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.games.ibm-pc	=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.hypocrisy		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.manga		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.mdma		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.motss		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.philosophy	=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.prayer		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.public		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.religion		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.second-coming.real-soon-now	\
alt.christnet.sex		=alt.christnet
alt.christnet.theology		=alt.christnet
alt.civil-liberty		=alt.society.civil-liberties
alt.clearing.aquaria	0000031	Auditing your pet fish and/or molluscs.
alt.clearing.homer-w-smith	\
			0000012	An Inoperant Thetan.
alt.clearing.my-throat	0000000	.
alt.clearing.scam.scam.scam	\
			0000047	"But Ron told me personally that it was OK!"
alt.clearing.technology	0001216	E-meters, etc.
alt.clubs.compsci	0000057	Often computer science is like being conked on the head.
alt.clueless		0000029	Duh.
alt.co-evolution	0000212	About the Whole Earth Review and associated lifestyles.
alt.co-ops		0000922	Discussion about co-operatives.
alt.cobol		0001879	Relationship between programming and stone axes.
alt.coffee		0000296	Another group worshipping caffeine.
alt.coffee.brewed		=alt.coffee
alt.collecting.autographs	\
			0000306	WOW! You got Pete Rose's? What about Kibo's?
alt.college.college-bowl	\
			0001209	Discussions of the College Bowl competition.
alt.college.food	0000269	Dining halls, cafeterias, mystery meat, and more!
alt.college.fraternities	\
			0001506	.
alt.college.occidental	0000015	.
alt.college.sororities	0000653	.
alt.college.tunnels	0000114	.
alt.college.us		0000093	Is that "us" as in "U. S.", or do you just mean y'all?
alt.colorguard		0000420	Discussion of colorguards (bands,DCI,WGI,etc).
alt.com			0000090	.
alt.comdex.bunch.of.cheapskate.geeks	\
			0000000	More flames.
alt.comedy.british	0005349	Discussion of British humour in a variety of media.
alt.comedy.british.blackadder	\
			0000033	.
alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre	=alt.fan.firesign-theatre
alt.comedy.standup	0000003	Discussion of stand-up comedy and comedians.
alt.comedy.vaudeville	0000022	Vaudeville and its descendants.
alt.comics.alternative	0000689	You could try a book without pictures, for example.
alt.comics.batman	0000888	Never mind those rumours about Robin.
alt.comics.buffalo-roam	0000179	The "Where the Buffaloes Roam" postscript comic strip.
alt.comics.elfquest	0000642	W & R Pini's ElfQuest series.
alt.comics.karnataka	0000000	.
alt.comics.lnh		0002482	Interactive net.madness in the superhero genre.
alt.comics.superman	0002828	He's dead, Jim.
alt.comics.superman.dies.dies.dies	\
			0000136	I wonder if we can get the Naked Guy to replace him.
alt.commercial-hit-radio.must.die	\
			0000006	Video killed the radio star.
alt.comp			=comp.misc
alt.comp.acad-freedom		=alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk
alt.comp.acad-freedom.news	\
			0000197	Computers & Academic Freedom Digest. (Moderated)
alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk	\
			0008607	Academic freedom issues related to computers.
alt.comp.compression		=comp.compression
alt.comp.databases.xbase.clipper	\
			0000391	The Clipper database language.
alt.comp.fsp		0000449	The FSP anonymous file transfer protocol.
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt	\
			0000927	Designing devious devices in the den.
alt.computer.consultants	\
			0001337	Geeks on Patrol.
alt.computer.workshop.live	\
			0000013	Interactive TV.
alt.conference-ctr	0000047	Conference center management issues.
alt.config		0020206	Alternative subnet discussions and connectivity.
alt.config.control-freaks	\
			0000018	alt.config is for the other freaks.
alt.confused		0000000	People who aren't don't know what's happening.
alt.consciousness	0001806	Discussion of an unusual state of being.
alt.conspiracy		0030574	Be paranoid -- they're out to get you.
alt.conspiracy.abe-lincoln	\
			0000000	The mob, the CIA & Marilyn all wanted him dead.
alt.conspiracy.jfk	0005571	Be paranoid -- if they could get jfk, quayle's next.
alt.consumers.free-stuff	\
			0000358	Free offers and how to take advantage of them.
alt.control			=alt.config
alt.control-theory	0000062	Feedback & similar cybernosis.
alt.cooking-chat	0000000	Food, wine & recipe discussions.
alt.cooking-chien	0000000	Your dinner is in the kennel.
alt.corel.graphics	0000122	The PClone package Corel Draw & related products.
alt.cosuard		0003967	Council of Sysops & Users Against Rate Discrimination.
alt.cows.moo.moo.moo	0000577	"I'm in the Mood", "Moon River", "Moolin Rouge".
alt.crackers		0000115	NREN was made for these guys.
alt.crackers.saltine	0000001	No chloresterol, either.
alt.craig.hulsey.rack.rack.rack	\
			0000004	A pool shark.
alt.creative+cooking		=alt.creative_cooking
alt.creative-cook		=alt.creative_cooking
alt.creative-cooking		=alt.creative_cooking
alt.creative=cooking		=alt.creative_cooking
alt.creative_cooking	0000019	.
alt.cuddle		0000467	For chia-pet enthusiasts.
alt.cuke		0000000	For Tim.
alt.cult-movies		0026893	Movies with a cult following.
alt.cult-movies.evil-deads	\
			0000007	.
alt.cult-movies.rhps		=alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror
alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror	\
			0000828	Tim Curry will never live this down.
alt.cult.film			=alt.cult-movies
alt.culture.alaska	0001083	Is this where the ice weasels come from?
alt.culture.argentina		=soc.culture.argentina
alt.culture.austrian		=soc.culture.austria
alt.culture.electric-midget	\
			0000124	Waiting for the dwarf, or someone like him.
alt.culture.hawaii	0001226	Why there are tikis, etc.
alt.culture.indonesia		=soc.culture.indonesia
alt.culture.internet	0001201	Behavior & modes in a virtual society.
alt.culture.karnataka	0001970	Culture and language of the Indian state of Karnataka.
alt.culture.kerala	0002866	People of Keralite origin and the Malayalam language.
alt.culture.kuwait	0000000	.
alt.culture.ny-upstate	0002052	Discussion of Upstate NY places/events/culture.
alt.culture.ny.upstate		=alt.culture.ny-upstate
alt.culture.oregon	0002028	Home of legal-discrimination advocates.
alt.culture.riot-grrrls	0000000	.
alt.culture.somalia	0000005	Discussions of Somalia, its people, and its problems.
alt.culture.tamil		=soc.culture.tamil
alt.culture.theory	0000189	Cultural theory & current practical problems.
alt.culture.tuva	0000621	Topics related to the Republic of Tannu Tuva.
alt.culture.underwear	0000000	Growing things in your warm, moist places.
alt.culture.us.asian-indian	\
			0004999	Asian Indians in the US and Canada.
alt.culture.us.southwest	\
			0000444	Basking in the sun of the US's lower left.
alt.culture.usenet	0002503	Instant ethnic group - just add flames & serve.
alt.current-events	0000002	Miscellaneous current events.
alt.current-events.blizzard-of-93	\
			0000097	It snowed.
alt.current-events.bosnia	\
			0001235	The strife of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
alt.current-events.cebit94	\
			0000001	Infos from and about the CeBIT 94 in Hannover,Germany.
alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater	\
			0000480	...or is it "whitewash"?
alt.current-events.flood-of-93	\
			0000229	It rained.
alt.current-events.haiti	\
			0000058	Discussion of the situation in Haiti.
alt.current-events.inet92	=alt.inet92
alt.current-events.la-quake	\
			0000421	It shook.
alt.current-events.net-abuse	\
			0000019	.
alt.current-events.russia	\
			0001313	Discussion of the situation in Russia.
alt.current-events.somalia	\
			0000639	Discussion of the situation in Somalia.
alt.current-events.ukraine	\
			0000368	Current and fast paced Ukrainian events.
alt.current-events.usa	0001149	Discussion of the situation in the United States.
alt.current-events.wtc-explosion	\
			0000315	The explosion in the World Trade Centre.
alt.cyb-sys		0000264	Cybernetics and Systems.
alt.cyberpunk		0019921	High-tech low-life.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo	0001667	Literary virtual reality in a cyberpunk hangout.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsuboard	=alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo
alt.cyberpunk.movement	0001227	Cybernizing the Universe.
alt.cyberpunk.tech	0002072	Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology.
alt.cyberspace		0003374	High-tech high-life.
alt.cybertoon		0000113	Cyberpunk epic.
alt.dads-rights		0005945	Rights of fathers trying to win custody in court.
alt.dan.david-arkstar		=alt.fan.david-arkstar
alt.data.bad.bad.bad	0000029	One bad Data spoils the whole Borg.
alt.dcom		0000000	Miscellaneous data-communication topics.
alt.dcom.catv			=rec.video.cable-tv
alt.dcom.telecom		=comp.dcom.telecom.tech
alt.dcom.telecom.ip	0000005	.
alt.dead.hackers.society	\
			0000000	Discussions on the Tyler Foundation.
alt.dean-adams.pathetic-loser	\
			0000005	.
alt.dear		0000000	.
alt.dear.whitehouse	0001219	When Hints from Heloise aren't enough.
alt.death-of-superman		=alt.comics.superman.dies.dies.dies
alt.dec				=biz.dec
alt.dec.decathena		=biz.dec.decathena
alt.dec.decnews			=biz.dec.decnews
alt.dec.destruction.kirk.kirk.kirk	\
			0000000	.
alt.dec.ip			=biz.dec.ip
alt.dec.workstations		=biz.dec.workstations
alt.dec.xmedia			=biz.dec.xmedia
alt.decathena		0000001	Information on DEC's athena product.
alt.delete.this			=alt.delete.this.newsgroup
alt.delete.this.newsgroup	\
			0000011	Do not taunt Happy Fun Admin.
alt.depew.aarm.aarm.aarm.aarm.aarm.aarm.aarm.aarm	\
alt.desert-shield		=alt.desert-storm
alt.desert-shield.erotica	\
			0000006	Happiness is a warm gun.
alt.desert-shield.facts		=alt.desert-storm.facts
alt.desert-storm	0012083	The war against Iraq in Kuwait.
alt.desert-storm.facts	0000225	For "factual" information on The Gulf War.
alt.desert-thekurds	0000022	Discussing the Kurds in Iraq & their propaganda value.
alt.desert.shield		=alt.desert-storm
alt.desert.storm		=alt.desert-storm
alt.desert.storm.its.not.scud.its.al-hussein.dammit	\
			0000007	So use another kind of missile.
alt.desert.sword		=alt.desert-storm
alt.desert.topping		=alt.desert.toppings
alt.desert.toppings	0000022	I'll have just a little more crude oil on that, please.
alt.destroy.the.earth	0001501	Deteriorata meets the Space Orphans.
alt.deutsche.bundesbahn.kotz.kotz.kotz	\
			0000061	Flaming the German rail system.
alt.dev.null		0000019	The ultimate in moderated newsgroups. (Moderated)
alt.devilbunnies	0002511	Probably better left undescribed.
alt.dice-man			=alt.fan.dice-man
alt.disasters.unusual	0000000	Hopefully there aren't any "usual" ones...
alt.discordia		0003707	All hail Eris, etc.
alt.discrimination	0011092	Prejudice sux.
alt.divination		0000666	Divination techniques (e.g., I Ching, Tarot, runes).
alt.doctor.bashir.grind.thrust.drool	\
			0000000	Typical yanqui sexist humor.
alt.doggy.sounds	0000000	Woof.
alt.dragons-inn		0004521	A computer fantasy environment (like Usenet is).
alt.dreams		0010923	What do they mean?
alt.dreams.lucid	0001063	Discreet encounters between the "dream" & "real" world.
alt.drooling.animation.fandom	\
			0000048	_Excited_ discussions of toon characters.
alt.drugs		0048237	Recreational pharmaceuticals and related flames.
alt.drugs.caffeine	0001118	All about the world's most-used stimulant drug.
alt.drugs.internet		=alt.drugs.usenet
alt.drugs.usenet	0000139	Many things are addictive besides pills.
alt.drumcorps			=rec.arts.marching.drumcorps
alt.drunken.bastards	0000138	Peeing in the potted plants.
alt.drwho.creative	0000149	Original fiction based on the Doctor Who series.
alt.duke.basketball.sucks.sucks.sucks	\
			0000173	Nothing to discuss, everybody knows.
alt.duped.by.the.con	0000000	Just try getting rid of your credit cards.
alt.earth_summit	0000408	Another triumph for George Bush.
alt.eckankar			=alt.religion.eckankar
alt.edgar		0000000	Kyle Jones's high school physics teacher.
alt.education			=sci.edu
alt.education.			=sci.edu
alt.education.bangkok	0000042	The Bangkok distance education project.
alt.education.bangkok.cmc	\
			0000068	A distance-education project.
alt.education.bangkok.databases	\
			0000021	A distance-education project.
alt.education.bangkok.planning	\
			0000072	A distance-education project.
alt.education.bangkok.research	\
			0000044	A distance-education project.
alt.education.bangkok.student	\
			0000006	A distance-education project.
alt.education.bangkok.theory	\
			0000032	A distance-education project.
alt.education.disabled	0000655	Learning experiences for the disabled.
alt.education.distance	0000859	Learning over nets, etc.
alt.education.ib	0000121	The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.
alt.education.ib.econ	0000003	International Baccalaureates in Economics.
alt.education.ib.tok	0000172	International Baccalaureates in Theory of Knowledge.
alt.education.research		=sci.edu
alt.eff-talk			=comp.org.eff.talk
alt.elvis			=alt.fan.elvis-presley
alt.elvis.king			=alt.fan.elvis-presley
alt.elvis.sighting	0000612	I saw him aiming a rifle at a motorcade.
alt.emulators.ibmpc.apple2	\
			0000359	The blind leading the blind.
alt.emusic		0003658	Ethnic, exotic, electronic, experimental, etc. music.
alt.english.usage		=alt.usage.english
alt.engr.dynamics	0000023	.
alt.engr.explosives	0000209	Nothing to do with Kibo.
alt.ensign.wesley.die.die.die	\
			0001129	We just can't get enough of him.
alt.ernative		0000000	Some.thing a lit.tle diff.erent.
alt.ernie-pook		0000111	Long live Lynda Barry!
alt.etc.passwd		0000000	This is probably a security violation.
alt.etext		0000360	Electronic text issues.
alt.eunuchs.questions	0000035	Handling user problems in the real world.
alt.evil		0005648	Heh heh heh, HA ha ha-HAAAAAAA!
alt.evil.joel-hall.hell.hell.hell	\
			0000000	More flames.
alt.exotic-music		=alt.emusic
alt.exploding.barney	0000039	An examination of the remains disclosed astonishing quantities of... of... OMIGOD kak *HURL*
alt.exploding.kibo	0000647	An examination of the remains disclosed astonishing quantities of confetti.
alt.extropians		0000184	.
alt.extropians.forbidden.topics	=alt.extropians
alt.falconry		0000000	Hunting and training with birds of prey.
alt.fan			0000005	For folks who like everybody.
alt.fan-frank-zappa		=alt.fan.frank-zappa
alt.fan.Priss.and.the.Replicants	\
			0000013	Priss S. Asigiri, one of the greatest rock idol stars of all time.
alt.fan.TTBS		0000002	Let the madness begin!
alt.fan.TinyTIM		0000004	Tiptoe thru the tulips...
alt.fan.addams		0000001	They're creepy and they're kooky...
alt.fan.addams.wednesday	\
			0000005	She's deadpan and she's homicidal.
alt.fan.afterfive	0000000	.
alt.fan.al-dubois	0000000	Weather Network persona not-so-extraordinaire 8^).
alt.fan.albedo			=alt.fan.furry
alt.fan.alok.vijayvargia	\
			0000214	Vote early, and vote often.
alt.fan.amy-fisher	0000112	Camille Paglia will understand.
alt.fan.andrew-beal	0000020	Usenet is never having to say you're sorry.
alt.fan.anne-rice		=alt.books.anne-rice
alt.fan.asprin		0000374	Discussing the works of Robert Lynn Asprin.
alt.fan.async-gang	0000000	.
alt.fan.basil-brush.boom.boom.boom	\
			0000000	.
alt.fan.beavis-n-butthead	=alt.tv.beavis-n-butthead
alt.fan.ben-elton	0000008	.
alt.fan.bgcrisis	0000174	The Bubblegum Crisis series and related material.
alt.fan.biafra		0000015	An ex-Dead Kennedy.
alt.fan.biff			=alt.fan.BIFF
alt.fan.bill-fenner	0000012	PSU's cute, loveable, and fuzzy news admin.
alt.fan.bill-gates	0001445	Another sign of the coming apocalypse.
alt.fan.billcunningham	0000010	Turn it up! 50,000 watts on 700 WLW!
alt.fan.blues-brothers	0000186	He's dead, Jim.
alt.fan.brian-ellis	0000009	.
alt.fan.brian_reid	0000007	JP did this.
alt.fan.british-accent	0000535	"Oooh, he just sounds soooo cool! *Giggle*"
alt.fan.brother-jed		=alt.brother-jed
alt.fan.bruce-becker	0000038	.
alt.fan.bruce-campbell	0000019	.
alt.fan.bruce.woodcock	0000013	.
alt.fan.buaf			=alt.fan.warlord
alt.fan.bugtown		0000129	For fans of the works of Matt Howarth.
alt.fan.cecil-adams	0000047	.
alt.fan.ceiling		0000013	One good turn deserves another.
alt.fan.chaki.chaki.chaki	\
			0000138	Chaki's fan club.
alt.fan.charles-lasner	0000029	Is assembly language better?
alt.fan.chiranjeevi.and.mohan.babu.sucks	\
			0000000	.
alt.fan.chris-elliot		=alt.fan.chris-elliott
alt.fan.chris-elliott	0000445	Son of the comedian Bob of "Bob and Ray" fame.
alt.fan.christi.yamaguchi	\
			0000027	Another figure skater.
alt.fan.chuck-scheffreen	\
			0000001	.
alt.fan.clarence.thomas	0000012	Paying supreme court to the ladies.
alt.fan.colin-chapman	0000000	Discussion of Colin Chapman and Lotus Cars.
alt.fan.conan-obrien		=alt.tv.conan
alt.fan.cristi.yamaguchi	=alt.fan.christi.yamaguchi
alt.fan.cristina.morela.yamaguchi	\
alt.fan.cristy.yamaguchi	=alt.fan.christi.yamaguchi
alt.fan.dale-bass	0000035	Dale Bass, baseless refuter of Scientific American.
alt.fan.dall-agata	0000129	Michele Dall'Agata, famous physicist from Fermi Lab.
alt.fan.dan-quayle	0012581	...he was just a heartbeat away...
alt.fan.dan-wang	0000014	Fans of the legendary Dan Wang.
alt.fan.daphnes-corner	0000001	.
alt.fan.dave-williams	0000116	For his fans & followers.
alt.fan.dave.blumenthal	0000001	U. of Wisconsin stuff.
alt.fan.dave_barry	0002703	Electronic fan club for humorist Dave Barry.
alt.fan.david-arkstar	0000000	.
alt.fan.david-bowie	0000141	The man who fell to earth.
alt.fan.david-lawrence	0000009	Telling a tale.
alt.fan.david-schmidt.dork.dork.dork	\
			0000000	.
alt.fan.david-sternlight	\
			0000392	David Sternlight, sci.crypt crusader.
alt.fan.david_sternlight	=alt.fan.david-sternlight
alt.fan.debbie.gibson	0000163	The world's oldest cheerleader.
alt.fan.depeche-mode	0000004	Another pop group.
alt.fan.devo		0000306	Cool subhumanoid musical types.
alt.fan.dice-man	0000146	A jerk.
alt.fan.dick-depew	0000525	Another jerk.
alt.fan.dimitri-vulis	0000000	.
alt.fan.dinosaurs		=alt.tv.dinosaurs
alt.fan.disney.afternoon	\
			0000768	Disney Afternoon TV characters & shows.
alt.fan.doctor.bashir.grind.thrust.drool	\
alt.fan.don-n-mike	0000075	A syndicated radio show.
alt.fan.don.no-soul.simmons	\
			0000092	From "Amazon Women On The Moon" fame.
alt.fan.doug-blair	0000000	.
alt.fan.douglas-adams	0007429	Author of "The Meaning of Liff", & other fine works.
alt.fan.douglas_adams		=alt.fan.douglas-adams
alt.fan.dragons		0000266	All about them.
alt.fan.dune		0000442	Herbert's drinking buddies.
alt.fan.ecsd			=alt.fan.eric-dynamic
alt.fan.edding			=alt.fan.eddings
alt.fan.eddings		0002222	The works of fantasy writer David Eddings.
alt.fan.eddings.creative	\
			0000000	.
alt.fan.egham-hills	0000000	.
alt.fan.elvis-presley	0000188	The King.
alt.fan.enya			=alt.music.enya
alt.fan.eric-dynamic	0000007	.
alt.fan.eric.oehler	0000001	U. of Wisconsin stuff.
alt.fan.fabio		0000020	Pecs like bread loaves.
alt.fan.feynman		0000000	Richard P. Feynman, eccentric physicist.
alt.fan.firesgn-thtre		=alt.fan.firesign-theatre
alt.fan.firesign-theatre	\
			0000682	I see you are a sailor.
alt.fan.frank-zappa	0004641	...they had a swimming pool...
alt.fan.freenet			=alt.online-service.freenet
alt.fan.furry		0006577	Fans of funny animals, ala Steve Gallacci's book.
alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy	0000160	Another sign of the coming apocalypse.
alt.fan.gbloom.putz.putz.putz	\
			0000000	.
alt.fan.gene-scott	0000275	A late-nite tv bible-thumper.
alt.fan.gene-spafford	0000000	.
alt.fan.gooley		0000609	Fans of Markian Gooley and his followers.
alt.fan.goons		0001171	Careful Neddy, it's that dastardly Moriarty again.
alt.fan.greaseman	0000359	More shock radio.
alt.fan.grimjack	0000000	.
alt.fan.harry-mandel	0000010	.
alt.fan.heinlein	0000002	The prolific Science Fiction author.
alt.fan.hofstadter	0000309	Author of "Godel, Escher, Bach", "Mind's I", etc.
alt.fan.holmes		0001340	Elementary, my dear Watfor.
alt.fan.howard-stern	0006755	Shock radio - don't touch that dial.
alt.fan.howard-stern.fartman	=alt.fan.howard-stern
alt.fan.hurricane.yip	0000036	.
alt.fan.hyena		0000005	.
alt.fan.itchy-n-scratc		=alt.fan.itchy-n-scratchy
alt.fan.itchy-n-scratchy	\
			0000408	Bart Simpson's favorite TV cartoon.
alt.fan.ivor-cutler	0000009	Jammy Smears, Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, etc.
alt.fan.jai-maharaj	0000238	A contributor to alt.astrology and soc.culture.indian.
alt.fan.james-bond	0001530	On his Majesty's Secret Service (& secret linen too).
alt.fan.jan.stage	0000000	.
alt.fan.jeff-wheelhouse	0000000	.
alt.fan.jeff-witty	0000001	The published new wave artist.
alt.fan.jello-biafra		=alt.fan.biafra
alt.fan.jen-coolest	0000401	Jen is the coolest and we need to worship her.
alt.fan.jeremy-reimer	0000025	The wit and wisdom of the OS/2ibo.
alt.fan.jesus.monroy.jr	0000000	.
alt.fan.jik		0000007	Discussion of jik.
alt.fan.jim-croce	0000000	Discussing the cult surrounding the singer/songwriter.
alt.fan.jim-rome	0000002	.
alt.fan.jimmy-buffet		=alt.fan.jimmy-buffett
alt.fan.jimmy-buffett	0002951	A white sports coat and a pink crustacean.
alt.fan.jiro-nakamura	0000013	Visiting the shaman.
alt.fan.jiro.nakamura		=alt.fan.jiro-nakamura
alt.fan.joe-baptista	0000051	Threatening the government via numbskull tactics.
alt.fan.joegorde	0000000	The life and works of the American philosopher Joseph Gorde.
alt.fan.joel-furr	0000291	All about Mr. "I'm gonna newgroup everybody" Furr.
alt.fan.john-palmer	0000917	Tygra, tygra, burning blight...
alt.fan.john.line	0000001	.
alt.fan.jokke		0000000	Ser noen dette, tro?
alt.fan.jwz		0000003	Tape labeler, lucid emacs, xscreensaver.
alt.fan.kali.astarte.inanna	\
			0000022	Oh, give me that Old Time Religion!
alt.fan.kali.savithri	0000000	Superstar of soc.culture.indian.
alt.fan.karl-hagen	0000000	rmgroup me!
alt.fan.karl-malden.nose	\
			0000002	Don't leave home without it.
alt.fan.karla-homolka	0001769	For snuff aficionados & polka fans.
alt.fan.keegan		0000003	.
alt.fan.ken-arromdee.babble.babble.babble	\
			0000000	Get a life, Ken!
alt.fan.ken-johnson	0000066	Discussion pertaining to the great man himself.
alt.fan.kent-montana	0000014	Appreciation of the Kent Montana Book Series.
alt.fan.kevin-darcy	0001079	For Kebbie.
alt.fan.kevin-walsh	0000867	The Professor Kevin Walsh fan club.
alt.fan.langots_and_langotias	\
			0000000	Langots and Langotias are poisonous, but provide mirth under controlled circumstances.
alt.fan.laurie.anderson	0000117	Here come the planes....
alt.fan.lemur			=alt.fan.lemurs
alt.fan.lemurs		0000912	Little critters with BIG eyes.
alt.fan.lemurs.cooked		=alt.fan.lemurs
alt.fan.letterman	0008559	One of the top 10 reasons to get the alt groups.
alt.fan.lightbulbs	0000147	A hardware problem.
alt.fan.lila-feng	0000047	Weather Network persona extraordinaire.
alt.fan.limbaugh		=alt.rush-limbaugh
alt.fan.ltwilkes	0000000	All about Lieutenant Wilkes, the Fun Guys from Yuggoth and jack.
alt.fan.madonna		0001586	Nice tits, eh... And how about that puppy?
alt.fan.maria-callas	0000052	An opera singer.
alt.fan.marion-boyd	0000000	Long Live *8888!@33NO CARRIER.
alt.fan.mark-crother	0000000	.
alt.fan.mark.hamill	0000000	Feel the force, trust your feelings.
alt.fan.mark.wang	0000008	.
alt.fan.marla-thrift	0000000	.
alt.fan.mary-chungs	0000019	The famous Cambridge, MA restaurant.
alt.fan.mary-seabrook	0000000	For all of us who know and love her.
alt.fan.matt-welsh		=alt.fan.matt.welsh
alt.fan.matt.welsh	0000403	I saw a greater need.
alt.fan.max-headroom	0000123	A famous Canadian.
alt.fan.mcdonalds		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.fan.melvin-gladstone	\
			0000071	God & big brother, whatta combo.
alt.fan.meredith-tanner	0000061	Talk.Bizarre Goddess and Singing Babe.
alt.fan.michael-bolton	0000014	.
alt.fan.michael-deignan		=alt.fan.michael.deignan
alt.fan.michael.deignan	0000001	JP wanted this for some reason.
alt.fan.mike-dahmus	0000346	UNIX Sucks! OS/2 is the best!!!
alt.fan.mike-jittlov	0002208	Electronic fan club for animator Mike Jittlov.
alt.fan.monty-python	0018506	No, not THAT monty python, the OTHER one.
alt.fan.monty-python.silliness	\
			0000000	A group for creative pythonesque humor.
alt.fan.mr-rogers	0000002	It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
alt.fan.mst-3000		=alt.fan.mst3k
alt.fan.mst3k		0014359	Mystery Science Theatre 3000 tv show.
alt.fan.mts		0000104	Michigan Terminal System, a 1970 precursor to TSO.
alt.fan.naked-guy	0000230	Discussing Andrew Martinez - the Naked Guy.
alt.fan.nancy-kerrigan.ouch.ouch.ouch	\
alt.fan.nathan.brazil	0000073	Fans of the Well of Souls, and all things Markovian...
alt.fan.nicole-bobek		=alt.fan.nicole.bobeck
alt.fan.nicole.bobeck	0000014	Another figure skater fan group.
alt.fan.noam-chomsky	0000567	A genuine hero of our times.
alt.fan.oduglas-adams		=alt.fan.douglas-adams
alt.fan.oingo-boingo	0000386	Another pop group.
alt.fan.oksana.bayul	0000016	Another figure skater fan group.
alt.fan.paws		0000000	.
alt.fan.penn-n-teller	0000000	The magicians Penn Jillette & Teller.
alt.fan.pern		0004085	Anne McCaffery's s-f oeuvre.
alt.fan.peter-hammill		=alt.fan.peter.hammill
alt.fan.peter.hammill	0000035	Fans of the avant-garde musician.
alt.fan.piers-anthony	0000883	For fans of the s-f author Piers Anthony.
alt.fan.piete.brooks	0000000	Postmastering at Cambridge, in sandals.
alt.fan.plutonium	0000000	Support and honor PluToNiuM of alt.irc fame.
alt.fan.poris		0000001	.
alt.fan.pratchett	0009271	For fans of Terry Pratchett, s-f humor writer.
alt.fan.priss.and.the.replicants	\
alt.fan.q		0000689	The Qmnipotent Qne holds court here.
alt.fan.queen			=alt.music.queen
alt.fan.rachel-perkins.bah.bah.bah	\
			0000023	Sheepish admiration.
alt.fan.rama-krishna	0000039	.
alt.fan.ren-and-stimpy		=alt.tv.ren-n-stimpy
alt.fan.ren-n-stimpy		=alt.tv.ren-n-stimpy
alt.fan.ricking-ball	0000013	.
alt.fan.riscos		0000007	Fans of Acorn Computer's RISC Operating System.
alt.fan.rita-rudner	0000014	A TV comedienne.
alt.fan.robbie.pink.tutu	\
			0000025	Electronic fan club for Rob "Tutu" Kolstad.
alt.fan.robert-jordan	0000115	The Wheel of Time and other Robert Jordan works.
alt.fan.robert-whaley	0000003	Everyone's favorite Thinking Guy.
alt.fan.robert.mcelwaine	\
			0000175	Another favorite net-personality.
alt.fan.roger.david.carasso	\
			0000320	Arguments for allowing abortion up to age 21.
alt.fan.rokop		0000000	High-speed fluid-flow maven.
alt.fan.ronald-reagan	0001271	Was he too stupid to notice, or too smart to care?
alt.fan.roy.cakes	0000000	.
alt.fan.rumpole		0000114	Join us in Pommeroy's for a glass of Chateau Thames Embankment.
alt.fan.run-dmc		0000041	Walk dis way...
alt.fan.rush-libaugh		=alt.rush-limbaugh
alt.fan.rush-limbaugh		=alt.rush-limbaugh
alt.fan.rush-limbaugh.transcripts	\
alt.fan.rush-limbaugh.tv-show	=alt.rush-limbaugh
alt.fan.russell.lawrence	\
			0000000	Electro-shock fan.
alt.fan.sam-raimi	0000000	Fans of the talented horror/comedy movies director.
alt.fan.schwaben	0000092	A nice part of Germany.
alt.fan.schwaben.heul.heul.heul	\
			0000000	.
alt.fan.scott		0000002	.
alt.fan.scott-tai	0000002	.
alt.fan.sean.corey.dewme	\
			0000004	.
alt.fan.serdar-argic	0000860	His mouth (or keyboard) runneth over.
alt.fan.shedevil	0000034	.
alt.fan.shostakovich	0000635	Classical music composer.
alt.fan.shub-interne		=alt.horror.shub-internet
alt.fan.shub-internet	0000000	Shub-Internet gets quite upset at being misspelled.
alt.fan.skf-jones	0000007	.
alt.fan.skinny		0000033	.
alt.fan.snuffles	0000000	Discussions about Snuffles the Bear.
alt.fan.spinal-tap	0000436	Down on the sex farm.
alt.fan.steve-zellers	0000010	He is the solution to the nitrogen equation.
alt.fan.suicide-squid	0000116	Breathtaking adventure stories.
alt.fan.super-big-gulp	0000000	Way too much diuretic for any one human to drink.
alt.fan.surak			=alt.fans.surak
alt.fan.sysadmins.who.dont.restrict.distribution	\
			0000000	.
alt.fan.tania.bedrax	0000012	Parfum in a small vial.
alt.fan.tank-girl	0000056	For fans of LA entertainer Josette Torres.
alt.fan.tanya-harding		=alt.spank.tonya.harding
alt.fan.tarka		0000000	Have car, will travel.
alt.fan.tarka.roadtrip	0000000	Half the fun is getting there.
alt.fan.ted.thearp.dough.dough.dough	\
			0000003	EMS Spokesman for 1993.
alt.fan.teresa-chong	0000000	.
alt.fan.the.cure	0000003	Another pop group.
alt.fan.thunder-thumbs	0000012	.
alt.fan.tim-pierce.control.control.control	\
			0000034	Pots calling the kettle black.
alt.fan.tinytim			=alt.fan.TinyTIM
alt.fan.tna		0000131	For the college radio show "T n A".
alt.fan.tolkien			=rec.arts.books.tolkien
alt.fan.tom-robbins	0000498	A novelist of quaint & affecting tales.
alt.fan.tom-vu		0000000	A late-nite tv real-estate-thumper.
alt.fan.tom_peterson	0000205	Portland, Oregon's favorite son.
alt.fan.tonya-harding.whack.whack.whack	\
alt.fan.tuan		0000006	Keeping abreast of the angle.
alt.fan.tuan.die.die.die	=alt.fan.tuan
alt.fan.tuan.god.god.god	=alt.fan.tuan
alt.fan.u2		0001392	Another pop group.
alt.fan.vejcik		0000000	Discussions of the power of the mighty Czech.
alt.fan.vi.beep.beep.beep	\
			0000000	Escapism.
alt.fan.vic-reeves	0000054	Britain's top Light Entertainer and Formation Mollusc.
alt.fan.victor-sundar	0000000	For general discussions on His Excellency Victor Sundar.
alt.fan.vladimir.zhirinovsky	\
			0000000	A scary dude.
alt.fan.wal-greenslade	0000009	This is the BBC Home Service.......
alt.fan.wang-chung	0000017	Another pop group.
alt.fan.warlord		0011442	My sig can whomp yours any day of the week.
alt.fan.warlord.recovery	=alt.fan.warlord
alt.fan.warren.burstein	0000000	.
alt.fan.wedge		0000033	Standing by, red 2.
alt.fan.winona-ryder	0000000	.
alt.fan.wodehouse	0000635	Discussion of the works of humour author P.G. Wodehouse.
alt.fan.woody-allen	0000213	"Bananas", "Sleeper", "The Front", "Annie Hall", ...
alt.fan.zeke		0000021	.
alt.fan.zucker-bros	0000000	.
alt.fandom.cons		0002803	Announcements of conventions (SF and others).
alt.fandom.misc		0000324	Other topics for fans of various kinds.
alt.fans.david.davidian.fascist.fascist.fascist	\
			0000003	Political commentary.
alt.fans.surak		0000000	A famous Vulcan.
alt.fashion		0001676	All facets of the fashion industry discussed.
alt.fathers-rights		=alt.dads-rights
alt.fax				=comp.dcom.fax
alt.fax.bondage		0000105	The ancient secrets revealed.
alt.feet		0000034	Tales too ticklish to tell.
alt.feminazis			=alt.rush-limbaugh
alt.feminism		0025872	Like soc.feminism, only different.
alt.feminism.individualism	\
			0000143	.
alt.fether.die.die.die	0000000	Jonathon Fether and his outrageous claims.
alt.filepro		0000001	A database for MS-DOS.
alt.filesystems.afs	0000132	Discussions about AFS, from deployment to development.
alt.finals.suicide		=alt.suicide.finals
alt.fis			0000027	.
alt.fish		0000000	.
alt.fishing			=rec.outdoors.fishing
alt.fitness			=misc.fitness
alt.flack		0000066	FubGeniuf ftuff, or killing me foftly.
alt.flame		0076358	Alternative, literate, pithy, succinct screaming.
alt.flame.abortion	0000015	Somewhere to direct followups to.
alt.flame.australian.net.cops	=alt.flame.net-cops
alt.flame.bmug-boston	0000047	.
alt.flame.bmug-worldwide	\
			0000027	.
alt.flame.canter-and-siegel	\
			0000000	The Green Card spammers.
alt.flame.dan.gannon.nazi.scum	\
			0000014	.
alt.flame.eternal	0000025	In heaven... nothing ever happens...
alt.flame.ex		0000000	Who are you again?
alt.flame.faggots	0000438	A place for the net to achieve its intolerance quotient.
alt.flame.fraternity.sorority	=alt.fraternity.sorority
alt.flame.fucking.faggots	=alt.flame.faggots
alt.flame.gerbilstuffing	\
			0000000	.
alt.flame.gigantic.sigs		=alt.fan.warlord
alt.flame.hairy-douchebag.meredith-tanner	\
			0000034	Typical yanqui non-consensual humor.
alt.flame.hairy-douchebag.roger-david-carasso	\
			0000016	More flames.
alt.flame.hall-of-flame	0000068	Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
alt.flame.hannigan	0000112	More flames.
alt.flame.hello.hello.are.you.there	\
			0000000	Probably not.
alt.flame.hirai.cs.dork	0000002	Flaming a Nutty Perfesser.
alt.flame.joe-hofmeister	\
			0000008	.
alt.flame.karen.kolling.fascist.fascist.fascist	\
			0000012	More flames.
alt.flame.kista		0000000	Talk about the much hated Kista.
alt.flame.landlord	0000069	Property is theft, & other issues.
alt.flame.marshal.perlman.weenie	\
			0000066	More flames, from Carasso.
alt.flame.mike-steiner	0000009	.
alt.flame.mud		0000016	Gamesters on fire.
alt.flame.net-cops	0000093	Our riot gear is better than yours.
alt.flame.parents	0000017	Hurt them, boys & girls.
alt.flame.pascal	0000001	.
alt.flame.pizza.greasy	0000028	Surrogate for Domino's delivery vehicles.
alt.flame.professor	0000000	.
alt.flame.psu		0000161	Penn State gets its own.
alt.flame.psuvm			=alt.flame.psu
alt.flame.rikiya.asano.stoooopid.putz.hahahaha	\
			0000006	.
alt.flame.roommate	0000791	She *IS* the Devil!! Fer sure!!!
alt.flame.sean-ryan	0000105	Sean "Hardcore Alaskan" Ryan and his adoring fans.
alt.flame.spelling	0000610	Fore andd abowt piple whoe kant spel.
alt.flame.stevej	0000000	.
alt.flame.tdgilman		=alt.flame.tim-gilman
alt.flame.those.nasty.little.hangnails-ouch	\
			0000008	Worse than torture.
alt.flame.tim-gilman	0000002	.
alt.flame.weemba	0000012	Roasting the one & only Matthew P. Wiener.
alt.flintstones		0000002	.
alt.floorit		0000000	.
alt.floors.de		0000000	.
alt.floors.fr		0000000	.
alt.floors.it		0000000	.
alt.floors.uk		0000000	.
alt.folklore		0000021	.
alt.folklore.college	0005887	Kids say the darndest things.
alt.folklore.computers	0048153	Weird tales...
alt.folklore.gemstones	0000010	.
alt.folklore.ghost-stories	\
			0002804	Scary weird tales...
alt.folklore.herbs	0001580	Discussion of all aspects of herbs and their uses.
alt.folklore.info	0000059	Current urban legends and other folklore. (Moderated)
alt.folklore.military	0000717	Military-oriented 'urban legends' and folklore.
alt.folklore.science	0006916	Techno-weird tales...
alt.folklore.suburban	0000101	Suburban legends. (Moderated)
alt.folklore.urban	0083637	Really weird tales...
alt.fondle		0000000	.
alt.fondle.vomit	0000343	Chia pet replacement.
alt.foo.bar		0000006	Name derived from the WW-II term "FUBAR".
alt.food		0000488	Most folks like it.
alt.food.cocacola	0000696	& Royal Crown, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, NEHI, etc...
alt.food.coffee			=alt.coffee
alt.food.dennys		0000343	A chain of fast food restaurants.
alt.food.fat-free	0001748	Quest for thinness.
alt.food.mcdonalds		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.food.pancakes	0000003	Discussion and glorification of the pancake.
alt.food.sugar-cereals	0000607	Another J. Furr special.
alt.food.veg.live	0000000	.
alt.food.veg.ted-altar	0000007	.
alt.food.waffle-house	0000015	A group devoted to those ubiquitous road-side restaurants!
alt.foolish.users	0000100	Final resting place for the "idiot-proof" zealots.
alt.football.pro.miami-dolphins.marino.left.foot.big.toe.nail	\
			0000000	.
alt.forever.linette	0000025	Love forever with the very first and very last one.
alt.forgery		0000744	One place for all forgeries--crossposting encouraged.
alt.forgery.margolis-keegan	\
			0000000	Home for Margolis-Keegan forgery discussions.
alt.forsale			=misc.forsale
alt.fractal-design.painter	\
			0000073	Discuss specific paint software for PC/Mac.
alt.fractals			=sci.fractals
alt.fractals.pictures		=alt.binaries.pictures.fractals
alt.fractals.pictures.female	=alt.binaries.pictures.fractals
alt.fractals.pictures.male	=alt.binaries.pictures.fractals
alt.fraternity.sorority	0002172	.
alt.freaks		0000068	Rick James, we love you!
alt.freedom.of.information.act	\
			0000256	"...EXCEPT THAT Congress shall limit..."
alt.freenet			=alt.online-service.freenet
alt.french.captain.borg.borg.borg	\
			0000457	Picard, you are not yourself lately.
alt.fruchti.xload.glotz.glotz.glotz	\
			0000003	For you, fruchtzwerg!
alt.fun.with.tob	0000117	An ego on parade.
alt.funk-you		0000019	A place to discuss stupid newsgroup proposals and to say....FUNK YOU.
alt.furry			=alt.fan.furry
alt.fusion			=sci.physics.fusion
alt.galactic-guide	0001015	DON'T PANIC.
alt.gambling			=rec.gambling
alt.games			=rec.games.misc
alt.games.air-warrior	0000034	A multi-player game.
alt.games.alt-config	0000000	The clearest description of the situation.
alt.games.doom		0007187	A really popular PC game.
alt.games.doom.newplayers	=alt.games.doom
alt.games.dragons-inn		=alt.dragons-inn
alt.games.frp			=rec.games.frp.misc
alt.games.frp.dnd-util	0000248	Computer utilities for Dungeons and Dragons.
alt.games.frp.live-action	\
			0000761	Discussion of all forms of live-action gaming.
alt.games.frp.misc		=rec.games.frp.misc
alt.games.frp.tekumel	0000005	Empire of the Petal Throne FRPG by M. A. R. Barker.
alt.games.frp.white-wolf.mage.virtual-adepts	\
			0000000	.
alt.games.galactic-bloodshed	=alt.games.gb
alt.games.gb		0002859	The Galactic Bloodshed conquest game.
alt.games.ibmpc.shadowcaster	\
			0000019	A pclone game.
alt.games.lynx		0002859	Discussing the Atari Lynx and its games.
alt.games.mk		0002727	Mortal Kombat.
alt.games.mornington		=alt.games.mornington.crescent
alt.games.mornington.crescent	\
			0000672	Discussion of the Crescent game, and playing.
alt.games.mornington.cresent	=alt.games.mornington.crescent
alt.games.mtrek		0000050	A multi-user trek game.
alt.games.netrek		=rec.games.netrek
alt.games.netrek.paradise	=rec.games.netrek
alt.games.omega		0000294	The computer game Omega.
alt.games.pabu		0000020	The game PABU.
alt.games.sega			=rec.games.video.sega
alt.games.sf2		0012306	The video game Street Fighter 2.
alt.games.test2		0000000	.
alt.games.tiddlywinks	0000141	All aspects of the game of Tiddlywinks.
alt.games.torg		0007945	Gateway for TORG mailing list.
alt.games.vga-planet		=alt.games.vga-planets
alt.games.vga-planets	0003131	Discussion of Tim Wisseman's VGA Planets.
alt.games.vga-planets.binaries	\
			0000016	.
alt.games.video			=rec.games.video.misc
alt.games.video.classic		=rec.games.video.classic
alt.games.whitewolf	0000714	Discussion of WhiteWolf's line of gothic/horror RPGs.
alt.games.xpilot	0000736	Discussion on all aspects of the X11 game Xpilot.
alt.games.xtrek			=rec.games.netrek
alt.gathering.rainbow	0000609	For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering.
alt.gbloom.putz.putz.putz	\
			0000000	Gregg Bloom is a stupid putz.
alt.geek		0001201	To fulfill an observed need.
alt.genealogy			=soc.roots
alt.generation-x	0000000	.
alt.get.a.life.nintendo.addicts	\
			0000012	.
alt.go.go.nancy		0000003	Nancy Kerrigan's secret life as a club dancer.
alt.gobment.lones	0000037	Talk about the thousand points of blight.
alt.gonzalas.jaimi.escalante.hese.hese.hese	\
			0000002	Thermodynamics & the letter "K".
alt.good.morning	0001729	Would you like coffee with that?
alt.good.news		0001262	A place for some news that's good news.
alt.gopher			=comp.infosystems.gopher
alt.gorby.coup.coup.coup	\
			0000012	Some say he did it to himself.
alt.gorby.gone.gone.gone	\
			0000093	Some say he did it to himself.
alt.gorets		0000120	...is like a crowded theatre full of piggies.
alt.gossip.royalty	0000002	GIF's of Fergy on page 3...
alt.gothic		0009259	Bela Lugosi's dead...
alt.gourmand		0000124	Recipes & cooking info. (Moderated)
alt.grad-student.tenured	\
			0000792	Most prison terms are finished sooner.
alt.grad.skool.sux	0000145	Doctor, it hurts when I study this.
alt.graffiti		0000257	Usenet spraypainters and their documentors.
alt.graphics		0000961	Some prefer this to comp.graphics.
alt.graphics.pixutils	0005153	Discussion of pixmap utilities.
alt.great-ass.swedish-chef	\
			0000000	2 of the best alt. groups joined together.
alt.great-lakes		0002664	Discussions of the Great Lakes and adjacent places.
alt.great.ass.paulina	0000350	"For a year I get nothing and then this".
alt.great.ass.wheaton	0000022	More Stardrek.
alt.great.one.bonehead.martin.hannigan	\
alt.grins.und.grunz	0000007	Latu:rnich swachsinn.
alt.grissom.information.network	\
			0000002	.
alt.gtnet.clipper.programming	\
			0000000	GT-Power gateway for Clipper DB programming.
alt.guinea.pig.conspiracy	\
			0000075	They're here for a reason.
alt.guitar			=rec.music.makers.guitar
alt.guitar.bass			=rec.music.makers.bass
alt.guitar.tab			=rec.music.makers.guitar.tablature
alt.hackers		0003724	Hac yt smale. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.cough.cough.cough	\
			0000007	"Where's my dextromethorpan?"
alt.hackers.malicious	0000258	The really bad guys - don't take candy from them.
alt.half.operating.system.delay.delay.delay	\
			0000148	1/2 an OS for 1/2 a computer, twice as late.
alt.half.operating.system.delay.delay.delay.delay	\
alt.ham-radio.packet		=rec.radio.amateur.digital.misc
alt.hangover		0000078	How I feel right now as a matter of fact.
alt.happy.birthday.to.me	\
			0000365	Sing along the dotted line.
alt.happynet		0000000	...but who's going to change its litterbox?
alt.hash.house.harriers	0000056	Running & drinking, now there's a great combination.
alt.hayco.mud.mud.mud		=alt.hayco.sucks.mud
alt.hayco.sucks.mud	0000003	Odd perversion.
alt.health.ayurveda	0000042	Really ancient medicine from India.
alt.health.cfids-action	0000000	Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Action group. (Moderated)
alt.help.me.get.out.of.trouble.trouble.trouble-please	\
			0000006	Sorry, no. Burn.
alt.hemp		0002737	The miracle plant.
alt.henry.qua.qua.qua	0000000	.
alt.heraldry			=rec.heraldry
alt.heraldry.sca	0000214	Heraldry in the Society of Creative Anachronism.
alt.herptiles			=rec.pets.herp
alt.herve.villechaize.dead.dead.dead	\
			0000033	He's dead, Jim.
alt.hi.are.you.cute	0000235	*giggle*
alt.hindu		0000282	Discussing Hindu philosophy & other issues. (Moderated)
alt.hinz.und.grunz	0000032	Moin ihr flaschen- und kinder-scha:nder.
alt.history.living	0000208	A forum for discussing the hobby of living history.
alt.history.what-if	0001393	Discussions of possible alternate histories.
alt.hk.spcc		0000000	.
alt.homosex.victims	0000000	.
alt.homosexual			=alt.sex.homosexual
alt.hoovers		0000000	A vacuum at the center of the FBI, or your living room.
alt.horror		0010803	Too awful to describe.
alt.horror.cthulhu	0001983	Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, Ctulhu, Ctulu, and the rest.
alt.horror.shub-internet	\
			0000030	Offerings to shub-internet, the process with a thousand young.
alt.horror.werewolves	0000778	They were wolves, now they're something to be wary of.
alt.hotfut		0000063	Hospital of the Future.
alt.hotrod		0002540	High speed automobiles. (Moderated)
alt.housing			=misc.housing
alt.housing.nontrad	0000159	Communes, co-housing & alternative living arrangements.
alt.how.to.join.the.mafia	\
			0000000	This newsgroup now sleeps with the fishes.
alt.how.to.start.newsgroups	=alt.test
alt.huge.sausage!		=alt.HUGE.SAUSAGE!
alt.human-brain		0000072	They're made of meat.
alt.humor			=rec.humor
alt.humor.best-of-usenet	\
			0000342	What the moderator thinks is funniest. (Moderated)
alt.humor.best-of-usenet.d	\
			0000411	Why everyone else doesn't think it's funny.
alt.humor.oracle		=rec.humor.oracle.d
alt.humor.puns			=alt.puns
alt.hurricane.andrew	0000192	The 1992 hurricane disaster.
alt.hypertext		0002901	Discussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc.
alt.hypnosis		0000956	When you awaken, you will forget about this newsgroup.
alt.ibm.pc.hardware		=comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.misc
alt.icelandic.waif.bjork.bjork.bjork	\
			0000053	.
alt.ignorant.fucks	0000000	For "fuzzy minded nimnoids".
alt.illuminati		0000909	Exposed by R. A. Wilson, & look what happened to him.
alt.imag.eudes		0000000	.
alt.image.medical	0000348	Medical image exchange discussions.
alt.impeach.clinton	0000065	Whitehouse Whitewater whitewash?
alt.imploding.kibo	0000209	What goes out must come in.
alt.india.progressive	0000150	Progressive politics in the Indian sub-continent. (Moderated)
alt.indian.superior	0000000	. (Moderated)
alt.individualism	0013594	Philosophies where individual rights are paramount.
alt.industrial		0001041	The Industrial Computing Society.
alt.industrial.computing	\
			0000116	The Industrial Computing Society tries again.
alt.inet92		0000045	Relating to the Inet '92 conference in Kobe, Japan.
alt.infertility		0000075	Discussion of infertility causes and treatments.
alt.info-fest.in.tuebingen	\
			0000000	Discussions of the Info-Fest.
alt.info-science	0000099	This is really about library science.
alt.info-theory		0000115	This is really about information theory.
alt.internet			=alt.internet.services
alt.internet.access		=alt.internet.access.wanted
alt.internet.access-wanted	=alt.internet.access.wanted
alt.internet.access.wanted	\
			0004102	"Oh. OK, how about just an MX record for now?"
alt.internet.networks		=alt.internet.access.wanted
alt.internet.services	0010936	Not available in the uucp world, even via email.
alt.internet.talk-radio		=alt.internet.talk.radio
alt.internet.talk.bizarre	\
			0000000	.
alt.internet.talk.haven	0000000	General discussion of internet chat servers known as havens.
alt.internet.talk.of.the.town	\
			0000000	The New Yorker's recent breathless coverage of the Internet.
alt.internet.talk.radio	0000253	Carl Malamud's Internet Talk Radio program.
alt.internet.talk.shows	0000000	Packet video and Internet entertainment.
alt.interstate.101	0000003	A highway.
alt.invest			=misc.invest
alt.invest.real-estate		=misc.invest.real-estate
alt.iq				=alt.iq.endless-discussion
alt.iq.endless-discussion	\
			0000012	.
alt.iraqi.dictator.bomb.bomb.bomb	\
			0000003	Keep doing it till you've got it right.
alt.irc			0011873	Internet Relay Chat material.
alt.irc.announce	0000000	Internet Relay Chat announcements. (Moderated)
alt.irc.bot		0000014	Discussion of creating irc bots.
alt.irc.cori.die.die.die	\
			0000003	More flames.
alt.irc.corruption	0000030	Is nowhere safe?
alt.irc.corruption.log.log.log	\
			0000024	Discussions of corrupted loggers.
alt.irc.hottub		0000037	Discussion of the IRC channel #hottub.
alt.irc.ircii		0000603	Discussion of the IRC II client program.
alt.irc.lamers		0000018	See alt.hi.are.you.cute.
alt.irc.opers		0000018	Operators of Internet Relay Chat systems.
alt.irc.ops.kiss.my.ass	0000000	.
alt.irc.questions	0000113	How-to questions for IRC (International Relay Chat).
alt.irc.recovery	0000417	Kill your television... er, IRC client.
alt.irc.sleaze		0000015	Internet Relay Chat flamage.
alt.irc.sleaze.mark	0000021	More Internet Relay Chat flamage.
alt.irc.undernet	0000060	The IRC wars continue.
alt.irony		0000000	Letting off steam.
alt.is.doomed		0000000	If it's a sewer, let's treat it like one! (Moderated)
alt.is.not		0000000	.
alt.is.too		0000707	NOT!
alt.isea		0000024	International Symposia of Electronic Arts.
alt.japanese.text	0000164	Postings in Japanese; Japanese language software.
alt.jealous.juvenile.jerkoffs.with.no.woman.martin-hannigan	\
alt.jessica.shi'nayne.warrior-queen.flake.flake.flake	\
			0000000	More flames.
alt.jimmy-junior.squirm.squirm.squirm	\
			0000000	More flames.
alt.job.gooley			=alt.fan.gooley
alt.job.ken-johnson		=alt.fan.ken-johnson
alt.jobs			=misc.jobs.misc
alt.journalism		0001085	General hangout for journalists.
alt.journalism.criticism	\
			0001009	I write, therefore I'm biased.
alt.journalism.gonzo	0000113	Hunter S. Thompson's works and legacy.
alt.journalism.music		=alt.music.journalism
alt.jubjub		0000062	Bandersnatchii are welcome here too.
alt.junk		0000000	For aliasing things to.
alt.kalbo		0000354	Bald guys of the world, unite!
alt.karaoke		0000154	Amazing that so many people know how to sing off-key.
alt.ketchup		0000551	Whak* Whak* ...shake... Whak* Damn, all over my tie.
alt.kids-talk		0011999	A place for the pre-college set on the net.
alt.kill.the.whales	0000230	This newsgroup is evidence for the coming apocalypse.
alt.killfiles		0000004	A means for modulating your version of usenet reality.
alt.klingon		0000555	More Stardrek.
alt.kodak.cd.bitch.bitch.bitch	\
			0000022	Definitely a challenge to the dedicated hacker.
alt.lame-duck		0000000	.
alt.lamers.martin.hannigan.bjork.bjork.bjork	\
alt.lamers.martin.hannigan.bung.bung.bung	\
alt.lang		0000000	.
alt.lang.apl			=comp.lang.apl
alt.lang.asm		0001237	Assembly languages of various flavours.
alt.lang.awk		0000302	A handy UNIX interpreted language.
alt.lang.basic			=comp.lang.basic.misc
alt.lang.cfutures	0000471	Discussion of the future of the C programming language.
alt.lang.focal		0000006	.
alt.lang.hyperc		0000000	Discussion of the Hyper C shareware package.
alt.lang.intercal	0000314	A joke language with a real compiler.
alt.lang.ml		0000114	The ML and SML symbolic languages.
alt.lang.sas			=comp.soft-sys.sas
alt.lang.teco		0000156	The TECO editor language.
alt.language.basic		=comp.lang.basic.misc
alt.law-enforcement	0001955	Discuss all forms of law enforcement and crime.
alt.law.prisons			=alt.prisons
alt.lawyers.sue.sue.sue	0000180	Worse than banana slug fleas.
alt.lefthanders		0000339	Special problems with scissors, paperclips, etc.
alt.lemmings		0000274	Whither thou goest...
alt.leper		0000000	"Hey, gimme a hand. ...urk, not like THAT..."
alt.letter.chain	0000025	A microcosm of Usenet itself.
alt.letzebuerger	0000040	A forum for Luxemburgish students.
alt.licker.store	0000179	Hiccup!
alt.lies		0000000	This is not a newsgroup.
alt.life.afterlife	0000028	The warm light at end of the tunnel is a locomotive.
alt.life.internet	0000196	This may be the answer to "get a life" for some.
alt.life.sucks		0000155	& then you shrivel up.
alt.limbots.spineless	0000000	.
alt.linux.sux		0000021	...but it's free, ain't it?
alt.lit.asle		0000000	.
alt.lluce.sucks.sucks.sucks	\
			0000001	.
alt.locksmithing	0003428	You locked your keys in *where*?
alt.lorena.bobbitt.chop.chop.chop	\
			0000004	Advertising the famous Ginzu Penis.
alt.lucid-emacs.bug	0000836	Bug reports about Lucid Emacs.
alt.lucid-emacs.help	0001524	Q&A and general discussion of Lucid Emacs.
alt.lwaxana-troi.die.die.die	\
			0000277	More Stardrek.
alt.lycra		0000405	For fans of Spandex & similar apparel.
alt.m&k				=alt.magnus_and_ketil
alt.macedonia.is.greece	0000163	Flames.
alt.machines.misc	0000080	.
alt.mag.mediaworks	0000000	Discussions allied to the new Mediaworks magazine.
alt.mag.playboy		0000047	Discussions regarding Playboy magazine.
alt.magic		0003382	For discussion about stage magic.
alt.magick		0013001	Another kind than hat tricks.
alt.magick.chaos	0000031	Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards.
alt.magick.cyber	0000000	.
alt.magick.sex		0000093	Working with the goddess.
alt.magick.sex.angst		=alt.magick.sex
alt.magnus.and.ketil		=alt.magnus_and_ketil
alt.magnus_and_ketil	0000212	A sometimes inspired doofus.
alt.mail.cfutures		=alt.lang.cfutures
alt.make.money.fast	0000013	And piss off thousands of people even faster.
alt.making.newsgroups.fun.fun.fun	\
			0000000	.
alt.management.tech-support	=alt.managing.techsupport
alt.managing.techsupport	\
			0000202	.
alt.manga			=rec.arts.manga
alt.manufacturing.misc	0000037	Making baubles for the masses.
alt.maroney		0000009	This is really, really stupid.
alt.materials.simulation	\
			0000017	Computer modeling of materials. (Moderated)
alt.math.iams		0000000	Internet Amateur Mathematics Society. (Moderated)
alt.mcdonalds		0003733	Can I get fries with that?
alt.mcdonalds.cheese		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.drink		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.food		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.gripes		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.ketchup		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.nonUS		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.nonus		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.policy		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.smut		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.mcdonalds.vegemite		=alt.mcdonalds
alt.med.cfs		0002314	Chronic fatigue syndrome information.
alt.med.ems		0000006	.
alt.meditation		0000920	General discussion of meditation.
alt.meditation.transcendental	\
			0001555	Contemplation of states beyond the teeth.
alt.memetics		0000090	The evolution of ideas in societies.
alt.mensa			=rec.org.mensa
alt.messianic		0007422	Messianic traditions.
alt.mfs			0000026	A test group, they said. Oh, sure.
alt.military.cadet	0001366	Preparing for the coming apocalypse.
alt.mindcontrol		0000675	Are you sure that's *you* thinking your thoughts?
alt.minsky.meme.meme.meme	\
			0000002	Marvelous Marvin & the Meaning Patrol.
alt.misanthropy		0000400	Hatred of humanity as lifestyle, romance, & religion.
alt.misc			=misc.misc
alt.misc.forsale		=misc.forsale
alt.missing		0000000	What's missing? Kids? My socks? Salvatore Allende?
alt.missing-children		=alt.missing-kids
alt.missing-kids	0000946	Locating missing children.
alt.missing.kids		=alt.missing-kids
alt.mlink		0000000	.
alt.mlist		0000000	.
alt.modeling		0000000	.
alt.models			=rec.models.scale
alt.modern.techno.toys	0000838	.
alt.mono.acorner	0000000	.
alt.moron.peter-nyikos	0000000	Moronic statements by Peter Nyikos.
alt.motd		0000286	Messages Of The Day.
alt.mothergoose		0000005	Fairy tales.
alt.motherinlaw		0000017	Tired jokes.
alt.motherjones		0000732	A magazine.
alt.mothers		0000024	Many people have at least one.
alt.mothersuperior	0000008	Not a sexual position.
alt.motorcycles			=rec.motorcycles
alt.motorcycles.harley		=rec.motorcycles.harley
alt.motss			=soc.motss
alt.motss.bisexua-l		=soc.bi
alt.move.michelle.regina	\
			0000016	Doesn't she realize what that means?
alt.movies.demolition-man	\
			0000000	.
alt.movies.monster	0000052	.
alt.mr-happy		0000001	Robin Williams' best friend.
alt.mr.easton		0000000	.
alt.msdos			=comp.os.msdos.misc
alt.msdos.programmer		=comp.os.msdos.programmer
alt.mud				=rec.games.mud.misc
alt.mud.bsx		0000035	BSX VR system.
alt.mud.chupchups	0000003	Look at the one on the left!
alt.mud.cyberworld	0000041	"Made for some student," the newgroup said.
alt.mud.german			=rec.games.mud.misc
alt.mud.lp			=rec.games.mud.lp
alt.mud.moo			=rec.games.mud.misc
alt.mud.sex		0000000	.
alt.mud.t-rev.stomp.stomp.stomp	\
			0000030	"Handkerchief?" "Yes, you ninny, and quickly!"
alt.mud.tiny			=rec.games.mud.tiny
alt.mudders.anonymous	0000022	You might as well face it, you're addicted to MUD.
alt.multitest		0000000	.
alt.music			=rec.music.misc
alt.music.a-cappella		=rec.music.a-cappella
alt.music.alternative	0045210	For groups having 2 or less Platinum-selling albums.
alt.music.alternative.female	\
			0000034	Is this apartheid or affirmative action?
alt.music.amy-grant	0000040	Discussion about Amy Grant and her music.
alt.music.awk-jam	0000000	/^/ { print $0; print "Party on!" }.
alt.music.bela-fleck	0000250	Banjo jazz & other delights.
alt.music.billy-joel	0000171	Another pop singer.
alt.music.bluenote		=rec.music.bluenote
alt.music.blues-traveler	\
			0000148	For all fellow-travelers.
alt.music.canada	0001263	This is a good idea, eh?
alt.music.category-freak	\
			0000069	Lips that touch Def Leppard shall never touch mine.
alt.music.cd			=rec.music.cd
alt.music.chapel-hill	0000011	Another rap group.
alt.music.christian		=rec.music.christian
alt.music.classical		=rec.music.classical
alt.music.complex-arrang	=alt.emusic
alt.music.deep-purple	0000403	Another pop group.
alt.music.depeche-mode		=alt.fan.depeche-mode
alt.music.ebm		0000093	Postings about Electronic Body Music.
alt.music.ecto		0000000	.
alt.music.elo		0000010	Another pop group.
alt.music.enya		0003119	A recording artist on the pukeSender: label.
alt.music.enya.puke.puke.puke	=alt.music.enya
alt.music.enya.puke.puke.pukeSender:	\
alt.music.enya.puke.puke.pukesender:	\
alt.music.filk		0007654	SF/fantasy related folk music.
alt.music.france		=alt.music.french
alt.music.french	0000000	La la francais.
alt.music.from.the.hearts.of.alt.config	\
			0000000	.
alt.music.hardcore	0003552	Guitar based hardcore music.
alt.music.industrial		=rec.music.industrial
alt.music.info-society	0000000	Fans of the group Information Society.
alt.music.james-taylor	0000143	Another pop singer.
alt.music.jethro-tull	0000044	Another pop group.
alt.music.jewish	0000223	Music to make you feel guilty.
alt.music.jimi.hendrix	0000000	Another pop musician.
alt.music.journalism	0000037	General discussion of music journalism issues.
alt.music.karaoke		=alt.karaoke
alt.music.led-zeppelin	0000000	Another pop gruop.
alt.music.lou_reed	0000000	Lou Reed's musical ouevre.
alt.music.machines.of.loving.grace	\
			0000022	Another pop group.
alt.music.makers		=rec.music.makers
alt.music.marillion	0000694	Another pop group.
alt.music.misc			=rec.music.misc
alt.music.misc.why.not.duplicate.the.entire.rec.hierarchy.dammit	\
			0000003	.
alt.music.monkees	0000032	Another pop group.
alt.music.moody-blues	0000020	Another pop group.
alt.music.nin		0000616	Another pop group.
alt.music.nirvana	0000260	He's dead, Jim.
alt.music.pat-mccurdy	0000093	Milwaukee's music at its finest.
alt.music.paul-simon	0000022	Another pop singer.
alt.music.pearl-jam	0000265	Another pop group.
alt.music.perl-jam	0000001	See title.
alt.music.peter-gabriel	0000206	Founder of Genesis and WOMAD, etc.
alt.music.pink-floyd	0000300	Not Pink Anderson or Floyd Council.
alt.music.police		=alt.music.the.police
alt.music.pop.will.eat.itself	\
			0000041	Another pop group.
alt.music.pop.will.eat.itself.X.Y.&.Z.electric.sunshine.mix	\
alt.music.pop.will.eat.itself.X.Y.and.Z.electrix.sunshine.mix	\
alt.music.pop.will.eat.itself.the.poppies.are.on.patrol	\
alt.music.prince	0000603	Discussing His Royal Purpleness, & his music.
alt.music.progress		=alt.music.progressive
alt.music.progressive	0012309	At one time Genesis played this kind of music.
alt.music.queen		0002005	He's dead, Jim.
alt.music.rmbg			=alt.music.tmbg
alt.music.roger-waters	0000000	Another pop musician.
alt.music.rush		0011107	Canadian superstars.
alt.music.sed-jam	0000000	-e 's/^.*$/grunge ruulz/p'.
alt.music.ska		0001611	Discussions of ska ( skank ) music, bands, and suchlike.
alt.music.smash-pumpkins	\
			0000012	Another pop group.
alt.music.swedish-pop	0000031	.
alt.music.synthpop	0000368	More pop groups.
alt.music.techno	0000618	Bring on the bass!
alt.music.the-doors	0000053	Another pop group.
alt.music.the.police	0000410	"Roxanne" "Message in a Bottle" "Invisible Sun".
alt.music.tmbg		0001813	Another pop group.
alt.music.todd-rundgren	0000005	Another pop singer.
alt.music.u2			=alt.fan.u2
alt.music.world		0000550	Discussion of music from around the world.
alt.my-head-hurts		=alt.my.head.hurts
alt.my.crummy.boss	0000183	Where'd I put my gun?
alt.my.head.hurts	0001471	I can't believe this is happening AGAIN...
alt.mysanthropy			=alt.misanthropy
alt.mystuff.allmine	0000002	History lessons.
alt.mythology		0003169	What is truth?
alt.mythology.mythic-animals	\
			0000008	Hippogriffs, Tree Deer, Ren'n'Stimpy...
alt.national.enquirer	0000161	Entertaining, utter drek.
alt.native			=soc.culture.native
alt.necktie		0000006	Throw it away, *NOW*
alt.necromicon		0000252	Yet another sign of the coming apocalypse.
alt.necronomicon	0000000	Discussion by those interested in writing one.
alt.neonazi.die.die.die	0000000	Don't ya need somebody to shove?
alt.net.life		0000000	.
alt.net.personalities	0000229	A fan group for everybody.
alt.netgames.bolo		=rec.games.bolo
alt.newbie		0000947	Cluelessness: the final frontier.
alt.newbies			=alt.newbie
alt.newgroup		0000140	For people who don't like to rmgroup/newgroup things.
alt.newgroup.for.fun.fun.fun	\
			0000043	Reaallllyyy big fun.
alt.news-admins.fascist.fascist.fascist	\
			0000007	"Because all you of Earth are IDIOTS!"
alt.news-media		0003819	Don't believe the hype.
alt.news.macedonia	0002010	News about Macedonia in the Balkan Region of Europe.
alt.news.members	0000013	Society for the Propagation of news.members.
alt.newsgroup.creators.dork.dork.dork	\
			0000016	Feh.
alt.next			=comp.sys.next.misc
alt.nick.sucks		0001602	Probably.
alt.nocturnal.ufo		=alt.paranet.ufo
alt.nodies		0000002	Alaskan helpers.
alt.noid		0000000	.
alt.noise		0000138	BZZZZT! KRAK!! BLAM! %$@#*?! etc.
alt.non-sequitur		=alt.non.sequitur
alt.non.sequitur	0001858	Richard Nixon.
alt.nostradamus			=alt.prophecies.nostradamus
alt.nrao.guacimole	0000000	hmmmm....
alt.nrao.guacimole4		=alt.nrao.guacimole
alt.nt-vs-os2		0000000	Bland leading the bland.
alt.ntc-textile-res	0000003	.
alt.nuke.antarctica	0000000	Hey, they can use the warm weather.
alt.nuke.europe		0000062	Try to avoid Switzerland, though. They're neutral.
alt.nuke.serbia		0000000	.
alt.nuke.the.USA	0000605	Another way to escape the horrors of NAFTA.
alt.nuke.the.usa		=alt.nuke.the.USA
alt.obituaries		0000049	A place to note the passage of the noteworthy.
alt.office.management	0000005	.
alt.old-school-friends.uwc.sea	\
			0000000	A Forum for ex-UWCSEAers.
alt.olympics		0000003	.
alt.olympics.medal-tally	\
			0000030	Hey, dude, mine's bigger.
alt.omnet-is-death	0000000	.
alt.online-service	0001679	Large commercial online services, and the Internet.
alt.online-service.america-online	\
			0000142	.
alt.online-service.compuserve	\
			0000056	Discussions and questions about Compuserve.
alt.online-service.delphi	\
			0000060	.
alt.online-service.freenet	\
			0000068	"There's no such thing as a free net".
alt.online-service.genie	\
			0000003	Discussions and questions about GEnie.
alt.online-service.prodigy	\
			0000124	The Sears Prodigy system.
alt.online-service.winnet	\
			0000000	WinNET Mail/News service (.win.net) and software.
alt.oobe		0001738	Out Of Body Experiences (but there's some soul left).
alt.org.bacchus			=alt.bacchus
alt.org.cesium			=alt.cesium
alt.org.food-not-bombs	0000274	Food Not Bombs, an anti-hunger organization.
alt.org.homes-not-jails	0000000	Activists in S. F., CA.
alt.org.odyssey-mind	0000000	A creative problem-solving competition.
alt.org.pugwash		0000179	Technological issues from a social stance.
alt.org.toastmasters	0000193	Public speaking and Toastmasters International.
alt.os.bsdi		0000045	A commercial alternative to the bsd386 freeware.
alt.os.linux			=comp.os.linux.misc
alt.os.multics		0000710	30 years old and going strong.
alt.os.nachos		0000020	A snack operating system for teaching.
alt.out-of-body			=alt.oobe
alt.overlords		0000959	Office of the Omnipotent Overlords of the Omniverse.
alt.pagan		0033706	What most folks *really* believe.
alt.pantyhose		0000233	Hmmm...
alt.parallel.universes	0000004	.
alt.paranet.abduct	0000300	"They replaced Jim-Bob with a look-alike!"
alt.paranet.paranormal		=alt.paranormal
alt.paranet.psi		0000046	"How much pressure can you generate with your brain?"
alt.paranet.science	0000254	"Maybe if we dissect the psychic ..."
alt.paranet.skeptic	0000398	"I don't believe they turned you into a newt."
alt.paranet.ufo		0001452	"Heck, I guess naming it ``UFO'' identifies it."
alt.paranormal		0007614	Phenomena which are not scientifically explicable.
alt.parenting.child-support	=alt.child-support
alt.parenting.dads-rights	=alt.dads-rights
alt.parenting.missing-kids	=alt.missing-kids
alt.parenting.single	0000000	Single parent issues.
alt.parenting.teens		=alt.parents-teens
alt.parents-teen		=alt.parents-teens
alt.parents-teens	0002752	Parent-teenager relationships.
alt.parents.analretentive.insane	\
			0000029	Hurt them, boys & girls.
alt.party		0000833	Parties, celebration and general debauchery.
alt.pave.bosnia		0000030	Not with bodies, please.
alt.pave.the.earth	0000326	Clean off that green stuff growing all over it.
alt.pcnews		0000265	Discussions about PCNews software.
alt.peace-corps			=alt.peace.corps
alt.peace.corps		0000375	Get paid for foreign travel.
alt.peeves		0031031	Discussion of peeves & related.
alt.peripherals.pedophilia.golden-showers	\
			0000000	As per discussion.
alt.periphs.pcmcia	0000146	Credit card sized plug in peripherals (PCMCIA, JEDIA).
alt.pern			=alt.fan.pern
alt.personal			=alt.personals
alt.personals		0049324	Geek seeks Dweeb. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.ads	0011964	Deek seeks Gweeb. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.bi	0000090	Personals by or seeking bisexuals.
alt.personals.bondage	0003495	Are you tied up this evening?
alt.personals.d			=alt.personals.misc
alt.personals.misc	0002465	Dweeb seeks Geek. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.newsgroup-creators.wanted	\
			0000001	.
alt.personals.poly	0000888	For those who can never get enough.
alt.personals.spanking	0000023	Oedipus gives this group a thumbs up.
alt.pets			=rec.pets
alt.pets.chia		0000144	"Well, I've never been bitten by one!"
alt.pets.chiaroscuro	0000001	"You should SEE the tricks I can make him do!"
alt.pets.rabbits	0000326	Not for the Rabbit Lady.
alt.philosophy			=talk.philosophy.misc
alt.philosophy.jarf	0000028	.
alt.philosophy.objectivism	\
			0005668	A product of the Ayn Rand corporation.
alt.philosophy.tau	0000000	The study of Tauism.
alt.philosophy.zen		=alt.zen
alt.pictures.fuzzy.animals	=alt.binaries.pictures.misc
alt.piracy		0000000	.
alt.pixar.typestry	0000059	Pixar's Typestry type-styling software package.
alt.pixar.typstry		=alt.pixar.typestry
alt.planning.urban	0000616	As if any city is really planned.
alt.plastic.utensils.solo.cups	\
			0000000	.
alt.plastic.utensils.spork.spork.spork	\
			0000057	Spoon or fork? Tune in to "The 50's"...
alt.plastic.utensils.straw.straw.straw	\
			0000000	They suck.
alt.pole-shift.die.die.die	\
			0000000	.
alt.politics			=talk.politics.misc
alt.politics.british	0001747	Thatcher or Seagoon? - democracy's greatest challenge.
alt.politics.bush	0016296	Since he wasn't re-elected, the CIA will do something.
alt.politics.clinton	0037367	Discussing Slick Willie & Co.
alt.politics.correct	0009973	A Neil Bush fan club.
alt.politics.datahighway	\
			0001798	It may have been gored by some bull, Pancho.
alt.politics.democrats	0000000	Announcements regarding Democratic politicians. (Moderated)
alt.politics.democrats.clinton	\
			0000032	Announcements from the Bill Clinton campaign. (Moderated)
alt.politics.democrats.d	\
			0001388	Discussing things in alt.politics.democrats.*.
alt.politics.democrats.governors	\
			0000000	Candidates for US Governorships. (Moderated)
alt.politics.democrats.house	\
			0000000	Candidates for the US House of Representatives. (Moderated)
alt.politics.democrats.senate	\
			0000000	Candidates for the US Senate. (Moderated)
alt.politics.drinking-age	\
			0000064	Not about how long wine is kept before consumption.
alt.politics.ec		0001228	European Community politics.
alt.politics.economics	0003900	War == Poverty, & other discussions.
alt.politics.election		=alt.politics.elections
alt.politics.elections	0023760	Everyone who votes gets a free lollipop.
alt.politics.equality	0000213	An oxymoron.
alt.politics.europe.misc	\
			0000682	Misc. discussions on European politics.
alt.politics.gender	0000000	.
alt.politics.gooley		=alt.fan.gooley
alt.politics.greens	0001698	Green party politics & activities worldwide.
alt.politics.homosexual		=alt.politics.homosexuality
alt.politics.homosexuality	\
			0018708	That kind too.
alt.politics.india.communist	\
			0000012	Communist politics in India.
alt.politics.india.progressive	\
			0000163	All about progressive politics in India.
alt.politics.italy	0000056	How they handle cigarette riots & other things.
alt.politics.kibo	0000504	BOOM. Ka-WHUMP. CRASH. ...oops...
alt.politics.libertarian	\
			0014592	The libertarian ideology.
alt.politics.marrou	0002258	Andre Marrou, Libertarian presidential candidate.
alt.politics.media	0000298	There's lies, damn lies, statistics, and news reports.
alt.politics.misc		=talk.politics.misc
alt.politics.org.batf	0001929	U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.
alt.politics.org.ccr	0000046	Californicating College Republicans.
alt.politics.org.cia	0000106	U.S. spooks.
alt.politics.org.covert	0000037	More spooks.
alt.politics.org.fbi	0000121	More U.S. spooks.
alt.politics.org.misc	0000884	Political organizations.
alt.politics.org.nsa	0000254	Politics of the U.S. National Security Agency.
alt.politics.org.suopo	0000013	Politics of Finland's security police.
alt.politics.org.un	0000186	Politics at the "United" Nations.
alt.politics.perot	0008681	"Who IS that masked man, Martha?"
alt.politics.radical-left	\
			0005813	Left-radical political movements and struggles.
alt.politics.reform	0003863	Political reform.
alt.politics.sex	0001289	Not a good idea to mix them, sez Marilyn & Profumo.
alt.politics.shelfbutt	0000007	Typical yanqui racist humor.
alt.politics.socialism.trotsky	\
			0000379	Trotskyite socialism discussions.
alt.politics.space	0000000	.
alt.politics.usa.constitution	\
			0004352	U.S. Constitutional politics.
alt.politics.usa.misc	0005202	Miscellaneous USA politics.
alt.politics.usa.republican	\
			0002093	Still crazy after all these years.
alt.politics.vietnamese	0000041	Political and social discussions relating to Vietnam.
alt.polyamory		0004936	For those who maintain multiple love relationships.
alt.postmodern		0007833	Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction, and the like.
alt.president			=alt.president.clinton
alt.president-clinton		=alt.president.clinton
alt.president.clinton	0008799	Will the CIA undermine his efforts?
alt.prisons		0000430	Where Haitians with AIDS are kept, for example.
alt.privacy		0009221	(no comment).
alt.privacy.anon-server	0000384	Technical & policy matters of anonymous contact servers.
alt.privacy.clipper	0002776	Ya can't tell who the bad guys are without a program.
alt.privacy.pgp			=alt.security.pgp
alt.pro.whale.hunting		=alt.kill.the.whales
alt.prophecies.nostradamus	\
			0000210	He said it so it must be true.
alt.prose			=rec.arts.prose
alt.prose.d			=rec.arts.prose
alt.psychoactives	0003451	Drugs for the spirit rather than the body.
alt.psychology		0000196	And how does that make you feel...
alt.psychology.help		=alt.psychology
alt.psychology.personality	\
			0001980	Personality taxonomy, such as Myers-Briggs.
alt.psychotic.roommates	0000034	.
alt.pub-ban		0000480	.
alt.pub-ban.homolka		=alt.pub-ban
alt.pub.cloven-shield	0000172	S-F role-playing.
alt.pub.coffeehouse.amethyst	\
			0001120	A virtual place to hang out.
alt.pub.dragons-inn		=alt.dragons-inn
alt.pub.havens-rest	0000458	S-F role-playing.
alt.pud			0000147	"Discussion of the TFiLE PuD!@#@#!@$!" Whatever.
alt.pulp		0000291	Paperback fiction, newsprint production, orange juice.
alt.punk		0000883	Approved by Mister Donut.
alt.punk.straight-edge	0000017	Shaving eyebrows for fun and profit.
alt.puns		0000000	Happiness is a warm pun (yes it is).
alt.puns.joey-buttafuoco	\
			0000007	The possibilities are almost endless.
alt.putz.bickering.whining.weiner	\
			0000009	Flames.
alt.ql				=alt.ql.creative
alt.ql.creative		0000210	The "Quantum Leap" tv show.
alt.quake		0000002	About California and other earthquakes.
alt.quotations		0004430	Another form of sampling.
alt.radio-shack.bill-bixby.dead.dead.dead	\
			0000041	He's dead, Jim.
alt.radio.digital	0000024	News & Talk about Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).
alt.radio.internet		=alt.internet.talk.radio
alt.radio.netw		0000000	.
alt.radio.networks.npr	0000535	National Public Radio.
alt.radio.pirate	0001858	Hide the gear, here comes the magic station-wagons.
alt.radio.scanner		=rec.radio.scanner
alt.rap			0013802	Yo, gangsta.
alt.rap-gdead		0000538	Fans of The Grateful Dead and Rap. Really.
alt.rasap		0000000	Reactions of Advanced Students And their Problems (RASAP).
alt.rave		0010817	Techno-culture: music, dancing, drugs, dancing...
alt.rec.camping		0000052	Camping out in "alt" 'til the real thing comes along.
alt.recovery		0009904	For people in recovery programs (e.g., AA, ACA, GA).
alt.recovery.catholicism	\
			0000020	Group for Former Roman Catholics.
alt.recovery.codependency	\
			0000231	Recovering from the disease of codependency.
alt.recovery.phonics	0000000	A peculiar method for teaching spelling.
alt.recovery.religion	0000180	A peculiar method for teaching tranquillity.
alt.recovery.sexual-abuse	=alt.abuse-recovery
alt.religion			=talk.religion.misc
alt.religion.adm3a	0000025	Which of the 17 termcap entries works with yours?
alt.religion.all-worlds	0000362	Grokking the Church of All Worlds from Heinlein's book.
alt.religion.christian	0000241	Unmoderated forum for discussing Christianity.
alt.religion.compuserve	0000000	.
alt.religion.computers	0004273	The One True Path, many times over.
alt.religion.darren.aitcheson	\
			0000002	.
alt.religion.eckankar	0000152	Purports to be a religion of the Light and Sound of God.
alt.religion.emacs	0001131	The Two True Path.
alt.religion.fuddology	0000001	.
alt.religion.gnostic	0000005	.
alt.religion.islam	0000258	.
alt.religion.kibology	0015517	He's Fred, Jim.
alt.religion.linux	0000000	There's no such thing as a free unix.
alt.religion.monica	0001829	Discussion about net-venus Monica and her works.
alt.religion.newage		=talk.religion.newage
alt.religion.osi	0000000	.
alt.religion.pcboard	0000001	For people who like to "echo" "mail" on Usenet.
alt.religion.sabaean	0000164	Discussions about the Sabaean religious order.
alt.religion.santaism	0000129	Devil-worshipping dyslexics.
alt.religion.scientology	\
			0004219	He's dead, Jim.
alt.religion.sexuality	0000149	The politics of sexuality and religion.
alt.religion.shamanism	0000040	Unmoderated version of soc.religion.shamanism.
alt.religion.vince	0000055	A state-sponsored TV network is next.
alt.reserved		0000001	.
alt.restaurants			=rec.food.restaurants
alt.resumix.getlost.getlost	\
			0000000	For users of Resumix.
alt.retromod			=alt.fan.dick-depew
alt.revenge		0000474	We'll get you for this!!
alt.revisionism		0006169	"It CAN'T be that way 'cause here's the FACTS".
alt.revolution.counter	0000621	Discussions of counter-revolutionary issues.
alt.rhode_island	0001790	Discussion of the great little state.
alt.richard.nixon.r.i.p	0000000	He's dead, Henry.
alt.rissa		0000409	Fans (and otherwise) of Patricia O'Tuama.
alt.rmgroup		0000116	For the people who like to rmgroup/newgroup things.
alt.rock-and-roll		=alt.rock-n-roll
alt.rock-n-roll		0045416	Counterpart to alt.sex and alt.drugs.
alt.rock-n-roll.acdc	0000861	Another pop group.
alt.rock-n-roll.aerosmith	\
			0000048	Another pop group.
alt.rock-n-roll.classic	0003643	Like the Mac classic and the Sparc classic.
alt.rock-n-roll.hard	0002035	Music where stance is everything.
alt.rock-n-roll.heavy		=alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavy
alt.rock-n-roll.metal	0024710	For the headbangers on the net.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death	\
			0000390	Is there another kind?
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.gnr	\
			0001616	"Axl Rose" is an anagram for "Oral Sex".
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavy	\
			0007815	Non-sissyboy metal bands.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.ironmaiden	\
			0000973	Another pop group.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallica	\
			0003703	Another pop group.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.progressive	\
			0001550	Slayer teams up with Tom Cora.
alt.rock-n-roll.oldies	0000983	Shoo-shoop-be-wop (de-do-lo-do), naaaa-neeohhh...
alt.rock-n-roll.progressive	=alt.music.progressive
alt.rock-n-roll.stones	0000181	Another pop group.
alt.rock-n-roll.symphonic	\
			0000203	Cognitive dissonance in an orchestral mode.
alt.rock.n.roll			=alt.rock-n-roll
alt.rodney-king			=alt.rodney.king
alt.rodney.dangerfield	0000023	A newsgroup that don't get no respect.
alt.rodney.king		0002807	He got beat up by the LA cops.
alt.roland.sgroup		=alt.binaries.sounds.roland
alt.romance		0035262	No sex.
alt.romance.chat	0034554	Talk about no sex.
alt.romance.chat.indiana.barf.barf.barf	\
alt.romance.unhappy	0000019	Why Nice Guys (TM) and Nice Gals (TM) never meet anyone.
alt.rush-limbaugh	0074168	A fiend.
alt.rush-limbaugh.trans		=alt.rush-limbaugh
alt.rv			0000011	General discussions about Recreational Vehicles.
alt.sadistic.dentists.drill.drill.drill	\
			0000018	Novocaine won't help you.
alt.satanism		0003289	Not such a bad dude once you get to know him.
alt.satannet		0000085	Equal time.
alt.satannet.barney		=alt.satannet
alt.satellite.tv.europe	0001407	All about European satellite tv.
alt.satellite.tv.forsale	\
			0000034	Satellite Equipment wanted/forsale.
alt.save.bosnia		0000000	.
alt.save.the.earth	0002811	Well, you can try.
alt.sb				=comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard
alt.sb.programmer		=comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard
alt.sca				=rec.org.sca
alt.scam		0000001	.
alt.sci				=sci.misc
alt.sci.astro			=sci.astro
alt.sci.astro.aips	0000124	Discussions on the Astronomical Image Processing System.
alt.sci.astro.figaro	0000125	Discussion about the Figaro data reduction package.
alt.sci.astro.fits		=sci.astro.fits
alt.sci.image-facility	0000024	.
alt.sci.physics			=sci.physics
alt.sci.physics.acoustics	\
			0000529	Sound advice.
alt.sci.physics.new-theories	\
			0003434	How many electrons can dance on the head of a proton?
alt.sci.physics.plutonium	\
			0000428	Ka-BOOM.
alt.sci.physics.spam		=alt.spam.tin
alt.sci.planetary	0001624	Studies in planetary science.
alt.sci.sociology	0000243	Discussion of all aspects of sociology.
alt.sci.spectroscopy		=sci.techniques.spectroscopy
alt.sci.tech.indonesian	0000229	How will this help East Timor?
alt.scientology.scam.scam.scam	=alt.clearing.scam.scam.scam
alt.scooter		0000103	Motor scooters (Vespas, Lambrettas, etc.).
alt.scooter.classic	0000000	.
alt.scouting.fun	0000000	.
alt.sect.ahmadiyya	0000041	Discussion of the Ahmadiyyat sect of Islam.
alt.sect.telecom	0000004	.
alt.security			=comp.security.misc
alt.security.index	0000077	Pointers to good stuff in misc.security. (Moderated)
alt.security.keydist	0000115	Exchange of keys for public key encryption systems.
alt.security.pgp	0007725	The Pretty Good Privacy package.
alt.security.ripem	0000634	A secure email system illegal to export from the US.
alt.sega.genesis		=rec.games.video.sega
alt.self-improve	0001301	Self-improvement in less than 14 characters.
alt.set			0000000	.
alt.sewing			=rec.crafts.textiles
alt.sex			0113026	Postings of a prurient nature.
alt.sex.NOT		0000132	For those who've had enough of sex, or else want to.
alt.sex.aluminum.baseball.bat	\
			0000037	Postings of a very prurient nature.
alt.sex.beastiality		=alt.sex.bestiality
alt.sex.bestiality	0005252	Happiness is a warm puppy.
alt.sex.bestiality.barney	\
			0000173	"I love youuu, you love meeee..."
alt.sex.bestiality.cats.and.dogs	\
			0000000	Both kinds of "petting" happen here.
alt.sex.bestiality.hamster.duct-tape	\
			0000115	That little squeek they make is so *cute*...
alt.sex.bondage		0049914	Postings about dominance/submission.
alt.sex.bondage.golden.showers.sheep	\
			0000000	If it's mentioned in Wired it must be true.
alt.sex.bondage.particle-physics	\
alt.sex.bondage.particle.physics	\
			0000118	The real truth about Buckyballs.
alt.sex.bondage.pictures	=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage
alt.sex.boredom		0000251	...sigh...
alt.sex.carasso		0000185	Where Carasso's SO is himself.
alt.sex.carasso.snuggles	\
			0000025	I can't talk, my mouth is full.
alt.sex.enemas		0000010	Are Joey B. jokes allowed here?
alt.sex.exhibitionism	0000175	So you want to be a star.
alt.sex.extraterrestrial	\
			0000000	Discussion of sex with aliens.
alt.sex.extropians	0000002	Sex lives of extropians in intimate & revealing detail.
alt.sex.fat			=alt.sex.fetish.fa
alt.sex.femdom		0000003	Discussions about female dominant DS relationships.
alt.sex.fetish.amputee	0000010	Discussing the erotic qualities of amputees.
alt.sex.fetish.debbie.gibson	=alt.fan.debbie.gibson
alt.sex.fetish.diapers	0000057	For those that wish to change themselves.
alt.sex.fetish.fa	0000025	Fat-Admirers.
alt.sex.fetish.fashion	0000172	Fetish clothing (but that covers most of it, really).
alt.sex.fetish.fat		=alt.sex.fetish.fa
alt.sex.fetish.feet	0000247	Kiss them. Now.
alt.sex.fetish.hair	0000085	Not just about the stuff growing on your palms.
alt.sex.fetish.orientals	\
			0000560	The mysteries of Asia are a potent lure.
alt.sex.fetish.waifs	0000010	.
alt.sex.fetish.watersports	=alt.sex.watersports
alt.sex.graphics		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.sex.graphics.d		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.d
alt.sex.head		0000001	Tales of certain erotic activities.
alt.sex.ho		0000004	Gangsta fun.
alt.sex.homosexual	0006790	As the name implies.
alt.sex.intergen	0000144	"Hellllooo, baby..." - the Big Boffer
alt.sex.masterbation		=alt.sex.masturbation
alt.sex.masturbation	0002873	Where one's SO is oneself.
alt.sex.misc			=alt.sex
alt.sex.motss		0004790	Members Of The Same Sex.
alt.sex.movies		0010888	For fans of Traci Lords, Hypatia Lee, and others.
alt.sex.music.body.hair	0000000	Back to basics.
alt.sex.nasal-hair	0000000	Discussion of nasal hair in a sexual context.
alt.sex.nfs		0000021	The pleasures and complications of remote mounting.
alt.sex.not			=alt.sex.NOT
alt.sex.nudels.me.too	0000018	.
alt.sex.pedophile.mike-labbe	\
			0000023	Is this slander or libel? You decide.
alt.sex.personals	0000000	.
alt.sex.phone		0000000	.
alt.sex.pictures		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.sex.pictures.carasso	=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.d
alt.sex.pictures.d		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.d
alt.sex.pictures.erotica.female	=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.sex.pictures.erotica.male	=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.sex.pictures.female		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.sex.pictures.flame		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.d
alt.sex.pictures.male		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.sex.pictures.misc		=alt.binaries.pictures.erotica
alt.sex.politics	0000001	.
alt.sex.prevost-derbecker	\
			0000001	U. of Waterloo "porn" freaker.
alt.sex.prevost.derbecker	=alt.sex.prevost-derbecker
alt.sex.services	0000248	The oldest profession.
alt.sex.software.dumpsite.sex.leather.boink	\
			0000000	.
alt.sex.sonja		0000048	Yesssss....
alt.sex.sounds			=alt.binaries.sounds.erotica
alt.sex.spanking	0000235	Newsgroup for spanking enthusiasts.
alt.sex.stories		0009193	For those who need it *NOW*.
alt.sex.stories.d	0001569	For those who talk about needing it *NOW*.
alt.sex.strip-clubs	0000144	Discussion of strip clubs, exotic dancers, etc.
alt.sex.toupee		0000000	.
alt.sex.trans		0003111	Transsexuality.
alt.sex.voyeurism	0000080	You do it, I'll just sit here and watch.
alt.sex.wanted		0001842	Requests for erotica, either literary or in the flesh.
alt.sex.wanted.me-too		=alt.sex.wanted
alt.sex.watersports	0000180	Fun for duckies.
alt.sex.wizards		0005405	Questions for only true sex wizards.
alt.sex.woody-allen	0000152	Honey, I fnord the kids.
alt.sex.zoophilia	0000000	Having sex with animals and respecting them too. (Moderated)
alt.sexual-harassment	0000000	.
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery	\
			0014556	Helping others deal with traumatic experiences.
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.d	=alt.sexual.abuse.recovery
alt.sexy.bald.captains	0000271	More Stardrek.
alt.sf4m		0000035	Stony Brook Science Fiction Forum discussions.
alt.shenanigans		0003038	Practical jokes, pranks, randomness, etc.
alt.shitkickers		0000000	Yeeeeee-HAAAAWWWWWWW!!
alt.showbiz.gossip	0000863	Who's doing what to whom in showbiz.
alt.shrinky.dinks	0000050	What are they?
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek	\
			0000169	Typical yanqui intolerant humor.
alt.sigma2.height	0000049	Big or small, come one come all.
alt.sigma2.penis	0000072	The bigger they are, the softer they fall.
alt.silly-group.im-matt	0000028	.
alt.silly-group.lampreys	\
			0000052	Jawless parasitical fish.
alt.silly-group.radish-therapy	\
			0000000	A vegetable is a terrible thing to waste.
alt.silly.group.names.d	0000086	Eponymy.
alt.silver		0000000	.
alt.skate			=rec.skate
alt.skate-board		0001957	Discussion of all aspects of skate-boarding.
alt.skeptic		0000004	.
alt.skinheads		0004831	The skinhead culture/anti-culture.
alt.skopjea.is.not.macedonia	\
			0000000	.
alt.skunks		0000227	Nice li'l critters.
alt.slack		0011200	Posting relating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.slack.BoB.dirtbag	0000022	Posting berating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.slack.Bob.dirtbag		=alt.slack.BoB.dirtbag
alt.slack.bob.dirtbag		=alt.slack.BoB.dirtbag
alt.slick.willy.tax.tax.tax	=alt.president.clinton
alt.slime		0000002	Worse than lawyers.
alt.smokers		0001439	One of the most addictive drugs known.
alt.smokers.cigars	0000132	A peculiar habit.
alt.smokers.cough		=alt.smokers
alt.smokers.pipes	0000000	BoB & Santa & Sherlock may all be the same...
alt.smoking.mooses	0000034	.
alt.smouldering.dog.zone	\
			0000390	It could be your future.
alt.snail-mail		0000392	Postal non-electronic mail: policy and technology.
alt.snowmobiles		0000996	RRRRrrrrrr. rrrRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....
alt.soc.ethics		0000240	.
alt.society.anarchy		=alt.anarchism
alt.society.ati		0000023	The Activist Times Digest. (Moderated)
alt.society.civil-disob	0000153	"Nobody tells ME what to do".
alt.society.civil-disobedience	=alt.society.civil-disob
alt.society.civil-libertie	=alt.society.civil-liberties
alt.society.civil-liberties	\
			0012397	Individual rights.
alt.society.civil-liberty	=alt.society.civil-liberties
alt.society.conservatism	\
			0002364	Social, cultural, and political conservatism.
alt.society.cu-digest		=comp.society.cu-digest
alt.society.etrnl-vigilanc	\
			0000031	A Barry Goldwater fan club.
alt.society.foia		=alt.freedom.of.information.act
alt.society.futures		=comp.society.futures
alt.society.generation-x	\
			0007174	Lifestyles of those born 1960-early-1970s.
alt.society.resistance	0000945	Ohm's law applied to social science.
alt.society.revolution	0000997	Talking about revolting developments.
alt.society.sovereign	0000160	Independantistes, unite!
alt.society.underwear	0000000	.
alt.sociology			=alt.sci.sociology
alt.soft-sys.corel.draw		=alt.corel.graphics
alt.soft-sys.corel.misc		=alt.corel.graphics
alt.soft-sys.tooltalk	0000166	Forum for ToolTalk related issues.
alt.soulmates		0000126	But what if Richard Bach's true love lived in Mongolia?
alt.sour.grapes		0000000	Jealousy and its compensations.
alt.source-code			=alt.sources
alt.source.amiga		=alt.sources.amiga
alt.sources		0008348	Alternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.
alt.sources.amiga	0001471	Source code for the Amiga.
alt.sources.amiga.d	0000017	Discussion of technically-oriented Amiga PC sources.
alt.sources.d		0004185	Discussion of posted sources.
alt.sources.index	0000304	Pointers to source code in alt.sources.*. (Moderated)
alt.sources.mac		0000188	Moderator, we don't need no steenkin'...
alt.sources.mac.d	0000008	...or maybe we do...
alt.sources.misc		=alt.sources
alt.sources.patches	0000135	Reposted patches from non-bugs groups.
alt.sources.unix		=alt.sources
alt.sources.wanted	0004663	Requests for source code.
alt.space		0000000	.
alt.spam			=alt.spam.tin
alt.spam.tin		0000943	Spam is neither particle nor wave - it is a property.
alt.spank.tonya.harding	0000942	Thin ice...
alt.spleen		0000274	Cronenberg has one of the prettiest ones.
alt.sport			=rec.sport.misc
alt.sport.basketball.nba.orl-magic	\
alt.sport.bowling	0003610	In the gutter again.
alt.sport.bungee	0000691	Like alt.suicide with rubber bands.
alt.sport.darts		0001233	Look what you've done to the wall!
alt.sport.falconry	0000000	The taking of live game by using a trained raptor.
alt.sport.foosball	0000231	For discussion of foosball and table soccer.
alt.sport.hockey.nhl.tor-mapleleafs	\
alt.sport.jet-ski	0000014	Discussion of Personal Watercraft.
alt.sport.lasertag	0000515	Indoor splatball with infrared lasers.
alt.sport.officiating	0000270	Problems related to officiating athletic contests.
alt.sport.paintball		=rec.sport.paintball
alt.sport.photon	0000144	Light amusement.
alt.sport.pool		0000780	Knock your balls into your pockets for fun.
alt.sport.racquetball	0000093	All aspects of indoor racquetball and related sports.
alt.sport.raquetball		=alt.sport.racquetball
alt.sport.squash	0000109	Not concerned with pumpkins or bugstomping.
alt.sports.baseball.atlanta-braves	\
			0001237	Atlanta Braves major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.balt-orioles	\
			0000618	Baltimore Orioles major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.bos-redsox	\
			0000022	Boston Red Sox major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.calif-angels	\
			0000001	California Angels major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.chi-whitesox	\
			0000002	Chicago White Sox major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.chicago-cubs	\
			0000401	Chicago Cubs major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.cinci-reds	\
			0000165	Cincinnati Reds major league baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.cleve-indians	\
			0000008	Cleveland Indians major league baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.col-rockies	\
			0000120	Colorado Rockies major league baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.detroit-tigers	\
			0000002	Detroit Tigers baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.fla-marlins	\
			0000040	Florida Marlins major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.houston-astros	\
			0000183	Houston Astros major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.kc-royals	\
			0000000	Kansas City Royals major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.la-dodgers	\
			0000424	Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.minor-leagues	\
			0000118	Minor League baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.mke-brewers	\
			0000159	Milwaukee Brewers major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.mke-brewers.suck.suck.suck	\
alt.sports.baseball.mn-twins	\
			0000077	Minnesota Twins major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.mn-twins.lose.lose.lose	\
alt.sports.baseball.montreal-expos	\
			0000222	Montreal Expos major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.ny-mets	\
			0000256	New York Mets major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.ny-yankees	\
			0000245	New York Yankees major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.oakland-as	\
			0000092	Oakland A's major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.phila-phillies	\
			0000794	Philadelphia Phillies baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.pitt-pirates	\
			0000136	Pittsburgh Pirates baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.sd-padres	\
			0000045	San Diego Padres major league baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.sea-mariners	\
			0000011	Seattle Mariners major league baseball.
alt.sports.baseball.sf-giants	\
			0000809	San Francisco Giants baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.stl-cardinals	\
			0000318	St. Louis Cardinals baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.texas-rangers	\
			0000000	Texas Rangers baseball talk.
alt.sports.baseball.tor-bluejays	\
			0000507	Toronto Blue Jays baseball talk.
alt.sports.basketball.ivy.penn	\
			0000006	Basketball at Penn State.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.atlanta-hawks	\
			0000000	Discuss Atlanta Hawks.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.char-hornets	\
			0000001	Dell Curry and the other Hornets.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.chicago-bulls	\
			0000004	.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.hou-rockets	\
			0000006	The Houston Rockets NBA team.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.la-lakers	\
			0000007	For discussion of the L.A. Lakers.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.miami-heat	\
			0000000	Miami Heat NBA Basketball.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.mn-wolves	\
			0000008	.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.nj-nets	\
			0000021	New Jersey Nets NBA basketball.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.orl-magic	\
			0000006	Orlando Magic NBA Basketball.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.orlando-magic	\
alt.sports.basketball.nba.phx-suns	\
			0000022	.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.seattle-sonics	\
			0000017	The Seattle Supersonics.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.utah-jazz	\
			0000000	Utah Jazz NBA basketball.
alt.sports.basketball.nba.wash-bullets	\
			0000021	.
alt.sports.basketball.pro.ny-knicks	\
			0000050	.
alt.sports.college.ivy-league	\
			0000155	.
alt.sports.darts		=alt.sport.darts
alt.sports.football.arena	\
			0000000	Discussion of the Arena Football League.
alt.sports.football.mn-vikings	\
			0000671	Discussion of the Minnesota Vikings.
alt.sports.football.pro.buffalo-bills	\
			0000158	Buffalo Bills NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.car-panthers	\
			0000015	Carolina Panthers NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.dallas-cowboys	\
			0000384	Dallas Cowboys NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.denver-broncos	\
			0000015	Denver Broncos NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.gb-packers	\
			0000520	Green Bay Packers NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.jville-jaguars	\
			0000019	.
alt.sports.football.pro.la-raiders	\
			0000022	.
alt.sports.football.pro.miami-dolphins	\
			0000133	Miami Dolphins NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.ne-patriots	\
			0000089	New England Patriots NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.no-saints	\
			0000080	.
alt.sports.football.pro.ny-giants	\
			0000176	New York Giants NFL football.
alt.sports.football.pro.ny-jets	\
			0000039	.
alt.sports.football.pro.phila-eagles	\
			0000002	Philadelphia Eagles NFL Football.
alt.sports.football.pro.phoe-cardinals	\
			0000017	.
alt.sports.football.pro.pitt-steelers	\
			0000135	.
alt.sports.football.pro.sd-chargers	\
			0000002	.
alt.sports.football.pro.sea-seahawks	\
			0000035	Seattle Seahawks NFL football.
alt.sports.football.pro.sf-49ers	\
			0000155	San Francisco 49ers NFL football talk.
alt.sports.football.pro.tampabay-bucs	\
			0000002	.
alt.sports.football.pro.wash-redskins	\
			0000762	Discussion of the Washington Redskins.
alt.sports.hockey.echl	0000010	East Coast Hockey League minor league hockey.
alt.sports.hockey.ihl	0000001	International Hockey League.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.buffalo-sabres	\
			0000032	Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey talk
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.chi-blackhawks	\
			0000034	Chicago Black Hawks NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.dallas-stars	\
			0000000	Dallas Stars NHL Hockey.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.hford-whalers	\
			0000010	Hartford Whalers NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.la-kings	\
			0000076	For discussion of the Los Angeles Kings.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.mtl-canadiens	\
			0000030	Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.nj-devils	\
			0000071	New Jersey Devils NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.ny-islanders	\
			0000044	.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.ny-rangers	\
			0000068	New York Rangers NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.pit-penguins	\
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.pitt-penguins	\
			0000003	.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.sj-sharks	\
			0000104	.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.tor-mapleleafs	\
			0000076	Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.vanc-canucks	\
			0000022	Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.wash-capitals	\
			0000039	Washington Capitals NHL hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.nhl.winnipeg-jets	\
			0000164	Winnipeg Jets NHL Hockey talk.
alt.sports.hockey.uhf	0000000	Hockey-watching on UHF.
alt.sports.hockey.vhf	0000000	Hockey-watching on VHF.
alt.sports.hockey.whl	0000000	Western Hockey League.
alt.ssmg.die.die.die	0000000	.
alt.stagecraft			=rec.arts.theatre.stagecraft
alt.starfleet.rpg	0000419	Starfleet role playing stories.
alt.startrek			=rec.arts.startrek.misc
alt.startrek.creative	0005179	Stories and parodies related to Star Trek.
alt.startrek.klingon		=alt.klingon
alt.strange.beasts.of.the.night	\
			0000000	Spooky stuff.
alt.stupid.kutz.putz	0000000	Getting the last word.
alt.stupid.one.martin.hannigan	=alt.flame.hannigan
alt.stupid.putz		0000143	Getting the next-to-the-last word.
alt.stupid.putz.BoB.BoB.BoB	\
			0000020	"BoB" and "Barney" may be the same "person".
alt.stupid.putz.bob.bob.bob	=alt.stupid.putz.BoB.BoB.BoB
alt.stupid.putz.gritzner	\
			0000029	Thomas Gritzner pseudo-fans.
alt.stupid.religious.discussion	\
			0000013	Is there another kind?
alt.stupid.signature.flame.flame.flame	\
alt.stupidity		0009500	Enough is enough, alright?
alt.suburbia			=alt.suburbs
alt.suburbs		0000218	Where does the city end, and the 'burbs begin?
alt.suicide			=alt.suicide.holiday
alt.suicide.finals	0000173	The Final solution.
alt.suicide.holiday	0007544	Go ahead, I dare you.
alt.suit.att-bsdi	0000853	Is this where David gets Goliath again?
alt.super.nes			=rec.games.video.nintendo
alt.superman.dead		=alt.comics.superman.dies.dies.dies
alt.superman.dies		=alt.comics.superman.dies.dies.dies
alt.supermodels		0004396	Discussing famous & beautiful models.
alt.supermodels.pics		=alt.binaries.pictures.supermodels
alt.support		0003517	Dealing with emotional situations & experiences.
alt.support.abuse-partners	\
			0000035	Partners of people who were abused.
alt.support.arthritis	0000106	Dealing with the problems of arthritis.
alt.support.attn-deficit	\
			0000377	Info/Discus of Attention Deficit Disorder
alt.support.big-folks	0003122	Sizeism can be as awful as sexism or racism.
alt.support.cancer	0000856	Support mechanism for those dealing with cancer.
alt.support.cfs-cfids	0000000	Support for Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.
alt.support.crohns-colitis	\
			0000074	Ulcarative colitis & related difficulties.
alt.support.depression	0000199	.
alt.support.diet	0005606	Seeking enlightenment through weight loss.
alt.support.dieting		=alt.support.diet
alt.support.divorce	0000065	Discussion of marital breakups.
alt.support.eating-disord	\
			0000046	People over the edge about weight loss.
alt.support.jock-strap	0000004	.
alt.support.mohan-babu.angst	\
			0000000	Discussion of pedophiles.
alt.support.mult-sclerosis	\
			0001548	Discussion about living with multiple sclerosis.
alt.support.obesity	0000010	Support/resources to treat obesity. (Moderated)
alt.support.shyness	0000014	.
alt.support.spina-bifida	\
			0000023	Social and medical aspects of spina bifida.
alt.support.step-parents	\
			0000350	Difficulties of being a step-parent.
alt.support.stop-smoking	\
			0000016	Current developments in the arena of quitting smoking.
alt.support.stuttering	0000000	Stuttering and other speaking difficulties.
alt.support.tall	0000075	Issues of interest to tall people.
alt.support.tinnitus	0000065	Coping with ringing ears and other head noises.
alt.surfing		0004131	Riding the ocean waves.
alt.surrealism		0000294	Their foot.
alt.sustainable.agriculture	\
			0001343	Such as the Mekong delta before Agent Orange.
alt.svens.house.of.12.year-old.lust	\
			0000004	.
alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork	\
			0005414	Don't ask.
alt.swine.oink.oink.oink	\
			0000038	Old MacDonald had a newsgroup.
alt.syntax.tactical	0000056	.
alt.sys.amiga.datacomm		=comp.sys.amiga.datacomm
alt.sys.amiga.demos	0004014	Emergency Amigectomies - apply at head office.
alt.sys.amiga.patches		=alt.sys.amiga.uucp.patches
alt.sys.amiga.software.pirate	\
			0000000	.
alt.sys.amiga.uucp	0001223	Discussion about AmigaUUCP.
alt.sys.amiga.uucp.patches	\
			0000423	Patches to the AmigaUUCP system.
alt.sys.hp48			=comp.sys.hp48
alt.sys.intergraph	0001098	Support for Intergraph systems.
alt.sys.mac.games	0000000	.
alt.sys.os2			=comp.os.os2.misc
alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000	\
			0004530	A PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.zeos	0000053	.
alt.sys.pc532			=comp.sys.nsc.32k
alt.sys.pdp11		0000057	Classic minis.
alt.sys.pdp8		0000398	There's an X Windows port in progress...
alt.sys.perq		0000301	Three Rivers systems, from the early eighties.
alt.sys.sun			=comp.sys.sun.misc
alt.sys.unisys			=comp.sys.unisys
alt.taiwan.republic		=soc.culture.taiwan
alt.tarot		0000010	In this card game you play for keeps...
alt.tasteless		0026238	Truly disgusting.
alt.tasteless.humor		=alt.tasteless.jokes
alt.tasteless.johan.wevers	=alt.tasteless
alt.tasteless.jokes	0007979	Sometimes insulting rather than disgusting or humorous.
alt.tasteless.penis	0000075	Not a recipe group (we hope!).
alt.tasteless.pictures		=alt.binaries.pictures.tasteless
alt.techno-shamanism	0000031	But can they make the name work on SysV Unix or MS-DOS?
alt.technology.misc	0001155	Another well-focused alt group.
alt.technology.mkt-failure	\
			0000005	Promising technologies which failed.
alt.technology.obsolete	0000050	So-called "obsolete" technologies.
alt.technology.smartcards	\
			0000002	"Smart" credit cards.
alt.ted.frank.troll.troll.troll	\
			0000197	.
alt.tennis			=rec.sport.tennis
alt.test		0045228	Alternative subnetwork testing.
alt.test.control		=alt.test
alt.test.my.new.group		=alt.test
alt.test.test			=alt.test
alt.test.test.test		=alt.test
alt.test.z			=alt.test
alt.text.dwb		0000205	Discussion of the AT&T Documenter's WorkBench.
alt.thinking.hurts	0000090	Sometimes.
alt.this.group.has.the.longest.name.of.any.alt.group.there.is.just.to.mess.up.your.newsreader	\
			0000000	Stripping the threads on the screws of your existence.
alt.thrash		0003562	Thrashlife.
alt.timewasters		0000430	A Dutch computer club; perhaps a microcosm of Usenet...
alt.tinygirls		0000001	.
alt.tired.of.fifteen.newgroups.a.day.cut.it.out	\
			0000000	.
alt.tla			0000143	Palindromic fun, or else Three-Letter-Acronyms.
alt.todd.green.likes.it.up.the.butt	\
			0000033	Typical yanqui sexist humor.
alt.toolkits			=alt.toolkits.xview
alt.toolkits.xview	0001906	The X windows XView toolkit.
alt.toon-pics		0000208	More copyright violations.
alt.toys.hi-tech		=alt.modern.techno.toys
alt.toys.lego			=rec.toys.lego
alt.toys.transformers	0001901	From robots to vehicles and back again.
alt.traffic.atlanta	0000005	.
alt.transgendered		=alt.sex.trans
alt.trash			=alt.thrash
alt.travel.road-trip	0000505	Not just for fans of Valerie Buhagiar.
alt.tribbles		0000000	Nobody knows th tribbles I seen...
alt.true-crime			=alt.true.crime
alt.true.crime		0000396	To balance out all the false crime on the net.
alt.tv				=alt.tv.misc
alt.tv.90120.sucks.sucks.sucks	=alt.tv.90210
alt.tv.90210		0005312	Teenyboppers on tv.
alt.tv.animaniacs	0004754	Spielberg is involved in this.
alt.tv.antagonists	0000075	Fans of the new "The Antagonists" TV show.
alt.tv.babylon-5	0007567	Casablanca in space.
alt.tv.barney			=alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney.die.die.die
alt.tv.beakmans-world	0000430	The syndicated TV science/comedy show Beakman's World.
alt.tv.beavis			=alt.tv.beavis-n-butthead
alt.tv.beavis-n-butthead	\
			0002257	MTV's answer to Ren and Stimpy.
alt.tv.bh90210			=alt.tv.90210
alt.tv.brady-bunch	0000052	.
alt.tv.brisco-county	0000016	A western comedy adventure.
alt.tv.conan		0000122	Another late nite TV host.
alt.tv.deep-space9	0000000	Sort of a Gilligan's Island in the future.
alt.tv.dinosaur.barney.die	=alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney.die.die.die
alt.tv.dinosaur.barney.die.die	=alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney.die.die.die
alt.tv.dinosaur.barney.die.die.die	\
alt.tv.dinosaurs	0000521	The bigger they are...
alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney		=alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney.die.die.die
alt.tv.dinosaurs.barney.die.die.die	\
			0005691	Hostility towards a *NICE* critter.
alt.tv.duckman		0000000	Discussion of the TV show, Duckman.
alt.tv.eek-the-cat	0000042	Fans of the television show "Eek The Cat"
alt.tv.fifteen		0000191	Nickelodeon's show, "Fifteen", etc.
alt.tv.game-shows	0000159	Just look at these wonderful prizes.
alt.tv.highlander	0000021	Dedicated to "Highlander".
alt.tv.infomercials	0000325	Yes! Ron Popeil is telling the truth! Depend on it!
alt.tv.infomercials.Don-LaPre.DIE.DIE.DIE	\
			0000007	Is this man the Anti-Popeil?
alt.tv.kids-in-hall	0000335	Nifty, eh?
alt.tv.la-law		0001331	For the folks out in la-law land.
alt.tv.liquid-tv	0000715	Right there on your pitcher tube.
alt.tv.lois-n-clark	0000165	The new adventures of the man from Krypton, Superman.
alt.tv.mad-about-you	0000155	.
alt.tv.mash		0001381	M*A*S*H, the Korean Conflict's 4077th army hospital.
alt.tv.max-headroom		=alt.fan.max-headroom
alt.tv.melrose-place	0003048	More teenyboppers on tv.
alt.tv.misc		0000008	Better to talk about it than watch it.
alt.tv.mst3k			=alt.fan.mst3k
alt.tv.muppets			=alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork
alt.tv.mwc		0000581	"Married... With Children".
alt.tv.nickelodeon	0000015	A network for kids.
alt.tv.northern-exp	0006322	For the TV show with moss growing on it.
alt.tv.nypd-blue	0000057	The eyes are blue in this one.
alt.tv.parker-lewis	0000000	Synchronize swatches.
alt.tv.prisoner		0004546	About the cult-classic show.
alt.tv.red-dwarf	0004790	The British sci-fi/comedy show.
alt.tv.ren-and-stimpy		=alt.tv.ren-n-stimpy
alt.tv.ren-n-stimpy	0006283	Some change from Lassie, eh?
alt.tv.robotech		0000008	.
alt.tv.rockford-files	0000104	Some say Garner at his best.
alt.tv.saved-bell		=alt.tv.saved-by-the-bell
alt.tv.saved-by-the-bell	\
			0000389	Fans of the clapper.
alt.tv.seinfeld		0005979	A funny guy.
alt.tv.simpsons		0018183	Don't have a cow, man!
alt.tv.simpsons.itchy-scratchy	=alt.fan.itchy-n-scratchy
alt.tv.sn			=alt.tv.snl
alt.tv.snl		0001142	The Saturday Nite Limbaugh ...errr, *Live* TV show.
alt.tv.snl.snl.snl		=alt.tv.snl
alt.tv.talkshows.daytime	\
			0000026	Babble.
alt.tv.talkshows.late	0000536	More babble.
alt.tv.taz-mania	0000003	What a devil of a newsgroup.
alt.tv.the-heights.cancelled.cancelled.cancelled	\
			0000000	How do you talk to an angel?
alt.tv.time-traxx	0000125	Warner's syndicated time travel show.
alt.tv.tiny-toon	0010954	Discussion about the "Tiny Toon Adventures" show.
alt.tv.tiny-toon.fandom		=alt.tv.tiny-toon
alt.tv.tiny-toon.plucky-duck	\
			0000192	Discussion about "The Plucky Duck Show".
alt.tv.tiny-toon.sex	0000058	JP wanted this for some reason.
alt.tv.tiny-toons		=alt.tv.tiny-toon
alt.tv.twin-peaks	0020322	Instant cult.
alt.tv.x-files		0000666	Extra-terrestrial coverup conspiracies.
alt.tx.maps			=comp.mail.maps
alt.ucb.class.suicide.c169	=alt.suicide.finals
alt.unix.wizards		=comp.unix.wizards
alt.unix.wizards.free	0000025	There's no such thing as a free wizard.
alt.unsubscribe-me	0000052	From what? Perhaps useful in some non-Net contexts too.
alt.urban.folklore		=alt.folklore.urban
alt.usage.english	0018068	English grammar, word usages, and related topics.
alt.usage.german	0000214	German grammar, word usages, and related topics.
alt.usenet.addict	0000095	Net.withdrawal - the ultimate torture.
alt.usenet.kooks	0001470	I have a theory about why we have such crazy theories.
alt.usenet.offline-reader	=alt.usenet.offline.reader
alt.usenet.offline.reader	\
			0000878	Maximizing usage of scarce resources.
alt.usenet.recovery	0000171	Reupholster your news reader.
alt.utensils.spork		=alt.plastic.utensils.spork.spork.spork
alt.uu.announce		0000051	Announcements of Usenet University.
alt.uu.comp.misc	0000029	Computer department of Usenet University.
alt.uu.comp.os.linux.questions	\
			0000279	UU Linux learning group - the Q&A column.
alt.uu.fan.newgroup.jyrki.jyrki.jyrk	\
			0000003	.
alt.uu.future		0000775	Planning the future of Usenet University.
alt.uu.lang.esperanto.misc	\
			0000136	Study of Esperanto in Usenet University.
alt.uu.lang.misc	0000037	Language department of Usenet University.
alt.uu.lang.russian.misc	\
			0000108	Study of Russian in Usenet University.
alt.uu.math.misc	0000108	Math department of Usenet University.
alt.uu.misc.misc	0000016	Miscellaneous departments of Usenet University.
alt.uu.tools		0000041	Tools for Usenet University and education.
alt.uu.virtual-worlds.misc	\
			0000146	Study of virtual worlds in Usenet University.
alt.uucp.dos		0000000	Discussing uucp implementations under ms-dos.
alt.uw.cs.upl		0000000	U. of Wisconsin stuff.
alt.vampyres		0004667	Welcome to the children of the night...
alt.vespa			=alt.scooter
alt.video.games.classic		=rec.games.video.classic
alt.video.games.reviews	0000040	Reviews of the latest video games
alt.video.laserdisc	0002881	Discussion of LaserDisc hardware and software.
alt.vigilantes		0000038	For banditos, desperados, vigilantes, and weirdos.
alt.virtual-adepts	0000001	.
alt.visa		0000000	.
alt.visa.us		0003025	Discussion/information on visas pertaining to US.
alt.wais			=comp.infosystems.wais
alt.wall		0000035	"5397 miles to Wall Drug". (Moderated)
alt.wanted			=misc.wanted
alt.wanted.mars.women	0000230	Gorgonzola. Halvah. Gado-gado. 04732 51996 38017.
alt.wanted.moslem.bestiality	\
			0000013	It won't be too popular with some folks.
alt.wanted.moslem.gay	0000194	This is not suggested reading for the intolerant.
alt.wanted.moslem.men	0000054	Does this include Salman Rushdie?
alt.wanted.moslem.women	0000057	For those so inclined.
alt.wanted.muslem.bestiality	=alt.wanted.moslem.bestiality
alt.war			0003647	Not just collateral damage.
alt.war.civil.usa	0005413	Lest we forget...
alt.war.vietnam		0001743	Lest we forget...
alt.waves		0000024	.
alt.wedding		0004301	Til death or our lawyers do us part.
alt.wee.willie.wisner	0000020	The guy who came in from the cold (for a while, anyway).
alt.weemba		0000176	Talk & flames about the one & only Weemba.
alt.weemba.flame		=alt.weemba
alt.weemba.math			=alt.weemba
alt.weemba.physics		=alt.weemba
alt.weemba.sheep		=alt.weemba
alt.wesley-dodd.hang.hang.hang	\
			0000004	He's dead, Jim.
alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die	=alt.ensign.wesley.die.die.die
alt.wheel.of.time	0000000	Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.
alt.whine		0000766	Why me?
alt.whistleblowing	0000190	Exposing fraud, polluters, etc.
alt.who.goes.there	0000000	"Aaah choo! I hate spring."
alt.who.is.bob		0000238	Send $11.
alt.windows.cde		0000015	.
alt.windows.text	0000011	Text-based (i.e., non-graphical) window systems.
alt.winnet		0000000	Usenet News & uucp for MS-DOS Windows.
alt.winsock		0002358	MS-DOS Windows Sockets info.
alt.winsock.hackers	0000000	.
alt.winsock.users	0000000	.
alt.wired		0004328	Discussion of Wired magazine.
alt.wolves		0000874	Discussing wolves & wolf-mix dogs.
alt.wonderment.bgjw	0000008	Making up urban legends at McGill U. & other places.
alt.woof			=alt.doggy.sounds
alt.world.taeis		0000039	The shared-world project "Taeis".
alt.world.thunder-thumbs	\
			0000000	.
alt.wpi.negativland.subgenii.for.rent	\
			0000094	Not to be missed.
alt.x-headers.overboard	0000004	RFC-822 may have opened up Pandora's box.
alt.x-windows.bugs	0000000	Just like it sez.
alt.year.1976		0000014	Some liked it so much they're doing it again.
alt.zen			0000303	Zazen, the fine art of just sitting.
alt.zima		0000075	A beverage.
alt.zine.wer			=alt.co-evolution
alt.zines		0001577	Thousands of twisty little magazines, all different.
alt.znet.aeo		0000001	Atari Explorer Online magazine.
alt.znet.fnet		0000390	Z*NET-related FNET topics & gateway.
alt.znet.mag		0000000	Z*NET-related magazine topics.
alt.znet.pc		0000053	Z*NET International PC, an ASCII magazine.
alt.zuke		0000000	For Tim.
comp.sys.intergraph		=alt.sys.intergraph
info.academic.freedom		=alt.comp.acad-freedom.news
news.members			=alt.news.members
nocturnal.ufo			=alt.paranet.ufo
psu.flame			=alt.flame.psu
psu.lame			=alt.flame.psu
rec.arts.tv.tiny-toon		=alt.tv.tiny-toon
rec.fart			=alt.tasteless
rec.kibo.hunting		=alt.exploding.kibo
rec.music.alternative		=alt.music.alternative
rec.music.hardcore		=alt.music.hardcore
rec.pets.rabbits		=alt.pets.rabbits
rec.skateboard			=alt.skate-board
rec.skateboard.thrash.new	=alt.skate-board
rec.skateboard.thrash.reviews	=alt.skate-board
sci.sociology			=alt.sci.sociology
sci.textiles.ntc		=alt.ntc-textile-res
soc.bi.papal-bull		=alt.bi.papal-bull
soc.culture.ecsd		=alt.fan.eric-dynamic
soc.culture.indian.american	=alt.culture.us.asian-indian
talk.politics.clinton		=alt.politics.clinton
talk.politics.elections		=alt.politics.elections

 --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< ---------

Here is a list of email addresses for contacting the
moderators of some of the moderated newsgroups in the
"alt" news hierarchy:

        Jonathan Kamens         news-answers-request@mit.edu
	Todd Reese		todd@gwinnett.com
	mathew			atheism-request@mantis.co.uk
	Laurence Leff		mflll@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
	Laurence Leff		mflll@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
	Laurence Leff		mflll@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
	Terry J. Wood		tjw@vms.cis.pitt.edu
	Brian Reid		recipes-request@decwrl.dec.com
	Roger Burns		rburns@cap.gwu.edu
	Helen T. Rose Davis	hrose@rocza.kei.com


Here is a list of email addresses for submitting
articles to moderated newsgoups in the "alt" news
hierarchy (for your "mailpaths" file):

alt.abuse-recovery		aar-list@twwells.com
alt.answers			news-answers@mit.edu
alt.atheism.moderated		atheism@mantis.co.uk
alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.d	artcomp@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.digitized	artcomp@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.graphics	artcomp@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
alt.cellular			.
alt.comp.acad-freedom.news	caf-news@eff.org
alt.dev.null			"|cat >/dev/null"
alt.folklore.info		wood@vms.cis.pitt.edu
alt.folklore.suburban		jfurr@acpub.duke.edu
alt.gourmand			recipes@decwrl.dec.com
alt.hackers			news
alt.health.cfids-action		cfids-l@american.edu
alt.hindu			editor@rbhatnagar.csm.uc.edu
alt.hotrod			hotrod@dixie.com
alt.humor.best-of-usenet	best@polaris.async.vt.edu
alt.india.progressive		biju+@pitt.edu
alt.indian.superior		pras0005@student.tc.umn.edu
alt.irc.announce		alt-irc-announce@kei.com
alt.is.doomed			.
alt.materials.simulation	alt-materials-simulation@engin.umich.edu
alt.math.iams			.
alt.politics.democrats		news-submit@dc.clinton-gore.org
alt.politics.democrats.clinton	news-submit@dc.clinton-gore.org
alt.politics.democrats.governors	news-submit@dc.clinton-gore.org
alt.politics.democrats.house	news-submit@dc.clinton-gore.org
alt.politics.democrats.senate	news-submit@dc.clinton-gore.org
alt.security.index		kyle@uunet.uu.net
alt.sex.zoophilia		kayotae@mindvox.phantom.com
alt.society.ati			gzero@tronsbox.xei.com
alt.sources.index		kyle@uunet.uu.net
alt.support.obesity		alt-support-obesity@kaiwan.com
alt.wall			news@jyu.fi