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          C O M M O N   E - M A I L   A C R O N Y M S
          AFAIK          As Far As I Know
          AOL            America Online
          BBFN           Bye Bye For Now
          BTA            But Then Again
          BTW            By The Way
          BWG            Big Wide Grin
          CIS            CompuServe Information Service
          CU L8R         See You Later
          EOF            End Of File
          FAQ            Frequently Asked Questions
          FDROTFL        Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
          FOAF           Friend Of A Friend
          FOTCL          Falling Off The Chair Laughing
          FWIW           For What It's Worth
          FYEO           For Your Eyes Only
          FYI            For Your Information
          ICOCBW         I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong
          IMO            In My Opinion
          IMHO           In My Humble Opinion
          IOW            In Other Words
          KISS           Keep It Simple Stupid
          LOL            Laughing Out Loud
          NTYMI          Now That You Mention It
          OTOH           On The Other Hand
          PITA           Pain In The A__
          PMJI           Pardon My Jumping In
          ROFL           Rolling On Floor Laughing
          ROTM           Right On The Money
          RTFM           Read The Manual
          SIG            Special Interest Group
          TAFN           That's All For Now
          TTBOMK         To The Best Of My Knowledge
          TTFN           Ta Ta For Now
          TTYL           Talk To You Later