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It is a common metaphysical question to ask,  "If all living 
entities are spiritually equal, then why is it acceptable to 
eat  grains,   vegetables,   etc.,   and  not  meat?  Aren't 
vegetarians  guilty of killing vegetables?" In response,  it 
may  be  pointed out that vegetarian foods such  as  fruits, 
nuts,  milk, and grains do not require any killing. But even 
in  those  cases where a plant's life  is  taken,  the  pain 
involved  is  much less than when an animal is  slaughtered, 
because  the  plant's  nervious system  is  less  developed. 
Clearly there is a vast difference between pulling a  carrot 
out  of the ground and killing a lamb.  But still,  one must 
undoubtedly suffer karmic reactions even for killing plants.

For this reason, Lord Krishna explains in Bhagavad-gita that 
not only should man eat only vegetarian foods, but he should 
also offer these eatables to Him.  If we follow this process 
of sacrifice, of offering our foodstuffs to God, the Supreme 
Lord,   Krishna,  protects  us  from  any  karmic  reactions 
resulting from the killing of plants.  Otherwise,  according 
to the law of karma, we are personally responsible. The Gita 
states, "The devotees of the Lord are released from all sins 
because  they eat food that is offered first for  sacrifice. 
Others,  who  prepare  food for  personal  sense  enjoyment, 
verily eat only sin."

Srila  Prabhupada,  the guru and Founder-Acharya of the Hare 
Krishna movement,  elaborates on this principle of spiritual 
vegetarianism.  "Human beings are provided with food grains, 
vegetables,  fruits,  and milk by the grace of the Lord, but 
it  is the duty of human beings to acknowledge the mercy  of 
the Lord. As a matter of gratitude, they should feel obliged 
to  the Lord for their supply of foodstuff,  and  they  must 
first  offer  Him food in sacrifice and then partake of  the 
remnants."  By eating such sanctified food - prasadam  - one 
is protected from karmic reactions and advances spiritually.