SeaGull Electronic University Fall Semester

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                          SeaGull Electronic University
                               Fall Semester 1990
                         Self Improvement Courses
 SeaGull Electronic University                   Improvement Resource Center
                              FALL QUARTER 1990
      Self Improvement                             Home Economics
      ----------------                             --------------
 SI 101   Creative Suffering             HE 401  How to Convert your Vacuum
                                                  to a Fully-Automatic Rifle.
 SI 102   Overcoming Peace of Mind.      HE 402  How You Can Convert Your
                                                  Family Room into a Garage.
 SI 103   You and your Birthmark.        HE 403  Cultivating Viruses in Your
 SI 104   Guilt Without Sex.             HE 404  Burglarproof Your Home with
 SI 105   The Primal Shrug.              HE 405  Sinus Drainage at Home.
 SI 106   Ego Gratification thru         HE 406  Basic Kitchen Taxidermy.
 SI 107   Molding Your Child's Be-       HE 407  1001 Uses for your Vacuum.
           havior thru Guilt and Fear.
 SI 108   Dealing with Post-Realization  HE 408  Repairing and Maintaining
           Depression.                            Virginity.
 SI 109   Whining You Way to Alienation. HE 409  How to Convert a Wheelchair 
                                                  into a Dune Buggy.
 SI 110   How to Overcome Self-Doubt     HE 410  Christianity and the Art of
           Through Pretense and                   RV Maintenance.
 SI 111   Type A People Have More Fun.   HE 411  Cat Hair Macrame.
                                         HE 412  What to do With Your
                                                  Conversation Pit.
           Business and Career                       Health
           -------------------                       ------
 BC 201  How I Made $100 in Real Estate.  HL 501  Creative Tooth Decay.
 BC 202  Money Can Make You Rich.         HL 502  Exorcise Your Acne.
 BC 203  Packaging and Selling Your       HL 503  The Joys of Hypochondria.
 BC 204  Career Oportunities in           HL 504  High Fiber Sex.
           El Salvador.
 BC 205  How to Profit from Your Own      HL 505  Suicide and Your Health.
 BC 206  The Under-achiever's Guide       HL 506  Bio-feedback and How to 
          to Very Small Business                   Stop It.
 BC 207  Tax Shelters for the Indigent.   HL 507  Skate Yourself To Reg-
 BC 208  Looting as a Career.             HL 508  Understanding Nudity.
 BC 209  Mortgage Reduction Through       HL 509  Optional Body Functions.
 BC 210  Greed for Non-Business Majors.   HL 510  Tap Dance Your Way to Social
 BC 211 Power Farting.                    HL 511  Aerobatics for Low Flyers.
                                          HL 512  Dressing Right, Dressing
                Crafts                    HL 513  Female Anatomy by Braille.
                                          HL 514  Basic Miracle Cures.
 CR 301  Self Actualization Through 
 CR 302  Needlecraft for Junkies.
 CR 303  Cuticle Crafts.
 CR 304  Gifts for the Senile.
 CR 305  Bonsai Your Pet.
 CR 306  How to Draw Genitalia.
    1. Further courses will be avaliable on Business and Career, Health,
        and Crafts.
    2. Students may suggest addittional subjects via E-Mail.
    3. Classes meet every morning at SeaGull Beach, in West Yarmouth, 
        usually before 7:00 A.M.. Check with your instructor.