Tue Mar Under memorable ride along

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The following is from the Horse Feathers BBS

Date: Tue Mar 28 18:11:02 1989

    Under "Wicked:" a memorable ride along Northern State Parkway during which 
tinted glass and Michelin radials.  Not to mention my female passenger.  Did 
you know, if you raise the steering wheel all the way, there's JUST enough 
    Under "Nasty":  In Rome, Italy, once; a bunch of us Russky exiles 
Soviet to be in Italy AS A TOURIST back then (1976) meant that he/she passed 
through ten kinds of security checks AND did soething to deserve the very 
    One of us had a bright idea.  He walked up to the last one in line and 
    "Comrade.  A provocation is being planned against you.  Immediately:  
break into pairs and scatter through the city.  You will be contacted."
    From our vantage point on the stairs of the Vittrio Emmanuele Secondo 
Monument we watched the word ripple up the line; we watched the group disperse 
n the crowd until only the tour guide and the KGB nanny remained, standing
there looking extreely bewildered...
    I think they must STILL be looking for those tourists.