at the local You just never

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at the local arena. You just never really know if they'll be around from one
year to the next (i.e. Could Michael Jackson fill a stadium today?).

The Pope, on the other hand, holds regularly scheduled concerts as well as a
tour now and then.  He just, in fact, held a couple of concerts at St. Peter's

You have to be impressed with the attendance record at pope concerts. Remember
a few years ago when he toured Poland?	The whole country turned out.

This for a guy who can hardly carry a tune!  (Well, even Mary Travers goes flat
now and again...)

But there is concern among the Pope's managers that his home dates aren't

What's wrong?  Recently, the Pope's management group--they call themselves The
Curia, I think--held a meeting about attendance...

CARDINAL OGNIBENE:  "I don't get it.  He wears expensive, custom-made costumes.

CARDINAL GEPETTO:  "Mebbe it's the lyrics.  Mebbe it's his repertoire--y'know
that hasn't changed in a coupla thousand years.  Mebbe it's time to update,

CARDINAL FORSOOTHI:  "I think it's the advance team and those advertising guys
that are messing up.  The faithful aren't getting the message soon enough. They

CARDINAL OGNIBENE:  "You mean like Prince and Kiss?"

CARDINAL GEPETTO:  "--And football and baseball and politics!"

CARDINAL OGNIBENE:  "So what are we going to do about it? The coffers are

CARDINAL CANDIDE:  "It's not like he ain't getting any free press coverage,
either.  The PR section's doing its job.  Look, that assassination gimmick was

CARDINAL GEPETTO:  "He don't wanna do those stunts, man!  The guy wants to lean
on his message, for chrissakes."

The meeting went on in the same vein for awhile, but really didn't get anywhere
until the Pope himself stepped in...

Afghanistan.  Boy, would you see some crowds then!"


CARDINAL OGNIBENE:  "Hey! Let's go after the Soviet Union! Forget those little
fish in Central America!"

CARDINAL CANDIDE:  "Right! Like a summit with that guy Gorbachev!  I can dig

The meeting ended on an up-note and everyone left to work out the details.