All In The Numbers Lou Fer

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                       It's All In The Numbers                           
                          By:  Lou C Fer                                 
        Goodevening. I'm glad to see you found your way back to          
   my humble home. Please do come in...before we start our               
   conversation for the evening I'd like to send a special hello         
   to my good friend Inez. You see Inez was concerned about her          
   new phone number, her new exchange..seems she has the 666             
   exchange.  Inez...you should'nt be surprised, after all,          
   once you start doing business with me...well....you have to           
   expect these things... .                                          
        Numbers have played an important part in culture for a           
   long, long time. From the far east to the far west. Numbers           
   have held sacred & mystic meanings. Look at the number 3,             
   among the Greeks, the dead and gods were invoked three times.         
   Nine, which is a multiple of 3 was also considered a mystic           
   number. The number 5 was also a significant number. 5 fingers         
   on the hand; in China there are the 5 cannons of the                  
   Confucian classics.                                                   
        3 is also always poping up in Chinese culture. In                
   chinese art, the three friends of winter are the pine, bamboo         
   and plum. They were the only plants that would display their          
   colors against the snow, hence the symbols of consistancy.            
   The 3 religions in China are Buddhism, Taoism and                     
   Confucianism. Not to mention the bad luck of 3 on a match.            
        And who can deny the bad luck of the number 13...as far          
   back as the biblical times. It seems that a fellow was the            
   13th at a dinner...now what was his name...seems to have              
   slipped my mind....                                                   
        Numbers are everywhere, it seems we can't get away from          
   them. Infact we take them for granted. Try getting up in the          
   morning without that annoying alarm blasting its time in your         
   ear. Try to go through the day without looking at a clock or          
   watch, Easy? Maybe. But then don't go to a store and buy              
   something..or ride a bus or train. Don't even use the tv or           
   radio..and for heaven's sake (Did I say that?!?!?!??)             
   don't use the phone!                                                  
        And as for the significance of the number 666...well, we         
   will leave that for another night....ok Inez??                    
   GoodNight..and...pleasant dreams.