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1100  Creative Suffering              EC-6  100 Other Uses for Vaccum Cleaners

1100  Overcoming Peace of Mind        EC-7  How to Convert a Wheelchair
                                            Into a Dune Buggy
1102  You and Your Birthmark
                                      H202  Creative Tooth Decay
1103  Guilt Without Sex
                                      H204  Exorcism and Acne
1104  The Primal Shrug
                                      H205  The Joys of Hypochondria
1105  Ego Gratification Through
      Violence                        H210  High Fiber Sex

1106  Molding Your Child's            H210  Suicide and Health
      Behavior Through Guilt
      and Fear                        H220  Biofeedback and How to Stop It

1107  Dealing with Post-Realiza-      H302  Skate Yourself to Regularity
      tion Depression
                                      H406  Understanding Nudity
1108  Whine Your Way to Alienation
                                      H408  Tapdance Your Way to
1109  How to Overcome Self-Doubt            Social Ridicule
      Through Pretense and
      Ostentation                     H409  Optional Body Functions

1130  "I made $100 in Real Estate"    C800  How to Draw Genitalia

1131  Career Oportunities in          C102  Needlecraft for Junkies
      El Salvado
                                      C105  Cuticle Crafts
1231  Packaging and Selling
      Your Child                      C110  Gifts for the Senile

1300  How to Profit From Your Body    C606  Christianity and RV Maintenance

1310  Money Can Make You Rich         E406  Repair and Maintence of
                                            Your Virginity
1434  Bonsai Your Pet
                                      F234  Looters Guide to American Cities
1342  How You Can Convert Your
      Room Into a Garage              G105  Sinus Drainage at Home

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