Bill the Cat is MY None

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	The Motorhead presents....
		Bill the Cat is MY Friend!
		---- --- --- -- -- ------

  None of you are going to believe this, but I have something to admit:  Bill
the Cat is my friend!  Yes!  I actually like the guy.  I have decided to set the

  First off, it was rumored that Bill the Cat (then going under his real name
nstead of his present monicker) molests fire hydrants.  I have been talking to
Bill quite a lot recently, and he has been confiding in me about various aspects
of his life.  I have it on good authority that he does NOT molest fire hydrants;
furry creatures.  I bet the fire hydrant lie was made up by that mean and nasty

  Next, recently A certain Modem User alleged that Bill was caught shoplifting
at a porno accessory place.  I must say that, after talking to Bill and with the
for an evening of fun and relaxation.

  I'm sure that Bill will truly appreciate the fact that I have set the facts
else before those mean people in Anarchy Inc.  get ahold of it and twist the
facts to make BtC sound less than normal.  It appears that Bill has a great lust
for two people in the MODEM {which, by the way, stands for MOdulator
DEModulator} world; these two people are Commander Video and A MODEM User {You
Aparently Commander Video is a buddy of his from that great BBS Affordable
Harbor {which, sadly, I have never been able to check out for myself; I just
believe Bill when he says how good it is}, and A MODEM User is, well, Uzer.
Everyone knows him by now.  I guess it is a kind of love/hate relationship there
{at least on Bill's part; I doubt Uzer reciprocates}.

  Well, there you have it.  I hope you take appropriate action as a result of
the facts I have set straight here.

	The {friend of BtC} Motorhead

(C) 1985 by Nobody in particular.
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