clothes were made up of reindeer

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	     Santa's Clothes

clothes were made up of reindeer hair and were brown; some years he wore
cotton and wool, and his clothes were white.

But early in the 1680's, Santa realized he needed a trademark, so people
Since that time he's worn the same clothes every year -- though he usually

As might be imagined, Mrs. Santa has a real laundering chore when Santa
absorb soot so he doesn't track it all over everybody's houses.  But by the
time he's done his clothes are filled in every thread and seam and fiber.

Mrs. Claus cleans the clothes using a very simple, though effective, method:
thaw (such as there is at the North Pole), the clothes are fresh and clean
again, ready to wear!


Santa's Special Vest

All of Santa's clothing is special, but his vest is particularly so.  He
acquired his vest long before any other part of his outfit, and it's the
only article of clothing that he hasn't needed to replace.

Long ago, when Santa was still young, he was able to do a great favor for
a group of tribesmen in Afghanistan.  He literally saved their necks --
and in gratitiude they gave him a magic vest.  "Keep this vest close to
your heart forever," they told him, "and it will serve you well."

Their promise has been fulfilled many times over.  As the years have
example, it protects him against flying birds (even big ones) and violent
clouds.  And recently he's discovered a particularly nice feature of the
vest's pockets.  Although they look small, for some reaon they'll hold a
much for even Santa to eat, but he can't refuse the gift.  So he takes it
all with him.  Into one vest pocket goes all the cookies.  Into the other
because of the Afghan vest!

Santa's Red Hat

Has white trim and white ball.	The ball is not simply decorative, but

The Coat

Fur-lined inside.  Santa explains he wears red "because it keeps the flies
and mosquitoes off.  They don't like red." (Try it--it works!)

The Trousers

Are soft leather and come from the Red Wooger.	They are waterproof, which
s an urgent necessity when you're flying around outside in the winter.  The

Santa's Underwear

the hair -- but it was worth it.

The Belt

Made in the USA and donated by Smith Bros. Beltworks.  Santa has worn the

Santa's Socks

Are made of virgin wool fro sheep raised in Argentina.	Both the heel and
toe are reinforced.

The Boots

Are fur-lined.	In very cold weather Santa can fold the top of the boots up
over his calves to keep his legs warmer.

On anyone else, Santa's outfit would make the person look really silly.  But
Santa isn't just anyone -- he's made the wardrobe into a symbol of happiness.