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There once wa a little boy named George Greeley.  George started out okay --
but somewhere he started to get the idea that he should be given anything
(and everything) he wanted.  That's when things started to go bad for
little George.

By the time George was eight years old, he had a new name:  Greedy George
Greeley.  When he went to school, the other kids would greet him, "Hello,
Greedy George Greeley.	How are you today, Greedy George Greeley?"

Greedy George always tried to get the things that belonged to the other
kids.  He wouldn't steal, of course -- Greedy George wasn't dishonest.
He was just, well...GREEDY!  So he'd beg.  "Can I have that pencil? Huh?
Huh? Can I please?  Please give me your pencil -- you have two nice ones
and I haven't any."  When the other kid would finally break down and
other pencil you have there sure is nice.  It sure would be nice if I had
a set of them.	Will you give it to me?  Huh?  Huh?"

George got greediest of all at Christmas time.	The first year he wrote
a letter to Santa:  "Please give me these ten items," he said.  Santa
year, George sent another letter: "I want thirty-two things for Christmas.
Here's a list."

"That's sure a lot of things George Greeley is asking for," Santa thought.
"I can't possibly give him thirty-two.  I hope he'll be satisfied with
twenty-five.  I don't want him to think old Santa is stingy or anything."

The next year, George sent a letter that was so fat it took FIVE stamps!
"Dear Santa," it said.  "You didn't give me everything I wanted last year.
this year and I'll feel better."

That's when Santa realized George Greeley wasn't just plain George Greeley
anymore.  He'd turned into Greedy George.  "I'm going to give that twerp
a lump of coal this year!"  Santa said.  "Take him 112 toys! The nerve!
Humph!" (Even Santa gets upset sometimes.)

That year Santa didn't take a single toy to Greedy George Greeley.  All he
of his greediness," Santa said to himself.

And it did!  The next year George sent a letter to Santa:  "Please, if you