for your shortwave converter The or

Found at: 0x1bi.net:70/textfiles/file?hamradio/xtal.ham

                           for your shortwave converter   

The original project instructions specify a 5 Mhz and/or 8 Mhz crystal be 
nstalled in the kit at the "xtal" location on the schematic.  You would need
to use one of the optional capacitors (150 pF with 5 Mhz, or 47 pF with 8 
Mhz) at C1.  I have tried crystals of other frequencies with varied success.
A 14.31818 Mhz crystal pulled in more signals than any others I tried (it 
Even a commonly available 3.579 Mhz color burst crystal works o.k. (use a 220 
Mhz wide.  Experiment.

crystal would be, instead of hard-wiring in one particular crystal. This way 
you can solder each one of your different crystals to a DIP header and plug 
them in one at a time for each different band you want to tune. Perhaps you 
can come up with an even more convenient method of installing and removing 
the various crystals. 

There are various sources for cheap crystals.  Ham shows and computer flea 
markets are best (you can obtain them there for as cheaply as 50c ea., or at 
most a dollar or two). Ads in electronics magazines feature them for a 
cards, or other circuit boards. As a last resort, order them from Jameco, 
Digikey, JDR Microdevices or even Radio Shack at $2 - $8 each.