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Message 170       Sat Apr 13, 1991
A.HEELY [Art - K1ZKY]        at 01:11 EDT

Hope this isn't too long for a message.

                            FCC SERVICE CODES

      AVIATION                               PUBLIC SAFETY
 AA    Aviation Auxiliary               PF    Fire
 AC    Civil Air Patrol                 PG    State Guard
 AD    Aviation Developmental           PH    Highway Maintenance
 AF    Aeronautical and Fixed           PL    Local Government
 AG    Aircraft                         PO    Forestry Conservation
 AR    Radionavigation                  PP    Police
 AX    Areo. Mobile Satellite           PS    Special Emergency
      BROADCAST                              MARITIME
 BA    Broadcast Remote Pickup (RPU)    MA    Marine Auxiliary
 BF    FM Broadcast                     MC    Coastal
 BI    International Broadcast          MK    Alaska
 BS    AM Broadcast                     MR    Marine
 BT    TV Broadcast                     MX    Maritime Mobile
      COMMON CARRIER                         RADIO ASTRONOMY
 CA    Individual Mobile Radio          RA    Radio Astronomy
 CC    Int'l Fixed Public Control             STANDARD FREQUENCY
 CD    Domestic Mobile Telephone        SF    Standard Frequency
 CE    Digital Electronic Messages      SM    Indust., Scientific,
 CF    Point To Point Microwave               CABLE TELEVSION
 CG    Domestic Public Air-Ground       TR    Cable Television Relay
 CI    International Public Fixed             EXPERIMENTAL
 CL    Cellular Telecommunications      XC    Experimental Contract
 CM    Multi Point Distribution         XD    Experimental
 CO    Offshore Radiotelephone          XE    Experimental Export
 CP    Int'l Fixed Public Press         XR    Experimental Research
 CR    Rural Radio                            PERSONAL RADIO
 CS    Int'l Fixed Satellite            ZA    General Mobile Radio
 CT    Local TV Transmission            ZC    Radio Control
 CX    Domestic Fixed Satellite         ZD    Citizens Band
      DISASTER                               SPECIALIZED MOBILE
 DX    Disaster                               (800 MHz SYSTEMS)
      AMATEUR                                CONVENTIONAL SYSTEMS
 HA    Amateur                          GB    Business
 HR    RACES                            GC    Motor Carrier
 HS    Amateur Satellite                GO    Other Services
      INDUSTRIAL                       GP    Police and Fire
 IB    Business                         GT    Taxicab
 IF    Forest Products                  GX    Mixed Services
 IM    Motion Picture                         TRUNKED SYSTEMS
 IP    Petroleum                        YB    Business
 IR    Industrial Radiolocation         YC    Motor Carrier
 IS    Special Industrial               YO    Other Services
 IT    Telephone Maintenance            YP    Police and Fire
 IW    Power and Water                  YT    Taxicab
 IX    Manufacturing                    YX    Mixed Services
 IY    Press Relay
 LA    Automobile Emergency
 LI    Interurban Passenger
 LJ    Interurban Property
 LR    Railroad
 LU    Urban Passenger
 LV    Urban Property
 LX    Taxicab
 RS    Radiolocation

This is about a year old so it may not be 100 percent accurate