Bulletin distribution When uploading

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    ***  Bulletin distribution ***

When uploading a bulletin to a Packet Radio BBS the bulletin will be
automatically distributed to users in a specific area, depending on

Here is an example:
for a local event.  You want to send a bulletin that is distributed
throughout the local area but not (for example) to the entire USA.
For the Seattle area,  "SB HELP @ PUGET" would be a good choice.

Here is another example:
to post a bulletin from Western Washington to the entire country for a
tower to be dismantled and picked up.  In this case a local designator

The following are @BBS designators currently in use in the Pacific Northwest.
There may be other designators in use in your part of the network. Direct any
questions to the SYSOP of the BBS at which you found this bulletin.

ALLUSA	 National
AMSAT	 National
ALLUSW	 West Coast
WAGB	 Washington
WWGB	 Western Washington
EWGB	 Eastern Washington
ORGB	 Oregon
MTGB	 Montana
NWS	 Weather reporting, special distribution

    ***  Bulletin catagories ***

For bulletins, the message "To:" field is used as a bulletin category
the nformation you are providing to the packet operators you wish to reach.

To List bulletins in a category, enter
L> xxxx
at the BBS prompt, where xxxx is the category designator.

The following are suggested categories for use in the "To:" field:

SALE	  Items for sale or trade
WANTED	  Things wanted
HELP	  Requests for info, help, or questions
MODS	  Request or info concerning equipment mods
CLASS	  Ham license class announcements
EXAMS	  Ham license exam announcements
CLUB	  Club events, meetings, announcements
HAMFST	  Hamfest or flea market announcements
MAP	  Maps
MAPKEY	  Index or lists of maps
NETWRK	  Announcements about packet network
LIST	  Other lists, or BBSs, Nodes, Frequencies
SAT	  All satellite info
DX	  DX reports and info
ARRL	  ARRL/CRRL bulletins
NTS	  National Traffic System information
SPACE	  SpaceNews originated by KB2BD relating to Space items.
RTTYDX	  VK2SG originated RTTY news.

     ***  Bulletin Identifiers ***

The following is a description of the BID format used by the ARRL when
bulletins are originated for national distribution;

  ARLx###  where ### is the bulletin number (padded with leading zeros)
	   x represents the bulletin type from the following list:

	   B .... General Bulletin
	   C .... CRRL Bulletin (from W1AW)
	   D .... DX Bulletin
	   J .... JARL Bulletin
	   K .... Keplerian Bulletin
	   P .... Propagation Forecast Bulletin
	   S .... Satellite Bulletin
	   X .... Miscellaneous (none of the above)

  IRUx###  where ### is the bulletin number (padded with leading zeros)
	   x represents the language from the following list:

	   E .... English
	   H .... Hispanic

of the BBS where you found this information.