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                 TURBO-CHARGE YOUR SCANNER !!

            Do you own an R7000, FRG9600 or AR2002 ?

Why  not  upgrade  your Scanner into  a  professional  monitoring 

SCANMASTER  plugs  into the 'Remote' socket on your  scanner  and 
takes over its operation and hence greatly expands the facilities 
and functions available.

SCANMASTER  is like a T.N.C. in that you supply it with 12  volts 
D.C. and talk to it with a terminal via its RS232 interface.

SCANMASTER can be left stand-alone for un-attended monitoring.

SCANMASTER is in constant use by many "Official" organisations.

SCANMASTER has many powerful and easy to use features such as :

     * Over 700 memories available.
     * Remarks can be assigned to memories.
     * Parallel Printer Interface for hard copy output.
     * Real Time Clock for time/day logging.
     * Frequency offset button for split channels.
     * Signal strength logging via A/D.
     * Squelch relay output for switching tape-recorder On/Off.
     * Versatile search facility.
     * Extensive User Manual.           And many more features.

  Special Price (UK) .... 149.99 Pounds Sterling including Postage & Packing.
  Special Price (USA).....159.99 Mastercard and Visa accepted over the phone

           28-day money-back guarantee if not entirely satisfied.
           When ordering, please state which scanner you have.

                         E.M.P. Limited
                    51 High Street, PORTLAND
                         Dorset DT5 1JQ
                           (305) 826900

     Despatched by return of post (subject to availability)