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               In the free radical explanation of disease and
          aging, unstable oxygen molecules (free radicals) are
          the contributing cause of approximately 60 different
          diseases and eventually, death.  Robert D. Willix, Jr.,
          M.D., states in his book You Can Feel Good All The
          Time, "You can live to be 110-120 years (of age).  And
          the extra years will be good years, not years in a
          hospital bed.  This is fact, not conjecture.  There's
          nothing 'natural' about dying at 75.  Scientists know
          that humans can live much, much longer if they don't
          succumb to free radical damage."
               Antioxidants are the good guys that stop free
          radicals from doing their dirty deeds.  The most potent
          antioxidant yet discovered is proanthocyanidin, or PAC
          for short.  Pycnogenal (pick-nah-jin-all) is the more
          publicized registered trademark name.  PAC is totally
          non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-mutagenic, as
          proven by testing undertaken at the Pasteur Institute,
          The Huntington Institute and many other prestigious
          universities, in Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Australia
          and Asia.  It has been featured recently in a number of
          books and magazine articles.  
               There is a company that makes it extremely easy
          for you to be a distributor, and will even customize
          the promotional materials and bottle labels to make
          sure that the repeat business comes to you.  Their
          prices are a fraction of what other companies are
          charging.  Since most people understand that the
          difference between a generic product and a brand name
          product is the price, this lets you sell the generic
          PAC to the people who have been overpaying for the
          trademarked product.  You make money, and you save them
          money, and everyone can afford to be healthy.
               The generic source is Specialized Marketing
          Services, 1441 North Clovis Avenue, Suite 62A, Fresno
          CA 93727.  For $3 they'll send you a package of
          materials on PAC, but they do things a little
          differently than most.  When you send them the $3 for
          the information, print clearly the name, address, and
          telephone number you would use as a distributor.  The
          literature you get will be custom laser-printed with
          your information so that you can immediately make
          copies to distribute to your prospects.  That way there
          is no waiting time at all. 
               SMS offers an interesting opportunity when you
          refer other distributors.  For each distributor you
          refer to SMS, you will be credited with three bottles
          of PAC for every twelve bottles the distributor orders. 
          A few distributor referrals and your own inventory of
          PAC is virtually free.  
               The sponsoring program is a special offer, and the
          company may not continue it.  But if they do
          discontinue the sponsoring program, you will still
          continue to receive your free PAC for as long as your
          sponsored distributors continue their purchases.
               Since the company is selling a generic product at
          a very low price, they don't spend money on colored,
          glossy brochures and advertising.  Competition for
          generic proanthocyanidin is minimal while demand should
          be great. 
               One of the best ways to build yourself some fast
          sales volume would be to locate health food stores,
          health clubs, beauty salons, masseurs, and other health
          professionals who can be distributors to their