Terry and it seems like there

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Getting an Amateur Radio License
Terry R. Dettmann/WX7S

and it seems like there is a need to answer the question
"How can I become a Ham?" for many people. This file is
an attempt to create a starting point for someone to

Anyone who reads this is asked to send comments to me
on Compuserve at 72076,2611 or care of:

National Amateur Radio Association, NARA
Redmond, Wa 98052

to any and all bulletin boards, etc. If you make changes, please
the most accurate and up-to-date copy available for use by
anyone who wants to get into the hobby.

EVERY source of entry into Amateur Radio nor to list EVERY
file is to list books, magazines, and so forth which would be a help
to someone who wants to become a Ham. If you have a product or
me via NARA. We keep a data base of services and products
for New Hams as well as information about 'Helping Hams' who
s also personal ... opinions expressed here such as 'best', etc. are
based on my own experience and that of people I know who have used the
materials. Something which is NOT listed here is not bad, I am personally

==================== BECOMING A HAM ==========================

To become a Ham Radio operator, you presently have to pass
two tests, an written examination covering basic radio theory
and regulations and a proficiency test covering Morse Code
at a 5 Word per Minute rate. The best sources for help
on these are:

Radio Shack NOVICE Course ($19.95) available through
any Radio Shack store

ARRL (American Radio Relay League) 'How to Tune in the World'
Novice Course ($12.00) available at most Amateur Radio Stores
or from the American Radio Relay League, 225 Main Street, 
Newington, Ct. 06111.

For practice on Morse Code, your best bets are:

The best tapes around are produced by Harry Lewis, W7JWJ,

Another excellant study device for Morse Code is the program
Super Morse, available for download from Compuserve or
from the National Amateur Radio Association, NARA, 
for the program and it is Shareware (so you owe the author

==================== MAGAZINES ===============================

Magazines are the source of the most current information no
matter what field you're in. You can sometimes pick up copies
of Amateur Radio magazines at stores (especially at Amateur
Radio stores), but in general, they aren't available just
any place. If you want, the following magazines specializing
n Amateur Radio will send you a sample copy. Contact the magazine
for information about prices for samples.

CQ Magazine
	76 North Broadway
	Hicksville, NY 11801
QST Magazine
	American Radio Relay League 
	225 Main Street 
	Newington, Ct. 06111
	WGE Center
	Hancock, NH 03449
Ham Radio Magazine
	Communications Technology Inc.
	Greenville, NH 03048-0498

==================== ORGANIZATIONS ===========================

All amateur radio operators should belong to the ARRL:

American Radio Relay League 
Newington, Ct. 06111

Membership is currently $25.00/year. This is the major

NARA is interested in publicizing Amateur Radio and getting new
amateurs involved. Your help and donation is appreciated
and will get you a quarterly newsletter with information about
NARA's efforts:

National Amateur Radio Association, NARA 
Redmond, Wa 98052

==================== MORE INFORMATION ========================

For more information about becoming a Ham, please write to
me either through Compuserve (72076,2611) or care of the
National Amateur Radio Association:

National Amateur Radio Association, NARA
Redmond, Wa 98052

Amateur activity in your area. If I can, I will send you names
and addresses of Amateurs in your area, stores which sell 
amateur radio gear, and anything else which can help.

Even if you don't want anything in particular, feel free
to write and let me know about your progress in
becoming a Ham.