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                            FUZZZZ CODES II.               Writen   4/12/85
                                                           Updated  1/15/86
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  This file was writen for The Agency (818) 794 - 5001, for the PSA network,
and for anyone else is interested in these things.  Non-PSA systems may post
these files on their boards---just don't delete the credits though....
  By the way, Micron...How about giving out the cat-fur source code? Hey? Oh
  One little day, I was taking a tour of a governent agency, telling them I
Well, while I was there, I 'bought' some interesting books....Five finger
the manuals....
  There are most of the police, sheriff, Highway Patrol, and fed codes used
n this entire country.  Not all are listed, but the common ones are.  A '/'
ndicates two different meanings may exist for the same code.  So all you
Hams,etc. out there that can pick up police radio, enjoy!.  They can't hide
anything from us.  Also, if you have found codes that I have not listed,
  Since I first wrote this file ages ago, I've gotten my hands on some
updates, etc...  Even though *most* of the codes are valid all over the
country, these did come from Los Angeles, so, especially outside of CA, some
of the codes might have slightly different meanings.  I've also since got a
list of codes for the Missouri Highway Patrol.  The codes are listed, then a
and the same meanings on the Southern CA. list and the Missouri list. If you
or [CA] then i found them on my California list.  Note: I only have the
  MHP frequencies: 42.06, 42.12, 42.22, 42.32, 154.695, 154.875, 154.92,
  Missouri Liquor control is on 154.77 Mhz and the Missouri Boat Commision
uses 155.595 Mhz.
AC       - Aircraft crash
ADW      - Assault w/ a deadly weapon
AID      - Accident Investigation Detail
BO       - Out of order
BT       - Bomb threat ('Bravo Tango')
CP       - Complaining party
CPD      - City/County property damaged
CRT      - Information computer            <-- Time to burn those printouts!
CVC      - California Vehicle Code
DB       - Dead body
'Deuce'  - (See: 502)
DMV      - Vehicle registration
DOA      - Dead on arrival
ETA      - Estimated time of arrival
GOA      - Gone on arrival
GTA      - Grand theft, auto
HBD      - Has been drinking
J        - Juvenile
NCIC     - National Crime Information Center
QT       - Secrecy of location required
UTL      - Unable to locate
VIN      - Vehicle Identification Number
W        - Female
Code A   - No rain expected
Code B   - Rain expected
Code 1   - Answer on radio
Code 2   - Proceed immediately w/o siren
Code 3   - Proceed w/ siren and red lights
Code 4   - No futher assistance neccesary
Code 4A  - No futher assistance is neccesary, but suspect is not in custody
Code 5   - Uniformed officers stay away
Code 6   - Out of car to investigate
Code 6A  - Out of car to investigate, assistance may be needed
Code 6C  - Suspect is wanted and may be dangerous
Code 7   - Out for lunch
Code 8   - Fire alarm
Code 9   - Jail break
Code 10  - Request clear frequency
Code 12  - False alarm
Code 13  - Major disaster activation
Code 14  - Resume normal operations
Code 20  - Notify news media to respond
Code 30  - Burglar alarm ringing
Code 33  - Emergency! All units stand by
Code 99  - Emergency!
Code 100 - In position to intercept
  Well, that all the ones I know about.  If you know of anything I might be
nterested in, or if you want to trade info, then leave me mail on the Agency
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