Found at: 0x1bi.net:70/textfiles/file?hamradio/cordless.txt

Here'z a true story that shows how ignorant cordless fone users are:

I was talking to my friend on the phone.  I was also listening to my
scanner at the same time.  Since I have all the cordless phone
frequencies in my memory, the scanner was stopping at clear/close
cordless frequencies in use.  So, basically, while I was talking to my
friend on the phone, someone else's conversation was playing over the

My friend and I weren't saying much, so he could hear the cordless
conversation through my phone.  There are these 2 girls talking about
going to a club in So. Cal called the SAFARI BAR.  All of a sudden my
friend goes "hold on!" and switches over to his other line.  After the
short silence, I hear a ringing in my phone... apparently my friend was
calling someone on 3-way.  A girl answers.  My friend exclaims "Safari
Bar Rules!" and hangs up.

Aparently, one of the girls on the phone had given out her phone number,
and my friend had been listening.  It was the girl on the scanner that
he had called.  Aparently she had 3-way calling, so the call went

After congratulating my young friend on a good show, I turn up the
volume on the scanner.  I hear the girl telling her friend what some guy
had just called and done (my friend). "Oh my god!  How did he know what
we were talking about?!" they say.  They go on tripping out, with
repeated "oh my god"s and "who was that guy?"....

As I listen further, the girls' conversation turns more serious.  They
were REALLY trying to figure out how the hell some guy knew what they
were talking about.  Eventually, they decide that the girl's
ex-boyfriend must have tapped the fone... after all, he was a little
strange, and perhaps jealous or something.  He TAPPED her phone.

After they decided what had just happened, they continued to talk.  The
mood of their conversation had turned very serious and scared.  The
topic of conversation now turned to confronting this guy (ex.
boyfriend).  Anyhow, to make a long story short, they were really fucked
up by what had just happened.  My friend had scared the hell out of
them. We ended up really depressed too... for we had caused the whole
upsetting event.

The girls were so ignorant, that they didn't even know how their
cordless fones worked.  Like the general population, they took modern
technology for granted.  To them, cordless phones were magic little
devices that allowed you to walk freely around the house.  They did not
know that what they are really talking on are REPEATERS of sorts.  The
transmission doesn't go in a straight line from the handset to the base.
Instead, it goes 200-500 feet in every direction.
Just thought I would tell my "little" story.  Be careful with the
technology, folks.