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The ACE is the Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts an ANARC  (Association of
North American Radio Clubs) member. Our shortwave club features free radio and
clandestine stations heard on the shortwave frequencies.

The ACE has a monthly bulletin which is in the format of most ANARC  club
bulletins (a folded 8 1/2 x 11format) and contains up to date  loggings of
commentary column about the stateof the hobby and  current events, a QSL
column, and a spy numbers column.Also, as other  newsworthy events occur,

The ACE fills a void that all other SW clubs have left.  Our rapid growth  and
membership participation shows the interest that these topics have sparked.

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CJFC & CKRN  Relay:  530, Nightly  from 8/16, time?,  SIO=121.  Sounds  like  a
typical CHR  stn with a  smattering of oldies.   Ads for local  merchants, and
an  ad for CKRN 710.  Had Toronto Blue Jay  ball games.   Usual SIO=121, but
once peaked at 30dB.  (WOSIK,IL)

Voice of the  Great Peace March  and Global Peace:   1630, 8/15, 8/16,  8/17,
believe.  Mentioned Toledo once.   Talks alot about peace  and the peace  march
that was  going across the  US.  On the  night of  8/15,  they had long
audience, perhaps from Grant Park.  Long   R&R tape of Jackson Browne in
one with "Yo Ho Pirate Radio" as a  possible  title.  DJ said they  would be on
the  air from LA to NY and  that they were a licensed mobile radio station.
Stn averaged S3 or S4  with  a peak of  30dB once.  Usually  off abt 0500,  but
once on until  0920.  In  addition to dates  listed, they have  been on

WHOT:   1629.5,  9/1,  0208-0400+,  SIO=333.   Took telephone calls at  (718)
(DECKER,NY) 1626,  9/1, 0743-0818,  SIO=212.  Two  anncrs w/  talk and mx.
Very hard to hear, but  gave telephone number.  Placed a  call to them; they
QSL.  Said they had lots of old Elvis mx.  Even  though the signal was poor,
the  "not the top 40"  program on  1616-1618,  although they  were aware  of
these bcsts.  (RICHOLSON,VA) 1627, 9/1,  0545-0630+, SIO=141.   DJs with  very
Said they also  have  an  FM  xmtr.   Too  bad  they  don't  have  an  SW
outlet; very  entertaining.  (WOSIK,IL) 1628, 9/1, 0351-0432.   Oldies from
minutes  later.  Lots of jingles and IDs.  Said they would QSL.  (ROSS,ONT)

WQO:  1630,  9/7, 0233-0330, SIO=322.   Tentative ID.  Severe  QRN and
telemetry QRM.  Copied mentions of Marion, OH and Findlay, so this may  have
been  a relay of a  Marion, OH stn or  ???.  Showtunes mx by Judy  Garland.
Very good audio.  (WALKENDORF,MI)
Canadian Club Radio:  7440, 8/30, 0115-0359, SIO=444.  Primarily a pgm  of rock
mx and  anncmts/talk by "Pilot Al" and "Ron."   QSL addr given  as:  Box 140,
Johnson xmtr, Viking  2 putting out 120-130  watts, mixing  board, 1/2  wave
"Concrete Jungle"  by the Specials,  "Super Trance,"  "Word Power" by Thomas
Dolby, "Easy Way Out" by Saga,  etc.   (RICHOLSON,VA)  7440,  8/30, 0229-0447*,
SIO=433 avg.  Punkish  rock mx  w/ many  tunes by  Saga and  Simple Minds.
Telephonic speech  audio and good mx audio.  Reception got better as  program
Gabriel, Saga  and  John Fox.  Echo and reverb effects during anncmts.   Some
RTTY/CW QRM  at 0409 UTC.   (MENDYK,IL)  7440, 8/30,  0433-0448*,  SIO=454.
Moderate QRN, no QRM.   Ron and Al played around  with echos  and  distortion,
making  noises and  playing records  with distortion.   (TWIGG,MN) 7440,  8/30,
Mentioned there would be  a two month lag in  QSLs due  to screw up in
address.  Mentioned being north  of the 49th  Parallel.  (WOSIK,IL) 7440, 9/9,

One-O Radio:  7438, 9/8, *0339-0445*, SIO=323.  Tentative ID.  Xmtr on  and
off until 0339 when began bcst by playing continuous contemporary  top 40  hot
Quite certain they anncd  as "One - o  Radio."  No  addr given.  PSE QSL!

Radio Deadman:   7439, 9/7, 0015.  Popped up right  after Golden Eagle  with
echo ID which was very hard to copy.  New wave rock mx, etc.  Did  not copy any
addr.  Strong, but deep fades.  (SCHMIDT,DE)

Radio   North  Coast   International:   7440,   9/2,  0039+,  SIO=352.
Masterpiece Theatre theme and Capt. Willie saying "Here we go  again!"
Moorhead  addr and  said they  were "on  a bunch of frequencies,"  but  only
Willie.  Some mx noted but faded very quickly.  (SCHMIDT,DE)

TNFM (aka CFTN):  7448, 9/8, 0305-0600+, SIO=212 - 455.  First hour of  bcst
to  Box 1345, Ganges addr.  Played  only Canadian  rock mx.  (TWIGG,MN)

Voice of the Golden Eagle:  7439, 9/7, 0000-0015.  A new stn with some  comedy
bits,  one of which  was on rock  & roll.  Played  a segment of  what  seemed
like  "The  Gong  Show."   Caught  one  ID,  signal  was  weak/fadey.

WFUN:  7435.2,  9/7, 0000-0002,  SIO=212.  At  midnight, anncr  with a  singing
and  the  carrier  was  lost.   Unknown  if  this was a  separate  pirate xmsn
or someone  rebcsting parts  of old xmsns.  See  also comments at WKUE and
Zepplin on this subject.  (RICHOLSON,VA)

WKUE:    7435.2,   9/6,   2332-2400,   SIO=212.   Apparently  came  on
mmediately after Zepplin Radio Worldwide.  With comedy skits, rock mx  and at
But then after  a few minutes there  was the WFUN ID which  lasted until 0002
on 9/7 when  the carrier was lost.  Unknown if  this  was  a separate  xmsn or
Bill" w/ rock oldies.  Told a couple  of dirty jokes.  Very strong, good audio.
(SCHMIDT,DE) Zepplin  Radio Worldwide:  7435.3, 9/6,  2314-2331*, SIO=313.
Rock mx  plus strange  tunes (Hi  Lilly, Hi  Lilly, Hi  Low) and  crazy anncmts
("Look out  world, here comes  that g--d--- blimp  again.")  Never did  get a
complete identification;  just "...Radio  Worldwide," but seems  likely this
Caught ID at the start, old rock mx  then gone.   Not often hrd here lately.
American  Top 40."  Included  "This is not  Bob Dylan," "That's My Old  Man,"
and  Santa with "Oh,  ho, ho."  Concurrently  being played while  WHOT  was on
(RICHOLSON,VA)   1618, 9/1, 0400-0750+, SIO=111.   Spoof of  Am. Top 40 with
DJ trying hard to  sound like the original.   Played novelty songs like "I Want
Eyebrows  Like Brooke Shields," "She  Blinded Me With Light Bulbs," and the
AT&T  version of "Breaking Up is  Hard to Do."   Excellent audio and very prof

Elvis Tapes."  Also hrd "It's Not  Joan Rivers" with "Can We  Talk," "100
Bottles of Beer on the Wall," etc.

Stn?  (WOSIK,IL)

Dipole.   Sounded  like  KDJF,  but  it  was  very weak.   (WOSIK,IL)

Capt. Willie-like voice.  Mentioned 604 once, but could not pick  out anything
else.  (WOSIK,IL)

#40 (addr?) and faded out.  (WOSIK,IL)

else has any ideas, please let me know.  (TWIGG,MN)

talking.  Hrd various times on this  freq, sometimes with kilo, alpha,  delta,
etc.  (TWIGG,MN)

& temp.  R&R mx.  DJ gave some numbers (phone #) and then wiped out by  RTTY

notes  in various  patterns and  at various  speeds.  PSE QSL.   (TWIGG,MN)

modulation, rock  mx, several  IDs but  unintelligible.  DJ  said "I'm  your
Some possibility that this was  R. Nowser Worldwide, but I am  so uncertain, I
cannot even consider this tentative!  (SANTOSUOSSO,FL)
----------------------------------------------------------------------      La
Voz  del CID:  6305.2, 8/24, 0733, SIO=353.   ID by OM anncrs.  LAm  ballads.
ballad by female  singer.  Slight RTTY QRM.  Modulation a  little low.
Radio Dublin International:   6909.6, 8/24, 1351, SIO=444.  First time  hrd
over here.  Never looked for them at the right time.  Mx by Stevie  Wonder,
Donna  Summer  &  The  Supremes.   Ad  for  a  petrol stn and  computerized
car  wash.   Petrol  stn  was  called  Phoenix.   Ad for  sweatshirt.  Parody
of "Rocky" used in a commercial.  (HAVRILKO,UK)

Radio Ireland:   6312v, 8/24, 0753, SIO=343.  0753  sig tune.  At 0758  played
"Right Between  the Eyes." Moved down to  6310.1 at 0801.  Then  hrd the song
"Summer Wine." ID and  addr given in DU  or DD.  6311.6,  9/7, 1030+, SIO=443.
Addr of 1  Mount Joy Square,  Dublin.  Followed  Voice  of  Hope.   Played
"doctor's  office  mx."   Good  signal  and  modulation this week.  Pop mx
followed at 1043.  (HAVRILKO,UK)

Radio  Rainbow  International:   6239.8->6239.9,  8/24, 0904, SIO=444.   Moody
Blues and  soul mx  until 0912.   Also hrd  Huey Lewis  and Van  Halen mx.  DJ

Voice  of  Hope  (via  R.  Ireland):   6310.2->6311.6, 9/7, 0955-1030,
SIO=343.  OM  DJ w/  religious format.   Gospel mx  "Christ is  Coming  Soon."
Also on  1349 kHz  MW, but  not audible  here.  Gave addr and  phone number.  I
called and talked to  Ann Hughes who gave me the addr  of 67 Dunmoore, Lawn
Valley Mount, Dublin 24, Ireland. (HAVRILKO,UK)

West Side Radio  International:  6279.9, 8/24, 1054, SIO=332.  Usually  a weak
Collins Ave West, Whitehall, Dublin 9, Ireland.  OM DJ with pirate  news.
Apparently  they have changed their  name slightly to Radio  Westside

UNID,  6206.4, 8/24, 0942-1046+, SIO=433.   Could have been R. Marabu.   No ID

UNID, 6261.1, 8/24,  0845, SIO=332.  Tuned  into rock mx.   Hrd "Brave  New
World."  FAX QRM.  No ID.  (HAVRILKO,UK)
Other  news and information:  From  Bill Krause comes information that  the
ANARC BBS is off line while Bill moves from Minnesota to Illinois.   He said
that the BBS should be  operating by September 15th, but we do  not  yet  have
the  new  phone  #  for  the BBS.  *** Bill Cole has a  data base program for
the Commodore 64 and 128 (in 64 mode) to provide  a SWL's  database.  It
modes for stations.  The database can hold  upto 1200 listings, and is compiled
nto "P" code  which increases the  speed  of its  operation.  Contact  Bill at
the disk is $10  in  the  US and Canada and $12 airmail  overseas (US monies
only). *** Ira  Richolson asks where the DiaLog mail should be sent, since the
address  was left off the  column at times.  All loggings should be sent to the
to pull up the  header properly on the computer so  the address  gets left
off.  My  apologies for  that problem. *** Ken Suess writes  about  the low
loggings of late and high local QRM.  Activity has been  low, and  I've had bad
local QRN/M problems myself.  I hope things get  better and your  radio time is
mproved. *** Joe  Wosik writes asking  why the new stations  are not using the
mail drops.  Good question!  I  don't  have  an  answer  for  you,  but perhaps
concern for their  security. ***  I also received a letter from a new member in
Australia  who was wanting radio stickers from AM/FM stations  in the US.  I