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           International Packet Switching Services Description   
                  NETWORK             SERVICES      COMMENTS i.e.
-------           ----------          ---------     -------------
Argentina         TYMSAT              Async        ENTEL, Node 1265   
Australia *       X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   AUSTPAC via MIDAS  
Austria           X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   Austrian DATEX-P   
Bahamas           TYMSAT              Async,Full   Node 3215, BATELCO 
Bahrain *         T201/TYMNET PS      Async,Full   Node 6031, 6032 & 6033  
Barbados          TYMSAT              Async        Node 5154, 5155    
Belgium           X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DCS 
Bermuda           T201/TYMNET PS      Async,Full   Node 6232, 6233, 6234   
Brazil *          X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   RENPAC   
Canada            X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DATAPAC, GLOBEDAT  
Cayman Islands    TYMSAT              Async        Node 3555, 2423    
Chile             MUX                 Async        Node 1144
China             X.75/OTHER          Async  
Colombia          MUX                 Async        Node 1005
Costa Rica        T201/TYMNET PS      Async,Full   Node 3523
Curacao                                            Phone service via  
                                                   Puerto Rico   
Denmark           X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DATAPAK  
Dominican Rep.    MUX                 Async        Node 1204
Egypt             TYMSAT              Async        Node 2416
Finland           X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DATAPAK, Service   
                                                    NTI (France) 
France *          X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   NTI, TRANSPAC 
French Guiana     X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   Service transits   
                                                   NTI (France)  
French Overseas Territories   
  Gabon           X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   GABONPAC, Svc 
                                                   Transits NTI (Fr.) 
  Guadeloupe      X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DOMPAC, Svc Transits    
                                                   NTI (France)  
  Martinique      X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DOMPAC, Svc Transits    
                                                   NTI (France)  
  Reunion         X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DOMPAC, Svc transits    
                                                   NTI (France)  
Germany *         TYMSAT              Async        Node 1252
                  X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DATEX-P  
Greece            X.75/OTHER          Async        HELPAK, Svc Transits    
                                                   NTI (France)  
Guatemala         PAD                 Async        Node 2575
Honduras          TYMSAT              Async        Node 3305
Hong Kong         X.75/TYMNET Ind     Async,FULL   IDAS/ITS, DAS 
                  X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DATAPAK via IDAS   
Hungary           X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   Hungarian Datex    
                                                   via Radio Austria  
Indonesia         X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   EDX-P    
Ireland           X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   Svc transits IPSS  
Israel            MUX                 Async        Node 1145,DBS 
                  X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   ISRANET  
Italy             T201/X.75/TYMNET Ind Async,FULL  ITAPAC   
                  X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25    via ITAPAC   
Ivory Coast       X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   SYTRANPAC,Svc 
                                                    transits NTI (Fr.)
Jamaica           TYMSAT              Async        Node 3676
Japan             X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   VENUS-P, NTT DDX   
Korea             X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   DACOM-NET (DNS)    
Kuwait            MUX                 Async        Service Provided   
                                                    through Bahrain   
Luxembourg       X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25   LUXPAC,Service
                                                    transits NTI (Fr.)
Mexico           X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25   TELEPAC  
Netherlands      T201/X.75/TYMNET Ind Async,X.25   Datanet-1
                 X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25   DABAS via Datanet-1
New Zealand      MUX                  Async        OASIS, Node 2137   
                 X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25   Service via MIDAS  
Norway           X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25   DATAPAK  
Panama           TYMSAT               Async        Node 3773
Peru             MUX                  Async        Node 2713
Philippines      T201/TYMNET PS       Async        Node 1013,1261
                 T201/X.75/TYMNET PS  Async,X.25   Node 4335
Portugal         T201/TYMNET PS       Async        Node 3105
Qatar                                              Phone Svc. via Bahrain  
Saudi Arabia                                       Phone Svc. via Bahrain  
Singapore        X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25   Telepac  
South Africa     X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25   SAPONET-P
Spain *          X.75/T201/TYMNET     Async,FULL   Node 2340, 2341, TIDA   
                 X.75/OTHER           Async,X.25    IBERPAC via TIDA  
Sweden           T201/X.75/TYMNET Ind Async,X.25   TELEPAK  
Switzerland      X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25    DATALINK, TELEPAC  
Taiwan           TYMSAT              Async         Node 1267
                 X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   
Thailand         MUX                 Async         Node 2151
Trinidad         T201/X.75/TYMNET PS Async,FULL    Node 3416
                 X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25   
UAE              PAD/MUX             Async         Node 2134, 1144    
United Kingdom   T201/X.75/TYMNET PS Async,FULL    Nodes 6152, 6153 Mercury
                 X.75/OTHER          Async,X.25    IPSS, PSS
United States  
 Alaska          T201/X.75/TYMNET Ind Async,FULL    ALASKANET    
 Guam             MUX                 Async         Node 2137    
 Hawaii           T201/TYMNET PS      Async,FULL    Node 2324    
 Puerto Rico      T201/TYMNET PS      Async,FULL    Node 1204, 3322   
 Virgin Islands   MUX                 Async         Node 1204    
X.75         Gateway is via CCITT X.75 link  
T201         Gateway is via Tymnet's inter-network protocol 
TYMNET PS    TYMNET Sub-network controlled by the domestic Public
TYMNET Ind   Independent TYMNET network with its own Supervisor  
TYMSAT       Async interface is a Tymsat in the Foreign Country  
MUX          Multiplexor connected to a domestic TYMNET TYMSAT   
OTHER        Network provided by another vendor   
Async        Terminal Access  
X.25         CCITT X.25 sync service is provided  
FULL         Tymnet's full line of sync service is provided 
*  after a country name denotes that access can be made throughout the
country with a local call.