the art of TRASHING how to

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                              Reign of Terror 
                                 [ R o T ] 
                                the art of      
                 a how to guide for one of the most useful 
                          tools in hacking today
                            Written by: Deicide

        The whole theory behind trashing is that us H/P/C guys need 
nformation. And a lot of VERY useful information is thrown out daily. It is
not thrown out because it is no longer valid, it is thrown out because the
owner of the material no longer needs it or has use for it. The key here is
that while the OWNER no longer has use for this information, you just might.
nformation, in the form of trash.

   I said earlier that trashing is one of the most useful tools in hacking
today. I also based this statement on looking through other peoples trash. If
you have been hacking/phreaking/carding for a long time then you know what i'm
talking about. If not, you are probably a bit confused. 
   If you don't already know what i mean by valuable items being thrown out
then you are most likely scratching your head(ass?) right now. People don't
throw out Dual Standards or sacks of cash, right? Well, not usually, but they
the underworld.
   Daily, workers and administrators alike unwittingly throw out material 
customers. This is because they 
 a: don't realize the potential harmfulness of the information thrown out
 b: don't think a hacker would ever search through THEIR garbage
Very few companies ever paper-shred sensitive information, a flaw which they 
might never discover and which you can exploit continually, for those two 
   Examples of places to trash & info you can find there is the subject of  
the next section.

   This section is based on businesses where you can apply trashing and what 
you might expect to find there.
     Deparment Stores: The main objective of trashing at departments stores
s to obtain as many Credit Card carbon copy slips as possible. You will find
of copies of each purchase made with a CC are kept on carbons, to my 
knowledge one is always thrown out. The carbons contain such useful info as
   - Credit Card Numbers
   - Expiration Date
   - Customers Signature.
Credit card #'s are needed to card items(duh..) and are good for trading for
AT&T's, system acct's, etc for people who are too lazy to go trashing 
     Gas Stations    : The same type of thing can be found at gas stations,  
but unfortunely quite a few stations accept only store specific cards, which
aren't nearly as useful. But a lot less excess trash gets thrown out at gas 

     Credit Bureau's : Famous for TRW printouts. If you hack at all you know
about it. Not good for too much else, card numbers are display but the extra
code which is standard on most credit bureau's is shadowed over.

     Other companies : You will be able to pick up CC carbons at many other
major businesses run on computers. A large percentage of these computers have
the company's computers, look for them. Also, if you want to go farther as
far as hacking, or you already have the modem number, you will often find 
useful for social engineering. Sometimes you will find entire username & pword
lists written down, or even just one id + password thrown out by a careless 
employee, these will cut hacking time severly.

     And now we come to one of my favorite subjects ever: trashing at the 
Telephone company. So many people/groups have gained fame from information
now and raised security measures. But no, it is a still applicable trade world
You can expect to find many invaluable pieces of information, some examples
are:    - Calling Card Numbers : Usually written on memo's, phone #'s + 4 
                                 digit number
        - Misc. system dialins 
          & PBXes, etc.        : Written on memos
        - Telco. Dialins       : Obviously very useful, usually the system/OS
                                 name accompanied by a phone #
        - Tech info            : Miscallaneous technical info printed in 
                                 manuals, user help sheets, admin help sheets,
                                 etc. Can be extremely useful to find system
                                 flaws, etc.
        - Telco system printout: These common finds can help you determine
                                 any number of things, including user names
                                 system types, etc.
        - Worker/Administrator
          names, phone numbers : Essential for social engineering. 
        - Access codes/pwords  : Occasionally a not-too-bright Telco. employee
                                 will write down his name and password on
                                 a sheet of paper. A very valuable find.
        - Security memos       : Telco. security will often write each other
                                 and their superviors notes on what they are
                                 working on, what they have found, pending
                                 bust dates, etc. Or the other way round, with
                                 managers assigning cases. Although frequently
                                 boring/pointless memos will be found, this
                                 might just save your ass one day, if you see
                                 you or your friend's name/number with 
                                 "being traced/tracked" or "bust/raid date"
                                 beside it then you can bury your notes/disks
                                 and run for your life knowing you did the 
                                 right thing.

    Now, while finding a department store/computer store to trash at may be
First of all, you normally want to hit the Telco. offices, as while the 
've found as a rule that for some reason switching stations are better
    Sometimes the offices are clearly marked(a big AT&T sign is usual a signal
that you found it), but occasionally your Telco. office will only be marked
by a small sign, or none at all. 
    If this is the case, you can either:
 a) Request a tour(they do give em)
 b) Request the land/building permit or whatever works in your town for your
    telco. offices from a local govt. building(they'll usually tell you where
    and what to ask for if you ask politely). Don't be all nervous and shit
    about this, it is completely legal and within your rights, so don't 
    get worried. Just don't act suspicious and it'll go fine. The document 
    will tell you the exact location of the building site.

         - Plan it!    : The most essential part to any plan is the planning
                         stage. Without proper planning you are just asking
                         for disaster, especially where crime is concerned.
                         Plan it carefully! Scout the site first so you know
                         what you need to carry out the operation. The first
                         time is always the hardest, after that you know how
                         it goes. Equipment you might need: Gloves, flashlight
                         wire/bolt cutters, hammer, garbage bags. Have an 
                         escape plan set up if something goes wrong. Even the
                         best plan can be fucked up by bad luck. The best
                         vehicle to use would be a pickup truck, just throw
                         the bags in the back and drive away. Other vehicles
                         work as well, van's work equally as well.
        - Timing       : Also essential for a smooth job, timing involves
                         foresight,planning and luck. The luck part you can't
                         help, but the foresight and planning you can. Go very
                         late at night, you can't risk being spotted by a 
                         Telco. employee, or for that matter anyone else while
                         trashing. (it IS a B&E which IS a crime). Don't go on
                         bingo night or whatever when there are tons of people
                         about. Plan it out before hand, so that it only takes
                         you a minute to get what you want and get out. 
        - People       : Keep the number of people involved to a minimum, 3
          involved       is usually the best rule. One to jump the fence &
                         grab the bags, one to receive the relays of the bags
                         from the person behind the gate, and one to stay in 
                         the vehicle. This works out especially good as the 
                         person in the vehicle can signal to the others if 
                         someone is coming. The guy behind the gate can hide
                         (easy at night if done quickly enough) and the relay
                         man can pretend to be fixing the vehicle. If the 
                         person raises suspicions about your actions just 
                         tell them that you are fixing the vehicle. If he 
                         stills seems suspicious and wanders off to tell a cop
                         (you can usually tell) then just get the fence-jumper
                         to come back over, then just drive out normally, no
                         tire squealing etc. 
        - Fenced?      : Although some installations have no fence at all, 
          Barbwire??     many do, and it can be an unpleasant experience for
                         the uninitiated during their first barbed-wire fence
                         climbing. First of all, don't cut the fucking wire.
                         I have seen so many people brag "we cut the bitchin
                         wire right off" or "we made the hugest hole in da
                         fence". Right on d00d! Now the security people think
                         there has been a break in and they call the police.
                         At the very least they usually install better 
                         security. Instead of wasting your time, just jump
                         the fence. Take the most agile member of the group
                         and either:
                               a) back vehicle up against the fence so he
                                  can hurdle it. (be careful. barb wire +
                               b) have him simply climb it.
                         If the fence has the slanted barb wire then you might
                         have a problem. The hurdling would be the best 
                         procedure then, but if climbing is a must, look for
                         the corner of the installation. Frequently the 
                         barbedwire will go back straight right at the point 
                         of entry into the wall. Sometimes a post will be 
                         right there as well, aiding you in the climb. 
                         Straight barbed wire is much easier to climb. When 
                         you climb over, make sure the relay man is 
                         underneath you in case you fall/slip.
        - Locked?      : If the dumpster's locked, it makes the job a whole
                         lot less pleasant. If you or a friend can pick locks
                         than your problem is solved, if not, there are tons
                         of G-Philes out on lockpicking, although it takes a
                         long time to learn the skill. If you want to do the
                         job though, you are going to have to do it a lot less
                         frequently. A sharp hammerblow to the top of the 
                         lock or a pair of boltcutters should do the job. When
                         you are done take the broken lock with you. This will
                         fool them once or twice(some joe blow employee lost
                         the lock or something) but will eventually make even
                         Telco. employees suspicious.
        - What to      : There are two places to initially start your search,
          Look for       the hardware bin and the dumpster. The hardware bin
                         contains such things as wire's, broken hardware parts
                         busted RS-232's etc. Kinda interesting for hardware
                         buffs. The main score is in the dumpster. Pop it open
                         and grab the bags. Throw em to the relay man. Leave.
        - Extra        : Occasionally the installations will have extra 
          Security       security measures such as motion-detectors or 
                         cameras. To my knowledge if the video images are
                         not valid as evidence in a court of law if a sign 
                         stating the presence of such cameras on the premise
                         does not exist, as this violates the thief's rights. 
                         So you should know if they have a camera. If they 
                         don't have a sign, don't worry about it, they can't
                         use it as evidence.

        11:30 Scouted premises. Sign stating cameras + electronic sensors on
              premises noted. Good security. High fences with good quality 
              barbed wire. Deicided to go through with it, just do it fast 
              with masks.
        11:45 Vehicles placed in position. Security forced an entry through
              multiple backyards to get to a fence which allowed us to avoid
              the security camera. 
        11:47 2 members made a run through the yards, made it to the fence.
        11:50 Lord IBM jumped the fence, and was now waiting for Deicide to do 
              the same. Deicide was half-way over when a figure stepped out 
              from behind the furnace where he was doing maintenance(at 
              11:50????) and yelled "What the hell are you doing!". Luckily, 
              Lord IBM is a top Canadian martial artist and responded with a
              sharp blow to temple. We proceeded to get the fuck outta there.
              Our not-so-bright rides took off with squealing tires(bad idea),
              but we made the escape.

        11:30 Scouted premises. No signs noted. Fence with slanted barbed wire
              noted. Looked in corner of installation:Straight barbed wire.
              Garbage bin right near fence. Hardware bins right near fence.
              Jumping spot hidden by tree cover. Garbage bin unlocked. 
        11:50 Car + truck put in position.
        11:54 Deicide jumps the fence.
        11:54 Deicide looks in hardware bins, grabs wire and relays it to  
              Lord IBM, who relays it to truck.
        11:54 Car drives through lot, signal given, Deicide hides & Lord IBM 
              pretends to work on truck.
        11:55 All Clear signal given.
        11:55 Deicide jumps in bin, throws 3 bags to Lord IBM who relays it 
              to truck.
        11:55 Deicide jumps out and climbs fence. The four participants leave
              site in the two vehicles. No problems.
   Time elapsed   : 2 minutes
   Items recovered: Various maintenance phone #'s
                    Technical sheets
                    1 system manual(small)
                    1 complete employee payroll list(w/phone #'s, addresses, 
                      SIN(SSN in the U.S.) and job function)
                    Various administrator/manager names/phone numbers
                    1 Access Code
                    Various system info
                    1 Telco. dialin

    I hope you find this useful, give it a try, you won't regret it. For any
questions or comments you can find me at the RoT HQ's. Call them for the 
latest in H/P/A/C/V + the [RoT] G-Philes and programs as they come out.

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