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[Changes since last posting: Add new site for CMUIP.  Minor tweaks because of
changes to dmc.com.]

           The Info-VAX Monthly Posting
           PART 4 -- How to find software.
           (Coordinated by Dick Munroe, written by many others)

(Part 1 is an introduction to Info-VAX.  Part 2 is Beginner Common Questions.
Part 3 is Advanced Common Questions.)

This is NOT an introduction to navigation on the Internet.  Nor is it intended
to supplant other official "how to find ..." FAQs.  It is intended to be a
collection of pointers to commonly used/requested VMS software.  Whenever
possible the pointers will be to the "official" support site.  Pointers to
widely known software archives will be included here from time to time.

In general, all of the software discussed here either has been or soon will be
available from DECUS either as a seperate package or on the DECUS CDROMs.  If
all else fails, you can always get things through your local DECUS librarian or
[shudder] buy your own copy.

I'm also soliciting reviews of any of the software discussed in here from users.


Dick Munroe

Save this message for future reference!

Table of Contents:

,ANONYMOUS-UUCP -- Archive sites available via anonymous UUCP          30-Apr-93
        Dick Munroe 
,BBS	-- Is there a VAX based BBS available?		       updated 28-Oct-92
	Dick Munroe 
        Jay Whitney 
        "Brendan Welch" 
,CMU-OpenVMS-IP -- Where to find CMU-OpenVMS-IP                        24-Feb-93
        Marc Shannon 
,FAQFINDING -- Sources for Frequently Asked Questions                  04-Aug-92
        Dick Munroe 
,FILESERV -- Addresses of various mail based file servers.     updated 28-Oct-92
        Dick Munroe 
,FTP    -- Addresses of various FTP sites.                     updated 05-Sep-92
        Dick Munroe 
	Ulli Horlacher 
,FTPMAIL -- How to access FTP without an Internet Connection	       02-Aug-92
	Dick Munroe 
,GCC	-- See ,GNUSOFT						       02-Aug-92
,GNUSOFT -- How to find GNU software				       02-Aug-92
	Dick Munroe 
,MX	-- How to get a copy of the Message Exchanger		       02-Aug-92
	Hunter Goatley 
,NEWS   -- How to get a news reader.                           updated 03-Sep-92
	Billy Barron 
        Rod Eldridge 
        Hunter Goatley 
        Bernd Onasch 
,SOFTWARE_LIST -- Pointer to lists of VAX Software                     03-Sep-92
        Ed Wilts 
,UUCP	-- *how* to get decus uucp V2.0				       02-Aug-92
	Kent C. Brodie 
,VI     -- Where to get VI for VMS? (for those without POSIX)          28-Oct-92
        le9miiwa@cine88.cineca.it (Andrea Spinelli) and a cast of thousands.
,ZMODEM -- Where to find [sources for] ZMODEM for VMS.                 14-Sep-92
	Dick Munroe 
	Chuck Forsberg 
,ZOO	-- Where to get ZOO v2.10 for MS-DOS, Unix and VMS	       09-Aug-92
	Keith Petersen , The SIMTEL20 Archives

(the ",UUCP", etc are keywords.  If you search for that text (including the ",")
you will be brought to the beginning of that article.)


Some sites provide anonymous uucp access to VMSNET.SOURCES and a variety
of other software.

dmc.com         Telephone:      (508) 562-7186
                Modem:          WorldBlazer or equivalent
                Login:          ...
                                DMConnection> connect hulk
                                Username: UANON
                                Password: anonymous

        Where ... is text that can be ignored and  is carriage

        Make sure that your chat script sets parity to zero or you won't
        make it past the DECServer.  U*x boxes should try "" P_ZERO as
        the first two tokens of their chat scripts if they have trouble
        getting in.

        Further information can be gotten by transfering:


        Which describes the contents of the archives and how to transfer
        things.  Briefly, you have access to the latest DECUS L&T CDROM,
        software in use at dmc.com (some GNU products, MX, DECUS UUCP,
        etc.)  If you would like other things archived, send
        suggestions/requests to postmaster@dmc.com


The only public domain VAX based BBS that I know of is available from:


Start by sending a message to the mailserv with the body of the message being:


And go from there.  A copy of this BBS has been posted to VMSNET.SOURCES, so it
should also be available from an archive site near you.

At least one person (Roger Smith, SMITH@biosci.arizona.edu) has reported that
MAILSERV@ualr.edu has bounced messages recently.

There is at least one commercially developed BBS available (I'm not an owner or
user of this software, I just know about it).  Contact OMTOOL in Salem, New
Hampshire, USA for details.

If anybody knows of other commercial or public domain BBSs for VMS, please
contact me so I can update this listing.

Dick Munroe

I got a pointer to another commercial BBS.  The following message is from one of
the developers.  The product name is Huddle and is available from Innovative
Software in Denver, Col.  As before, I'm not a user or a principal in the
company, just an interested bystander.

>From: Jay Whitney 
>Subject: Your Huddle request
>Huddle is a commercial electronic conferencing and bulletin board system for
>VMS.  Its primary catch point is ease of use.  Huddle offers three different
>user interfaces; two are command-based, with an intuitive command set based on
>VMS MAIL (of those two, one is screen oriented, and one is not), the third is a
>panel-oriented, user-extendable menu a-la Lotus 1-2-3 and MS-word.
>Huddle also features hierarchical conferencing.  A conference can support any
>number of subconferences, where the aggregate structure can be managed as a
>single unit.  Maintenance is very simple.  Once a maintenance policy has been
>defined, implementation of the maintenance policy is 100% automated.  Access
>control is very similar to standard VMS mechanisms.
>Huddle also offers built-in bidirectional Bitnet/Internet mailing list
>integration, file upload and download, a file transfer area, and a system news
>                                                Best Regards,
>                                                Jay Whitney

Yet another pointer to a commercial BBS:

>From: "Brendan Welch, System Analyst, UMass/Lowell"
>Subject: Info-VAX: How to find VAX/VMS software.
>CoSy (Conferencing System) is a product originally from the Univ. of Guelph.
>It is now supported by Softwords, 4252 Commerce Circle, Victoria, BC, Canada,
>V8Z  4M2.    (604)727-6522      Their David Sells does have an email
>address; sorry I have lost it.
>Incidentally, we do run it here (as well as VaxNotes and VTX).
>Brendan Welch, UMass/Lowell, W1LPG,  welchb@woods.ulowell.edu


>The End of an Era...
>Effective December 1st, 1992, Carnegie Mellon University will no
>longer be distributing, developing, or supporting CMU-TEK TCP/IP.
>The resources for CMU-TEK will be reassigned to other local projects
>which will benefit the CMU community.
>What happens now?
>CMU has made an arrangement with Tektronix to remove their name from
>the product and we are making a final release called CMU-OpenVMS/IP.
>This version is nearly identical to the CMU-TEK 6.6-5 kit, so
>"upgrading" is not required.  This version is being released for
>public distribution and will be available for a limited time (until
>January 15, 1993 locally and can probably be found elsewhere after
>that time) for ANONYMOUS FTP.
>The installation savesets for CMU-OpenVMS/IP will be stored on
>DRYCAS.CLUB.CC.CMU.EDU (  This location will also
>contain a CMU-OpenVMS/IP V6.3 kit for those users who are still
>using VMS V4.4 through V4.7.  Instructions on how best to retrieve
>and install the software are available there in README.CMUIP.  In
>addition, these kits will also be placed in the DECUS Library and
>available for distribution after January 1, 1993.  You can contact
>the DECUS Library at the following address/number:
>        DECUS
>        Library Order Processing
>        333 South Street, SHR1-4/D31
>        Shrewsbury, MA  01545-4195
>        Phone: 508-841-3500/3502/3511 (8:30AM - 5:00PM EST)
>        FAX: 508-841-3373
>"Support" for the product will continue on a volunteer-based system
>through the electronic mailing list.  Please note (from this
>message) that the mailing list has been moved.  The new addresses
>        cmu-openvms-ip@DRYCAS.CLUB.CC.CMU.EDU
>for postings to the mailing list, and:
>        cmu-openvms-ip-request@DRYCAS.CLUB.CC.CMU.EDU
>for requests to be put on or taken off the list.
>The VMSnet newsgroup vmsnet.networks.cmu-tek is also being renamed
>to be vmsnet.networks.cmu-openvms-ip.
>Thank you for your support over the years and we hope that this new
>arrangement will permit more sites to help develop CMU-OpenVMS/IP.

[Ed. note: I have found copies of the release available via FTP on
csus.edu in the following directories:

        /pub/cmuip/contrib      - User contributions to CMUIP.
        /pub/cmuip/vms-v4       - The version of CMUIP know to work
                                  against VMS V4
        /pub/cmuip/vms-v5       - Ditto for V5 and higher.

The mailing list is gatewayed to


for those of you who prefer news group interaction.  There appears to be
much more traffic there now and as near as I can tell, better support. 
Anyway, more people are responding faster.

I received official confirmation of csus.edu as a mirror site in a later
message, below.]

>Since we are quite fond of the former CMU/Tek package, still rely on it
>for some of our machines, and need to keep a copy around anyway, we have
>placed a mirror copy of the release files on our Anonymous-FTP server.
>CMU initially announced that these files would only be available from their
>server (drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu) until 15-Jan-1993. The intent is that
>providing this mirror site will help maintain the availability of this
>PLEASE NOTE that we are doing this as a convenience to the network community -
>CSU Sacramento does *not* offer any form of support or assistance with the
>product so please do not ask! (Though we'll be happy to distribute patches
>and updates if/when they become available from Henry, John and other
>dedicated [and slightly eccentric :-)] persons).
>    John F. Sandhoff, University Network Support
>      California State University, Sacramento - USA
>        sandhoff@csus.edu

[Ed. note: Another FTP site for CMUIP is available (this may even be the
"official" one as Henry Miller runs it):

        sacwms.mp.usbr.gov      [.tekip]
        sacusr.mp.usbr.gov      [.tekip]

There is a European mirror for CMUIP and all it's goodies run by Andy Harper:

        oak.cc.kcl.ac.uk        [.cmu-tcpip]
        elm.cc.kcl.ac.uk        [.cmu-tcpip]
        ash.cc.kcl.ac.uk        [.cmu-tcpip]

get [.cmu-tcpip]AAA-TYPE-ME-FIRST.TXT to see the index of everything in the

The news.answers news group is the official vehicle for publication of
frequently asked questions digests (including this one).  For those of you
without access to News, there is an alternative: DMConnection archives
news.answers and makes it available to the general public.  Send a message to
fileserv@dmc.com with the body of the message containing the line:


to get started.

Dick Munroe

The following mail servers deal primarily with VMS software.  Instructions on
their use and content appear regularly in the vmsnet.sources.d, vmsnet.misc,
and vmsnet.tpu newsgroups.

Address                                 Maintainer

MAILSERV@Cerritos.EDU.                  Bruce Tanner 
nrl_archive@nrlvax.nrl.navy.mil         koffley@nrlvax.nrl.navy.mil
VMSSERV@NYUACF.BITNET                   Stephen Tihor 
FILESERV@SHSU.BITNET or			TPU Command Procedures Collection
FILESERV@WKUVX1.BITNET                  Hunter Goatley 
FILESERV@irav17.ira.uka.de              Bernd Onasch 

Dick Munroe

The following FTP sites have significant collections of VMS software.  More
complete lists of anonymous FTP sites and their contents appear regularly in the
news.answers newsgroup.  The following ftp sites and their content are discussed 
fully in vmsnet.sources.d.

Address                                 Maintainer

acfcluster.nyu.edu                      Stephen Tihor 
Black.Cerritos.EDU                      Bruce Tanner 
dmc.com                                 Dick Munroe 
White.Cerritos.EDU                      Bruce Tanner 

Dick Munroe

>From: ORAKEL@rzmain.rz.uni-ulm.de (Framstag)
>Subject:Re: Anonymous FTP sites for VMS, DOS, Mac files
>For a list of VMS-ftp-sites look at info.rz.uni-ulm.de ( in
>Updated every sunday.

[Ed. Note:  I looked and here is the sort of stuff you can expect to find:

total 659
-r--r--r--  1 ftp-admi news        42990 Apr 28 16:42 VAX-VMS-SOFTWARE.LIS_Z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news        35853 Sep  6 06:04 acfcluster_nyu_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         1718 Sep  6 07:40 ada.cenaath.cena.dgac.fr.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         2594 Sep  6 06:06 addvax_llnl_gov.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news        33135 Sep  6 06:37 arizona_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news        22874 Sep  6 06:40 black_cerritos_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         2647 Sep  6 06:11 cca_camb_com.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         4934 Sep  6 06:07 cisco_nosc_mil.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news        13767 Sep  6 06:41 ftp_spc_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         4508 Aug  2 06:09 ftpvms_ira_uka_de.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         2662 Sep  6 06:05 iago_caltech_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         1805 Sep  6 06:00 kuhub_cc_ukans_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news          809 Sep  6 06:11 mis1_mis_mcw_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news       218437 Sep  6 07:37 mvb_saic_com.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news        84183 Sep  6 06:33 niord_shsu_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         3797 Sep  6 06:05 phast_phys_washington_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         6300 Sep  6 07:39 public_tgv_com.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news          834 Sep  6 06:06 rml2_sri_com.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         1167 Sep  6 07:39 ubvms_cc_buffalo_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news          734 Sep  6 06:06 utnetw_utoledo_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         6718 Sep  6 06:08 vesta_sunquest_com.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         3337 May 24 06:00 vms_ecs_rpi_edu.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news       139662 Sep  6 06:52 vms_huji_ac_il.lis_z
-rw-r--r--  1 ftp-admi news         1670 Sep  6 06:00 vmsa_oac_uci_edu.lis_z

The above was obtained via ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com with the following message:

connect info.rz.uni-ulm.de
ls /pub/VMS/ftp-sites

Presumably things will change as stuff gets added.]

Many sites are not directly connected to the internet.  Yet much of the software
or information we want access to is not available from mail servers.  In the
United States (there may be other sites, but I've never had reason to access
them) I have found the FTPMAIL service of DEC Western Research Labs to be
invaluable.  To get information, send a message to ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com with a
message body consisting of the single line:


ftpmail and other mechanisms are discussed periodically in the news.answers

Good Luck,

Dick Munroe

The official FTP site for all GNU software is prep.ai.mit.edu.  They even have
the basics there for GCC.  For those of you interested in G++ (the GNU C++
compiler) for VMS you should try FTP from mango.rsmas.miami.edu.  They keep
current copies of G++ and G++lib in VMS installable form available.  I have also
found a mail based file server, MRCServ@mtroyal.ab.ca which also keeps current
copies of G++ and G++lib in VMS installable form.

Good Luck,

Dick Munroe

>From: "Hunter Goatley, WKU" 
>Subject:New e-mail fileserver: MXSERVER@WKUVX1.BITNET

>OK, I'm setting up an experiment....
>Some of you have been asking about getting MX031 via e-mail because
>you don't have access to anonymous ftp.  Well, I (finally) packaged up
>MX031 and created a new file server on my system.  To the new file
>server is MXSERVER@WKUVX1.BITNET.  MX will *not* be available from
>FILESERV because I want to try to limit when the files go out.
>MX031 is a VMS_SHARE file in 113 parts (60 blocks)---that's pretty
>big.  Unlike the way Matt used to set it up, I've (for the time being)
>created one big .MFTU file containing all the VMSINSTAL savesets.
>The only caveat at the moment is that MXSERVER files are only sent
>between 5PM CDT and 6AM CDT.  If very many people request MX031, my
>poor 9600-baud BITNET link will take a while to let everything go
>  a) please be patient---it may take several days for everything to
>     make it through
>  b) MX_REVC_UPGRADE031 has also been moved from FILESERV to MXSERVER
>     (use SEND MX_REVC_UPGRADE031)
>  c) don't everybody ask for it at once
>  d) this is an experiment---depending on how things go, I may have to
>     limit the number of files a person can get in a day, etc.
>Of course, MX is available via ftp from ftp.spc.edu in [.MX].

[Ed. Note -- This was cribbed from the news.software.anu-news FAQ.  There
is an beta version of ANU News, 6.1b* that is available as well.  I don't know
if it is available from these sites as well, but I believe it is.  6.1a4 is
packaged as part of the UUCP 2.0 release, so if you're getting that, you don't
need to get a copy unless you want to get the documentation/sources, or the
latest versions.

Dick Munroe]

>From: billy@sol.acs.unt.edu (Billy Barron - VAX/UNIX Systems Manager)
>Subject:FAQ: news.software.anu-news

>Q: How do I acquire a copy of ANU News?
>A: ANU News is available for anonymous FTP on sao.aarnet.edu.au (Australia)
>   and kuhub.cc.ukans.edu (Kansas, USA).  Other sites may also have it
>   available.  Please use the site closest to you.  There are two versions
>   available:  a normal backup saveset and a LZW compressed version of the
>   backup savesets.  VMS LZW programs are available on kuhub.cc.ukans.edu
>   also and through DECUS.  For network load reasons, it is preferable if you
>   acquire LZW and the compressed version of ANU NEWS.
>   The Glass patch was posted to the newsgroup after V6.0-2 was released.  The
>   archives for the newsgroup are accessable from listserv@vm1.nodak.edu.
>   here's an example of what you should send to listserv@vm1.nodak.edu:
>   //ListSrch JOB   Echo=No,Reply-via=mail
>   Database Search DD=Rules
>   //Rules DD *
>   Select glass v6.0-3 patch in anu-news since 1-jan-1991
>   print
>   /*
>   i believe you can send mail there with a subject (or is it body?)
>   of "help", and it'll send help.
>   there's also a news fileserver at fileserv@dayton.saic.com. commands are
>   like:
>   send news_v60-3_patch.19
>   send news_v60-3_patch.2%
>   send news_v60-3_patch.18
>   and i imagine the help thing works there, too..

>From: gvrod@isuvax.iastate.edu (R Eldridge, VMS FOREVER)
>Subject:Re: Looking for Newsreader software

>VNEWS           - NNTP Client developed by a large group of people.  Current
>                contact is Joel Snyder (jms@arizona.edu).  Available by
>                Anonymous FTP, contact Joel for details.  UNIX style interface.
>                'bit.listserv.vnews-l' is a USENET equivalent of the 'VNEWS-L'
>                mailing list based at UBVM.BITNET.
>DXRN            - VMS port of the Berkeley XRN X windows news reader.  Contact
>                is Rick Murphy (murphy@burfle.dco.dec.com).  Available by
>                Anonymous FTP to decuac.dec.com, file /pub/DEC/dxrn.share.
>BULLETIN        - Includes a USENET news reading mode.  Send mail to
>                BULLETIN@ORYANA.PFC.MIT.EDU with the text INFO for details on
>                what BULLETIN is and how to get it.

>Subject: Matt Madison's utilities (was Re: Looking for Newsreader software)
>From: goathunter@wkuvx1.bitnet
>In article <1992Aug29.170329.29824@news.iastate.edu>, gvrod@isuvax.iastate.edu
>(R Eldridge, VMS FOREVER) writes:
>> NEWSRDR               - Available for Anonymous FTP on
>> ...
>Actually, all of this has changed.  NEWSRDR is available via anonymous
>ftp from ftp.spc.edu ([]) in [.MADISON.NEWSRDR].  It's
>available via e-mail by sending the following commands in the body
>a of mail message to FILESERV@WKUVX1.BITNET:
>SEND NEWSRDR_SRC                        !To get the sources
>All of Matt's programs are available from ftp.spc.edu in [.MADISON]
>and via e-mail from FILESERV@WKUVX1.BITNET.  Send the command DIR ALL
>in the body of a mail message to FILESERV@WKUVX1.BITNET for a brief
>listing of all the packages available from here.

>From: ORAKEL@rzmain.rz.uni-ulm.de (Framstag)
>Subject:Re: Looking for Newsreader software
>VMS NEWS v1.24 by Bernd Onasch
>VMS NEWS is a VAX/VMS full screen orientated NEWSreader supporting the
>following network (TCP/IP) implementations:
>  * CMU/tek
>  * EXOS              (never tested, no site with it available)
>  * MultiNet
>  * Process Software
>  * UCX               (1.x and 2.0 [DEC TCP/IP])
>  * Wollongong
>  * DECnet object     (tested the one of ANU NEWS 6.0.6)
>( * ANET - just got it from someone in japan - not yet tested )
>The client supports various display methods:
>  * Numbered  to just show the articles in order they came in
>  * Subject   to display the articles sorted by subject line
>  * Threaded  to display the articles sorted by threads (e.g. references)
>In all cases, VMS NEWS offers a window where you can scroll around to select
>the requested newsgroup or article.
>VMS NEWS is available from:
>  * MAILserver FILESERV@irav17.ira.uka.de
>    package NEWS_124 - VMSshare'd source
>  * FTPserver iraun1.ira.uka.de (
>    /pub/networks/news/news_1_24.com - VMSshare'd source
>  * FTPserver info.rz.uni-ulm.de (
>    /pub/VMS/communication/news124.zip - VMS zipped source
>  * FTPserver ftp.spc.edu (
>    [anonymous.ucx]news_124.share - VMSshare'd source
>For technical questions about VMS NEWS please mail directly to
>Bernd Onasch:
>                ONASCH@ira.uka.de 
>                ONASCH@informatik.uni-karlsruhe.de
>From: EWILTS 
>Subject: Info-VAX: How to find VAX/VMS software.
>Ric Steinberger publishes a monthly Vax Software list to comp.os.vms.  A
>pointer to this would be helpful.  From Ric's file:
>NOTE:   A current version of this file may be retreived by sending a ONE LINE
>        mail message to:  NETSERVER@RML2.SRI.COM.  The one line should say:
>        I will also try to keep a current version of VAX_LIST.TXT (this
>        file) available via anonymous FTP from: rml2.sri.com (
>Ed Wilts, BC Systems Corp., 4000 Seymour Place, Victoria, B.C., Canada, V8X 4S8
>EWilts@Galaxy.Gov.BC.CA   |   Ed.Wilts@BCSystems.Gov.BC.CA   |   (604) 389-3430

>Subject: HOW to get decus uucp (last time... really!)
>From: brodie@fps.mcw.edu
>                       UUCP_INFO.TXT    
>                           -or-
>"The canned answer given to folks who want to get a copy of DECUS UUCP"
>Last Revision:  7/28/92		Kent C. Brodie (brodie@fps.mcw.edu)
>						-or-    fps!brodie)
>How to get DECUS UUCP (Version 2.0):
>DECUS UUCP, distributed by the DECUS "VMSNET" working group, is a complete
>implementation of UUCP for VMS.    It is becoming one of the most popular
>"packages" offered from DECUS, and for many VAX sites, it's their only
>way to get to the internet.        This file describes how you may
>obtain your very own copy of the software for little or no cost.
>1) via DECUS.   By far the most popular method of obtaining DECUS UUCP
>   is through the VAX SIG TAPES distributed by the DECUS librarians.  The
>   tapes (now available on CDROM, too!) do not cost much (or nothing at all
>   if you obtain them via your LUG librarian), and you'll get
>   TONS of stuff besides "just" UUCP.     Contact your local DECUS tape
>   librarian, and find out how you can get the latest set of DECUS tapes.
>   (You can also order them through the DECUS LIBRARY)
>   NOTE:
>    * decus UUCP (V2.0) is NOW available on the SPRING 1992 tapes
>    * decus UUCP (V1.3) last appeared on the FALL 1990 tapes
>2) using FTP via the INTERNET.   DECUS UUCP (V2.0) is available via anonymous
>   ftp from the following sites:
>	ftp.spc.edu		directory [.decus_uucp]
>	Address:
>		(maintained by terry@spcvxa.spc.edu)
>	ftp.uu.net		directory /systems/vms/uucp
>	Address:
>		(maintained by the folks at uunet)
>	mis1.mis.mcw.edu	directory [.decus_uucp]
>	Address:
>		(maintained by brodie@mis.mcw.edu)
>	mvb.saic.com		directory [.decus_uucp]
>	Address:
>		(maintained by Mark.berryman@mvb.saic.com)
>   "mis1.mis.mcw.edu" is the ftp site that *I* maintain, and any
>   updates I receive will be immediately passed down to the other sites
>   shown above.
>   The contents if the [.decus_uucp] directory should have the following:
>   (file sizes listed are VMS disk blocks [=512 bytes each])
>     Directory STA1:[UUCP_DIST]
>     DEVEL.BKP;1           16128	
>     MAPS.BKP;1            13167	
>     NEWSDEVEL.BKP;1        7623
>   * RUN.BKP;1              8001  		
>     SUPPDOC.BKP;1          3465
>     SUPPNEWS.BKP;1        12096
>   * UU20BOOT.BKP;1         1890
>     Total of 7 files, 62370 blocks.
>   Files with a "*" are the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM required.  Additionally,
>   NEW sites (not yet running UUCP) will also need MAPS.BKP.
>   The "NEWS" files refer to Geoff Huston's ANU-NEWS, which is
>   also distributed with DECUS UUCP.
>   Additionally, If you're really up to it, the ftp site
>   wuarchive.wustl.edu currently offers the latest VAX SIG decus
>   tape offerings via anonymous ftp.  (the WHOLE tape, no parts!).  Be
>   ready for a lot of transfer time and a lot of pieces, though.  
>   If you do use FTP on any of the above sites, PLEASE be kind. 
>   DECUS UUCP is kind of big, so transfer it during non-peak hours.

[Ed. note: for those of you without FTP AND without a direct UUNET
connection AND you are unwilling to use UUNET's 900 number service, 
try FTPMAIL.  For details, see the discussion of FTPMAIL, above.]

>3) Via "anonymous uucp".    
>   [thanks to Jamie Hanrahan who arranged for this....]
>   UUNET also has the package available for pickup via anonymous uucp.
>   (any DECUS UUCP site running at least V1.2 can make use of this!)
>   You can use uunet even if you are not a "subscriber" (they have
>   a 900 number!   At the time of writing, connect charges via 900 
>   access is about $0.40 a minute)    (be forwarned:  uunet
>   charges rates based on connect time used.... based on a V.32 modem
>   (etc), the BASE kit would cost about $10-$12.  The ENTIRE kit can
>   probably be retrieved for under $50.)   Although long distance is
>   the "next best thing to being there", it isn't cheap....
>   (If all you have is a 2400-baud modem, don't even consider this.....)
>   The directory to get the files from is ~/systems/vms/uucp   and
>   the very first file to retrieve is "aaareadme.txt".   That file
>   will then document for you everything else you have to do.  (what
>   files to get, how to uncompress them, etc.).
>   This method, therefore, is probably preferable for those sites who
>   aren't a long ways away from uunet, or who are already using it
>   as their main feed.   
>   The following is a reference to the file names and sizes.  You
>   can be the judge as to what it would cost to transfer knowing
>   your system's capabilities, modem speed, and connection rate:
>   directory "/systems/vms/uucp":
>   total 14174
>   *  -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21          10198 Jul 20 19:52 aaareadme.txt
>      -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21        4787679 Jul 10 05:01 devel.bkp-z
>      -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21        2112011 Jul 10 05:17 newsdevel.bkp-z
>   *  -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21          85666 Jul 17 00:15 preboot.vms_share
>   *  -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21        2460500 Jul 10 05:24 run.bkp-z
>      -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21         900149 Jul 10 05:27 suppdoc.bkp-z
>      -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21        3591934 Jul 10 05:37 suppnews.bkp-z
>   *  -rw-rw-r--   1 3        21         498411 Jul 17 00:22 uu20boot.bkp-z
>   Files marked with a "*" are the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM required.  (note:
>   the files here are a bit different from the FTP or MAGTAPE distribution)

[Ed. note: the command I used to fetch devel.bkp-z was:

        uucp -v "uunet!~/systems/vms/uucp/devel.bkp-z" uucp_public:devel.bkp-z

and it worked just fine.]

>4) Lastly, the final method of getting a copy is via your local friendly
>   mailman.    I provide free distribution of the DECUS UUCP package,
>   but only if you pay the freight.   
>   Package the following:
>   1 tape    (TK50, TK70, or 9-track)     ** TK85 coming soon...**
>   1 self-addressed, STAMPED envelope to fit the tape  **required**
>   Mail it all to:
>c/o Kent Brodie
>    Faculty Physicians & Surgeons
>    11200 West Plank Court, Suite 160
>    Wauwatosa, WI    53226
>    (If you send me a 9-track tape, I can handle 1600 or 6250bpi.)   
>    If you use 6250, it will all fit on a 600-foot reel.  If you need 1600,
>    then you must send a 2400-foot reel)
>    U.S. Postage for mailing a TKxx cartridge is something like $2.90.
>    (thus, for both ways, the total cost is $5.80)
>    A few notes.   I provide this service free of charge, but at the
>    same time, The Medical College of Wisconsin didn't hire me to make
>    tape copies either.  As I get tapes to make, I make them when I can.  
>    Usual turnaround time is about a week.  ("your mileage may vary").
>    Finally, when it comes to the self-addressed "stamped"
>    envelope, you can use normal US postal mail, Federal Express, or UPS.
>    Our office does not normally deal with any other couriers, so please
>    don't go using DHL or something.   
>    Questions?   email me or gimme a call.
>Kent C. Brodie - Sr. Systems Manager		InterNet:  brodie@fps.mcw.edu
>Faculty Physicians & Surgeons			uucpNet:   fps.mcw.edu!brodie
>Medical College of Wisconsin			MaBellNet: +1 414 266 5080
>From: le9miiwa@cine88.cineca.it
>Subject:Summary: vi editor for VMS
>Hi everyone!
>Here is a summary of answers to my query for a vi clone for VMS
>From: whitfill@heechee.meediv.lanl.gov (Jim Whitfill - Los Alamos)
>>get [.vi]vi.sav or [.vi]vi.sav_z from anonymous on meediv.lanl.gov. vi.sav is
>>a VMS backup saveset and vi.sav_z is compressed. Get lzdcmp.exe from top level
>>on meediv.lanl.gov and decomp vi.sav_z.
>From: orakel@rzmain.rz.uni-ulm.de (Ulli 'Framstag' Horlacher)
>info.rz.uni-ulm.de  pub/VMS/editors/elvis.zip
>From:  BRENNAN@COCO.CCHS.SU.OZ.AU (Luke Brennan)
>>        you should use ELVIS - it works fine. If you can't find it
>>        closer to home, try here at coco.cchs.su.oz.au ( cd [.elvis])
>>        The version here is one rev behind the current one apparently -
>>        but I haven't bothered to find the latest one, as nobody has
>>        complained about anything!
>Original_From: TESTA@eldp.epfl.ch (Testa Andrea SI-DP EPFL)
>Host ftp.uni-kl.de   (
>Last updated 00:47 27 Sep 1992
>        [Andrea suggests Elvis, and points to the DECUS distribution,
>         or the listed ARCHIE-generated locations.
>         I translate here because he wrote to me in Italian...]
>Host ftp.uni-kl.de   (
>Last updated 00:47 27 Sep 1992
>    Location: /pub2/packages/linux/sources/usr.bin
>      FILE   r--r--r--    341883  Apr  6 14:29   elvis-1.5.tar.Z
>    Location: /pub2/packages/linux/binaries/usr.bin
>      FILE      rw-r--r--    333727  Apr  2 18:09   elvis-1.5.tar.Z
>Host guardian.cs.psu.edu   (
>Last updated 00:25 27 Sep 1992
>    Location: /pub/src/gnu
>Last updated 00:25 27 Sep 1992
>     FILE      rw-rw-r--    333727  Apr  6 18:33   elvis-1.5.tar.Z
>Host ftp.uu.net   (
>     Location: /systems/unix/linux/binaries/usr.bin/Editors
>     FILE      rw-r--r--    166363  Apr 30 16:24   elvis-1.5.tar.Z
>From: SFA@epavax.rtpnc.epa.gov (STEVEN FISHBACK)
>>        Yes, I have ported it the vax here at my work place and it
>>works great for me.   FTP anonymously to the following site:
>        Host:  gatekeeper.dec.com    (
>    Location:  pub/VMS/vitpu-v5
>               DIRECTORY r-xr-xr-x    1024 Oct 31 1990  vitpu-v5
>>It's written in TPU and it comes with documentation to install and use.
>>The creator is Gregg Wonderly, Mathematics Department of Oklahoma
>>State U.
>From: tarjeij@extern.uio.no
>>Try Elvis v1.5 or later, it is supposed to work under VMS. The TPU version of
>>vi should be avoided.
>Thanks also to:
>        Larry Henry 
>[editor's note: like we say here in Lombardia,
> there are 32 different tastes!
> pick your choice! BTW, I am writing this message with vi by
>         whitfill@heechee.meediv.lanl.gov
> which happened to arrive first to me!
>Many thanks to everybody. Hope this is useful....
>        Andrea Spinelli

The following is the official word form Chuck Forsberg, the developer of ZMODEM:

>Subject: Re: Pointer to VMS implementation of ZMODEM needed
>There are two versions of VMS ZMODEM available.
>RZSZ.TLB is available on TeleGodzilla, GEnie, and Compuserve,
>and supports dial-in callers with ZMODEM-90(Tm) programs.
>A commercial version that also supports Crosstalk, Telix, Procomm
>et al is available for $495.00 from Omen Technology.
>Both of these programs support the popular VMS record formats.
>Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX          ...!tektronix!reed!omen!caf
>Author of YMODEM, ZMODEM, Professional-YAM, ZCOMM, and DSZ
>  Omen Technology Inc    "The High Reliability Software"
>17505-V NW Sauvie IS RD   Portland OR 97231   503-621-3406
>TeleGodzilla:621-3746 FAX:621-3735 CIS:70007,2304 Genie:CAF

I logged into TeleGodzilla just to see what was there.  For those of you who
want source code, here's the official pointer to the "official source code":

"ZMODEM protocol information and royalty free C source code for
developers is available in Omen's "ZMODEM Developer's
Collection" which may be ordered by voice at 503-621-3406."

The following is the help file from TeleGodzilla:

>***************   Yam-Host Command Summary	Rev 04-24-87
>File(s)     Ambiguous Path Name or names: [dir/]file.exe ...
>	    A directory name expands to all files in that directory,
>	    An empty File expands to all files in the current directory.
>file1	    Unambiguous single filename
>cd directory		change to directory
>cd              	change to login (home) directory
>pwd             	print working directory
>BYE			stops the hemorraging of your phone bill
>chat			opens a link to the console (chat with SYSOP)
>message			leave a public message (file=MESSAGES)
>private			leave a private message for sysop
>dir File(s)      	alphabetized directory listing
>dirr File(s)     	long form directory with transmission time printout
>dird File(s)     	  sorted by date
>dirt File(s)     	  sorted by date in reverse order
>dirl File(s)     	  sorted by file length
>dirs File(s)     	  sorted by file length in reverse order
>rb			receive files FROM YOU with YMODEM batch protocol
>rx file1          	receive one file FROM YOU using XMODEM protocol
>kermit rb       	receive files FROM YOU with Kermit protocol
>type File(s)     	type files (one or more ambiguous file names)
>sx -k file1          	send 1 TO YOU, XMODEM protocol (-k gives 1k blocks)
>rc file1         	receive one file FROM YOU with CRC-16 error checking
>sb -k File(s) 		send one or more files with YMODEM batch protocol
>sz File(s) 		send one or more files with ZMODEM batch protocol
>sz -r File(s) 		Recover/resume ZMODEM file transfer(s)
>kermit sb File(s) 	send files TO YOU with Kermit protocol
>EXAMPLES:    sx yamdemo.arc              (XMODEM)
>             kermit sb yamdemo.arc       (Kermit)
>Keyboard "type info.txt" for more information on this particular system.

RZSZ.TLB is, I believe, also available from most of the VMS software archives
(cerritos.edu carries it).  I checked to see if there were other copies of
ZMODEM around.

UUNET has [at least] the following, most of which SHOULD be in source form:

>total 1310
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive       713 Aug 11 07:20 rzsz.README.Z
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive      3784 Aug  6 17:13 rzsz9202.dff.Z
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive     81407 Aug  6 17:14 rzsz9202.tar-z.Z

>total 1165
>-rw-r--r--  1 revell      59565 Jul  2 23:24 zmodem.tar.Z

>total 1810
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive     52736 Feb 12  1992 zmodem-part1.shar
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive     42589 Feb 12  1992 zmodem-part2.shar
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive     54140 Feb 12  1992 zmodem-part3.shar
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive     47368 Feb 12  1992 zmodem-part4.shar

>total 62
>-r--r--r--  1 archive     22356 Oct 18  1987 part01.Z
>-r--r--r--  1 archive     12759 Oct 18  1987 part02.Z
>-r--r--r--  1 archive     27191 Oct 18  1987 part03.Z

The protocol documentation is in:

>total 109
>-rw-r--r--  1 archive     45213 Oct 28  1991 ZMODEM8.DOC.1.Z

In addition, the VAX Software list (see SOFTWARE-LIST, above) mentions the

SZ Shell        SZ Shell gives the Z-Modem program SZ a host of new features
                including wildcards and various others.  Both SZ and RZ are
                provided in the archive.
                Availability:   F47



ZMODEM          File transfer between Vax and Unix/PC/Amiga computers.
                Availability:   S14, F15

S14     MRCserv@Janus.MtRoyal.AB.CA

S = Mail Server

That's all I could find with a quick look.

Dick Munroe

>Subject: Where to get ZOO v2.10 for MS-DOS, Unix and VMS
>From: w8sdz@tacom-emh1.army.mil (Keith Petersen)
>It seems that no matter how often this information is posted, someone
>will ask for it again in 2 or 3 days.  PLEASE save this article!
>ZOO version 2.10 (needed for extracting files posted in Usenet
>newsgroup comp.binaries.ibm.pc) is available via anonymous FTP from
>WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL ( or mirror sites OAK.Oakland.Edu
>(, wuarchive.wustl.edu (, ftp.uu.net
>(, nic.funet.fi (, src.doc.ic.ac.uk
>( or archie.au (, by e-mail through the
>BITNET/EARN file servers, or by uucp from UUNET's 1-900-GOT-SRCS.
>See UUNET file uunet!~/info/archive-help for details.
>If you do not know how to go about getting this material, users
>are welcome to email ts@uwasa.fi (Timo Salmi) for the prerecorded
>garbo.uwasa.fi instructions (long, circa 29Kb).  North American users
>are referred to the garbo mirror on wuarchive.wustl.edu.  Australian
>users are referred to the archie.au mirror.  The mirrors may lag
>occasionally, or might not have all the files.  If you do not receive
>Timo's reply within five days, please ask your own site's system manager
>to construct a returnable mail path for you.
>Directory PD1:
> Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
>ZOO210.EXE    B   55721  910712  Dhesi's make/extract/view ZOO archives, 910712
> 73461 Jul 12  1991 garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/arcers/zoo210.exe
>Directory PD8:
> Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
>ZOO210.TAR-Z  B  246115  910714  Dhesi's make/extract/view ZOO archives, C src
>237093 Aug  8  1991 garbo.uwasa.fi:/unix/arcers/zoo210.tar.Z
>Directory PD8:
> Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
>ZOO210.ARC    B  289193  910801  Dhesi's make/extract/view ZOO archives, C src
>289193 Jul  5  1991 garbo.uwasa.fi:/vms/arcers/zoo210.arc
>647168 Jun 24 13:42 garbo.uwasa.fi:/vms/arcers/zoo210.tar
>Keith Petersen
>Maintainer of the MSDOS, MISC and CP/M archives at SIMTEL20 []
>Internet: w8sdz@TACOM-EMH1.Army.Mil     or       w8sdz@vela.acs.oakland.edu
>Uucp: uunet!umich!vela!w8sdz                          BITNET: w8sdz@OAKLAND
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