s Hacking VAX Special David

Found at: 0x1bi.net:70/textfiles/file?hacking/VMS/vax-4.txt

Subject:   What's Hacking VAX Special - 4
From:      David Lightman (Level 30) [A dude who wanted access]
To:        ALL
Sent:      3/1/90 at 2:53 pm

        HELP             -  This command will bring up  the HELP program.
                            This  is just a clumsy imitation of what  you
                            are reading.  (heh heh)

        LIBRARY          -  Used for  archive purposes.  You will  proba-
                            bly not use this command much if you are new.
                            I am mentioning it now because I will type up
                            a  more in depth discussion of VAX  later  on
                            the "What's Hacking?" sub boards.

        LOGOUT           -  Logs you out.

        MAIL             -  Loads the mail program.  Used to send mail to
                            others users and CAN (YES, IT CAN) be used to
                            send mail (or other) to (OR FROM) the network
                            if the VAX is connected to a network.  It CAN
                            (YES,  CAN) also send data to (OR  FROM)  the
                            computers on the DECNET (if used).

        $PASSWORD        -  Changes your password.
                            EX: $PASSWORD mynewpass

        PHONE            -  Used to talk to  another user.  This  command
                            is pretty nice compared to other means.  Your
                            "$" prompt will be replaced with a "%" prompt
                            once phone is executed.  If you want to  talk
                            to  someone, type his username.  If you  want
                            to talk to someone on a different node,  type
                            his nodename, two colons, and then his  user-
                            name.  A lot of times you will find this  one
                            disabled     (especially    on     University
                            computers),  but there are alternate ways  to
                            communication  online  other  than  MAIL  and
                            PHONE.  See below.
                            EX: PHONE
                                % node13::dlight

        PHOTO            -  Records session.

        RUN              -  Executes executables.  (simple?)

        SET              -  Wow...  this is a lot.  See below.

        SHOW             -  This involves a  lot too, but not as  much as
                            SET.  With SHOW, you can look at a lot.  I am
                            just  going to list a lot of things  you  can
                            view and what it will show you.
                            EX: SHOW USERS DAV

                            CLUSTER    - VAX cluster if any
                            DEFAULT    - Directory path and device
                            DEVICES    - The system devices (drives,
                            INTRUSION - If any accounts are being
                            MEMORY     - Memory of course
                            NETWORK    - Network and the VAX's location
                            PROCESS    - PROCESS ProcessName shows
                            PROTECTION - Protection on files
                            QUOTA      - Shows disk space allowed for
                                         your account
                            SYSTEM     - Miscellaneous system info
                            DAY        - Day & date
                            TIME       - Time
                            USERS      - Users online all systems