Step By Step Modem Location Instruc

Found at: 0x1bi.net:70/textfiles/file?hacking/VMS/vax

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        This is a document covering how to find out the locations of the
'Out-Modems' used by the Drake University VAX computer.  This is a completely
legal operation, and brought about by the lack of infomation supplied by the
DIAL Center concerning it's VAX.  This document in no way for the use of and
llegal activity on/ or concerning Drake's computer's, Dial Center, or the VAX
tself.  The Phantom, and DungeonMaster will be in no way held responsible for
the use of this information.
        Well, now that we have the formalities out of the way, we can continue
        First, just to aleviate any fears you may have, this is a simple
to say that practice is not needed however.  Now, a little background
        The VAX computer, like any computer, uses a device called a modem for
t to communicate with the outside world.  These modems are connected to the
VAX computer with their own seperate 'line' or phone number.  It is these
numbers that we will try to get later on.  When one of these numbers are called
or 'used' the computer will open a doorway for the caller or 'user' to the
outside phone lines.  Some of you may be asking "Why does the VAX need these
modem things?".  Which is not that nieve of a question as you may think.  A
modem converts the computer's way of of talking (Digital) to the way regular
keep talking about this stuff?  Where is the how-to?".  Well, you need not
        To see what numbers are 'out-modems' and which ones's aren't I'll give
you a head start.  You will have get on the computer and on the system.  When
you see the message "Welcome to the Drake University Data Network".  And then
the prompt "Call, Display or Modify ?".  You will have to type "C XXXX" where
between 0000 and 9999.  After entering that you press return.  You will then be
message will be "XXXX is not a Dataline" in which case that means that that is
not an out-modem number and for you to try another.  You can also get the
message "Your calling rate= XXXX, Called party's Rate= XXXX" where that means
that you have to re-set your calling rate to that of the party you wish to
call.  To do this you type at the "Call, Display or Modify ?" prompt "M R XXXX"
the "Calling Parity= TTTT,  Party's Parity= TTTT" where in this case you have
to set a new parity for yourself.  To do this at the ol' "Call, Display or
Modify ?" area you type "M P TTTT" where TTTT is the parity of the party you
Call Complete"  where if it is not complete try it about twice, and then go
onto another.  If it is complete, then here is where the real test comes in
anything.  You type "AT" and then press return.  If it says "OK" you've found
one!!  If it locks up or freezes on you just start over again with a new
number.  Oh, one last piece of information.  After so many tries it will say
"Too many attempts, Disconnected" all that means is that you have to call the
        Well, that's about all I can think of right now at 2:00am.  If you have
any questions, if something is not clear, or if you find any numbers, just come
and either ask me(Phantom) or DungeonMaster.  We are on the VAX and have those
names for our Process names.  Well, Like I said we are there for ya.  Good luck
and hope you are able to find the numbers fast.
                         ----=>  Phantom  <=----