Frank Young Department of Computer

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                September, 1989
Frank Young
Chairman, Department of Computer Science
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
        The Department of Computer Science is very concerned about the proper
care and use of computer equipment and computer software.  The computers and
educational program of the department.  All students benefit from the proper
care and use of this equipment.  To ensure that there are no misunderstandings
EQUIPMENT:  Computer equipment is expensive and the money available for its
Science equipment are expected to take proper care of that equipment.  Any
malfunction should be reported to the department office immediately and a
notice of the malfunction placed on the appropriate equipment.  Do not 
attempt to repair or modify equipment.  Please read instructions posted 
near machines and consult manuals as necessary.  Please leave equipment 
and manuals in the same condition and location they were in originally.  
Theft of equipment will not be tolerated.  We cannot allow people to 
borrow equipment, software, or manuals.
SOFTWARE:  Software purchased by the department may be used only on department
machines.  Unauthorized use of department software is software piracy,
otherwise known as theft, and will be dealt with as such.  Computer 
that is not permitted by the software license will not be tolerated.
DATA FILES:  Files available for public use should not be deleted without
authorization.  Files which are not available for public use (e.g., because
they are in an individualUs private account) are to be treated as 
not be tolerated.  This includes attempts to acquire passwords, the 
creation of Trojan Horses, etc.  Unless you have been authorized to 
computer hard disks.  This is an inappropriate use of the resource
and you run the very real risk of losing your work.
lock up the machine for a specified period of time are unacceptable.  
of the department fail to find anything humorous in such programs.  We 
of your latest fun idea you first think about the reaction you would 
HOUSEKEEPING AND SECURITY:  It should not be necessary to mention everyones
obligation to return manuals to their proper location, to keep the work
environment neat, to keep food and drink away from expensive equipment, and to
Students must have written authorization to use the departmentUs facility after
normal working hours.  The departmentUs laboratory is provided so that computer
lock up when you leave.
SMOKING:  Tobacco smoke has great potential for damaging computers and computer
users.  The residual smell of burned tobacco is not the most pleasant perfume
known to humanity.  The Department of Computer Science is a smoke-free work
environment.  Please do not light any fires in the departmentUs facilities.
OTHER COMPUTERS:  The department cannot dictate policies regarding use of other
computer equipment.  However, you should be aware of the policies that are in
effect whenever you use any computer equipment that is not your own.  If there
are no written policies we encourage you to use our policies as a guide.
Computer technology is changing very rapidly and our ethical and legal
computing resources is not only desirable but possible.