The Schools of Engineering at Purdu

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                                 August 7, 1987
            The Schools of Engineering at Purdue University  maintain  and
       develop  the Engineering Computer Network (ECN) facilities in order
       to enhance the effectiveness of their instructional, research,  and
       administrative  missions.   The primary goal of the ECN staff is to
       maximize the  available  computation  resources  within  prevailing
       financial  constraints.   Historically, and certainly at this writ-
       ing, available computational resources have not adequately  handled
       Engineering's   needs.   Thus,  prudent  utilization  of  available
       resources is a necessity.  The following policies have been adopted
       in order to maintain a reasonable level of such prudence.  In rela-
       tion to the Engineering missions, policies given here seek to  pro-
       mote  usage  directly  related  to  Engineering, curtail moderately
       related usage, and eliminate unrelated, illegal and abusive  usage.
       In  addition, policies are included to help maintain an ethical and
       amicable working environment for ECN users.
            Only persons properly authorized may access  the  ECN  facili-
       ties.   Proper  authorization  is  provided  by  ECN staff or their
       designate in the form of an issued  in  the  name of  the
       authorized  person.   Users  may not permit other persons to access
       ECN via their account.  Users who violate  ECN  policies  may  lose
       their  access  authorization for a period of time commensurate with
       the infraction.  Repeat offenders may  be  denied  access  indefin-
            To enable ECN staff to accurately maintain  information  about
       the  user of each account, each user has the responsibility to pro-
       vide current status information to ECN staff, including  school  or
       department  of affiliation, degree program (undergraduate or gradu-
       ate), expected graduation/termination date, and University position
       (faculty, professional, clerical, or graduate assistant).  To check
       the current information ECN staff has on file, use the command
       If you are classified incorrectly, or the account termination  date
       is incorrect, contact your site specialist/manager or your school's
       office which handles computer accounts.
            The ECN machines are intended to  provide  Engineering's  stu-
       dents,  staff,  and  faculty computational resources needed to meet
       their recognized educational, research, and administrative  commit-
       ments  to the Purdue University Schools of Engineering.  Other uses
       of personal interest (such as checkbook balancing) are proper  only
       if  machine  load is low, the terminal is not otherwise needed, and
       the use is not prohibited by other applicable policy, i.e.  Univer-
       sity,  School,  Department, or ECN.  Game playing is only permitted
       as discussed below.  Low machine load is  considered  to  be  times
       when  the  fifteen  minute  system  load  average  is below 7.  The
                                      - 2 -
       fifteen minute load is the last number displayed by the uptime com-
            Users may harass or threaten other users, attempt to steal
       passwords,  files,  or  other  user/system  information, attempt to
       crash, violate the integrity of, or adversely affect the activities
       of a computer system.  When a process is consuming excessive system
       resources or objectionably degrading system response it may be ter-
       minated, or its priority may be altered, without notice.  Accessing
       restricted facilities and remote resources without proper  authori-
       zation  may  be  considered unlawful.  If activities as
       described above occur, the  account  may  be  disabled  pending  an
            Disk files not related to  Engineering's  missions  and  which
       consume  large  amounts  of space may be removed without warning by
       ECN staff.  When users exceed their disk allocation, they are noti-
       fied  by  the  system.  The message will indicate disk usage at the
       time disk accounting was performed, and the user's disk space allo-
       cation  limit.   If the disk allocation is exceeded for an extended
       period, the machine account may be disabled.
            ECN Systems are operated at Purdue  under  license  agreements
       with  AT&T, IMSL, PVI, and others.  Under these agreements ECN Sys-
       tems may be used for instructional and research purposes only.  The
       UNIX  license  binds each and every user to respect the proprietary
       nature of UNIX software; the specifics of the operating system  may
       not  be taught, nor may the system or any part thereof be moved to,
       or copies released to any non-licensed sites.   Under  the  license
       agreement  and  Purdue  policy  the  ECN  Systems may under no cir-
       cumstances be used for personal gain, or to place a third party  in
       a position of commercial advantage.  To protect our license status,
       ECN requires that any person wishing to transport software from  an
       ECN machine, which he or she did not personally develop, get appro-
       val from Bill  Simmons  (EE  334B/49-43651),  or  Jeff  Schwab  (EE
         Wasteful and Abusive Usage
            In general, the Engineering Computer  Network  does  not  have
       enough  computing  resources to meet the need of Engineering's stu-
       dents, faculty, and staff.  Therefore, all users  are  expected  to
       use  good  judgment  in sharing limited resources.  Except as indi-
       cated in 2. above and in the discussion of  games  below,  computer
       usage  not  necessary  to meet recognized educational, reseach, and
       administrative commitments to the  Purdue  University   Schools  of
       Engineering will be considered wasteful, abusive, and theft commit-
       ted against users attempting to complete  recognized  work.   Waste
       can  also  be  in  the  forms of unnecessary storage of disk files,
       careless execution of high resource consuming programs, or  genera-
       tion  of  excessive  printed output.  The general guideline is that
       disk space used for unrelated and personal interest work should  be
       less than 10 per cent of the user's total disk usage.  Users should
       also be aware that  hard  copy  output  devices  are  expensive  to
                                      - 3 -
       operate and that wasteful usage of such devices must be avoided.
            Game playing is considered  wasteful  and abusive  except  as
       prescribed  here.   The first problem, of course, is to define game
       playing.  Recognizing that such a definition is very  difficult  in
       an  absolute sense, ``game playing'' is defined here as development
       or execution of a computer program which primarily provides  amuse-
       ment or pastime diversion.  Game playing is permitted only when all
       applicable rules given below are met.
       a.   Game playing is permitted on ECN systems only when the ``games
            flag'' is raised and when the terminal is not needed for other
            purposes.  The games flag will be raised and lowered according
            to system load and other machine specific policies.
       b.   Games which encourage excessive terminal wear or  are  disrup-
            tive to other users of a terminal room will not be permitted.
       c.   Game playing is not generally permitted over dialup  links  or
            other  inter-machine  communication links due to the inability
            to insure that the games flag (or its equivalent) is raised on
            the two or more systems involved.
       d.   System games are stored in /usr/games.  These games will  only
            execute  when  the  games  flag  is  raised.  Files may not be
            copied from this directory.
       e.   Games not stored in the system  games  directory (/usr/games)
            may  be  developed  and  executed only while the games flag is
            raised.  Executable games which are files must be designated 
            as a game by use of the command setgame filename.
       or must monitor the games flag via calls to ganes(2) at five minute
       intervals and proceed to play only if the games flag is raised.  To
       assist the user in determining if the games  flag  is  raised,  the
       games command may be used.
            Games source programs being developed when the games  flag  is
       not  raised are subject to removal without notice and the offending
       user may lose ECN access authorization.  Executable games files not
       designated as a game via the setgame command and which do not prop-
       erly use games(2) are subject to removal without notice  and the
       responsible user may lose ECN access authorization.
            Losses of ECN access authorization and accounts being disabled
       are always reported to the Site Specialist of the involved computer
       system and to the ECN Manager of Network Services.
            Subsequent  report  dispositions  and  actions  vary  for  the
       several  Engineering  Schools.  Reports involving students are gen-
       erally handled as follows:   First  report;  filed  with  student's
       records  within  his respective Engineering School.  Second report;
       same as first report with copies sent to  his  respective  School's
                                      - 4 -
       Academic  Affairs  Office  and  the Purdue Dean of Students Office.
       Third report; same as second report with  indefinite  loss  of  ECN
       access authorization.