It has evolved from several iterati

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   The following is the published policy statement here at New Mexico State
University.  It has evolved from several iterations of study.  Hope it is of
+--------------+             D. Bryan Emery
|              |             New Mexico State University Computer Center
|              |             Mainframe Services Division
|              |             P.O. Box 30001, Dept 3AT
|              |             Las Cruces, New Mexico  88003-0001
|   NMSU       |             (505) 646-1240
|    *         |
|     +--------+             Bitnet:    MFSDBE@NMSUVM1
|     |                      Internet:  bemery@nmsu.edu
                          USER RESPONSIBILITIES
               New Mexico State University Computer Center
                        Department 3AT, Box 30001
                        Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001
                              (505) 646-4433
                          Revised:  07/89 (CNR)
   While computing resources at NMSU are extensive, so is its user com-
   munity; therefore respect and conservation is imperative.
   User Responsibilities
   All NMSU computing and networking resources should be used in an ef-
   fective, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.  Users are assumed to
   agree to respect the following conditions of use:
      1.  Respect the intended purposes of computing resources:
          o   Use accounts only for the instructional, research, and
              administrative purposes specified.  Playing games, print-
              ing calendars and posters, and gambling pools are exam-
              ples of inappropriate computer use.
          o   Not to use instructional accounts for commercial activ-
      2.  Respect the privacy of other users:
          o   Not to use any other person's account unless explicitly
              permitted to do so by that person.
          o   Not to intentionally seek information on, obtain copies
              of, or modify files, tapes, passwords, or any type of
              data or programs belonging to other users unless specif-
              ically authorized to do so.
          o   Keep your password secret and change it regularly.
      3.  Respect system integrity and resources:
          o   Not to develop or execute programs that could harass
              other users, infiltrate systems, damage or alter software
              components, or use any services for unauthorized commer-
              cial purposes.
          o   Not to attempt to alter or avoid accounting for computer
          o   Avoid excessive use of resources; for example, microcom-
              puters, public terminals, graphics devices, printers,
              networks, and processor time.
          o   Share resources in an equitable manner.
          o   Respect proctors and consultants.
          o   Follow established procedures.
   Mutual respect and cooperative attitudes will ensure everyone has
   equal privileges, privacy, and protection from interference or
   Game Playing
   NMSU computing and networking resources are valuable and limited.
   All users have the responsibility to use these resources in an ef-
   fective, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.
   Because resources are limited, the following policy applies to game
      1.  Game playing is restricted to those times when terminals and
          resources are not needed for other purposes.
      2.  Game players must surrender their terminals when requested.
      3.  Game playing is a privilege and one that may be revoked at
          any time.
   Violations of these conditions may result in suspension of computer
   privileges, disciplinary review, suspension or expulsion from the
   university, termination of employment, and/or legal action.
   Copyright Policy
   Unless you have written a program yourself, you do not have the
   right to make and distribute copies of programs without specific
   permission of the copyright holder.
   Software programs are protected by Section 117 of the 1976 Copyright
   Act.  Most NMSU software is protected by federal copyright laws.
   Educational institutions are not exempt from these laws.  Software
   is also protected by the license agreement between supplier and pur-
   Software provided by NMSU can only be used on the computer equipment
   specified in the software license.  It is against University policy
   to copy or reproduce any licensed software on University computing
   equipment, except as expressly permitted by the software license.
   Public domain software is available.
   Also, you may not use unauthorized copies of software on University
   owned computers or on personal computers housed in University facil-
   ities.  Unauthorized use of software is regarded as a serious matter
   and any such use is without the consent of New Mexico State Univer-
   Public Domain Software
   Software that can be copied and used by anyone is considered public
   domain.  Programs authors want to share can be published with
   The communications software needed to connect your PC to the NMSU
   network is also public domain.  KERMIT software is free of charge;
   bring a PC diskette to Small Systems at Jacobs Hall for your copy.
   BITNET Usage Guidelines
      1.  All BITNET use must be consistent with its goal to facilitate
          exchange of non-commercial information supporting NMSU's
          mission of education and research.  Commercial use is
          strictly forbidden.
      2.  BITNET is not a secure network and should not be relied on
          for transmitting confidential or sensitive data.
      3.  Transmitting large files can cause traffic problems.  There-
          fore, file transmissions are limited to 300,000 bytes (3,750
          eighty-character records) regardless of the time of day.  To
          transmit files exceeding this limit, divide them into a num-
          ber of smaller files of 300,000 bytes or less send them at
          appropriate intervals.
      4.  Since interactive messages take precedence over all other
          transmissions, extensive use of messaging can block BITNET
          traffic.  Therefore, applications using the interactive mes-
          saging capability, such as BITNET-based PVM software, are re-
          stricted to research use by the Computer Center staff.
      5.  Proprietary software may not be sent over BITNET.
      6.  Random mailings (junk mail), casual contacts ("Who are you?"
          messages), and job solicitations are discouraged.
   Ethical Use
   Ethically responsible use of academic computing systems includes the
   efficient and productive use of resources.  Microcomputers, public
   terminals, graphics devices, printers, networks, and computing
   processor time are resources that much be shared in an equitable
   For example, if production runs use large amounts of computing re-
   sources, attempt to optimize your programs.  Large inefficient pro-
   grams deny resources to other users.  Also, keeping unnecessarily
   large permanent files depletes resources.
   Violations of these conditions may result in the suspension of com-
   puting privileges, disciplinary review, termination of employment,
   and/or legal action.
   Getting Help
   For questions on policies for correct use of NMSU's computing and
   networking resources, consult the Computer Center Director.