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Set out below are the rules governing use of University
computing facilities. These rules apply to all users
(students, staff and others) and both to central and
Computing facilities are provided by the University for the
use of staff and students. Access may be given to
computers on the University's local area network.
Student access is primarily for use in association with a
course of study and activities related to that course.
Staff are given access for use as part of their duties.
Arrangements for computer use for external work such as
consulting must be negotiated and will usually be on a
'payment for use' basis.
computers in a manner which is ethical, legal and not to the
The basic guidelines are that any use must be legal and not
Failure to abide by the following rules will be treated as
misconduct and may result in disciplinary action including
n the opinion of the Director, University Computing
Services, you have failed to abide by these rules, you may
be denied access to the University's local area network.
(my note: this university treats misconduct VERY seriously,
expulsion is one of the options)
The University makes available to users, both internal and
external, computing facilities consisting of hardware and
from the use of these facilities or for any consequential
loss or damage. The University makes no warranty, express or
mplied regarding the computing services offered, or their
fitness for any particular purpose.
The University's liability in the event of any loss or
University for the use of the computing facilities which
   1	You may only use those facilities which have been
	authorised for your use. If access is protected by
	a password, you are not to make this password
	available to others. You may not use any account
	set up for another user, nor may you attempt to
	find out the password of another user.
   2	You may only use authorised facilities for
	authorised purposes. For example, facilities made
	available for teaching may not be used for private
   3	You must be aware of the law of copyright as it
	affects computer software. Software must not be
	copied except with the express permission of the
	copyright owner.
   4	You may not attempt to copy information belonging
	to other users (whether the be staff, students or
	other users) without their express permission.
   5	You may not attempt to interfere with the
	operation of computing facilities.
   6	You may not attempt to subvert the security of any
	of the University's computing facilities.
   7	You may not use the University's computing
	facilities to send obscene, offensive or
	harassing messages.
Attached to this is another page outlining copyright law as
t applies in Australia, which is beyond the scope of this
this case, I read "express permission" as the user changes
the protection such that another has some form of access.
The other thing that I find nice about these regulations is
that they are easy to read and interpret. They are also
There is also, currently being drawn up, a set of
connect to the campus ethernet.
enforce them. It just happens that I see them as a pretty
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