Conditions of Use and Policy on

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    Boston University Information Technology                          ethics
    Conditions of Use and Policy on Computing Ethics       September 1, 1988
                               CONDITIONS OF USE
    To protect the integrity of the  computer system against unauthorized or
    improper use,  and to protect authorized users from the effects of unau-
    thorized or improper usage of the system, Boston University reserves the
    rights to:  limit or restrict any account holder's usage, inspect, copy,
    remove or otherwise alter any data, file,  or system resources which may
    undermine the  authorized use of that  system with or without  notice to
    the user.   The University also reserves the right to periodically check
    the system and any other rights necessary to protect the University com-
    puter facilities.
    The University disclaims responsibility for loss of data or interference
    with files resulting from its efforts to maintain the privacy and secur-
    ity of the University's computer facilities.
    Users of  the University's  facilities are required  to comply  with the
    University Policy on Computing Ethics, and by using the system, the user
    agrees to comply with  and be subject to the Policy  on Computing Ethics
    and these Conditions of Use.
    The University  reserves the right to  amend this statement at  any time
    with or without notice.
                           POLICY ON COMPUTING ETHICS
    Thousands of users share the  computing facilities at Boston University.
    Most people use these resources responsibly.   However,  a few users who
    misuse the  computing facilities have  the potential for  seriously dis-
    rupting the work of other users.
    You are expected  to exercise responsible,  ethical  behavior when using
    the University's computing facilities.  This includes the following:
    1.    You must use only those computer  accounts which have been author-
          ized for  your use  by the University.    The unauthorized  use of
          another's account, as well as the providing of false or misleading
          information  for the  purpose  of  obtaining access  to  computing
          facilities is prohibited and may be regarded as a criminal act and
          will be treated accordingly by the University.
    2.    You may not authorize anyone to  use your account(s)  for any rea-
          son.   You are  responsible for all usage on  your accounts.   You
          must take all reasonable  precautions,  including password mainte-
          nance  and  file protection  measures,   to  prevent use  of  your
          accounts by unauthorized persons.
    3.    You must  use your accounts only  for the purposes for  which they
          were  authorized.  For  example,  non-funded  research or  student
          accounts may not be used for funded research or private consulting
          without prior approval from the University.  You must not use your
          accounts for unlawful purposes, such as the installation of fraud-
          ulently or illegally obtained software.
    4.    You must not access or copy files (including programs,  members of
          subroutine libraries,  and  data)  that belong to  another account
          without prior authorization  from the account holder.    Files may
          not be taken  to other computer sites without  permission from the
          holder of the account under which the files reside.
    5.    You must not  use the system irresponsibly,   or needlessly affect
          the work of others.  This includes transmitting or making accessi-
          ble offensive, annoying or harassing material;  intentionally dam-
          aging the system; intentionally damaging information not belonging
          to you;   or intentionally misusing  system resources  or allowing
          misuse of system resources by others.
    6.    You are  responsible for reporting  to Information  Technology any
          violation of these guidelines by another individual.  You are also
          encouraged to  report any information relating  to a flaw  in,  or
          bypass of, computer facilities security.
    Failure to  comply with  the above guidelines,   or the  unauthorized or
    illegitimate use of Boston University's computing facilities or resourc-
    es,  shall constitute a violation of  University policy and will subject
    the violator  to disciplinary  or legal action  by the  University.   In
    addition,  the University may require restitution for any use of service
    which is in violation of these guidelines.
    Any questions about  this policy or of the applicability  of this policy
    to a particular situation should be referred to Information Technology.