The computing facilities at Baylor

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                        Computer Policies
The computing facilities at Baylor are provided for the use of
Baylor students, faculty and staff in support of the programs of
the University.  All students, faculty and staff are responsible
for seeing that these computing facilities are used in an
effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner.  The following
    and are to be used for university-related activities only.
    All access to central computer systems, including the issuing
    of passwords, must be approved through the Computer Center.
    All access to departmental computer systems must be approved
    by the department chairman or an authorized representative.
    purpose for which they are assigned and are not to be used
    for commercial purposes or non-university related activities.
    or a department, must not be used by others without explicit
    permission from the instructor or administrator requesting
    the account and by the Computer Center or department
    assigning the account.  The individual is responsible for the
    proper use of the account, including proper password
    explicitly been made available to other authorized
    individuals.  Computer Center personnel may access others'
    files when necessary for the maintenance of central computer
    systems.  When performing maintenance, every effort is made
    to insure the privacy of a user's files.  However, if
    violations are discovered, they will be reported immediately
    to the appropriate Vice President.
    university related activities only.  Fraudulent, harassing or
    obscene messages and/or materials are not to be sent or
    of a computer system or to deprive authorized personnel of
    resources or access to any university computer system.
    special password should not be used to damage computer
    systems, obtain extra resources, take resources from another
    user, gain access to systems or use systems for which proper
    authorization has not been given. 8.Computer software
    protected by copyright is not to be copied from, into, or by
    using campus computing facilities, except as permitted by law
    or by the contract with the owner of the copyright.  This
    means that such computer and microcomputer software may only
    be copied in order to make back-up copies, if permitted by
    the copyright owner.  The number of copies and distribution
    of the copies may not be done in such a way that the number
    of simultaneous users in a department exceeds the number of
    original copies purchased by that department.
An individual's computer use privileges may be suspended
mmediately upon the discovery of a possible violation of these
chairmen, Computer Center staff, and Vice Presidents.
The Computer Center administrative staff or supervising
minor.  A first minor offense will normally be dealt with by the
Computer Center administrative staff or supervising department
chairman after consultation with the instructor or administrator
major offenses.  Appeals relating to minor offenses may be made
to the supervising Vice Presidents.  Major offenses will be dealt
Violations of these policies will be dealt with in the same
manner as violations of other university policies and may result
n disciplinary review.  In such a review, the full range of
computer use privileges, dismissal from the University, and legal
action.  Violations of some of the above policies may constitute
a criminal offense.  Individuals using campus computer facilities
from the Computer Center).