JOLT patches Information obtained from

Found at: 0x1bi.net:70/textfiles/file?hacking/MICROSOFT/sping3.txt

Information obtained from

So far at this moment there are NO OFFICIAL PATCHES! What is offered here are
hacks made by people who wanted to put a stop for this, and neither I nor they will
accept any responsibility for any damages. You are only encouraged to use them if
you are directly affected by this bug. Hopefully Microsoft will provide a real patch
within the next few weeks. Dave Rajala, an employee of Tech Data, which works
closely with Microsoft, had this to say about it:

"... development is aware of the issue and have it listed in our bug
database right now.  They are working on it.  It is listed as both severity
1 and priority 1.  The bug number is 90631 for your records."


Lucky, Phrozen Crew, a well known "Cracking Group" has released what seems to
be a Windows95 (not Memphis or NT) patch. Download pingfix.zip (read this
README.TXT about it first!) into your C:\Windows\System and then run it. Try the
test yourself! page to see if you immune. If this patch fails to work, you can try the
next one.

Alternative Patch for Windows95, and Memphis

Another patch, which is probably what the above patch really does, is to hexedit
c:\windows\system\vip.386 and change the hex string 76D2 to 4840, then reboot.
This patch is for people who the above patch does not work on (Memphis, strange
Win95 versions). It has not been tested on NT yet. If you do not know what a Hex
editor is, you probably do not want to attempt it. 
kM Notes:

Microsoft seems to have released a patch for NT4 Server.  You can download the sping fix 
(win95 from the files area and get the NT4 Server patch from the NT files area).

If you can't find them please use the search engine on the patch and search for sping.