Below is an order form

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Below is an order form for compusec publications from NSA.
DISTRIBUTION POLICY:  Those requestors requiring an immediate
copy of any of the listed documents due to a bidding or contract
deadline may fill out the mailing label/form below.  After the 
request is received, their order will be handled as quickly as
possible.  Those desiring multiple or informational copies
should contact the Government Printing Office directly.
Superintendent of Documents         (202) 512-1800
U.S. Government Printing Office     0800 - 1600 hrs.
Washington, DC 20402                (Mastercard, VISA, CHOICE)
DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (DoD 5200.28-STD)
GPO STOCK NUMBER:  008-000-00461-7 (Orange Book)    COST: $6.00
SCOMP Final Evaluation Report (CSC-EPL-85/001)
GPO STOCK NUMBER:  008-000-00438-2 (Tan Book)       COST: $3.00
PC Security Considerations (CSC-WA-002-85)
GPO STOCK NUMBER:  008-000-00439-1 (Light Blue Book)COST: $1.00
DoD Password Management Guideline (CSC-STD-002-85)
GPO STOCK NUMBER:  008-000-00443-9 (Green Book)     COST: $1.75
Guidance for Applying the DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation
Criteria in Specific Environments (CSC-STD-003-85)
GPO STOCK NUMBER:  008-000-00442-1 (Yellow Book 03) COST: $1.00
Technical Rationale Behind CSC-STD-003-85:
Computer Security Requirements (CSC-STD-004-85) (Yellow Book 04)
GPO STOCK NUMBER:  008-000-00441-2                  COST: $2.00
Trusted Network Interpretation (NCSC-TG-005, Version 1)
GPO STOCK NUMBER:  008-000-00486-2 (Red Book)       COST: $13.00
                                   (AREA CODE) TELEPHONE NUMBER
FROM                               MAILING LABEL   PRINT CLEARLY
Department of Defense         NAME______________________________
National Security Agency      POSITION/TITLE____________________
9800 Savage Road              COMPANY/ORG_______________________
Fort George J. Meade,         DIVISION__________________________
  Maryland 20755-6000         COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS:
Circle Desired Publications   __________________________________
Orange, Red, Lt. Blue, Tan    __________________________________
Yellow 03, Yellow 04, Green   __________________________________