What is Odd Coin?

Odd Coin is the official cryptocurrency of Odd Nugget.

The coin itself is a token launched on the Waves blockchain.

You can learn more about the Waves blockchain in the following video:

How many Odd Coins exist?

Odd Coin’s total supply is non-reissuable and capped at 100,000,000.

We hope to divvy out 99 million coins out of the 100 million available and get odd coin listed on a few cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future.

Why does Odd Coin exist?

Odd Coin is our way of thanking you awesome nuggets who contribute your creative thoughts to the site.

We love showcasing the ideas, inspirations and dreams of the world’s creative crowd and want to reward you for putting your thoughts on oddnugget.com.

You can expect loads of neat rewards to be made available to holders of odd coins too. Merch, cash prizes and more are soon to come!

How can I get some?!?!

Easy. Write an article on something you love that you think would fit perfectly here on Odd Nugget.

We’re all for album/book/movie reactions, creative tips/how-to’s and other such creative sundry. 🙂

Submit it HERE along with your Waves wallet address (check out the video below if you don’t know how to make a Waves wallet), name, site or social account and email.

We’ll publish your thought-piece and send a deluge of Odd Coins your way to boot!

How many coins will I get? Will I be rich now?

Hold on there partner! We’re handing out 100 Odd Coins for each published submission, but that won’t buy you 100 dollars just yet.

Odd Coins are simply a fun way for us to reward you for your valued thoughts and awesome creativity.

We can’t guarantee you real life riches from Odd Coins, but we can make you oddly wealthy (see what we did there?).

You can follow the Odd Newsletter for important updates on the monetary value of Odd Coin, as well as its status on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to set up a Waves wallet: