October Fires Come Quietly "Creeping In"

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Dulled tribal drum thumps catch on sharp, stinging vocals in October Fires' "Creeping In".

Ethereal and relaxing and intriguing and unsettling... This song runs away with your senses.

Which way is up?

You'd swim if you could tell.

But, now your heart's stopped moving.

Well, it seems your time is up.


"Lay down out of sight..."

"Creeping In" keeps to the shadows. Soft voices, airy atmosphere... It's sweet, soothing soul in a haunted house.

Icy keys cross a cobblestone beat in this song, quieting as calming voices come to tame the mix. Strings stretch through space as tendrils, tearing to shreds in windy echoes. Overall, "Creeping In" is the sound of wind wafting thoughts from mind to horizon.


Lyrics allude to long-lived longing; alive as a stream of consciousness, they slip in and around surrounding instruments. Resultant is a conflux of thought, melody and emotion. Relentlessly dynamic, "Creeping In" Keeps itself in motion.

Knowing precisely what this song is is a lot less important than hearing it - preferably over and over again. You know what to do.

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