North America Conclude "My Baby's No One's Girl" in Sweet New Song

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North America send contemplated kisses and country candor your way in new song "My Baby's No One's Girl".

Love leaps through open fingers and falls away to tune in this thoroughly enchanting track.


What is in a word?

Less than what your eyes can say...

And hers are speaking.

north america quote

"One Sunday night, she said goodbye..."

North America's sound in "My Baby's No One's Girl" plays evocative of Goo Goo Dolls and a relaxed Matchbox Twenty rolled into one.

Drums press for forward motion, moving alongside guitars, melodic, with pert persistence. Vocals speak to the soul in sing-song sound, reminiscing on an end's inevitability with poetic appeal. There's an organic feel to the mix, a melding of cool tones with spirited expression. It's a mood.

North America 1 – credit Flore Diamant

North America touch on the type of love that never lasts in "My Baby's No One's Girl." Chest-deep and quick, you know it's over at its offset. But, your heart gives in anyway. What can you say? You says what this song says, that's what.

"My Baby's No One's Girl" grabs at waning intimacy's familiar form with warm hands and supple heartstrings. For a dose of melancholic coolness, give this a go. Button's below!

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