Noisy Pots Put Their Heads Up Into a "Cherry Cloud"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Pots, pans and sonic synth shenanigans frame Noisy Pots' "Cherry Cloud" as fresh, fun and fascinating.

Light, lush and fluffy, "Cherry Cloud" is definitely a dance track for daydreamers.

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Snow slides slow off the edge of a cloud. Cloudy vision...

Fits of snowflakes find you sprawled out on the ground.

On a mission... You're an angel. The kind that's left behind...

Every time a child falls in snow, arms waving at their sides.

"If you fall down from your cherry cloud, I'll fly right by your side..."

There's a good batch of Bag Raiders style in "Cherry Cloud;" enough to feel dripping from the drops and coursing through the chorus. But, Noisy Pots are nothing if not unique.

A mix of melodic pots, cans and pans chiming over and around sustained synths sets the stage from the song's start. It's catchy stuff and undeniably imaginative, building into a driving groove you won't want to get away from.

If you aren't caught by the intro, if the hook doesn't hook you harder, if the ebbing bass-line and bright, twinkling percussion don't appeal to you, you might have something stuck in your ears.

Noisy Pots have made the exact opposite of noise in "Cherry Clouds". It's happy, merry music with delightful danceability. You can dance, you can listen, or both. Both is best.

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