Nohidea Sees Us Off With a Musical "eulogy"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Mood-modification with an icy beat... Time freezes at a tone-driven tempo in Nohidea's "eulogy".

A ghost on guitar, a walk in the rain... It's the pain of a loss that embeds itself in this song, but the loss of deep pain that puts it a notch above the rest.

Tuck a flower in my pocket.

Place a portrait on the wall. Walk to see me and embrace me.

Close my coffin door and lock it.


Nohidea's "eulogy" calls for silence amidst a wealth of sounds.

Shovels slice turf in rhythmic succession. Hands clap at digital chirps. Top-octave keys chime in side-toggling tones. Full-blown field recordings evoke imagery, monochrome and mildly morose, of death and birds in passing. These contrast with the haunting sound of dragging chains and hypnotically off-kilter kicks.


Sorrow is palpable in this song. "Eulogy" uses sound like a samurai wields a sword; it deals damage in many blows, but places each with precision.

This tune cradles your consciousness in a nest of nuanced elements. Listen and let it move you.

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