NKOS Induce a Sonic Seizure in "Little Miss Numb"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

NKOS break a beat over illusory lyrics in their spicy new techno production "Little Miss Numb".

Spacial perception fades to the fast beat of an insistent kick and cool-spoken poetry in this hard-hitting trance jam.

Cool down the engine.

Dim the lights and follow me.

The show's beginning.

Odd Nugge-hecho

"Turn down the lights..."

NKOS defibrillate your ears in "Little Miss Numb," driving your senses clear over the edge with punchy house power.

Foot-stomper kicks and vibrating sawtooth synths press in on a chaotic mix from both sides. Bass hum dips and pumps around liquefied arpeggios as this song sprints forward. Space gun shots herald the chorus's arrival with percussive cosmic flair. We're almost there.

Little Miss Numb.SingleCover-hecho

"Little Miss Numb" feels like rock and dance floor rhythm in electrified matrimony. Sweetly crooned vocals intoxicate your mind as the music takes over, then you're in over your head.

This song is pure dance floor fire - the dangerous kind. "Little Miss Numb" is well worth a listen, or four, or more. Press play to hear what's in store.

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