Nitya Clears the Air With Lovely Lounge Listen "Breathing so Easy"

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Gospel vibes rouse the soul in Nitya's punchy piano-led track "Breathing so Easy".

Love as a lamp, light as a gesture, hands as a healer... Deepest appreciation flows as a babbling brook in this soft, bluesy tune. Read on for a breakdown of the track and our one-on-one interview with Nitya herself.

Reaching out into night for it...

Staring off at the sky... Holding hope in your hands...

Until the time is right for it...

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"I just close my eyes and see you standing there..."

Nitya eases into each verse and chorus throughout "Breathing so Easy" with thoughtful lines, poetic, then pauses in passing with bated breath before belting out melismatic exclamations. It certainly sounds like love.

What is the first experience you can remember having with music?

My grandparents had an old piano in their living room. I’d sit at the piano and hit the keys, eventually took lessons and mastered Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Violins smooth edges at a distance and piano keys tumble over one another, spilling melody under open-hearted vocals. Nitya nestles in close, crooning to a glowing lounge laced with sound.

You've mentioned a variety of artists such as Norah Jones, John Legend and Neil Diamond as being inspirations for your music. What about their music inspires you most?

Well, each of them have their own style. Norah Jones has the ability to transport you to a different place when you listen to her older albums. I think music can take you somewhere else in a way that nothing else can and her songs are always able to do just that.

Neil Diamond is one of my Dad’s favourite artists and as I grew up listening to him I’ve learned to appreciate the way he writes. His lyrics always tell a story and his old songs are quite varied. He captures emotions beautifully.

And last but by no means least, I appreciate John Legend because he is a pianist and writes around his instrument, which is something I try to do.


Have you overcome any major obstacles as a musician so far? If so, what were they?

I think obstacles are always there in any walk of life and music is no different. I think if you’re an independent artist without the backing of a huge PR machine, getting heard can be tough.

Sometimes, you’re your own obstacle. Creatives tend to be perfectionists and you can avoid releasing something for ages because you don’t think it’s ready. I think that’s fine

but there comes a point when you just have to release it and be confident in what you have.

A discovery of love, "Breathing so Easy" exhales emotion over its entire play time, harnessing harmony from heartstrings along the way. Nitya pieces piano notes and words together with an air of elegant restraint, walking a wire between exultant exuberance and gentle soliloquy. It's sumptuous, mellow sound.

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If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

This is an easy answer. Madison Square Garden would be a dream scenario.

"Breathing so Easy" speaks to everyone's deepest feels. As warm and familiar as love itself, this song sweeps you off your feet and lies you down gently. For a smooth chill pill, press play.

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